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Psychology is no longer a discipline with a few sub-disciplines that need to be examined. Now there are branches of cognitive psychology that need to be discussed with more clarity, the growing ideation concealed beneath the umbrella term "positive psychology" that needs to be introduced sooner and with more zeal, and there are so many other themes that need to be looked out but just don't seem to be "important" to people trying to prime future students. When you look at the 8th edition of Myers Psychology you can see how all of this can be looked addressed by an instructor without overloading students in the process, and you can also see how the author(s) took the time to look deeper than the average creator of books. This doesn't cover the instructor resources, either, which are well worth the time and attention of anyone looking for newer researcher to discuss.
If you are a teacher looking at this, check out the resources and the DVD that comes in the mix because the video library they provide certainly is beyond the mundane norm.

The 8th edition is 18 chapters in length, covering: A Prologue on Psychology, 1 - Thinking Critically, 2 - NeuroScience and Behavior, 3 - Nature Nurture and Human Behavior, 4 - Development through the Lifespan, 5 - Sensation, 6 - Perception, 7 - States of Consciousness, 8 - Learning, 9 - Memory, 10 - Thinking and Language, 11 - Intelligence, 12 - Motivation and Work, 13 - Emotion, 14 - Stress and Health, 15 - Personality, 16 - Psychological Disorders, 17 - Therapy, 18 - Social Psychology, and an Appendix on Careers in Psychology.
In these I liked a few things, including:
(1) The fact that many of these ask a student to "think critically," not just presenting information but allowing the student to interject their opinion on the subject. I thought that was a rewarding thing to see because, above anything else, too many introductory classes leave the student out of the equation.
(2) The fact that some of the chapters treat new ground not covered by most introductory books and do so interestingly. This means that the book gives the students some interesting topics to look at and not just the background of Freud, Erickson, Maslow, and the other well-known names.
(3) The book discusses issues separately that should be separated. Therapy and Psychological Disorders is one of those, and Chapters 5 - 10 are others that also fall in that realm.
(4) The book looks into issues that are not normally covered without delving into some sort of Developmental Psychology, some Cognitive Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and a few other classes. Basically, you have a lot of mini classes cocealed within this one book, allowing the instructor to design their own approach to teaching.

While this may not be the most favored book for students who want a continuum from their high school highs, it is a great book to introduce people to the disciplines of Psychology and allows for a lot of deviation by the teacher. I would certainly recommend it as a primer for Psychology majors, allowing them to see just what the field has to offer. Too often that isn't expressed, with careers in Counseling or Mental Health always taking precedent over Research careers or hose in the Industrial sector.
It really is nice to see something that showcases just how broad the world really is.
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on August 1, 2007
This is a fantastic General Psych, Psych 101, or AP Psych textbook. My experience with it gave me the notion that this might just be the best Gen Psych textbook available. I got a 5 on the AP exam using this book, but more importantly, i learned so much from it, i cannot even begin to explain. I recommend this to students as well as teachers (for their class) because, simply, it just doesn't get much better.
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on January 8, 2008
Myers' book is unquestionably the best text for an AP Psych or introductory psychology course. I used his text when I took AP Psych (and got a 5 on the AP exam using it) and continued to refer to it throughout college. Myers' writing style is fluid, making this an enjoyable read. His understanding of his subject is solid, and it comes across in his writing. What is even more amazing is how much I retained from reading the text; some texts you can read and come away with very little, but I found that with Myers' book, your attention is so well kept that you retain it even better. The newest edition seems to continue that trend. A must-own for anyone taking AP or college-level psych or who is interested in the subject.
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on November 9, 2011
The product actually came before the "expected" date. The book was in great condition. Definitely looking forward to doing business with these folks again in the near future if they have what i need of course. Thank you!! For the pleasant experience! And keep up the good work.
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on March 16, 2013
Myers is very thoughtful of what the student thinks about the material and always tries to keep them involved in the text, a difficult task for any textbook writer. His writing is good and I enjoy the numerous anecdotes, but sometimes I feel as though the book rambled. For someone who's more interested in understanding fundamentals and less interested in footnotes/details, this might not be desirable. However, if psychology is your shtick, then this book would perhaps make great leisure/enrichment reading.

I would give this a 4.5 if I could, because it really is a nice textbook. Myers encourages students to think and consider things on a consistent basis, and this book is loaded with material. I did enjoy reading it overall, and Myers' style of writing & use of language helped me keep things in mind as time passed on. Largely as a result of his writing, I still remember much of the subject matter from AP psychology.

The author actually writes like he's a human, as opposed to just listing off terms/ideas. The cartoons and such can get a little excessive, and although it's appreciated at times, it can also be a little distracting.

To summarize: this is a nicely thought-out text/synthesis of introductory psychology, but someone who wants to get to the rudiments of psychology might not appreciate the lengthiness at times.
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on July 29, 2013
Fast shipping, well packaged AND the textbook came bundled with a bonus study guide!! (which I almost ordered separately but am glad I didn't since my textbook came with it - what a nice surprise). Would buy from this seller again. BTW, this text was required for school.
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on February 27, 2009
This is an amazing book! I have just started taking Psych classes and we use this book in school. David Myers does an awesome job of teaching you the beginnings of psychology and is very up to date with today's findings.

He has structured it in a way that is very helpful to new students. Each section has on objective goal which he helps you find. He has written the book in such a way that you use quite a bit introspection.

At times it feels as though he is saying the same thing over and over but I just realised how quickly one can forget about a certain point that was mentioned earlier and he re-enforces it. He clearly understands the human mind as much as he can with what information we have today and has used his skills to write the book in a manner that is both entertaining and very educational!

Great investment!
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on November 7, 2008
I used this text for my AP psych class in high school. I absolutely loved it. It is an excellent introductory survey of psychology and is written in such a way that it is easy to read, understand, and apply. I really liked that I was able to fully grasp the concepts with no prior knowledge in psychology and when I had to study for tests, I felt like I was studying life skills because this text does such an excellent job making the material relevant to the reader. This is my all time favorite textbook in any subject. Three years later, and I still remember a majority of the vocabulary and the importance of certain experiments. I highly recommend this book.
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on November 11, 2008
This book gives a very good, comprehensive overview of the major disciplines in psychology. The text is long, but is well mixed with pictures, diagrams, and activities. The text is also very readable. This book is used as a college text for an Introduction to Psychology class. The material is presented in from a secular, non-biased perspective, highlighting major terms and discoveries and the most current research. If you want a good foundation of psychology, read this book. It might take you a while, and it might be a little dry at times, but overall it's an excellent text.
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on March 7, 2013
The writing is awful. Way too much voice. It would be less than half the size if all the junk was omitted. The language is confusing in its over simplification. It doesn't explain enough to get a clear idea, but uses enough words to get you to untangle the meaning. In addition to dumbing everything down, the simplification is more obtuse than the correct scientific term. This is a college text book, it doesn't act like one.
Too much editorializing. It makes lines between fact and fiction blurry. Tone is hard to convey in a text book, and he conveys it as clearly as mud. Bad word use makes for what could be contradictory if it made sense.
Piece of junk book. Awful horrible. After taking pysch in high school I was planning on majoring. This book bothers me so much that I'm not sure anymore.
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