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on April 21, 2011
i love this. i recommend it. i posed as birdie DJ for my visiting birder mother - hence the title - & she loved it too. get a second job & a back brace & buy one.

good descriptions of distinctive features, including of many calls per bird, & nicely highlighted listing of one-per-bird recording, which you can play with no need for elaborate orientation (play/on - # punch in - play/on). absolutely love, for example, previously-presumed-extinct ivory-billed woodpecker one - drops on last note - yummy - & you will think you can feel the swampy humidity through the speaker.

published out of oakland CA in fall 2010, i first saw it elsewhere in one of those specialty catalogues, which are a good 1st check place for high quality "best" items. found it here for 40% less.

beautiful artwork. wish they were DK-like imbedded photos instead, but won't quibble. has some side-by-side pages of artwork that attempt to display, in one picture, a particular region, with several birds shown as they would stereotypically be noticed - mostly successfully. in any bird book, i check the burrowing owl - 2 of the distinctive features of which, are: absurdly long legs & piercing bright yellow eyes. the standing fully displayed adult does a pretty good job of displaying the leg thing, & 1 of 2 immatures pretty well captures the eye thing.

the sound, however, to my immediate delight, informed me that i had unknowingly been hearing the sound of this bird frequently upon arriving back late from, say, the movies to my hideously untidy nest. i will note that the volumes have not been evened out in all the recordings. i had to lean in for a small percent. it might be difficult for a newbie to distinguish between accurate volume distinctions versus sound system or recording deviations.

would be a marvelous gift for any uber-birder in your covey. i don't consider myself to be an uber-birder, BTW, i just don't like to remain in ignorance, unnecessarily, in any domain, when my curiosity is piqued.
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on May 31, 2012
This book is amazing! I have bird song CDs, DVDs and MP3s, etc., but nothing is as good as this book! you can see the birds in pictures and read about them while you hear their songs....nothing better for learning bird songs if you're a beginning birdwatcher like me. I learned SO much from this book! Yes, its big & heavy (not meant to be a field guide to carry on bird watching trips, of course!) but that's because its so full of information, and nice large pictures unlike some books where you almost need a magnifying glass to read the info and see the pictures of the birds.
I LOVE this book!
If you love birds, just get it, its the best! :)
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on May 17, 2017
Probably the best book ever!!!!!. I bought it as a gift for my Father who loves birds, and he is fascinated with it. I am thinking of buying one for myself now. Beautiful images and great sounds!!.
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on October 5, 2012
The used item (Bird Songs Bible) was as the condition was described, has gorgeous pictures, a very nice little "carry case" box, and the audio bird calls are clear. The digital audio player instructions were a bit difficult to find (IIRC about 10-15 pages into the book), but once I found them it was simple to operate.

Initially purchased as a 1st wedding anniversary present for my wife, the first book was damaged in shipping (the LCD screen didn't work). My messages to the seller (Plum) were promptly returned and they immediately (next day) sent a replacement book. I'd definitely order from these folks again.

A couple of notes - this is a BIG book, make sure you understand the dimensions. It's also rather heavy. I would recommend purchasing lithium AAA's for it as I did, as in all likelihood this will not be a "used every day" sort of book. You wouldn't want some alkaline batteries sitting in there for 3 or 4 years suddenly rupturing and ruining such a lovely (and pricey) investment.
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on May 11, 2011
After much thought, I decided to buy this book as a home reference for myself. I am an amateur birder with the several field guides as well as the Peterson Birding By Ear recordings, The Songbirds Bible, and The Singing Life of Birds in my collection. I purchased this to complement all of my other resources as a go to guide for the birds that are not in any of the other books and recordings that I have.

It is huge. I read the size description, and I did expect a large book, but I am still amazed by the size. The box with the handle is a great help when lugging this around. The book is filled with many gorgeous illustrations and some good descriptions of the birds and their calls, but the best part is the recordings. While they are not as perfectly clear as those on cd, the sheer variety and quantity of them are what makes this book wonderful. Now I have a place to go every time I hear something out of the ordinary on a hike or walk.

For the price, it was a good buy and I would recommend as an addition to any birding library.
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on June 28, 2017
A very unique book for those that love birds and bird songs.
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on June 18, 2013
My children love learning about birds, and they get great pleasure from hearing the songs associated with each bird, and this is the perfect book that brings both of these aspects together! It has all of the breeding birds in North America (my 10-yr old daughter thought this was important!). The only thing that might be considered a negative is that it is very large and heavy (it is over 500 pages long, over 13" wide, 14" tall, and 1 3/4" thick, and probably weighs close to 10 pounds), but since it is full of so much information, and so many bird songs, it doesn't bother us! For the price I paid, it was a FANTASTIC deal, and it has provided hours of entertainment to my children.
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on August 23, 2017
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on January 10, 2013
I purchased this for my in-laws as they are into bird watching. It is a large book so it is not something to take out in the field with you...more of a coffee table book. This fact is fine with them as they know a great deal about birds and their calls already so this will be something they can look up new birds or double check what they saw/heard that day. I on the other hand just had fun looking through the pictures/descriptions and getting to hear what they sounded like.
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on January 28, 2011
This is a wonderful book for identifying North American bird songs, truly marvelous! The book is huge (13 1/2 x 14 1/4) with beautiful illustrations of males and females and informative descriptions of species and behavior. The bird calls are from an audio player, you just punch in the identifying number and the bird sings! Very cool. I did have a problem with the lcd screen on the audio player and returned the original book we received to Amazon for an exchange. Since Amazon is such an excellent vendor to work with, I received the replacement book within two days of my request, and have had no problems with it. We enjoy this book so much that we purchased it as gifts for family members, who rave about it as well (they have had no problems with the lcd screen or audio player, so I do not believe this is a manufacturing problem.) I highly recommend this book, it will be an outstanding and entertaining addition to your home library.
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