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on April 13, 2016
What is it that makes Jesus radically different from other gods?

Ravi Zacharias’ thought-provoking book should be read by those who are wondering why they should accept Christianity over and against any other religion, as well as for Christians who desire to know how to better communicate the truths of the Gospel to those of other faiths. JESUS AMONG OTHER GODS provides an informative overview (but not an exhaustive study) of eastern religions including Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. It will give readers a starting point for engaging those of other faiths, by going deeper into human existential questions. For example, we must consider that every world-view – not just Christianity’s – must give an explanation or an answer for evil and suffering.

As Ravi Zacharias explains, “Either evil categorically does not exist, as the atheist avows, or evil is “not ultimately real evil” as the pantheist claims, or evil is most coherently explained by the Christian view of God and His purposes in creation.”

Having argued for the exclusivity of religious truth claims, Zacharias then examines the major world religions, showing how they fail to answer the fundamental questions of life, then presents a strong argument for Christ - He is who He claimed He was - the way, the truth and the life. Only through the acceptance of these exclusive claims could we make sense of life and find salvation.

All religions cannot be right, because they fundamentally contradict one another. Some say religions are fundamentally the same but superficially different – that’s false. They may be superficially the same but fundamentally different. As the author states “All religions are not the same. All religions do not point to God. All religions do not say that all religions are the same. At the heart of every religion is an uncompromising commitment to a particular way of defining who God is or is not and accordingly, of defining life’s purposes.”

The author’s defense of Christianity is plainly aimed at the Christian reader, but it is so deep and challenging that it compelled me to address many questions that I had never considered before.
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on September 6, 2014
This was not a quick and easy read. Although a number of the thoughts and concepts in this book have been expressed by Ravi in his talks, I still found myself having to go back and reread sections to understand them. I think I could read this book twice more and still get new perspective.

What I really appreciate about this book is the approach Ravi takes. This is an argument for believing in Jesus Christ. He does this by contrasting Jesus and Christian teaching with the leaders and teachings of Islam, Buddism, and Hinduism. Atheism is also contrasted, but presented as it claims to be, a view of life and the universe without a God. He does this rather respectfully, I believe presenting the teachings and commenting on the logistics of the teachings rather than simply expressing emotional blasts like a sports fan of his team's rival.

Mostly I appreciate that Ravi thinks and he calls the reader to think. Not just to take someone's word, or to glance at the surface to see if it looks good, but to look deeper and to see where such a teaching or philosophy leads. Further, he calls Christians to see the teaching of Jesus from the perspective of Jews in the first century rather than interpreting them from a 21st century perspective by default.

This book has definitely challenged me and has brought fresh thoughts and perspectives to my mind. So why four stars and not five? I am trying to refine my ratings to be more accurate in my thoughts of them and the impact they have on me rather than a response to the high of having finished a book. This is a really good book. Right now it is not one I would consider being of one of the most important I've read.
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on July 31, 2017
In our modern world we are constantly bombarded by the mantra that all religions are the same and that no one of them can be the truth; that the truth is subjective. This book will help solidify the honest believing Christian that the message of Christ and true Christianity is the only hope for mankind. There is no condemnation of others who do not accept the Christian faith, in fact, Mr Zacharias encourages acceptance of all who practice other faiths, while at the same time adhering to the Biblical principal that Christ is truly the only way to God, and therefore the only way to true and lasting peace. Beautifully written and easy to follow with many stories and quotes from other writers, this book should be on every serious Christian's shelf, if only to remind us regularly that, as Christ Himself said, "I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father but by Me."
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on January 25, 2015
Ravi Zacharias has approached this subject--comparative religions and Christian apologetics--differently from how I expected it and differently than I wanted, but in the end I bowed to his wisdom. It will not give you a full picture of Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism, but there are other books for that. It is designed to give the reader a starting point for engaging those of other faiths, by going deeper into human existential questions. Ravi has an Eastern love for asides and stories within stories that can get off track sometimes. I prefer listening to him on the radio to reading him, but he is still a fine writer.
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on October 8, 2016
Very good book. It's amazing how God used a man born into a non-christian family to reach so many with the Christian message.
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on October 30, 2016
This is not light reading - Ravi is on a different level of logics and apologetics, he can make your head swim. But if you pay attention and follow his train of thought, his arguments are irrefutable.
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on September 5, 2013
I see a new perspective of God's plan in the life of Jesus. The author presents Jesus's life and teachings in contrast to the other world religions in such a way that I can easily see why Christianity differs so greatly from the others and also why it makes sense in the way the world works. God created the world with a plan and only Christianity explains the purpose of creation and man. Knowing that we as Christians are closely bound to the Muslim world because of the bond between the Jews and Muslims, I wanted a clear and easily understood explanation of the differences between the two religious belief systems. That is what I found. Mr. Zacharias has written a wonderful book that is documented from sources of each religion represented and helps the reader see why people believe as they do. He knows his audience and speaks to us clearly and lovingly. Great book!
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on December 31, 2013
Postmodernism is a philosophy that says absolute truth does not exist. This has led to relativism, the idea that all truth is relative. Consequently, our postmodern culture maintains that all spiritual viewpoints are equally valid. That means what is right for one group is not necessarily right or true for everyone. In the name of “tolerance,” our postmodern culture now embraces everything from Eastern mysticism to New Age spirituality. But, as Ravi Zacharias points out in his book “Jesus Among Other Gods,” such unquestioning acceptance of all things spiritual is absurd. All religions, plainly and simply, cannot be true.

Our postmodern culture poses many tough questions. Can one determine spiritual truth? Are all religions equally valid? Aren’t all religions fundamentally the same? Don’t Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus all represent different paths to the same God? In a culture such as this, how does one communicate the message of Jesus Christ, who claims to be the way, the truth and the life? Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias addresses these tough questions of our day.

Zacharias tests the claims of Jesus Christ over and against the claims of other religions, presenting the clear differences between the claims of Christ and the claims of other religious leaders. In each chapter, the author considers a unique question that Jesus addressed and compares it to the claims of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. One of the best chapters addresses the existence of evil and suffering. This book is an important defense of the uniqueness of the Christian message. In “Jesus Among Other Gods,” Zacharias demonstrates that he is one of today’s most gifted apologists for the Christian faith.
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on May 21, 2017
If you are a Christian then read everything by Zacharias you can get your hands on. I wish he had been one of my profs in Seminary.
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on August 12, 2017
Ravi Zacharias brings insight to Christianity that only a person whose background in a very different faith and culture could. Everyone whose college teachers preached against faith and hope should read it and rejoice. He understands the anti-God arguments they spout better than they do and counters them. I was one of those students. Then it occurred to me I did not have to believe everything I was taught in college and I took a freshly appreciative look at my former faith. Ravi is wonderful.
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