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on November 26, 2015
I just passed my PMP Exam yesterday! These questions were right on the money and helped to identify gaps that proved to be important items on the test. I would definitely recommend. I did not take a boot camp class, but just a basic online course for the 35 hours. This book and Rita's were my two primary study guides in addition to the PMBOK.
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on March 25, 2017
Christopher Scordo's PMP Exam Prep Questions, Answers & Explanations is a great study aid but should, in my opinion, be used after you've read over foundational text such as the PMBOK or something else such as Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep, Eighth Edition - Updated: Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam. What the PMP Exam Prep does very well is test your knowledge of project management per the PMBOK content. Yes, there are a few grammatical, spelling, and inaccuracy issues here and there but I should hope you would be able to work your way past those if you're planning on passing your PMP...

To study for my PMP exam, I used Rita's PMP Exam Prep in conjunction with referencing the PMBOK to build my foundation, then used Christopher Scordo's PMP Exam Prep Questions, Answers & Explanations, Oliver Lehmann's Exam Self-Assessment Test (this is a free web-based timed test and has great resources at the bottom of this webpage as well), and Oliver Lehmann's free 175 Prep Questions. After 3 months of dedicated study and writing the various test multiple times, I passed my PMP examination. Use the other cheap or free aids I mentioned and in my experience, you'll have a great set of tools to prepare for your examination.
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on June 8, 2016
This is the story of using this book to prepare for the PMP Certification exam and my results.

As a lead up to the PMP certification exam, I took every single practice test in this book, some of them twice.


Here are the steps that you should take to prepare with this book:

Read the PMBOK from cover to cover. Don't flip through it. You need to read every single sentence of it. The practice tests and the PMP certification exam will ask you about the sentence that you think is not important.

Schedule your PMP Certication Exam in at least 30 days in the future.

About 30 days before the PMP certification exam, I made a schedule of which days I would take a practice test. Each scheduled day, I would take one practice test (50 questions) and review the answers. You will want you score to be above 78% on all of the practice tests Keep a record of what you scored on each of the practice tests and knowledge quizzes. The tests become more challenging as you progress through them. This isn't stated in the book, but is my observation and the observation of several other reviewers.

My method of reviewing the answers was to score my practice test (without reading the explanations of the answers) and then read through all of the explanations of the answers to make certain that I knew the material associated with each question. If I encountered a question that I answered incorrectly, then I would try to answer it again. I would then look at the answer and read the explanation for that question. For any answer that I answered incorrectly, I would use the page specified in the answer to re-read the material in the PMBOK. For any questions that I marked for review, I would re-read the material in the PMBOK.

The questions in the book are formatted like the questions in the exam. The questions are setup to make you think the answer you are picking is correct, but you must spend a few seconds thinking about the answer before actually answering. You must read the explanations of the answers carefully to understand why you answered the question correctly / incorrectly. I say "correctly" because if you guess and don't understand why you answered correctly, then that will not help you during the exam.

The weekend before the PMP Certification Exam, I reviewed all of my test scores and began to retake tests that I score poorly on. I also retook the knowledge quizzes (10 questons) in areas that I knew I was weak. I wouldn't let more than 2 days pass between taking practice tests and definitely don't take a break between the practice tests and your PMP certification test.

The book does have typos, grammar mistakes and a few questions (less than 5 in the entire book) that have a mismatched answers. They could do a better job in these areas. Sometimes, the explanations leave you wanting more information on why the answer is correct. But they do specify where you can find more information in the PMBOK. The questions could be more closely aligned to the PMP Exam, but they are close enough.


When I took the test, I literally felt that every single question on the test seemed to have 2 or 3 correct answers. This is a similar feeling that the test book tries to setup for you. During the certification exam, I thought I answered each question incorrectly. I had to think of each answer in the way that this test preparation book answered the question. That is why it is important to study the answers of both the correct and incorrect answers on your practice tests.

I thought I didn't pass the exam. During the final hour, I thought "how am I going to take this test again?" Or "how much is the retest fee?"

At the end of the test, you receive your results. The results don't specify your score in terms of the total number of questions you answered correct/incorrectly. The results specify your proficiency (proficient, moderately proficient, below proficient) in the five phases of project management.

I passed. I received "proficient" in all five phases.

Use this book, but really think about how you can use this book to its fullest. Think about your own learning style. Don't just review your wrong answers, review ALL of the answers very deeply. It will help you.

Read the PMBOK. Schedule the certification exam. Use book. Stick to your schedule. Take the certification exam. See you on the other side.
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on March 26, 2016
Questions on this book are good despite easier than the real exam. Difficulty of questions starts of easy on this book then quickly ramp up at toward the end of the book (starting from around mock exam 15). I didn't do the knowledge area tests so cannot comment on that. I bought this book in Kindle version and find that there should be navigation feature to go back and forth between questions and answers. I found it hard and time consuming to to between Q and A. At least there should be a chapter separator at the beginning of the answer key to make it easier for us. Recommended for PMP aspirants as this book had helped me pass the exam.
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on November 11, 2015
The Bad:
The only problem I had when using this PMP Exam Prep guide was the first 7-8 exams were very easy to answer. And the many of these questions were 1 line (short questions). The actual exam questions are no where this brief and are not this easy. Questions on the PMP exam are very situational, and very few questions in this book are situational. And the exams tend to get a little harder as you work through them.

The Good:
What is good about this book is it tests your knowledge of all process areas very well. The questions expect that you've completely read and thoroughly understand all the exam content. And for only this reason, I recommend this book.
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on December 6, 2015
I give this book five star mainly because it really did helped me passed the PMP exam. The book divided itself into small 60-minute exam. The way I use it is that I give myself an hour every night to do each practice exam and review the answers to make sure that I understand all of them. YES. Understand all of them. Why the distracters are wrong and why the answer is correct. The book does mimic many of the PMP questions which I applaud the author for doing such a great job. This is the type of test that you cannot just study for a week and pass easily, especially if you are not familiar with the PMP terms. The book put me at ease when I was taking the exam because it is just muscle memory.

You can also try those free online things, but you have to put in the effort to download and print them. I'd rather just pay for the book and have it all together in one. It is easier that way.

P.S. There might be some typos but the main idea of the questions are still there though.
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on September 4, 2015
I attempted to pass the PMP test using my PMBOK guide and notes from my review course. While those sources provide a solid basis to take the test, you NEED to do practice questions. When I passed the CPA test over ten years ago I did hundreds of practice questions. The same process is required for the PMP. The first time I took the PMP test doing a limited amount of practice questions I took the full four hours to answer the 200 questions. Recently, when I passed the test, I had over an hour left to review my answers. This is the guide I used along with the PMBOK. Do the questions, make sure you're hitting the time marks, and learn the techniques for answering.

I would have structured the practice tests with more questions in specific practice areas. For example, the practice test after Communication Management would be heavier on Communications questions, but that's the only reason I dropped a star. It was great to have the reasoning behind each of the answers, as well, to learn what PMI is expecting.
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on July 12, 2014
Passed my exam today on the first go, largely thanks to this book. The last 6 lite mock exams in this book are almost a mirror image of the PMP exam. Very similar difficulty and wording, with the exact same mix of EVM, formula questions, leadership / management theory questions that I saw in the exam (which frankly were not that many, with the majority being situational).

I do not work in an environment that uses the PMBOK methodology, and only studied for three weeks. I also did not take any boot camps or prep courses. I passed with two P's and three MP's.
To do that I initially read through the first 2/3 of the PMBOK before abandoning it. It's essentially a dictionary / technical manual, so it's ludacris to try and absorb conceptual theory that way.
I picked up Kim Heledmans study book, which was amazing and read it once and took all the chapter reviews.
Then I used Scordo's exam book from cover to cover.
On the lite mock exams:
Mock 11: 82%
Mock 12: 84%
Mock 13: 74%
Mock 14: 74%
Mock 15: 82%
Mock 16: 88%
Mock 17: 76%
Mock 18: 78%

I think it's largely safe to say that if you can score 70% on all the tests in this book, you will definitely pass the test. The explanations for each question are fantastic and I learned a huge amount of refinement as I progressed through this book.

At the end of the day the PMP exam isn't exactly the GMAT, and between Kim's book and this one you can probably master the limited PMBOK martial.
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on November 27, 2012
So I am not a big fan and over all way the question are written , if the authoer had it read once after writing, he would'nt consider publishing it.

Starting of: There was no editor. Numerous editorial mistake make you wonder if this guy did not passed his own book through a stringent QC, what would be the quality of questions.

Too many question on the same pattern .. after a while you are familiar with the question pattern that know the answer anyway.

Too easy Questions. A lot of question were too easy. In the initial few tests I was easily scoring 80 to 88%. I only went as far as Exam 13, in which I scored 76% which was my worst for this book.

A big problem on reading with Kindle , which happens to be my first Kindle book as well, was navigation. After I am done with the test, it was very hard to look up for the answers .. as the answers did not repeat questions .. so you have to navigate back to review what the whole question was. I can understand this as limitation for a paper version, but for digital copy it should be a no-brainer.

I also have Rita's , Andy Crowe and Head First PMP. I found the Rita's book was way too difficult and Andy's Book was a little easy.

I also did PMStudy free exam , and I scored 74% just three days before exam].
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on February 1, 2013
The questions are based purely on PMBOK knowledge - e.g. it's theoretical and about processes/inputs/outputs memorization. It will NOT prepare you for the real exam. I bought this book in hope that after I read Rita Mulcahy (v6) I will do all test questions to get really ready. I got frustrated as some questions even have wrong answers matched to it and confused me, also required extra time validating answers on the internet. Explanations to answers are sometimes quite brief and several times it didn't provide enough logic/justification why this one is the correct answer vs. the other ones. Using it on Kindle is also not the best thing to do, as you will need to click through many pages between "questions" and "answers" sections back and forth. At the end I opened the book on 2 devices, one with "question" section on and other device on "answer" section. If there were hyperlinks to move between the two it would be a real added value for Kindle edition. I ended up studying only from Rita's book and doing tests in the same book and I have passed the exam with above average score (Nov/2012). If I knew all this earlier I would not buy this book again. It can be helpful to drill the theoretical PMBOK type of questions ONLY, as well as "Professional and Social Responsibility" area - but to pass the exam it's definitely not enough.
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