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on April 11, 2012

Nick thought he had it bad when Zombies and Teachers were trying to kill him, but he's faced nothing as bad as what he faces now. Someone at school is making up lies about other students, tearing the student body apart and blaming Nick for giving them the information when he didn't. If that wasn't bad enough Adarian has decided Nick's been on this earth long enough and has decided to kill him. Only the Malachi can kill another Malachi and Nick's too young to have half the power his father does. If he embraces evil to gain the power he needs to defeat his father then his girlfriend is honor bound to kill him. It seems like no matter where he turns he can't win. Will Nick find the power to survive both attacks from his peers and attacks from his worst enemy - his own father?

This is one of those books where I kind of know I'm not being fair with my rating so I'm admitting it outright. The ending pissed me off because how can she end it like that and then make me wait a year to find out what happens next?! This is by far my favorite book so far released in the Chronicles of Nick series. The emotion pulled out by this book is unbelievable. I mean there were points when I sat there thinking how in the world does Nick love his mom so much when she's so horrible to him and I felt just awful for Nick. When Nick talked back to her and told her how he really felt in the scene at Sanctuary, I swear my eyes were watering a bit. It wasn't tears because I don't do tears and admit to them, but I'm sure something got stuck in my eye during that scene. It was heart wrenching. The speech Nick gives to Brynna when Brynna's on the verge of suicide, the one that just speaks to you and makes you remember that teen inside of you that thought the whole world was out to get you even when they weren't. One of the things I love most about this book is it approaches a very real problem in society especially among teens. According to [...] suicide is the third leading cause of death in people between the ages of 15 and 24 and the fourth leading cause of death in children ages 10 to 14. Kenyon takes this harsh reality into her book and tackles it head on. Yes there are a lot of Hallmark card speeches and conversations in the book and at points its very touchy feeling, but the story also serves as a reminder. It reminds you that every single person in the world feels some sort of pain, the only difference is how well they hide it. Kenyon reminds readers that every life is important and no matter how isolated you are your life touches someone and someone will be in as much if not more pain than you are should you take your life from them. If it weren't for the ending that made me mad, this would have so been a five star book. I've read a lot of Sherrilyn Kenyon's novels. I've got two full shelves of just her novels in hardcover in my personal library (which by the way is never up to date on Goodreads) of all those books I'd have to say this one is my favorite. Not only does she deliver and action packed, emotionally wrenching, well written close third person novel, she delivers an important message to teen readers.

Like Invincible this picks up in the same scene that the previous book left off in. What you don't realize at the end of Invincible is that almost a year has passed between the last chapter in that novel and the epilogue. Kody has been Nick's girlfriend for a year now. The story is fast paced and filled with action and pain. Nick finds himself in the hospital twice and in four different realms if you count our world as one of them. He meets more characters from the Dark Hunter series and other characters as well. She also put another little interesting twist in that might or might not be another love triangle. At one point Brynna shouts that the one person in the world she loves, loves somebody else and I can't help but wonder considering how she's always been nice to Nick if Nick isn't that person. Now it doesn't say that in the novel, I mean the shouting occurs but it doesn't actually say who Brynna loves. I can't help but wonder if this is a plot line we'll see in future novels because Nick definitely cares about Brynna as a friend, and he'd never want to hurt her, but he's in love with Kody. So that would definitely tear Nick up if he learned Brynna loved him. So I'm dying to find out if it really is Nick or if it's someone else. You really can't help but feel bad for Nick and love his character all the more in this story. He's bending over backwards and jumping through hoops to protect everyone else and make them happy but boy I've never seen a character get kicked in the teeth so much. The only person Kenyon might be crueler too is poor Bubba losing his best friend, his wife and his child. I have to wonder if Kenyon isn't a little sadistic with the amount of pain she brings into her characters lives. Okay there is one other character she really did a number on, but his pains aren't really a part of the Chronicles of Nick series, Ash is kind of just a background character here, his story in the Dark Hunter series is a whole new form of wow. I do believe Infamous surpasses even that, it's definitely a close race between the two for best Sherrilyn Kenyon novel. The plot of this book is excellent, there's not a slow moment, either the characters are being ripped to shred emotionally or they're fighting for their lives. It's one of those books you can't put down and it seems to be over before it starts even if it is over 400 pages. Those pages fly by so fast, you don't even realize you've read so many before you've reached the end.

The character development in this novel is phenomenal. Nick gains an entirely new depth and experiences a lot of character growth in this book. Kody and Caleb have the same depth to them that Nick has persistently had throughout the novels. We gain insight into each of the reoccurring series characters and are introduced to even more. Many of those characters are part of the Dark Hunter series so readers of that series will already know a decent amount about them, but their introduction in this series presents them as well developed and distinctive characters. Oddly I love the new side to Artemis we are introduced to in this novel. In the Dark Hunter series Artemis is the character who's supposed to be on the good side that everyone loves to hate. In this one, though I'm suspicious of her motives because of the other Kenyon series, she's presented as almost a benevolent being. I think each of our main three characters - Kody, Caleb and Nick grows quite a bit in this novel and each of the secondary characters become very fleshy through the course of this novel that brings out each of their deepest darkest pains and slashes them all over school. We see a side to Nick's mom that he doesn't acknowledge and we also see her grow as a character when she realizes her wishes might have put her son in danger. One of the characters we really got to explore in this novel was Adarian, Nick's father. Now that's a whole new form of evil I want no part of, he makes Stryker from the Dark Hunter series look like the Pillsbury doughboy. Beyond the amazing plot, the message sent by this novel, the characters are what make this novel shine.

Overall if you can't tell from my gushing, this isn't a novel to be missed. It's one of those books that every teen should read and you can't walk away from or put down. If you read only one book this year I'd say read this one. Highly recommended.
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on August 1, 2016
I love these books and having them on my Kindle lets me read them over and over. Infamous has non stop action that caused a roller coaster of emotions for Nick and his crew.

I this book Nick starts not only to accept his growing Malachi powers but also chooses to change his fate. His father and all the Malachi before him were conceived in violence to do violence. Nick decides that even if he was conceived in violence (thanks to his father) he has been nurtured in love (thanks to his mother) so he will fight violence and fight for justice.

Here Adarian Malachi also finds out he has an older son with a dream goddess. This changes his plans also. Now he not only wants to drain Nicks powers but his older son's as well He thinks with the powers of 3 Malachi and 2 god's he will be invincible.

During all this Nick, Caleb and Kody have a new mystery to solve in school. Someone has made a site on the internet that lists student's worst secrets. This site not only tells viscous gossip but has pages with embarrassing photos and even a list of the supposed snitches.

That can't be enough for Nick to deal with... so he is beat into a coma by a student who thinks nick snitched on him, is taken to the underworld and almost claimed by Noir, kidnapped and almost killed by his father, has to give Artemis blood to save Kody's life and after all that gets arrested in front of his school for rape and theft.
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on February 8, 2015
Although total fiction and not necessarily serious in nature, I found this book to touch on some pretty serious "life lesson" kind of important issues. Below I am sharing my favorite life lessons from this book and the quotes I loved the most about them from the book. The quotes are spoiler free.

#1 - Family is important. But what exactly does 'family' mean and who is your family?

Favorite quotes from the book about this:

"...family was something you chose to have. It was the people you loved that loved you back - those you could call in the middle of the night who would rush to your side without complaint."

"...it was about family. Those you were born to, those born to you, and those you let into your heart."

#2 - Gossiping helps no one, and in fact makes you look ignorant when spreading it.

Favorite quotes from the book about this:

"...great minds discuss great ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. And life's too short to worry about what other people do or don't do. Tend your own backyard, not theirs, because yours is the one you have to live in."

#3 - We need to work to earn a living and provide for our families. As a sidebar, it's equally important to not be a slave to others through debt. Our own country has a motto of "I want it and I want it now", thus keeping in business all of the creditors who rake in the money that most of us don't really have to give them.

Favorite quote from the book about this:

"What you had, you earned, or did without until you could afford it."

#4 - This books just deals with life in general.

Favorite quotes from the book about this:

"Life is about making decisions, Nick. Large and small. Every day and with every breath we take."

Love, life, death, family, work ethic, and many more topics are discussed in this book. I enjoyed that side of it very much. Keeping in mind that the main character, Nick, is only 15 and as such at times acts like a 15 year old, he is also trying to figure out who he is and if he wants to become more than what he was made to be. Every decision he makes brings him either one step closer to the being he was created to be, or farther away towards who he wants to become.

Final Rating - 3.5 stars

Lastly my favorite quote from the entire book - which I love because it goes along with my own thoughts surrounding the title of my blog:

"One word can give someone the strength they needed at that moment or it can shred them down to nothing."
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on May 24, 2015
What else can I say other that I am addicted to this series? With each new installment, I fall in love all over again!

So what is new in Nick's world? Oh nothing just himself from the future coming to him to help not mess up for the one hundred million time, all the while every time he turns around he is on the brink of being killed, his mom is on him about his grades and school, plus he has work and a girlfriend he must attend too. WOO! Nick has been busy!

The plot of the book unfold amazingly. With an introduction that entices the reader to keep going Nick must watch his every step. I adore how much Nick grew in knowledge. He is much wiser and much more careful with who he trusts. Nick has a great set of friends around him who helps him no matter what.

I really adore how this book focuses more on Nick relationship with his mom. The reader learns more about his parents, especially about his father. I really loved this part. I wasn't expecting such a throw down but WOW MAMA!

Infamous is an remarkable story that will capture any reader. With the big decision coming up soon, Nick will have to choose what he will do. Will he lead the word to destruction or will he turn away from fate creating his own destiny? Creative and original, Ms. Kenyon has yet again created an amazing story. Infamous is richer than ever!
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on April 27, 2014

I liked this one less than the previous two, but overall, it’s still a solid series and despite me not enjoying this book as much doesn’t mean its level has dropped. There were many issues addressed that were long overdue and several developments I was quite fond of. My problems with this book were more to do with the incohesive plotlines and jumping from one aspect to another too fast without everything clicking together first. At times the book felt like a puzzle with the pieces looking like they vaguely match with one another, but in reality don’t.

I’m just going to address some aspects that deserve to be highlighted:

Wow, how many times did Nick get severely injured in this book? I felt for the guy, he basically just left the hospital to come back the next moment. I still liked him as the hero though, he’s extremely likable, simple and serious, but a complete dork and your typical, or probably not, teenager.

I appreciate that we had some insight into Nick’s father and he was more prominent in this. Of course, he was set to cause trouble, but he’s been looming over Nick and the whole plot since the beginning so it was interesting to finally make his acquaintance on a more direct level.

It was unexpected yet intriguing to witness Nick in Malachai form and I was surprised by the bargain he made with one specific characters, wasn’t expecting that at all. I don’t really want to know when and how this will bite him in the butt. I’m also glad that the team of three – Nick, Kody and Caleb – was mentioned a lot working together as a well-established and well-functional group (albeit missing the trust and transparency factor still), I had glimpses of the awesomeness of Harry, Ron and Hermione, but much cooler, badass and good-looking.

I’m so incredibly glad that the some things regarding Nick’s mother were somewhat clarified, especially her attitude towards him. I’m slightly less annoyed with her, but she remains insufferable. She blames Nick, has no faith, trust or respect towards him, treats him like a child yet demands he be a responsible model citizen adult, is stubborn as a mule towards any help to her and the list goes on. I’m glad that Nick noticed the ill treatment from her and actually spoke out. Hopefully, she will open her eyes and see what a brat she is, I don’t see her as the angel everyone portrays her as.

Surprisingly, Kody wasn’t as bland and dull as before, I think I’m warming up to her, but I still don’t see any spark within her and when she’s with Nick. Luckily, she has time to change my mind since there are several books still coming out.

I wasn’t very satisfied with the main plot line which was introduced at the beginning since it seemed to fade into the background of all the new characters introduced and Nick getting beaten up. The plot goes in so many different places that the final solving of the original mystery and school folly seemed out of the blue, because I had already forgotten about that plot line. There was just so much going on and it jumped from one place/plot to another. Then again, I have to admit that it kept things moving and even exciting, because you had no idea what to expect in both the good and the bad way.


Not my favorite, but a good addition to the series which had some necessary topics explored and highlighted to move the plot. This felt a little a like a filler book to lead and prepare the reader for bigger things to happen. Nevertheless, this remains a series I’m quite surprised I enjoy to the degree that I do. Great!
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on April 10, 2012
I have been a huge fan of Kenyons work for many years. Some of her books rank among my all time favorites, but I was about ready to throw my kindle out the window while reading this one.

The problems? #1 problem with this book has been pointed out by other reviews: Nicks mother. She has to rank up there as one of the worst ever. I have to say that my own oldest sons father was pretty horrible but the idea that I could take that out on my son is horrifying. Nicks mother grounds him about 5 times a day for breathing, never listens to him at all, constantly berates him in public & never takes his side in anything. Kenyon tries to redeem her by saying well at least she didnt give him up for adoption (he might have been better off) & she turned her rapist boyfriend in for robbing a bank (that was for Nick?) & threatens bodily harm to anyone else who treats her son badly (except when they beat him into a coma & her first words were: I told him to stop fighting). This character has to go!

Big problem #2: (& spoiler alert) This book is about cyberbullying. Very current & hip topic to write about now but not handled well at all. Whats wrong with it? Well first of all dont waste your time trying to figure out who is behind it because like a really horrible mystery writer Kenyon doesnt even introduce the character until the end of the book. She then sends the character into a strange several page rant about how horrible people are & then reveals she was possessed by a demon. Doesnt really matter because she was still going to be arrested as is her dad (also possessed) for attacking Nick. But the guy who attacks Nick & puts him in a coma earlier (not possessed) isnt punished at all.

Basically in this book Nick is beaten to a bloody pulp twice & hospitalized & arrested for rape & nearly commits suicide once while all the students & teachers at his school hate him & all the while his mother blames him then the book ends badly.

I really enjoyed the first 2 books in the Nick series (with the exception of the parts with his mother in it) & really hope the next one will get back on track. You almost have to read this book so you know what happens as a bridge between books in the series but Kenyon better really deliver with the next book to make it worth it to have to read this one!
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on August 2, 2017
I love this series. I love the characters and the Way they add to the story! A real good versus evil battle as Nick confronts his demons and stay in the path his mother envisions. Yet another reason to keep reading!
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on March 20, 2012
I love the Chronicles of Nick series! I found the first book by chance when I didn't have anything else to read. I have read the Harry Potter and Twilight books so this one fit right in with the paranormal characters. The first two books were great! They were funny and had lots of action and suspense too. Sorry to say though, this book was slow to get going and I would have to say about 40% of it was all about Nick and his mom fighting, her insulting him, her not believing anything he says, not wanting to hear any arguments or reasons, and alot of cajun cliches. I hope Sherrilyn Kenyon isn't running out of things to write about with these books, but it looks that way in Infamous. Also, some of the arguments went on for several pages and I have to say I got tired of it. When the book was good, it was really good! Nick had his usual struggles and bad luck and there is a character that has been talked about that finally comes face to face with Nick, so that helped with the action and suspense. You will also read more about how Nick came to be, and that helped make sense of why his mother had him so young. I will keep reading them, just hoping there is more action with Nick and his powers and more interaction with the other paranormal characters, and a whole lot less cliches and Cherise nagging.
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on July 23, 2012
There will be spoilers in this...be warned.

When Kenyon first said she was writing a YA series and mentioned it was targeted to middle grades/high school readers like her own sons I was concerned because knowing how young readers like to latch on to a series and read I was concerned that they'd read about these characters and then turn to the adult books for more. I've seen this happening multiple times. As a middle grades teacher I was fine giving my students the first two books after reading them first, but had to caution them and parents the other Kenyon books were not for kids as they contain fairly detailed scenes of sex. Let's face it, no middle schooler/high schooler needs to be reading Acheron's book.

I was appalled when I read this book. Kenyon seems to have forgotten who she is writing for. Yes, there is the overall, premarital sex is bad message that we get from the characters and Nick's mom in particular, which isn't far fetched since she was a young teen mom herself. However, the bullying that acts as a subplot for this book and could have been handled in a timely and relevant fashion went too far. The bullying described was essentially child pornography and bestiality. Not topics that should be in a middle grades YA book. Later the 15 year old protagonist is accused of rape after finding out he was the product of rape. This was just too much for the younger YA group.

As an older reader the story was fine. It was interesting to see some of the changes in Nick 4.0's life vs. Nick 1.0. It is sad to see Cherise so disliked by younger readers. This is written from Nick's perspective so it's natural that her over protective momma hen routine is seen as not trusting him, thinking the worst of him and never believing him. That's normal teen/parent relationships. However, even with that considered, this version of Cherise is harsher with Nick than would have been expected and has more in common with Lo Peltier than with the Cherise of the original series. Of course, that Cherise had a grown Nick and a dead baby-daddy not one who was out to get her little one.

I did enjoy finding the fun in Kenyon's work again. When she writes Nick a part of her personality that is fun, sassy and irreverent comes alive and pours out through Nick. I've really missed that sense of fun in her adult books since Nick 1.0 became a brooding, self-pitying idiot.
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on April 29, 2012
In my mind, Sherrilyn Kenyon can do no wrong, so maybe I'm a little biased. I do love the spin she has put on the Dark-Hunter series with these books though. Each book gets a little deeper and deeper into Ambrose's attempt to change his past - I also like his segue into other "past-Nicks" - and how things are somewhat different compared to the past Ambrose knows.

I am also a fan of the fact that Adrian is beginning to play a part in Nick's saga, especially since in the original time-line, he died when Nick was 10. The supernatural aspects in Infamous are not as prevalent in this novel as the first two and sort of take a back seat and the plot focuses on mother/son relationship. However, this in no way diminishes the story itself. We do learn more about Nick, his past (along with his mother's), his powers, and his drive to not become a tool for evil, but a tool against evil.

There are a few issues I had. The cyber bulling took a backseat and probably didn't really need to be a plot point, nothing happens to the boy who attacks Nick and puts him into a comma - Nick doesn't even see him again, and Cherise constantly doubts her son, even though he has proven himself again and again.

As somebody who reads the Dark-Hunter series, I love see these characters interact with teenage Nick. I also love references to things we know about: Acheron being offended about working in the sex industry, alluding to his brother/twin. I'm very curious to know how some changes will affect the world we already know about or how/if we find out about these after effects.

Definitely a good read in my mind. I loved the last line of the book. It's not new information for us (something we've known since the first book), but this little tidbit is not something Nick knew... until now. Bum, bum, bum. Don't go cheating and peek!
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