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on June 15, 2011
I honestly would not have picked up this book if I were not a huge Colts fan. Tony Dungy is very reserved, so I was expecting Quiet Strength to be dry and boring. However, it was the exact opposite. The book was inspirational, with unexpected bits of humor here and there.

Dungy takes us through his childhood, spends the majority of the chapters reminiscing about his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and finishes the book with the Colts and their Super Bowl win. The book is not a book about football, but since football is a large part of Dungy's life, it is hard to imagine him writing a book about life's principles and practices when they are so tied to his life as a football player and coach. However, you don't have to know anything about football to enjoy this book.

I am not a religious person, but Dungy obviously is. Throughout the book, he quotes scriptures from which he has learned or applied lessons. Dungy talks about praying before making decisions and about living life to serve Him. However, none of it came across as pushy. I am an atheist, but this book made me interested in reading the Bible for educational purposes.

From this book, you get the feeling that Tony Dungy a real person with real highs and lows in his life. And yet through it all, he remains humble and strong. He truly cares and truly has a good heart. He is an excellent role model for people of all walks of life.

When I finished this book, it made me want to be a better person. It made me want to arrange my priorities in life so that the most important things are placed first. You know, stop and smell the flowers. And for that, I thank Dungy and Whitaker for their message and hard work.

On a side note, if you were expecting Dungy to talk a lot about his relationship with Peyton Manning, prepare to be disappointed. He talks about the Bucs more than the Colts. He mentions a few things in there about #18, but nothing that fans of Manning wouldn't already know.

Overall, a good and easy read.
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on December 10, 2009
This was a birthday gift that I was excited to receive, and a book that my wife actually finished before me. Although Megan and I have some different reading tastes, we both found this book very enjoyable. Dungy's #1 New York Times bestseller comes off his 2007 Super Bowl victory and reveals the secrets to his success. You don't have to be a fan of the Indianapolis Colts or even American football to get into this book. Dungy gets authentic by sharing personal and professional difficulties and how he was able to overcome them. Although you can't tell by the cover, once you start reading this book, you find out it has a deep and powerful message. Dungy's message is God's message. Our purpose in life is simply to glorify God and help people see the path to eternal life through Christ. It is so cool that Coach Dungy is using the platform God has given him in a way that points us in the right direction.
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on August 5, 2014
Here is a thoughtful review of Dungy's life in football. He includes many stories that will challenge and encourage. It is not just a 'men's book' but rather a book that talks about Dungy's choices in life. He does address the issues of work, adoption and the death of his son. This book is thoughtful and it is a must read for guys who want to see what real life in the NFL looks like. FYI, it is not a group of cheerleading stories that will leave you with a good feeling but no real content. The practical applications to these stories are powerful.
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on May 14, 2012
Last year, a number of men in my neighborhood decided to get together about once every 2 weeks or so on a Saturday morning and meet to study the Bible and the lessons we can apply to our respective lives. We looked at materials to use as a basis to begin our studies and came across the Quiet Strength book and study guide offered by Tony Dungy, the veteran NFL player, coach and commentator. Most of us were already familiar with the life of Mr. Dungy but few of us knew what sort of adversity he had faced personally and professionally throughout his life. In his gentle self deprecating fashion, coach Dungy relates scripture to the lessons he has learned along the way. He gave us a great set of study guides to go along with his book, and we used the lessons to gather a deeper understanding of living the life of a Christian in a contemporary world. It is recommended reading as is, but even more so it is a recommended basis for a bible study group.
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on March 13, 2015
This is a very readable book, especially if you like sports. It claims to "not be all about football;" but that can be disputed unless you look deeper into the football stories.

Tony gives a lot of autobiographical examples (mostly about sports); but he follows with what he learned and how the learning affected his parenting, coaching, and relationship to God.

We are using this in a men's Sunday School class that is "discussion based." We are not limited by a strict weekly schedule that requires that we cover a chapter per week, etc. Thus we can stop and chew the nuggets that Tony gives us. We use them to discuss how we grow, mature, relate to God; and affect others.

There is a Study Guide; but I find it less useful in our environment since we are used to picking items to plumb. For a group that wants a strict schedule and some help with prompting questions, get the Guide.
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on December 4, 2014
I really enjoyed the book “Quiet Strength” By Tony Dungy. This autobiography takes into the Tony Dungys life. He takes us step by step through stages of his personal life, football career, and spiritual life. We go through his hardships and his championship. It feels like we went through his life with him, as he is very descriptive and accurate with his writing style. At times I was almost brought to tears because of sadness but also pure happiness. Dungy is a driven young man who refuses to give up despite the obstacles in his life. When he could not play basketball in college he played football, and when he did not get drafted as a quarterback in the NFL he switched and played defensive back. He is persistent in every aspect of his life. It was fantastic to feel some of that fire and determination as you read his book. I would highly recommend giving “Quiet Strength” a read if you are looking for an inspiring book, which would motivate you in all aspects of your life.
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on January 31, 2017
Enjoyable book. I had no idea of Mr. Dungy's history.
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on December 31, 2007
I read this book inspired by the premise of a very successful man in a very demanding setting, that still somehow prioritizes God and family above everything else. While I've had no exposure to Coach Dungy before, I can imagine the kind of person he is based on the way the book is written. Humbly, in a very readable and entertaining fashion, Dungy shows what quiet strength is all about; the importance of abiding by God's Word in a practical, daily manner, doing things in a way that glorifies Him and serves as a witness to other.

I got very important lessons from this book that, although I had heard about before, were really driven home by Coach Dungy's anecdotes. That things happen in our lives in God's way and time; that we cannot choose what things happen to us, but certainly how we react to them; and plenty of lessons about leadership. I particularly enjoyed a comment by chaplain Tom Lamphere, in that biblical leaders never failed in their earthly commands, but their failings were always spiritual in nature. All of these lessons are made clearly visible and enjoyably explained by Dungy and Whitaker.

A central premise of the book is how we define success. I think this is highly relevant in our society and a key part of how we approach life. Coach Dungy puts it simply: seek to glorify God in everything you do. For us Christians, this is very enticing because it means we can be measurably, certainly successful regardless of our position in business, society and elsewhere. Even if you are not a Christian you will certainly be challenged by the way Dungy approaches many things in life; he gives his upbringing a lot of credit for the way he thinks, so I'd also consider some parenting lessons are in there, and for non-believers there is plenty to reflect upon in this book, lessons about character and attitude that should be immediately applicable in our lives.

One little disappointment I have in this book is that, given that Coach Dungy is, well, head coach, he has a bit more leeway than us in the lower or mid corporate ranks to decide when we take a day off, the kind of way we structure our work... It's not like you can pick it up, read it and all of a sudden be able to take any day off you want at work because your family needs you to, or what not. But I do hope more people come to appreciate a lifestyle that in many ways defies what's common, in order to struggle for what's normal (the two must not be confused!)

Finally, a word about football - although the preface states the book is not about football, by Dungy's own words football is the platform that has enabled him to live the way he does. If you don't know much about football, don't be afraid - I'm not an NFL fan though I knew enough about the sport to casually follow a game. But reading this book I learned about many aspects of game play and coaching I had no clue about. So if you don't know much, do not worry - the football in the book is more about "scenery" to make it a pleasant read than about knowing and learning about football. You will need minimum research, if any, to be able to follow through it all.
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on December 4, 2014
Quiet Strength is on the must read list for any football fan who has ever heard Dungy’s name. In this great book Tony Dungy has written an amazingly personal and inspirational story for football fans and non-football fans alike. His focus on the spiritual, physical and interpersonal aspects of his life is something we can all model after. In this book Dungy challenged the way I think about who I choose to spend my time with and allow to influence the way I think. He also challenged me in how I hold and display my religious beliefs. While reading this spectacular book I was challenged in many ways, but comprehension was not one of them. Dungy does an amazing job in making sure his writing is clear and understandable. Quiet Strength’s non complex language and connection to the spiritual, physical, and personal worlds, not just the world of sports, makes it an engaging read for all audiences.
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on December 17, 2014
As a football fan, it was cool to read his recollection of the events on the field. Im a Steeler fan and his narrative of the 2005 game's final minutes were compelling. Great read.
Im also struck by the "this is business" approach toward coaches in the NFL. Its a pretty dirty game. To pour your heart into winning with a huge team, come close, be assured youre on the right track and get terminated would cause most en to buckle-or worse. Dungy went to his core, his faith and family and pressed on.
He is a terrific American and example of how to pursue the Kingdom of God, love people and live the American dream. Well done. Great read.
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