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on March 24, 2014
This course bills itself as "Beginner to intermediate." It did a fine job of that for me. Although I had gone through another popular and more extensive French course, I became much less hesitant to use the language after this one. Michel is a fine teacher, encouraging and patient with the "class." His classifications and comparisons of common words in English and French and the explanations of when to drop and when to add ending consonants simplified my ability to absorb a feel for the language. I look forward to the next course, "Perfect French," ( which I have purchased) and am thinking ahead to perhaps the "Master Class."
The one feature that I had difficulty with was the two discs on vocabulary. The eight others all use the gentle voice of Michel, easily understandable in my moderate hearing disability. The vocab disc narrator is a female with a high pitched voice and who speaks rapidly with a clipped accent. The responders don't answer clearly enough for me.
Aside from the vocab discs I am delighted with the course.
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on January 31, 2017
I'm one of the class! The one thing I will take most is when he told us "the worst that will happen if you get this wrong, is you will get a blank face.. of the person not understanding you. If this happens, just say to them in French "I have more verbs! I have more verbs!"" This is definitely not for the beginner, but perfect for me who was fluent 40 years ago, but has no one to talk to, and people I try to talk to say my words are "too round" and distinct (learned from Michel that's because I'm pronouncing all the segments that you read, but that get run together when speaking). It's obviously geared for the needs of a traveler to a french speaking country, but that's OK, because I work at a visitor center talking to international people who are traveling. My "r's" and contractions have never been this good! He fixed some of my biggest problems with use of negatives and irregular verbs. Not for the faint of heart.. it actually moves too fast even to do a pause button. I go through each CD multiple times at just running the CD, and repeat running the CD through until I can get the right answer as fast as they do. He believes you can learn it this way entirely, but I still draw on my "book knowledge" as I visualize each phrase or word from my past, which makes it stick even better. I find myself wanting him to say "Comment disez-vous?" instead of "How do you say..." Je vais! I'm on my way! (That's an inside joke you gotta get these to understand)...
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on May 8, 2014
I've used many language methods trying to learn Spanish. I thought I learned something useful from Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, actual classes, learning spanish like crazy, rocket spanish, duolingo. After ten plus years of studying Spanish I thought I'd try learning French. So I started with Rosetta Stone.

Wow, French is hard. There are all kinds of funny sounds and additional words that made no sense to me. Rosetta Stone was ok, even good, but I was missing a lot and could not form sentences on my own. Duolingo was ok too, but idioms are not always explained and I wasn't catching how words can be slurred together. I wasn't getting it.

Then someone mentioned Michel Thomas. This method is fast and fun and Michel Thomas explains just enough so you understand basic constructs and even ways to 'cheat' in spoken French. You learn to string basic words together to construct complicated sentences. It is amazing how much you can stay with some basic vocabulary.

I'm so impressed I plan to buy the intermediate level when it becomes available.
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on January 29, 2014
I have listened to the cd's several times now. Michel Thomas gives a beginner some practical ways to use French. Initially, I liked the format of him asking the question in English to have his two students then translate it into French. However, the woman he used for one of the students is incredibly annoying as she literally coos in the background, repeats answers with different affectations of accents and faux husky voice, and generally ruins the second and subsequent listening to the cd's. I wish the producers of the cd's would edit out her insecure babbling and this would be a 5 star product. Probably not a good product for people who have taken French in school as it is very basic, but, overall, I thought it was good enough for me.
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on April 17, 2017
I learned so much in such a short time with this. its great to listen to in the car, or while running or working out. Great tool to get a basic to intermediate knowledge and use of conversational french.
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on October 6, 2014
Wow! What a fabulous course! I have tried several other texts and programs but this is by far the best and most effective. It provides the basics of French language and the nuances of pronunciation and some idiomatic expressions. It builds knowledge progressively, with new concepts reinforcing earlier concepts. Michel Thomas uses two students who mumble and fumble through some of his exercises - particularly the woman who was quite frustrating and annoying. Previous reviewers have commented on this but it is, in fact, a very clever teaching tool. Michel Thomas asks: "How do you say ...(sentence)" and you find yourself yelling the answer at the woman as she fumbles with the answer, thereby reinforcing your own knowledge. It was amazing how quickly what appear to be complex sentences come together. For example, after only one hour of listening (no texts) you are able to say: "What impression do you have of the political and economical situation in France at present?"
This is a foundation course for serious French language learners - it is not for basic tourist expressions. It teaches grammar and sentence construction but does not go into some basics such as food, weather, restaurants, travel etc. It covers the present, and basic past and future tenses of verbs, sufficient to make yourself understood. While the CD course comes with a small booklet of transcripts, and additional CDs on vocabulary development, you will need to use a good text book after completing this course. But complete this foundation course first, and preferably his second recorded course (Perfect French) which delves into more complex expressions and verb usage; the text book will then make everything fall into place and add vocabulary.
This is the most effective language-learning system I have ever experienced, and once completed and supplemented with a good text such as "The Ultimate French Review and Practice", all you then need is to practice fluency and comprehension skills through French news websites (TV, radio and press).
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on May 9, 2013
i know it's lame to give something a high mark with just a 'i really seem to be responding to this method' but that's ultimately what i have to say. Monseiur Thomas is with two other students (beginners like me. not a pro pretending to not know...) and he walks them through his method. while that's happening, you really feel involved. there's no pressure... as they process, you process. there really is an immediate sense of success.

i didn't seem to respond to Rosetta Stone - after i dropped all that money for it... but this method seems to be connecting to me. i'm looking forward to this journey.
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on May 4, 2013
THE MOST straightforward language lessons ever. Fun to do and easy to learn. Travel and shopping conversations included early in this system
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on January 22, 2014
This really is a great method for language -- I thought for some reason, my shipment was missing the written guide which came with my "Start French" CD, but the visual references and exercises are actually in the supplemental review CDs.. Phew!
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on July 9, 2014
You don't even have to review it or study it, you just listen and you absorb the language effortlessly. There is a little booklet with the words written in it, so you can follow along and read the words too. I ripped the mp3s and put them on my phone, so I can learn french anywhere.
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