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on August 29, 2011
Like everyone on here I tried out this charger because the ones at the mac store are so expensive. When I finally received mine in the mail and tried to use it I found that it would only charge my computer sometimes and that was if I plugged it in and out repeatedly. I was extremely frustrated because I use my computer for work and so I e-mailed Acctronics (the seller) and said I wanted a refund because I no longer had the time to wait for a replacement. They complied and e-mailed me a shipping label to use so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping...or so I thought. When I went to return the item at the post office they said they could not take the shipping label that it was "invalid" so I had to pay 6.00 for shipping.I went to the Mac store to buy my 80.00 charger but brought this charger with me to show them to make sure that it wasn't just my computer causing the malfunction. When they saw it they said that without a doubt what ACCTRONICS IS SELLING ARE REFURBISHED CHARGERS! I warned my boyfriend who also needed a charger but he thought maybe I got a defective one and wanted to give it a try. He just got his in a the mail and it doesn't work at all! Acctronics will refund your money however if your shipping label wont work they will not refund that part. Their chargers are refurbished chargers and there is a very very good chance yours won't work properly when you get it. Take my advice and find another seller for this product. (sidenote: When I looked up Acctronics on Amazon they have 4 mac chargers they sell (all the same) I appears that when they get enough bad reviews they start a new account) SHADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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VINE VOICEon December 29, 2012
UPDATE: I used this for a couple of months without a problem so I got a second. Also no problems so far, so I'm adding a star. Original review follows....

I received my product in two days via Amazon Prime, so can't complain about the delivery as others have. On opening the box I found the product wrapped in a clear film... NOT the diecut static film that Apple uses but something much more sticky and hard to get off. So, if I am to assume these are new and not refurbished or demo chargers, I have to believe the liquidator either removed the Apple film or received them without film then applied their own sticky static film.

I plugged it into my existing wall cord (the unit comes with the square adapter and the cord to the computer and a plug-in stub, but NOT the long extension wall cord) and it worked. So far so good. Since these chargers are so prone to failure the question is how long will it last before it craps out.

I think it's ridiculous that Apple's chargers fail so often (how many other chargers and AC adaptors do you have for other products that do that?) and it's outrageous to pay $80 to Apple for a new unit. But $35 (what I paid) seems a bit high for what I got, especially if it truly is refurbished. I do like the fact it doesn't come with the wall cord since I have a drawer full of those from other chargers that have failed.

By the way, if your charger fails and you're close to an Apple store, it's worth stopping at the Genius to see if they will replace it for free. Sometimes they have surprised me.
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I ordered this Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter for MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro (Bulk Packaging) in a bit of a hurry in an emergency sort of speak, as I tripped over my cable (many times not falling but pulling it out of the computer) and broke it inside you could see where the break was close to the base of the charger square (it was the final straw). So I went up to the apple site and then hear at amazon I found this and ordered it, knowing I could get it very fast with amazon prime 2 day free shipping. Then I read the reviews and wondered if I made a mistake? But I decided to just let it come, I ordered on a saturday afternoon and received it monday in the mail. I examined it and it looks just like the apple ones I have seen at an apple store, they come in the bulk packaging in the little born box. This look s like an apple product has the Apple on it and works perfectly well so far. This is the charger with cable, the extension cable plug is not included, I just used the old one for the extension, it is fine. Only the charging cable was broke, my extension was fine. So, So far I am very pleased. And I think I got the real deal.
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I knew what I was getting into when I purchased this MagSafe Power adapter. This is the second refurbished charger I have owned ... the first one was bought off a popular auction site and lasted about 9 months before some fraying at the junction of the plug and cord happened (I believe that this is one of the most common points of failure for the MagSafe adaptors).

This charger came packaged well, was clean, and even had some clear plastic protection placed on the charger. It does come with the wall plug as expected but DOES NOT come with the long extension cord. Please note this before buying.

If you have your OEM adapter, you should already have the power extension cord that came with your original charger. My OEM charger is still in tact but I did not want to spend $80 to have a spare. I buy original Apple refurbished chargers (sold through 3rd party sellers, not Apple) for spares and am pretty rough on them. If I can get 9 months out of one, I am happy with that.

This particular refurbished charger is clean, packaged well and looks like a keeper. I expect to attain a normal lifespan out of it. Given that, if I were to purchase another I would probably buy straight from Amazon.
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on December 31, 2012
I bought this as a replacement for my charger that was eaten by my oh so curious puppy. I was excited about the price, since the price at the big box stores or at Apple are substantially higher.

Once the box arrived, everything looked how it should, but it felt a little off. It didn't feel as hefty as my original charger, and when I went to pull the prongs out so I could plug it in the charger fell apart into multiple pieces. I was not only not impressed but angry I would have to return and buy from a big box store and spend more money.

The return was simple enough, including the shipping, which was refunded to us as well. This was a good learning experience that I should have just gone with the company that made the product to buy the replacement even if it was twice the price. I would not recommend this product.
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on February 15, 2013
Purchased this in May of last year and it broke last week, so I didn't even get a full year out of it. I also tried contacting the seller, who never bothered getting back to me.

After doing some research, I've learned that most of Apple's chargers (knock off or real) aren't made very well. Most people complain that the cord wears in certain spots and end up fraying the wires internally, which then causes the charger to quit giving power. Mine wore at the entrance to the charger, because I transport my laptop various places constantly; and in so doing, I wound the cord up over and over again. So if you are on the go like me, make sure you leave about 6-8 inches of cord straight (from the charger) before wrapping your cord. I also ended up purchasing a replacement from the Apple store this time, even though it cost me $35+ more. My reasoning was that although many people complain about Apple's real chargers, they at least don't complain that they overheat, spark, smoke, or catch on fire like several reviews I've read about knock off chargers.
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on June 7, 2013
Yes, it crumbled. First it fell apart. Then the parts within starting to flake and tumble like an old wino's teeth. I did manage to get a return authorization number, but because even the ones from the Apple store online get such terrible reviews, I decided to see if I could just do some handyman tricks and keep this thing going. I tried duct tape anda varieties of adhesive. I finally caved in and got the real deal at the local Apple store (ordering online to make sure it was waiting for me the next day). After I got the one from the Apple store home, I saw the radical difference in construction. The Apple adapter might only last for 3 months, but that's better than 3 days. Thus, I recommend purchasing this particular item directly through Apple.
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on October 18, 2012
I bought this power adapter from MLC Distribution, Inc (the default third-party seller at the time) at the beginning of September 2012. The product arrived in a timely manner and looked legitimate. It seemed to work fine at first, but 31 days later it started to work intermittently. More specifically, when it was connected to a Macbook needing to be charged, the adapter's LED would turn from green to amber (as it should) and then fade out 10 seconds or so later (indicating a loss of power). After a few seconds, the LED light would turn back on as green and go through the sequence again. The adapter would cycle through this process repeatedly, causing the Macbook's LED screen to keep dimming and brightening every 15 seconds or so. As mentioned before, this failure started 31 days after the purchase, which meant it no longer could be returned to Amazon/MLC Distribution. I contacted Amazon's customer service, and a representative advised me to contact Apple. I ended up bringing the adapter to an Apple Store, and an Apple Genius gave me a replacement.

Based on my experience, I have identified the following issues with this product:

1. It is unclear if the product is indeed new. The product description states that each adapter is "GENUINE / ORIGINAL / OFFICIAL APPLE EQUIPMENT", but it never mentions "NEW." The adapter I received looked new (no scratches, etc), but I could tell it was not the latest model (the cord from the power brick to the magnetic connector on the adapter I received with my new Macbook in August 2012 feels more rigid than the one on this adapter). Based on the other reviews, there seems to be a high rate of failure for this product, which might be a sign that the product is refurbished or fake. But it is unclear if this rate of failure is higher than that for an adapter bought directly from Apple (the Genius I dealt with indicated that adapter failure is the most common computer issue he deals with).

2. It is unclear if the product is warrantied beyond 30 days. I managed to get a replacement from Apple, but I was never certain that I qualified for a replacement. If this adapter is indeed new and genuine, it probably falls under Apple's 1-year hardware warranty.

3. It is unclear if all sellers are shipping the same product. The default third-party seller for this product changes frequently, making it difficult to determine if certain sellers are selling subpar adapters. In theory, all of the sellers should be selling the same thing. With a product sold in bulk packaging, however, it is easy for a seller to cheat (i.e. sell a fake/bad batch), and this is especially true if the default seller is always rotating.
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on June 1, 2012
Two faulty chargers from Wegener media. They state "Apple original , brand new, with "duckhead" (wall prong). The real thing - not a knock off!". The first one lasted for one charge. I called the company and they sent a replacement. The employee stated that they had a "bad batch" so he apologized and sent a new one. The second one only worked for literally two seconds. I took my computer and all chargers to the Apple Store in the neighboring city thinking maybe it was my computer and not the charger. There they confirmed the chargers did not work. An employee looked at it carefully and told me I was sold a counterfeit. I don't know if this is true but when the charger did work, my computer made a funny noise and the charger was hotter than the Apple Store charger. My computer charged fine with the Apple Store charger which I ended up buying. I tried to save money by buying off Amazon, but in the end, it was a waste of my time, and I eventually shelled out the money to have a working charger. When I notified Wegener Media that the second charger did not work and that someone stated it was counterfeit, he responded that he would be highly surprised because they bought directly from Apple. Whether or not it is a fake, in the end, they did not work, and when they did, I was not comfortable with the sound made or the heat of the charger.
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on January 6, 2013
It works; what more can you say about a charger? For $40 this is exactly what you would get from Apple for $80. Many people complain about the product not working well or very long, but the problem is that the one directly from Apple does not work well either. I had the original from Apple for only about a year with very little use and it failed. After careful inspection I can see no difference between this one and the original. Why are they so much cheaper? I would guess that that is what they mean by "bulk packaging" which is probably code for not coming from the Apple Store. It is worth noting that in looking at the other reviews it is clear that the product comes from different vendors and therefore you can't be sure that my experience will be the same as the experience you will get. It is a gamble.
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