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Although it's not their best selling album, "Wish you Were Here" is among Pink Floyd's finest achievements. Roger Waters used the disintegration of bandmate and original Pink Floyd leader Syd Barrett as the focal point for this album.

The "Experience" edition is a nice compromise for those who already have the album in one form or another but don't want to pony up for the expensive "Immersion" set and want the 1974 live performances of "Shine On Your Crazy Diamond", "Raving and Drooling" and "You've Got To Be Crazy" (the latter two which eventually ended up retitled with different lyrics on "Animals")recorded live at Wembley included here as well as the alternate take of "Wish You Were Here" featuring jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli, an alternate take of "Have A Cigar" as well as an outtake from the abandoned "Household Objects" album wish gives us a tantilizing glimpse of what might have been for the instrumental "Wine Glasses". The second disc of live/outtakes will be essential for fans although it might have been nice to release ALL the unfinished "Household Objects" takes even though they are incomplete.

The mastering is very good with James Gutherie avoiding the brickwalling common with many CD versions of albums out there today. Even the original album sounds quite good here although I suspect hardcore fans are going to go for the "Immersion" set with the Blu-ray mixes, DVD, etc., or the stand-alone SACD edition of "Wish You Were Here" that is (as of this writing) forthcoming for multi-channel listening pleasure. Nevertheless, if you can't afford those editions, don't want them, this set is a good compromise with the original album and the bonus disc.

The album comes in a cardboard sleeve, a booklet with the original lyrics/photos from the sessions and a slipcase which replicates the original cellophane packaging/sticker on the exterior of the LP version (as I recall).

There aren't any new liner notes about the making of the album and the artwork features variations on some of the familiar photos/artwork we've seen in past editions of the album.

Highly recommended.
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on November 6, 2015
Ordered this on vinyl. What a disappointment when 4 minutes into the first side, it gets stuck/hungup. 5 stars for the music - 1 star for the quality of the pressing which was dull in addition to the getting stuck problem.
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on December 11, 2011
Sounds like the initial pressing of the DSOM ran into problems, but this WYWH release is excellent. My initial copy purchased from Rasputin did have a manufacturer's defect that caused me to return it. The second copy I ordered from Amazon arrived in visually perfect condition.

The remastering on this release is excellent. There's all of that loveable punch in the low fequency range and the mid and high ranges are well defined and full as well. I played the record on a Kenwood turntable through a classic 85 watts/channel (clean power) Sony STR-V5 Receiver and NHT Classic Three book shelf speakers on stands.

I did encounter a few spots with some noise, but nothing bad or really noticeable. I haven't run it through my VPI 17F RCM yet, because I'm awaiting a new vacuum tube and brush. I'm really quibbling here. If you're some kind of fanatic that has to have an absolutely perfect record, then you better look for the Columbia Half Speed Master release from way back, which I own, if you can find one in better condition than this new release. Life is too short to be an absolute condition nut. Very minor imperfections, in my opinion, add to the experience, kinda like the surrounding noise you hear at a concert.

The packaging with the original jacket art, outer resealable poly, postcard, download sheet, inner sleeve with lyrics, etc. is a great collectible in itself.

All in all, this is an excellent release and is worth vinyl lovers' support to help keep them delicious, new Pink Floyd vinyl releases coming.
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on November 12, 2011
Seems like people have been staying away from commenting on this record after the DSOTM fiasco. Since I blasted that release, I feel that it is fair to give praise if praise is due.

My copy of this release is of much higher quality than the Immersion Series release of DSOTM. I went through two Amazon copies of that and gave up. Wish You Were Here comes in a black plastic resealable bag with the original album cover inside. The record itself is in a pink poly sleeve, not a paper sleeve like DSOTM. The quality of the vinyl and pressing is immaculate. The edge of the record is smooth and there are no physical marks on the vinyl. I just listened to both sides all the way through and heard NO ticks, pops, etc. This is a very nice pressing, one of the best newer pressings of any record I've recently purchased. How this high quality can be 180 degrees from the poor effort of DSOTM escapes me. Perhaps EMI United States ditched the pressing plant of the US version of DSOTM and used the European plant after hearing all the negative comments? (An Amazon user suggested European pressings of DSOTM for the Immersion Series were better than the US versions, but I have yet to buy a European version to verify that.) If anybody has an answer, please comment.

About the sound quality: I mentioned the lack of surface noise. I do not have any other vinyl copies to compare this to. However, I can say that the dynamics are incredible. I have the volume turned up to hear the detail in the low-level passages, but the dynamic peaks make this dangerous! I have not heard detail or dynamics like this in either my old CD copy or the Sony Super Bit Mapping gold CD. (Played back on a Sony SCD-1 player.)

Some DSOTM comments hated on audiophiles for being so negative about the DSOTM Immersion release sound quality. I don't understand why. These records cost $30 retail. To me, that is not a trivial amount of money. Furthermore, Capitol/EMI is hyping up these releases as the latest and greatest. Supposedly the 30th Anniversary vinyl edition of DSOTM was supposed to be the greatest. When that went out of print, its price went up. A month or so later, the Immersion series was announced and was suggested to be the best yet. If you talk the talk, you better walk the walk.

This record was cleaned on a VPI HW-16.5 wet/vacuum cleaner with L'Art du Son solution. Warning: the center label of this Wish You Were Here release seems to be very sensitive to wetness. Be especially careful to not splash any solution on the label.
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on May 2, 2012
Honestly, I kinda wish I could've just bought he blu-ray included in this box. Or even just a DVD with the 5.1 mix. I /really/ don't need all the crazy amount of other stuff that came with this. A scaft? And marbles?... I'd have preferred if the actual discs came in actual nice sleeves, or better yet, jewel cases. And this thing is kinda ungodly expensive. It was my birthday gift to myself, and I allowed myself to splurge.

So, given all that, why did I give it five stars?

I'm not old enough to have caught this album when it originally came out, but I've still known about it for a few decades. Known it and loved it, and thought I knew it by heart - every beat, every sound, every voice, everything. I love this album, I truly do.

Imagine being able to listen to an album you love for the first time again. This time, when you're old enough to afford a half-decent sound system, and a 5.1 DTS mix blu-ray, rather than having a friend give you a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a tape and listening to it on a walkman during recess.

It's an amazing experience, and, for me, worth the money.

Oh, you can - very clearly - hear the violin at the end of Wish You Were Here. I always knew there was one, but I could never hear it before. Didn't even have to turn the volume up.
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on August 21, 2016
Well... What to say about this big collector box set? Following Dark Side Of the Moon inmersion box, WYWH lost the novelty status that the previus one had. Said that, the content is pretty much the same but less... On the sound quality, it is 5 stars for sure. The Bluray 24/96 hi-ress audio with all diferent mixes is a must have and the highlight of this box set. The two DVD are really redundant as they have exactely the same content of the Bluray. Forthmore, the design and pictures of the box set are great, very nice and well done.
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on February 12, 2012
I've always enjoyed this album. If you love this music and have a proper system buy this set for the bluray. It's really amazing comparing the original Quad mix to the modern day 5.1. Both of these are in high resolution and they take this performance to a level I'd never experienced. Five class A monoblocks driving B&W towers at each corner plus two sub towers is what I'm listening through. Note to those with old processors or receivers who are using the 5.1 analog outs to get the latest surround formats with bluray: The Quad mix has no sub channel so if you want subs you'll have to have a processor capable of producing one or use an outboard crossover like I do for this type of material. If your bluray player is connected only with HDMI then your processor can likely do this.

I'm not sure whether I like the Quad or 5.1 mix better. The Quad is wilder and it sounds simply awesome. It has that '70s feeling to it and it's very clean. Rear channels are driven harder in the Quad mix. The 5.1 mix sounds modern and it's excellent. The truth is my favorite is whichever one is playing.

A friend owns the SACD version with stereo and 5.1 mixes in that DSD format. I'll update after we have a chance to spin both his version and my bluray back to back and level matched.

Thanks to Pink Floyd for offering this. Now maybe someone else can explain why in the world The Wall immersion set doesn't offer multi-channel audio? I'd highly recommend this set to true Pink Floyd fans who have the system to deliver what's here. It's worth every penny.

Update 4/27/12- Now I've compared the 24/96 stereo and 5.1 layers of the Bluray to the SACD on which both are DSD. I very slightly prefer the SACD sound quality. It's hard to pin down and if the SACD is 100/100 then the Bluray would rate 98/100. I listened to direct DSD with no conversions to PCM for room correction or even distance/crossover corrections. If you use room correction like Audyssey or even require crossover settings for your speakers you might not hear the difference between the two because a conversion to PCM must take place. I heard the difference most clearly in 2 channel stereo. It's nearly impossible to compare multi-channel mixes beyond just the "feeling". Most of this boils down to what equipment you have and how important the Quad mix is to you. If you must have the Quad mix then get the Immersion set. If you're a diehard Floyd fan then the obvious choice is both. That's how I've handled it. Listening to my friend's SACD convinced me to buy it too.

Note to record executives, particularly those with an MBA: My first copy of WYWH was an extremely high quality tape I made of a friend's CD. Then he burned the CD for me when burners became available. But because you guys offered such a high quality high resolution version I've forked over $160 to own one album in two excellent formats! Oh, and those are nearly impossible to duplicate bit for bit. Bring high quality and those who value music will buy.
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on March 12, 2017
I prefer Dark Side of the Moon, but this is in the top 3 Pink Floyd albums for me (with "the Wall".

a really great album !
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on October 20, 2015
I bought this elsewhere (Acoustic Sounds), but it was here that I read some reviews convincing me to purchase it. HOLY SH**!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME! Many other reviewers will have commented extensively on Pink Floyd's WYWH album and some of the history behind it. Let me say that SACD was how Pink Floyd was meant to be enjoyed. If you have a HiFi system, crank it UP and enjoy. Sometimes SACD doesn't live up to its hype, but Pink Floyd never disappoint. Your own personal live concert performance in your own home.

I'm listening to the 2-channel SACD layer on B&W CM9S2 speakers and Paasound Halo A21 Amp with Parasound Halo P5 Pre-Amp.
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on June 10, 2014
It is amazing that these songs from this incredible concert exist in such pristine sound quality. I bought the set simply for the live disc and was not the least bit disappointed. These songs actually vary greatly from their finished studio versions. This probably has the best version of Shine On You Crazy Diamond I have ever heard. The other songs included are early versions of Sheep and Dogs which are both spectacular. Lastly, a great studio version of Have A Cigar which I think beats the original and a solid version of Wish You Were Here as well. They need to release all of these incredible live performances on a vinyl box set!! Please!!! We need more live Floyd on vinyl!!!
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