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on August 31, 2004
Well, almost. The developers added a few new twists, the most interesting of which is the puzzle mode. Each puzzle level begins with the professor standing on a different pattern of blocks. You've got to clear the blocks out from under him to get him to the bottom. If you don't figure out the right way to solve this puzzle, he climbs to the top of the blocks you're stacking up. The game's over when the professor and the descending spiked ceiling collide. This version of the game is entertaining and even challenging, although after a while you begin to wonder why you're trying to rescue a guy who insists on climbing to his death. Other new additions include an edit mode that lets you create and save your own puzzles. A split-screen mode enables two people to play Tetris at the same time without competing against one another. In the regular VS mode, you can still play the computer or a friend. As with most new puzzle games, you can send blocks to your opponents screen when you clear a certain amount from your own -- in this case, two rows of blocks cleared from your screen means two rows of blocks sent to your opponent. If you like Tetris and you1re looking for a familiar, addictive game, this is the answer. Tetris Plus hasn't revolutionized puzzle games, but it's still fun.
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on January 18, 2000
Tetris is one of the classic videogames ever. It was the "killer ap" that created the Gameboy, but it took some time to reach Playstation. Tetris Plus contains the standard version of the game that you loved a decade ago, and also contains a new idea. The new game involves a falling ceiling and a little guy you need to move to the bottom of the screen. I was sceptical about the new element, but it was a blast. The new game lets you play from over 80 created screens or make your own. The levels start out easy (some may take a few seconds), but get tougher. MUCH TOUGHER. At times I would go for hours playing "just one more game". It's a classic game with a new spin. Just as addictive as you remember it.
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on July 31, 2000
First of all, I agree with the comments of the other reviewers about Classic mode. I was very distracted by the changing background and the "single, double, triple, TETRIS" graphics. But after playing my Game Boy Tetris DX game to death, I wanted to see what other Tetris options were available. So after hating Classic mode, I decided to try Puzzle mode. And 3 hours later, I was still trying Puzzle mode! Seriously, these little puzzles with the professor guy trying to get to the bottom of the screen ROCK. You start with really easy puzzles (of course) that only take a few seconds/moves to clear. Then the real fun begins. This game will turn your brain inside out. I made it to level 17 during my first session and could have kept on playing for hours longer ("Just one more try."). If you enjoy strategy/puzzle games and are a little bored with "regular" Tetris, this will be right up your alley.
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on November 13, 2010
I bought this game looking for a way to play classic Tetris on PS3. I also bought with it 'The Next Tetris' by Atari, which I didn't find as entertaining or classic as Tetris Plus mainly due to the attempt at making the graphics "next gen". That being said, Tetis Plus is a great game for Tetris fans looking to play classic Tetris on their PS1, PS2, or PS3. You can play classic Tetris in one or two player mode, and also a versus mode that mixes things up a bit. In the versus mode there is a archeologist type character who dances and walks around on the top of your Tetris stack. You goal is to either get him to the bottom by creating an opening large enough for him to slip through, or keeping him alive longer than your opponent by not allowing him to touch the spikes. In versus mode there is also a spiked ceiling that slowly descends towards your pieces the longer you play the game. With most tetris versus modes when you get a double, triple, or tetris, an appropriate number of rows will appear under your opponents stack, thrusting their upwards towards the spikes. I haven't played much of the "story" mode of the game, but I imagine it offers more of the same. This is a great Tetris game.
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VINE VOICEon February 21, 2008
I have loved playing Tetris ever since the classic NES and have had various handheld versions since they came out (I have even downloaded a version to my cel phone). I have pretty much given up on trying to keep up with new consoles, I've had my PlayStation for about 11 years and still break this game out once a week. My husband and I play head-to-head in the classic mode which is really what I bought it for. Once in a while I will give the Puzzle mode a go, but mostly stick with the classic. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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on October 8, 2007
Just as good as i remembered playing it on the first nintendo 20 years ago. This game is very addicting. This newer version with the PLUS added to the title, has a couple of other ways to play tetris. You can compete with a 2nd player, playing simultaneously. Really adds to the fun!
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on December 29, 2012
When my copy of Tetrus Plus was broken, I went on a quest to find a new one. I soon found out that it was not going to be an easy task. But, it was worth the hunt. I love this game. It's a fun way to just unwind after a long day.
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on June 4, 2010
I adore this game. It has several different games to play, puzzle tetris, regular tetris, VS tetris, etc. The regular tetris game is my favorite version for this reason- the higher the level, the faster the pieces fall, but every few levels it gives you a "slow" speed to give you a rest, and gives you time to fix up whatever you may have messed up in the super fast ones. The puzzle game is also pretty fun. You have a little character, the "Professor," who climbs up the blocks you put down. The game starts with various blocks already in place, with the Professor walking around on top of them, and dangerous spikes at the very top of the screen. The object is to clear the blocks the Professor is walking on enough to get him to the bottom of the screen before the spikes fall on him. When he gets to the bottom, you move on to another puzzle with a higher difficulty than the previous one. I don't know how well I articulated that, but in any case it's really fun. It's a playstation one game, so you of course need a console that will play it, but it's so worth it. I bought a used PS2 just so that I could play this game.
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on August 13, 2009
This game is awesome! The puzzle mode where you have to get the professer to the exit is really fun, especially when playing two player. The puzzle mode levels are very diverse and challenging at times, it is definitely not a game you can beat within a week (if you have a life). Plus, the replay value is very high because trying to improve scores or trying a harder difficulty on puzzle mode is surprisingly fun, even after beating the game various times. Also, the head to head games are really fun for people of all ages. You can change the difficulty, which means you could match a beginner against an expert, or two experts, or really anybody in head to head and have a fair match. Finally, the level design mode is fantastic! You can create your own levels from scratch.
So, if you are a Tetris fan, or you have never played Tetris at all, "Tetris Plus" is a fun game for all ages.
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on September 24, 2008
When it comes to the Playstation there are games that have improved when they were remade for the Playstation 2 and there are games that look and play far better in the Playstation 1 version and Tetris Plus is one of them. Unlike Tetris Worlds where you may get different modes of the game it didn't feel like I got as much to offer or only so much of the feel of Tetris when I tried this game for myself. On the other hand Tetris Plus had the more colorful classic mode, the puzzle mode with 100 different puzzles not to mention the option to create and try your own puzzles and the vs. mode to test your skills against another player and all had the exact feel and challenge of tetris as I remembered it. If you want a tetris game for your Playstation this is by far still the better choice.
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