Customer Reviews: Nylabone Dura Chew Original Flavored Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy, Dinosaur Style Varies
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on October 9, 2008
My wife & I religiously bought dental dinos for our corgi. He is a powerful, obsessive chewer that tore anything else apart that we gave him. He's been through many over the years. Recently, on a routine visit to the vet, they found that both of his molars on top were cracked & infected. They are currently performing root canals on each. If the root canals do not work,they'll have to pull his most important chewing teeth. The vet (who is a dental specialist) said that the injuries were directly related to this product. A $2000 bill and a pup with no molars. Sad day. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT
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on April 26, 2011
We purchased the Stegosaurus at a local pet store the day we adopted our cattle dog mix. At the time she was about 45 pounds and 8 months old. We did not know what kind of chewer she was, but felt that a product designed for "powerful" chewers up to 50 pounds would be a safe choice. It was not. She worked to remove the head and tail of the dino and while we were able to get the larger pieces from her, she swallowed several very small pieces. And much to our embarrassment, at her first vet visit (3 days after adoption) we were told to stop giving her whatever "white plastic" toy she was chewing and eating. Enough pieces had gotten into and through her system to cause the vet concern she may not pass all of them.

I am giving this product 1 star because:
1) It is described as a product for powerful chewers - it did not hold up
2) It is rated for dogs up to 50 pounds - while on the upper end of the scale, our dog fits into that category and the product did not hold up
3) the vet warned us to stop using the product as the size and shape of the pieces were potentially harmful to our dog.
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on April 24, 2011
I wanted a Christmas gift my Pit Bull Terrier would love, so I got this dinosaur, something different from the regular bones. Long story short, we opened it on Saturday for Christmas, she chewed on it for a half an hour and started whining and excessively drooling. I looked in her mouth and saw she had fractured a canine tooth. My dog was in excruciating pain for two days because of the stupid shape of this bone. She was chewing on it's tail, and it literally broke a slab of her tooth off. The whole tooth had to be removed, costing me $300, and a day off work to get it fixed, not to mention all the pain and anxiety my dog went through. JUST STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!

I've been giving my pitty the Nylabone brand chews since she was little. We've tried the Big Chews, Regular and Wolf size, and even the smaller ones and have never had a problem before this one. She loves the liver and bacon flavors, but I've been hesitant to give her any of these bones since our incident. She loves them though, and they keep her teeth clean.

Edit 1/4/13 - I contacted nylabone via email about the situation awhile back, and apparently, my dog is too big for this bone. She is approximately 60lbs, and this bone is made for dogs up to 50lbs. They sent me a huge gift basket of nylabones appropriate for my dogs size, and some books about Pit Bulls. The company definitely has great customer service! Make sure to buy the bones that are rated for your dogs' weight and you shouldn't have a problem with them at all. My dog still loves Nylabones, and we continue to give them to her. She's 6 now and still has very white teeth - no decay at all.
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on February 13, 2013
Returned after reading reviews and consulted our veternarian. . I have returned this due to the hazards they warn about this probuct. It causes teeth to break off in the dogs mouth., They are to hard for them to chew. They create sores. PLEASE CHECK AND DO YOU OWN HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU BUY.
Will save you vet bills and a painful pet if you check the cons about this product.
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on January 14, 2011
When I gave this to my dog he instantly went to town. As I sat and watched him I noticed the white t-rex had cut my dog's mouth from the sharp edges. He is an aggressive chewer and didn't want to see it go, but it really required too much supervision than I felt comfortable with.
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on October 21, 2006
We purchase these dinosaurs constantly. For some reason our dogs just LOVE them. Unlike the Nylabone bones, these dinos last alot longer as well. They are funky shapes so our dogs can manipulate them better to hold and chew. If you have big chewers like my dogs (three lab mixes), I HIGHLY recommend these chews!
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on August 24, 2013
My Malinois / Husky loves Nylabones. He has gone through one of the "souper" bones and is working on another one. I got him this and noticed it was considerably smaller, so he has already chewed off the head and tip of the tail - but it keeps him busy, cleans his teeth and he enjoys it.

UPDATE: After a few weeks with this toy I have noticed my dog is able to chew off larger pieces (more specifically the legs) and I have had to take them away for fear of him swallowing them whole. I have also noticed some sharper edges on this bone not only from him chewing, but also the texture of the dinosaur. He has cut himself on it once, but I only realized it when I saw blood on it and inspected his mouth. So, no more of these dinos for me!
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on November 22, 2006
This dinosaur lasts a long time - incredible with the way my dog chews. And he doesn't seem to lose interest in it, no matter how raggedy it looks. He likes the little knobbies on it because of the texture. He always finds where this thing is hidden and chomps away on it. I definitely recommend this dinosaur if you have a serious chewer.
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on September 20, 2012
On that warm July day when I first opened the recently arrived cardboard box of mystery, I was deeply saddened and upset when the dinobone I purchased was in fact a Stegasaurus and not the advertised T-Rex.

What would my dog think? Surely ALL HUMANS AND ANIMALS are well aware that the Stegasaurus comes nowhere near the badassness of a T-Rex. Would my dog like it? Would it chew on its nylony stega-carcus?

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on October 21, 2015
My dog is a two-year-old, 53 pound, Australian Shepherd. He's a tough chewer and a toy doesn't last long (even the $25 toys that are suppose to be "unbreakable"). We give him retriever bones and tough rubber toys, but I thought this would be a nice mix. A tough toy that he can't eat or rip chunks out of....

I read the reviews and I noticed some people were concerned with how tough the toy was... but I also read comments stating that dogs wouldn't be "stupid" enough to break their teeth on the toy. Well, my Aussie is anything but stupid and last night he broke one of his front teeth (non-canine) all the way up to the gums....

Maybe this toy would work for a tough chewer that wasn't a DETERMINED chewer? I don't know. All I know is that this toy cost my dog his TOOTH! Even with watching him diligently while he played with this toy, I wasn't able to notice until it was too late and the tooth was broken.

If you are thinking about buying this toy, I would suggest you know your dog and his chewing style. If he makes chewing his job, PLEASE don't buy this toy. No matter how strong of a chewer he is...his teeth won't be as strong.
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