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Size: Single Dinosaur|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
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on April 24, 2011
I wanted a Christmas gift my Pit Bull Terrier would love, so I got this dinosaur, something different from the regular bones. Long story short, we opened it on Saturday for Christmas, she chewed on it for a half an hour and started whining and excessively drooling. I looked in her mouth and saw she had fractured a canine tooth. My dog was in excruciating pain for two days because of the stupid shape of this bone. She was chewing on it's tail, and it literally broke a slab of her tooth off. The whole tooth had to be removed, costing me $300, and a day off work to get it fixed, not to mention all the pain and anxiety my dog went through. JUST STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!

I've been giving my pitty the Nylabone brand chews since she was little. We've tried the Big Chews, Regular and Wolf size, and even the smaller ones and have never had a problem before this one. She loves the liver and bacon flavors, but I've been hesitant to give her any of these bones since our incident. She loves them though, and they keep her teeth clean.

Edit 1/4/13 - I contacted nylabone via email about the situation awhile back, and apparently, my dog is too big for this bone. She is approximately 60lbs, and this bone is made for dogs up to 50lbs. They sent me a huge gift basket of nylabones appropriate for my dogs size, and some books about Pit Bulls. The company definitely has great customer service! Make sure to buy the bones that are rated for your dogs' weight and you shouldn't have a problem with them at all. My dog still loves Nylabones, and we continue to give them to her. She's 6 now and still has very white teeth - no decay at all.
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on October 21, 2015
My dog is a two-year-old, 53 pound, Australian Shepherd. He's a tough chewer and a toy doesn't last long (even the $25 toys that are suppose to be "unbreakable"). We give him retriever bones and tough rubber toys, but I thought this would be a nice mix. A tough toy that he can't eat or rip chunks out of....

I read the reviews and I noticed some people were concerned with how tough the toy was... but I also read comments stating that dogs wouldn't be "stupid" enough to break their teeth on the toy. Well, my Aussie is anything but stupid and last night he broke one of his front teeth (non-canine) all the way up to the gums....

Maybe this toy would work for a tough chewer that wasn't a DETERMINED chewer? I don't know. All I know is that this toy cost my dog his TOOTH! Even with watching him diligently while he played with this toy, I wasn't able to notice until it was too late and the tooth was broken.

If you are thinking about buying this toy, I would suggest you know your dog and his chewing style. If he makes chewing his job, PLEASE don't buy this toy. No matter how strong of a chewer he is...his teeth won't be as strong.
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on February 4, 2015
I always take negative reviews at Amazon with a grain of salt, all products are going to have their issues and typically people that have bad experiences tend to be louder than people who enjoy a product. This is an item that I wished I didn't take those negative reviews with a grain of salt.

We've gotten Nylabones for our dog before, she finally chewed through the puppy starter pack we got, which was no big deal because she's continued to get bigger and become a more powerful chewer. Reading the reviews on this I saw that people love this for powerful chewers but after our dogs experience with it, I disagree with anything positive that's said about it.

First off, the bone is HARD. Very, very, very hard. There is no give in this item, at all. Based on my past (positive experiences) I just assumed this was a tough item but had some give like all of their other products I've used. For a week or so, Peach didn't show any interest in the thing, it just sat. After a while it somehow peaked her curiosity and she chewed it every night. I kind of worried because it was so hard but she loved it and didn't seem to be hurting herself, so I let her stick with it.

However, this is the time where I went back and read to more negative reviews over and I saw stories of cracked teeth, bloody mouths and shards of plastic being eaten by people's dogs. Looking at the bone after a week of chewing every night, Peach had started to tear little bits of this off. For a bone that is for "powerful chewers", I was amazed that our Dachshund/Lab mix (she's on the tiny end of this mix, less than 25 pounds) was able to start carving this thing up. The pieces she was getting off where SHARP. As hard as this thing is, the pieces that come off are that sharp.

At this point the bone went in the garbage. Between others bad experiences and what appeared like could have been a bad experience for us, it was time to take it away and move on to another toy. One that didn't have the potential to crack teeth or ingest sharp pieces of plastic. I'd recommend to stay away from this one.
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on February 13, 2013
Returned after reading reviews and consulted our veternarian. . I have returned this due to the hazards they warn about this probuct. It causes teeth to break off in the dogs mouth., They are to hard for them to chew. They create sores. PLEASE CHECK AND DO YOU OWN HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU BUY.
Will save you vet bills and a painful pet if you check the cons about this product.
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on September 28, 2016
One of our dogs is what can only be described as a power chewer. He has destroyed toys in a matter of minutes that claim to be for heavy chewers.

I actually got the first one of these through a secret Santa for pets thing I signed up for. Some random person read my profile and saw that I had a super chewer and must’ve already known about these dog toys. I knew that it came from Amazon so I had to get more cause my dogs were hooked.

We have probably four of these around our house at all times at various stages of destruction. They key thing is they take a while for our dogs to destroy and they really enjoy them over other chew toys. We’ve received all the shapes, and without fail the first piece of the dinosaur to go is the
head. Then once the head is gone the dogs slowly tackle the rest of the body.

I would say that these last a few months, but that really depends on the type of chewer you have. Ours chew theirs for around one to two hours a day and they really last.

Being able to get them as an add-on item is the most cost effective way to buy these, I’ve never seen the price be any cheaper than the add-on price. Go ahead and buy a few packages.
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on August 21, 2016
I got this for my parents' dog as a gift. He has a long history of destroying all toys so I figured that even though this said it is for strong chewers that it wouldn't be around that long. After about 9 months he is still chewing on it. It is mostly just a torso at this point, but that is much more than anyone expected and it is still one of his favorite things.
He hasn't had any problems with larger pieces coming off or mouth injuries, but, really, you should always watch your dog with any new toy to make sure they won't be injured using it. I feel like that especially applies to strong chewers.
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on December 1, 2014
I have 2 large dogs, 1 Pitbull (5 years old) and 1 American Bulldog (7 months old). The pitt usually destroys all the toys I get and the AB puppy usually eats and swallows all of the pieces that fall off the destroyed toys. I needed something hard because I'm tired of seeing the puppy poop out all of different bits of plastic he ends up swallowing. The AB puppy absolutely loves these things and has been his favorite toy since we got it. Even the pitt hasn't made his way through these yet. I've only had them since Saturday, but these types of toys are usually long gone by now. They're pretty durable so I'm a happy camper :) So far so good.
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Enthusiast: Petson March 20, 2016
My 20lb min pin loves nylabones, but only until they start to get the little teeth marks in them. I got him these dinosaurs because there's more than just two ends for him to chew on. So far he is totally obsessed and picks them above any other toy. I think he likes how the nubs feel on his teeth.
These Dino's do feel much harder than a typical nylabones but my dog is more gnawer and less strong chewer.
These are a good size for him at 20lbs because they are light enough to carry around, but could be too small for the big dogs because the head and tail aren't nearly as wide as a typical bone.
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Enthusiast: Petson April 19, 2016
These are a must have in our household of larger dogs, despite these being seemingly made for smaller dogs. All 3 of our "kids" love these. The textures and shapes seem to really hold their interest. I don't believe it's the flavor, as I've personally nibbled on them and couldn't taste any flavoring. All in all though, our dogs love these and they seem to last a decent while considering the price.

Dog backgrounds that tested the product:
-German Shepherd - 85 lbs
-"Mutt" - 42 lbs
-Pitbull - 60 lbs
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on November 28, 2015
My dog loves this little very hard piece of plastic shaped like a dinosaur BUT I noticed blood on it and he had chewed it in such a way that it had razor sharp spike points that would cut right into his gums if I'd have left it down for him.
He loves it so much that I ordered another just to see if the same thing happened. I watched very carefully and after he had chewed it 4-5 times (under my watchful eye) the same thing started to happen. So please beware
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