Customer Reviews: Nylabone Galileo Souper Original Flavored Dog Chew Toy
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on January 5, 2007
I orginally found this product after complaining to Nylabone. I had bought one of their 'Pit Bull Tested' toys - some knobby thing - for my half pit bull mutt. He enjoyed the knobby thing but it was in tiny bits in under 5 minutes. I pulled the package out of the trash and emailed nylabone with a complaint. Much to my surprise they responded the next day and sent me the Galileo Souper bone at no charge. My dog loved it. Nylabone later paid my dog $25 to test a new and improved 'knobby' product but it didn't last either. However the Galileos are great and we keep buying them. We get about 9-12 mos out of each one before they get down to plum size. They keep his teeth nice and clean too. The floor does tend to vibrate when he grasps it with his paws and start gnawing (wood floor over a crawl space) which is a little odd but does impress visitors :-)
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on July 15, 2007
We have a half Rottweiler that is a very tough chewer. When he was a pup he destroyed nearly every toy we tried to give him. I was concerned that he would swallow something he shouldn't, so we had to take away the toys. Then we found the Galileo Nylabone and the black Kong toys. These were a blessing, as no matter how hard he would try, he couldn't tear them up. The Galileo Nylabone is designed so that it just comes off in little shreds - nothing big to swallow. Our Rotty has been chewing them for nearly 10 years, and still likes them. He gets excited when we give him a new one.
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on December 26, 2013
Our lab carries around sticks, rocks, you name it wherever she goes. This particular style of Nylabone is exceptional because of the design. There are two ridges that fit their incisors perfectly so they can carry it around without worrying it will slip out and break my foot if she drops it!~ Also, even though not flavored, she likes to work on it slowly, which means for the money it will last a long time. We've spent a lot on the other types of designs and she liked them but they were either to destructible or too heavy for her to walk around with for any amount of time. For whatever reason, it seems to calm her to carry a bone around and this is the best designed, tough and perfect size for a large dog. She says THANK YOU:)
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on May 25, 2006
We've had dogs that wouldn't have a thing to do with Nylabones, but what works great is early training. Start the puppy out on the puppy nylabones. Follow instructions and help the pup's interest level by smearing some peanut butter on it, and so on.

The first time we saw a Galileo Bone, we were mystified, but the sales clerk said he had one and it lasted years! And guess what? It did! Our dog is over 8 years old now, and has two Galileo's. He doesn't chew on them constantly, but whenever he feels like it. It helps keep his molars free of tartar and satisfies his craving to chew.

One of the bone's 3 tips was getting chewed waaaay close to the stump and finally broke off. According to instructions, that's the time to retire it and get a new one.

I've paid over $20 each for these and feel they were worth it at that price. Now they are almost half that. Good deal.

Natural (real) bones are dangerous and rawhide chews can get stuck in the throat, swell in the stomach and even cause bowel impaction. Don't use them. If you insist, supervise the dog so you can assist if the above problems happen. It has happened to us.

But use Nylabones and don't worry about it! It may take some training at first, maybe not. If it does, it's worth it.
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on March 18, 2014
Although this toy is advertised for powerful chewers, you should be aware, my dog fractured his molar from chewing on this toy.
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on November 23, 2012
I have a large, very aggressive chewer (chocolate lab). I've had pretty good luck with two other nylabone products, but they were a bit small and I figured it was time to bring out the big gun. With all these bones I believe it's time to retire them when small chunks start coming off of them; this bone did not last long before this started happening. By contrast the other nylabones lasted much longer, but based on price and advertised qualities it should have been the other way around.

So this was a lot of money for a product that lasted less than a month. The search continues but I'll be looking at products made by other companies a bit harder now. I regret not buying this locally as I would have marched back into the store with this bone.
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on February 21, 2013
Once you get over the errr... provocative shape you'll find a heavy duty bone. This is the ONLY bone I will leave in her crate. She is a super chewer and has whittled down the tip of this to a point but it has not broken off as any large pieces. This bone is the safest bone we own. We have had it for 6 weeks now and it's still going strong. I actually just bought a second one to keep in the kitchen. She has other nylabones (I only buy her the hard plastic ones and I always buy the biggest size available) but this is the only one I leave in her crate.
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on March 10, 2016
If my dog was writing this review it would be a 5 star plus because he LOVES his bone! Max is an aggressive power chewer and most products we have invested in have been destroyed. We avoid furry tennis balls, and don’t even get me started on those stuffed chew toys with squeakers inside! With his strong need to chew, we have a couple “go-to” product brands that are passed the “Chew Test”. Nylabone is on that list.

Nylabones are durable and long lasting. In our home we can expect this bone to last our dog roughly 3 months before we replace it. We let our dog chew and chew on it until the sides are nearly worn off. When it looks like it could be a choking hazard, that is when we retire it.

When you get a Nylabone, the surface is smooth. As it gets more and more use, however, the edges become sharper and sharper and, pretty soon, your dog is running around with a sharp weapon in his mouth and you are hoping against hope that he does not drop it on your toes. It also tends to catch loose dog hair and becomes rather unsightly, but Max does not seem to mind.

Max has never broken a tooth chewing on his Nylabone, however one of his lower canines is bent forward from repeated aggressive chewing. Will he wear his teeth down from chewing this? With the power he uses to gnaw in it, I suspect he will over time.

Other than those sharp edges and the strange phallic shape of this bone, it has been a hit for our boy. We will continue to order this product.
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on December 27, 2011
The first time I purchased this nylabone I paid full retail (around $10+) and thought I must be crazy to spend that much on something I'm giving to a dog to destroy. Now that I have seen how long it lasted (and with regular use) and see how much dogs enjoyed it, I realize it's worth the cost. What a waste of money it has been to get them cheaper chew toys that claim they are for aggressive chewers, but lasted, in some cases, only 5-7 hours total. It would have been just as easy to crumple five-dollar bills and throw it at them.
By comparison the orig. Nylabone I bought has outlasted all the other chew toys by 3 years (and there is still 1/3rd left) and that's with TWO dogs chewing on it(25 pound dogs) I recently purchased several new ones because the piece that's left on the orig. is getting too hard for them to hang on to.
Fair warning -- do NOT step/trip on one of these Nylabones w. bare feet! I don't know how the dogs can stand it, but those chewed edges can get really sharp. I stubbed my foot on one once and it drew blood!!
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on December 1, 2014
Did my giant 14 month old English Lab love this bone? YES! Why 2 stars then??? Because 2 stars because she loved it and 3 MISSING stars because it is (1) easily destroyed, (2) HEAVY which leads to #3...(3) this heavy damaged bone can be kicked or dropped on your foot by your retrieving dog...and CUT your foot. my husband kicked it and lost part of a toenail! We will NOT be buying it again. It was a waste of money for something that took her 10 minutes to destroy. We supervised her use and now we are throwing it away. It is extremely rough (like hard Tupperware that was in a tornado with knives and has pointy sharp edges and grooves). I am still hunting for that ultimate chew toy for our power chewer (who is supervised with all toys due to her skills with her jaws.
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