Customer Reviews: Home Alone
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on October 16, 2007
On November 21st, 2006, 20th Century Fox released Home Alone - Family Fun Edition. This DVD edition is the long awaited special edition to one of cinemas most adored Christmas films. This edition offers a hefty amount of extra goodies...such as over 30 minutes of deleted scenes, on the set featurettes, new interviews, and a brand new commentary track featuring director Chris Columbus & Macaulay Culkin. I have to say unlike most commentary tracks, this one is actully very informative and very fun. Macaulay and Chris seem to have so much fun watching the film. This edition like the first one is presented in its original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1. I read somewhere that the video and audio is updated too, I cannot confirm if it is or not but I read that. If you own the previous edition of this film, it is definately worth your money to update to this. The special features alone warrant a double dip. Also for the hold outs not wanting to buy the film til it got a special edition, well here it is. I would recommend this edition to anyone wanting to own this classic film on DVD.
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on November 25, 2015
This is a decent set, the problem is if you are buying this for the movie's themselves. The movies come housed in these cardboard sleeves, anyone that has been collecting DVD's or Blu Ray's for any length of time knows that this type of packaging cannot support discs very well. Upon inspection of the disc's themselves I noticed several scratches on each disc besides the Blu Ray's (keep in mind there are 2 Blu Ray's in this set as well as 5 DVD's). The additional swag that comes with the set is the paint can, Christmas ornament with Kevin's face on it, a cheap looking plastic spider, and the wanted posted for Harry and Marv as well as Kevin's battle plan. I had ordered this the other day for $27.99, was it worth it? At that price it made me take a gamble, but it is definitely going back as I can't live with scratches on discs and take the risk of more scratches developing each time I take the disc out. So in summation, overall I would not recommend this set.
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on November 1, 2015
This set is wonderful, but the extras are slightly disappointing. For example, the discs are in a case that will scratch the discs. The ornament, which is great, is made of extremely cheap plastic and not quality glass. The "wanted" poster and attack plan are wonderful...the spider is "meh", and almost replicates the tarantula in the first film. I just wish there was a little bit more in the set. I have no regrets on the purchase, but the cheap ornament is a huge disappointment.

Also, NO Blu Ray for Home Alone 3 is a MAJOR disappointment.
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on September 1, 2006
Finally Fox studios came to their senses to re-release a childhood classic. Now this re-release does have a substanial amount of bonus features including 4 behind the scenes feature, deleted scenes, 3 trailers, and some trivia games but the icing on the cake is the Christopher Columbus and Macaulay Culkin Commentary. Its good to know that Macaulay Culkin being the highest paid child star back then in the early 90's and still to this date, he is humble enough to go back to his childhood memories. Deff worth the upgrade if you own the previous release..a true classic...
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on February 8, 2005
This movie was a favorite amongst many when it first came out in 1990, and more than a decade later, this movie *still* remains a classic, and will continue to be a classic for many more years to come.

The story is simple, really: young Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) is the underdog of the family; always getting picked on by his older siblings, and feeling like an outcast. One day, he gets into it with his older brother, and Kevin ends up being punished. During his punishment, he wishes that he could spend a christmas by himself without any of his family members. Wouldn't you know it - due to his family's carelessness, they accidently leave Kevin home on their way to the airport (to fly to Paris for Christmas vacation.)

And from there, the fun begins. While Kevin is home by himself, two bumbling, nincompoop burglars (played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) known as the "Wet Bandits," set their sites on Kevin's house. When Kevin figures this out, he sets the house up with all sorts of tricks and traps, to out-maneuver these two clowns. And it's *hilarious* (listening to Daniel Stern's agonized wails -- as if he were castrated -- leaves me gasping for breath!) Anytime I watch this movie, these scenes in general have a way of bringing out the devilishly-maniacal, mischievous kid in me (and no doubt, many other viewers as well.) Of course, the movie isn't all about brash, goofy slapstick; there are some moving moments scattered throughout the film (particularly when Kevin befriends an old man - who is feared throughout the neighborhood - who teaches Kevin a few things about life, as well as receiving a little bit of advice from young Kevin along the way.)

Home Alone, Home Alone 2, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation are the Christmas comedies I find myself coming back to most. Indeed, all three of these films are classics that should be watched around the holidays, or *any* time of the year, for some non-stop entertainment & laughs, as well as some heartwarming sentiment beneath it all.
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on March 29, 2007
The first edition of this dvd was ok but lacked in the special features area and dvd quality. Thankfully the Family Fun edition has been released and the quality is excellent. This new edition has 5.1 sound and the picture quality is so much more crisper. This dvd is loaded with special features. It's hard to believe that Home Alone came out more than 16 years ago and has stood the test of time and is destined to be a holiday classic. Great fun movie...
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on January 28, 2014
Tells the hilarious tale of family togetherness and chaos that often surrounds the holidays and the tale of the young who accidentally gets left behind as the rest of the family boards a plan for a Christmas holiday in Europe. The young lad comes up with ingenious ways to protect himself from two bungling thieves who target the homes of the wealthy while away during the holidays. It also touches on the hurtfulness that can be caused by prejudging others before you are given an opportunity to get to really know others.
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on November 19, 2013
This is a funny movie that is pretty good for the whole family. Some of the language is a bit rough for little kids, but my 7 year old still loved it. She nearly busted a gut laughing at the pizza delivery scene where the boy plays audio from a gangster movie while the delivery guy is outside the door.
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on January 26, 2016
I rented this movie for my young grandchildren. I have seen the movie a couple of times and wanted to see their reaction to it. I find this story really funny and rather endearing! Macaulay Culkin is inadvertently left behind in his upscale neighborhood when his family leaves to go on a Christmas vacation overseas...someone messed up the head count of the many, many relatives staying at his house. The night before, this young character is sent to sleep up in the room in the attic as a form of punishment for something he did. In the morning, everyone is in a hurry and forgets him. This is a kid who really didn't have many responsibilities before, but being on his own he learns to shop for groceries, set up a Christmas tree, and pretty much just take care of himself. A robber, disguised as a policeman, cases out the house and returns when he believes the house is empty. Let's just say they don't have an easy time of it due to the kid who was left Home Alone! It's a hilarious adventure for children and adults alike!
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on December 14, 2014
we have not seen this movie for several years. it always amazes us how funny it is. the main character is a smart little boy with lots of stuff to ward off bumbling home invaders. the cast is hilarious and the situations speak for themselves. christmas time portrayed in the movie hits home to millions, but the movie just makes you laugh and enjoy the holiday season. lighten up everyone, it is christmas...yrmv
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