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on March 22, 2015
We bought these blocks a year and a half ago for our 2 grandsons. At the time they were ages 4 and 2. They have now just turned 6 and 4. They use these blocks every time they visit and it is the one toy that they use together without a fuss. Our 3 1/2 year old grand-niece just visited and she had a great time with them too.

These blocks are very well made and the kids do such creative things with them. They are worth every penny.

Here's a tip. When these blocks first arrived, I took a photo of each layer of blocks (there are 3 layers) as we unpacked them. I'm posting those photos here, because I refer to them every time we put these blocks back in the sturdy box that they came in. The photos also give you an idea of the various sizes and shapes that are in the box.
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on May 15, 2015
In many respects, these are nice blocks. The blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are made of nice quality wood, and are well-finished. They are very smooth, so there is little chance of splinters.

Initially, I planned to order more, however, as I played with the blocks with my son, I noticed a significant problem. While sold as "standard unit blocks," the shape and length of these blocks is not consistent. The length of some blocks, which are meant to be the same size, can vary by as much as 1/8 inch. While this may seem like a small difference, it makes structures unstable and makes it almost impossible to build taller buildings using those pieces.

On other blocks, the angles are weird. Many of the triangles differ in length, but also in shape. The larger, flat triangle pieces are supposed to be 90* angles, but they're probably closer to 86*. This severely limits their usefulness in building.

Overall, these are nice quality blocks. Just understand that roughly 20% of the blocks may be far less useful because they've been improperly cut to the wrong length or finished at bad angles.
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on October 2, 2007
There is one reviewer here who didn't like these blocks. (I'm guessing that reviewer has other, more expensive, unit blocks.) Please allow me to address the points raised by that reviewer.

"The Weight": Some children can lift 15 pounds (like my 3-year-old), and some can't. Know your child, and supervise the little ones when moving the full box of blocks. Common sense, really. Not a problem. Usually, my kids leave the box on the floor and just push it across the carpet.

We have had one box split near the bottom at one end. A little wood glue and an overnight clamping session, and it was good to go. The dovetail joints are plenty strong for the job, even if there might be weak points in the wood. For the first while, my kids' favorite piece was the box (it was a boat, a bed, a car, etc.), so I'm not surprised that it had a problem.

"The Smell": yes, these blocks to have a slight odor to them when the package is first opened. It's the finish they use, and it's not strong at all. I would guess it's some type of natural oil. (Tung, linseed, or something similar.) I'm highly sensitive to chemicals and other odors (headaches and allergic reactions), and this didn't bother me at all. It dissipated quickly, and is completely unnoticeable after a short while. I especially like the finish M&D use on these blocks because it's not readily apparent, and yet it has kept the wood smooth. Even blocks that sneaked (under their own power, I'm sure ;o) into the bathtub have dried very well. The grain of the wood raised slightly, but smoothed back down nicely with play, and never splintered at all. The feel of these blocks is great, too. Smooth and pleasant to touch, but with enough texture to make them easy to manipulate for small hands.

"Not True Standard Unit Blocks": Um, yes, they are. The larger triangles are the size of two of the smaller triangles, two of which equal half of the standard unit block (1-1/2" x 2" x 5"). The hypotenuse of the large triangle is also the same length as the standard unit block (5"). The large triangles use variations of the same "unit" all the other blocks do. Just because HABA or other companies don't have a block that size doesn't mean it can't be done. Each and every block in this set shares the same width, as well as one other dimension (whether that second dimension is exactly the same as the first, or is a multiple of it).

And those little quarter circles are some of my kids' favorites. They're also great for helping to teach fractions, as are the half circles. Put 'em on their rounded edges on top of a little block, and you've got a nifty sailboat, to boot. Or on top of a pillar, and you've got a minaret spire. They're great.

"Not hardwood": Rubberwood is a hardwood. Not all hardwoods are as heavy as cherry or oak. Can you imagine how heavy this box would be if the blocks were made from a heavier hardwood? Ay! No thanks. It's heavy enough as it is.

I love it that the Rubberwood is tough as well as light. Along with the very tight, straight grain and smooth feel, my kids have abused these blocks for nearly four years now, and they're still looking great. (We now own two sets.)

To sum up: We love love love these blocks. If you have more than one child (or one very imaginative and creative child), you would do well to purchase two sets. (And you're still paying less for two sets than you would be buying 60 unit blocks from other companies.)

Cheap? No way.

An excellent value? Definitely!
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on January 10, 2016
I bought these last year for my daughter who was a new four year old for a Christmas gift. My daughter loved them so much I bought her a second set and also Melissa & Doug architectural blocks for a Christmas gift and Birthday gift (now she is five) The first set was more than enough to make great castles and small imaginative cities. Now with the other set she can really go nuts with her imagination. The blocks are sanded and have no chance of splintering. They are all uniformed size and stack solid and sturdy. The wood is all natural so if your child wants to explore sticking them in their mouth there really isn't any worry. Very much love these blocks for my daughter and would recommend to anyone who has a creative, imaginative kiddo who loves to build. I could see these blocks holding my daughter's attention for many years. Hey even my 34 year old husband likes to do some independent building from time to time.
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on December 29, 2016
I'm a public high school teacher. I bought these for my grandson's first Christmas, as an investment toy for the years of use ahead. Though I bought a similar set for my grown kids, these are so much nicer than their blocks, and much better than I hoped for. First, they are larger. These blocks are the size of good old fashioned kindergarten school blocks. Though the finish was better in the old days, they are price appropriate. That no reviews are below three stars is a good indicator they are wonderful childhood building blocks. I read the three star complaints regarding "tolerances" and build ability, but hey, these are for children, guys. The very most important thing about these blocks is they will be played with, hopefully, with participation of both parent and child. Adults enjoy handling well made objects, as those who spotted some flaws pointed out. But, they are smooth and pleasant to handle, and enjoy making little worlds to hold trucks, stuffed animals, dolls and imaginations. I had the time of my life playing with my little one year old grandson as he and I built his first tower. Thank you, Melissa & Doug.
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on August 12, 2016
I love these blocks. Between myself and my mother (who keeps the grandkids) we have five sets. One set does well but to really get a good structure I feel like you need at least two. They are a great way for kids to problem solve too. My nephew built a bridge and had to figure out how to keep the center stable using other blocks. I prefer toys that have open play and encourage critical thinking. The blocks aren't so heavy that a small child can't play with them (my 18 month old loves them) but they aren't so light that they blow over with a breeze. They are sanded smooth and the sides and corners are rounded. I'll probably buy another box when they go on sale again, which they seem to do a couple times a year.
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on February 7, 2016
I was a little hesitant to buy these at first because of the cost, but then, over the holidays, the cost dropped enough that I decided to purchase these for my not quite two year old daughter. I'm glad I did. These are great blocks! Each block is smooth and rounded, and has a nice sturdy and weighty feel. Being unit blocks, they are great to work with, and should provide many learning opportunities over the years. (The blocks are each a fraction of another block, so some are half, or a quarter of the base block, two triangles make one block, etc.) my daughter really enjoys building with them and I've seen her grow in dexterity in short order as we try to build the "biggest block tower in the world!"

Overall, the quality is really high. Solid wood, well finished, with no stain or paint. Just plain wood. No real odor, other than what reminds me of cut wood from my wood shop days. As a result, I can see these simple toys lasting for pretty much forever. Highly recommend. It's good to have some creativity and toys with no batteries.
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on March 21, 2014
I picked up a set of these from Warehouse Deals, and even though they were missing 2 blocks and 1 was damaged, my son likes them (he can't count yet anyway). We also own the PlanToys 50 Construction Set and I have to say that I like those better for his age group (20 months) because they are smaller, lighter, and less likely to cause injury or breakage if thrown. But these are great blocks. He seems to really like them and enjoys trying to build tall towers and then kick them over with his foot. Good times.

The only thing I don't like is that these contain formaldehyde, and the Plan blocks don't. I wanted to buy Plan's larger set to avoid this, but I did not want to pay the money for them, so I went with these. Plus the corners of the M&D unit blocks are more rounded than the Plan blocks, which seems safer. ECR4 Kids also makes a set that is almost identical to this which has Greenguard (for indoor air pollution standards), ECR4Kids Hardwood Building Blocks, 64-Piece Set but again, their set is more money.

Overall this is a nice set and highly recommended as a classic, open-ended toy.
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on January 12, 2016
These Melissa & Doug 60-piece blocks are made of solid unfinished wood. The edges are smooth and slightly rounded so they don't hurt my little one or give him splinters. So far we haven't had any problems with them.

These blocks stack and balance well together and create all sorts of castles, cabins, garages, or whatever you and your little one can imagine. :) Since baby's bedroom is carpeted, we turn over the wooden box the blocks come in and build on top of the box for a firm supportive platform.

Baby throws, bangs, licks, colors on, scrapes, and does goodness knows what else to these and they have withstood everything and remained in a build-able and usable condition.

Watch out if baby likes to throw or hit things with these. They're solid and they hurt. Thankfully we haven't gotten any splinters from them yet. I'm happy that they're natural wood with no chemical crap on them, so when baby chews on them he isn't ingesting anything harmful.

Ease of use:
They're super easy to build with. Although they get scattered easily and you will be finding pieces of them hidden throughout your house for the next 18 years probably.

They look great.

Get these blocks. They're safe, high quality, durable, and your baby will love playing with them.
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on August 8, 2015
Great set of wooden building blocks. I got this 6 months ago and my son still loves to play with it. He entertains himself for hours with it STILL. He builds all sort of stuff from ants to spaceships.

Just the right size for him (4 year old). The pieces are various size and shape. Most of them are about 1.4" thick. The large long rectangular piece measures 1.4 x 2.75 x 11 inches.

The texture of the pieces are just right. Not too smooth that they slide off each other. Not too rough either.

1 set is great and 2 would be spectacular especially if I play with him! But $55 is a lot for 60 pieces is a lot so I'll wait for it on sale to get another set. I would love to know if there is something else similar out there for less.

You can not go wrong getting this for a toddler.
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