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on November 27, 2013
For some reason, I was never fond of water filter pitchers before. I just assumed they weren't that efficient and would not filter out that tap water taste. My friend had this same unit at his house and once I had a taste of the water I was pleasantly surprised that I've been wrong all these years. Prior to buying my water pitcher, I always purchased those 2.5gal water jugs. They were such a pain in the rear to lug. Not to mention it took up lots of valuable kitchen space.
I was reluctant to order this model because of the reviews regarding the lid. My friend said he never had issues though. When I made my purchase, I had to send mine right back! My unit had the same lid falling off issue a lot of people complained about in their reviews. I later decided to take my chances and order a replacement though, being as how much I loved the taste of the water, the size of the pitcher, and the cost. Lucky for me, my second unit hasn't given me any issues. The lid sometimes may budge a little but it doesn't completely pry open or fall off. Just don't overfill it and watch the lid when you pour.
I've been reading that this unit actually doesn't filter out lead, or maybe not at the levels where they can legally advertise as so. That's the reasoning behind the minus 1 star. I live in an old house with old pipes which I'm sure probably has lead. I'll need to find a solution for that, but that's another issue.

Another note about the filter...make sure it fits in properly! The first time I used it I didn't realize I was putting the filter in wrong. I thought it was snug in it's place, but turns out it wasn't!! So I was drinking just partially filtered water. You can tell if it's seated correctly by the way it fits, but also when you fill the pitcher with water, the water should come out from the bottom of the filter a bit slowly. If it's filling up super fast, it's probably not seated properly!
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on May 29, 2014
I've never used a Brita filter before this, but boy am I glad I did!

I use this in a mini fridge in my college house room for hydration on "long" nights. *wink* *wink* It is a MUCH better solution than drinking water by the gallons out of bottles that aren't reusable. I got the filter seeing how I live in an old college house I wasn't sure how safe the water was, and wanted the added safety. It makes the water taste very plain (which is good) and seems to remove everything undesirable out. I got the basic white so that it would be easy to tell if something was dirty inside. I'd advise the same, even though I haven't had any dirty problems, sometimes the black carbon comes out of the filter and it's nice to see so that it can be scooped out.

The LED indicator seems nice but not sure how accurate it is seeing how I've stopped using it for the summer. The container holds a ton of liquid that should tide you over for at least 2-3 days if you're a heavy water drinker. It could be a bit heavy for a non-college aged male if filled completely though. The handle is also very nice, giving a good grip.

Overall, I love it and can't wait to use it again this fall.
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on March 27, 2013
We are pleased with the pitcher, but did run into one design issue that may explain some of the conflicting reviews. It turns out that the top for this pitcher fits tightly when placed with the hinged flap over the pouring spout, as shown in the picture. But fits 99.99% of the way when turned around so that the hinged flap is resting on the handle. As we discovered, if you take the lid off of the pitcher, as you will do to wash the pitcher or put in a new filter, it is quite easy to pick it up and put it back on the wrong way around without realizing it. This has never been an issue with other Britta models.

Because we were alert to the "top doesn't quite fit" issue for this model from other reviews, we had two people testing it at various stages, with one person saying the top fit tightly and the other saying it didn't. We brought in a third person, who said, "Doesn't fit." The first one said, "You just press it down," tried to do so, found either the front fit or the back did but not both, and then we all three suddenly realized the hinged flap goes in front, not resting on the handle. And then it was fine for everyone.

Although the right way round is obvious once you know to look for it, we found that all three of us were mostly placing the top by feel--our eyes tended to be on the container we were going to be pouring into. It was just automatic to scoop up the top, slip it in place, and start pouring. We didn't stop to check the alignment until we knew we had to.

I checked our two older Britta pitchers, and on both the top fits either way round. If any Britta designers read these reviews, I suggest they change the future shape of the Grand slightly so it's really obvious by feel that it doesn't fit when placed incorrectly.

I like a lot of things about the pitcher. It's much larger capacity than the Slim, but still fit easily on the refrigerator door. It was well balanced. No plastic smell out of the box, unlike some other brands we've tried. The water tastes noticeably crisper than tap. Frustration free packaging. The filter fits tightly and fills pretty quickly.

But I can only give it 4 stars because of the top design. It is just a little too easy to get it wrong until you know exactly how it fits, especially if, as all 3 of us did, you're directing your attention to the next step in the process.
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on May 17, 2011
I purchased the Brita Grand pitcher to replace an older model. My reason was more than the larger capacity. Being partially disabled this was the only version that offered a rubberized handle that made it easier to grip (essential to deal with the extra weight of more water). The filtration system is excellent and the water tastes great! But there are several problems to contend with. First, there is the stylish lid where only the central portion opens. Not the easist to jockey under a faucet to fill properly. My older unit where the whole lid opened was a better design. Next, the lid has a rubber button to ease opening, but had the annoying habit of popping out and causing spills. Luckily, a dab of silicone adhesive solved this problem. The final and more annoying is that the lid itself does not stay firmly attached to the pitcher housing, causing some massive spills. You have to use two hands, one pressing down on the front of the lid to keep it attached. if you can live with these issues, it is a good product, but not the exceptional value Brita is known for!
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on March 7, 2014
03/30/2014 Update: Apparently I was not pushing the filter in hard enough. I had to push the filter in quite hard to get a click. Once I got that "click," I have had no problem with getting to those last drops. As a result, I have increased my star rating from 2 to 3 stars. I am withholding that 4th star because it really takes too much effort to get the filter to stay put.


Original review.

I've been using a PUR pitcher for several years but decided that I wanted a larger pitcher so that, when I'm cooking, I don't have to wait for more water to filter on through. I had a Brita years ago, and so, when I got a deal for some dollars off (don't remember the exact amount), I opted to give this pitcher a try.

The pitcher holds a good amount of water which is fabulous, sort of, when I'm cooking. The sad truth is that, while there is certainly more water in the pitcher, I cannot access it all because the filter falls out when I tip the pitcher over to pour out the last half of the water. This is a huge flaw and defeats the purpose of having the larger pitcher. It seems to me, that in days past, the filter was given a bit of a turn which locked it in place.

That flaw aside, the water tastes much nicer than straight tap water.
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VINE VOICEon June 18, 2014
The Grand is an "upgrade" for me, from a regular sized pitcher that my kiddo kept neglecting to refill when it got low. I absolutely love this and am so glad I got the bigger size. I know other people have problems with the lid popping off but I've never had that issue with any of my Brita pitchers, including this one. I wouldn't even say my lid snaps down firmly - it just sets down in place in the grooves and stays there, no problem. I've also gotten used to what I call the side effect of Brita filters - every so often, the top reservoir (not the drinking water area) has little black charcoal flecks from the filter floating in it. I just wait until it empties and wipe them out with a damp paper towel. They never make it into the water itself, so they're harmless.

Another benefit of the bigger size is that I have a Soda Stream and with a pitcher this large, I always have enough cold, filtered water on hand to make a 1 liter bottle of soda and still have plenty of cold water left in the pitcher (or if someone in the house hasn't refilled the pitcher, I have enough cold water left to make a bottle of soda before I refill it).
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on January 18, 2014
Good quality, thicker plastic, improved design. Better balanced--slightly wider, not as long, comfortable with two hands (ten cups is heavy.) The filler hole and lid are better, handle more comfortable. No flap to cover the spout, though the lid seems made for one--I can live with that. Pours OK when the filler reservoir is still half full. The new indicator is showy but not as useful as the previous 8-week timer, since the life of the cartridge varies depending on your water. Two caveats: the lid does not snap in place, so I have had to learn to hold it when pouring if there's water in the top, or if I'm wrangling it out from under the faucet. Second, if I overfill the top, water spills out at the back and gets inside the handle, then leaks gradually out on the counter. On balance, I was pleased to find this newer model a good-looking, thoughtful improvement.
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on May 26, 2014
I was looking for a large water / filter pitcher and looked over the various brands and decided on this one. Because of some of the poorer reviews along with the great reviews, I wasn't sure what to expect. I followed the directions precisely to get going with filtering the waster and find that I'm loving this pitcher. It's just what I needed to make the well water tasting good. I haven't experienced any difficulty with the filter popping loose or the cover falling off when pouring. I usually keep my thumb on the cover when pouring anyway but did try it without using my thumb b/c I was curious if there would be a problem. None. If the manufacturer revised the design to include a locking mechanism for the lid, that would be good to eliminate this concern. Even so, it works just great. The water does filter slowly from the upper chamber to the lower one, but that's not a problem for me. I just put it in the fridge while it's filtering. I'm very happy with this purchase and highly recommend it.
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on January 3, 2013
I have owned one of these big Britas for over a year and recently purchased this one for a friend for Christmas who lived in an apartment and had poor tasting water. After a couple weeks, she has told me she not only loves the taste of the water but finds herself drinking more of it at home.

Her response was the same as mine initially - and the same as my opinion after a year of use. These are very convenient to have, hold a decent amount of water, and fit nicely in most fridge door slots for milk/juice.

Things to note:
-When full, the pitcher isn't that easy to hold as it gets heavy from the water and the handle design isn't very ergonomic. All the water weight puts strain on your wrist (probably not an issue for men, but some females have made this remark to me when using mine).
-Lid isn't very secure. If you overfill the pitcher, water stays in the "fill" basin and can easily splash out when you tilt the pitcher to poor. The lid doesn't lock in, it simply slides on. It does slide on pretty snug, so its not loose or easily moving. But it come pop open water is still in the basin when you're pouring.

Oh, and rule #1 for using a Brita: change the filter annually, not every 3 months. Unless you are some odd clean freak, these filters will give you great tasting water for at least a year. I changed my first one after 3 months, second one recently at 12 months of use and the water tasted great the whole time.
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on April 2, 2014
Over the years I've had many Brita pitchers. This works like almost every other one of them, except for the lid. As other reviewers have mentioned, the lid does not fit snugly on the pitcher, and is prone to coming off too easily. For instance, in my old style pitchers, if there was water still in the top reservoir waiting to be filtered, I could still pour water from the pitcher. The lid would be on there snug enough to not pop off from the pressure of the water still inside. However, with this newest pitcher, if there is any water left in the top when I start to pour, it pushes the lid off and makes a mess. I should have returned it for a different style. The little meter on the top telling me when to change the filter is kind of useless - I thought that it somehow measured the quality of the filter or something, but all it does is just notify you when a certain amount of time has passed. I can do that myself, thanks.
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