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on January 7, 2015
It definitely feels cheap when you get it, and maybe like you could break the thing with your big heavy axe one first use. I purchased this sharpener mainly for the fiskars axe and hatchet that I currently own - because, well - fiskars axe, fiskars sharpener. Must work well together, right? Made perfect sense. My axe was quite dull after a year's worth of use without sharpening. Honestly after the first session with this thing, I didn't think that my fingers would be in any danger if touching the blade to check for sharpness. I was wrong, as you can see from the photo. I can say with confidence, at least for fiskars axes and hatchets, that this sharpener definitely works. My tools are sharper than when I bought them, and back to cutting through wood like butter, and umm... my skin like water?
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on September 12, 2015
Holy crapsicle! (That's a frozen turd on a stick). And that is exactly what you might think you bought when you remove this janky, Chinese-made piece of plastic from the box. It feels like a $2 item at best. Or maybe a child's toy. Or... Idk. I've purchased tools that came in packaging less flimsy than this. All that being said, the little ceramic wheels contained within are amazing! Why four stars? I have no choice! While I wouldn't want to accidentally sit on the darn thing for fear of breaking it, I have to respect it's capability! I took my mildly dull axe and ran it back and forth on the wheels five or six times using only the weight of the axe for force. I then checked the blade and was amazed at how sharp it was. I promptly repeated this five-second process and checked again. Holy...! Being fully astonished I checked the blade against my arm hair. It shaves! Sharp! Very sharp! Not razor sharp. More like quality, American-made pocket knife with a factory edge sharp! Significantly more sharp than an axe needs to be, but I'm not complaining. Plasticky as it is. I see no reason it won't last, as long as it isn't treated like tools on a jobsite. Wet stones, diamond hones and files be damned! This thing has your angle and edge without effort. I recommend getting one if you are a lazy sharpener like I am!
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on January 25, 2016
Bought this to sharpen my Fiskars X27 axe and my Fiskars X7 hatchet, unfortunately the X27 axe will not slide through it freely, the slot does not seem wide enough for it. The sharpener is also very flimsy. I will say that it sharpens my X7 hatchet very well because the hatchet fits in it properly. I also wished that it was made a little bit larger for larger hands. The design does need improvement. It really is a 2 and a half star product but I'm giving it a 3 star because it sharpens my hatchet very well.
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on September 1, 2016
Purchased item in July 2015 along with a Fiskars axe. I had a lot of wood to split. The axe worked/works perfectly (another review) but the sharpener broke after 2 months. Initially the sharpener was able to sharpen the axe perfectly but the body of the sharpener was obviously not sturdy enough to be used repeatedly outdoor for an axe. I want to stress that the axe and sharpener were brought inside the garage and cleaned after each use. So the tool was not abused or left in the sun. When the sharpener broke, I reverted to using a stone to sharpen the axe.

I never bothered to report the problem at Amazon or write a review. Toward the end of it life, I noticed that the sharpener's body was flexing more and more and I assume that it was part of the design. I should have been smarter and used the sharpener for the kitchen. The sharpener might work well for knifes in a kitchen environment. Outdoor, to sharpen heavy tools, it seems that it was way too weak.
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on December 23, 2014
This axe sharpener does what it says it will do. The angle is correct, it is easy to handle, light weight, and sharpens well. A few pros and cons:
Light weight (also a con) so it is easy to store, carry and handle.
Sharpens quickly, so a few strokes will do it.
Opens up to allow you to clean out the filings, which do build up over time.

Light weight, so you have to have a good grip on it when sharpening heavier axes.
The plastic housing is easy to cut as you sharpen things. This isn't a real issue as it only affects the look of the device and doesn't diminish functionality.

Overall, I recommend this to anyone.
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on December 17, 2015
I bought this to go along with my Fiskars hatchet. It makes sharpening really easy. You don't have to worry about losing your edge by holding it at the wrong angle, or accidentally cutting yourself on it.

The feet on the bottom hold it steadily in place while you sharpen it, and the grip and safety guard keep your hand safe and firmly on the sharpener.

The only minor issue I have with mine is I tend to bring the head of the hatchet too far and it has gouged into the plastic a little bit, but it hasn't seemed to affect the performance at all. Have had this for 2 and a half years so far, and it still works great.
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on August 21, 2013
Although this is labeled as a knife and axe sharpener, there are two problems with actually being able to sharpen an axe with this, 1) the slot is far too narrow to allow most axes to even contact the sharpening wheels. It will accept a small axe with a narrow blade like a hudson bay, but not a michigan, jersey or dayton and definitely not a splitting maul. Also it removes only a tiny bit of material from the very edge of the blade, so won't even have an effect on a dull axe. It would be a good finisher for a narrow axe is all and 2) it is very flimsy and would break under the weight of a 3.5# axe head. It is very awkward to manage even a narrow axe with this, I tried. The rubber feet fell out in the first 10 strokes and the plastic base moves around and gets cut with each stroke under a full size axe.

As a knife sharpener it is marvelous!!! You just have to learn to keep the part of the blade which is contacting the stones level while swiping it through the sharpener. As as example when sharpening a carving knife you have to raise the handle as the curved part of the blade goes through. There is only a tiny space between the level of a straight blade and the plastic base, so tipping the blade too much or not enough makes it drag on the base and raise up from the stones defeating the purpose. With some practice, this is a great KNIFE sharpener. For axes get a Lansky Puck, dual grit long stone with an handle like a file, or a diamond stone.
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on June 23, 2013
The best way to set a buyer's' expectations is (IMHO) is to address the sales pitch the product carries. Therefore, I'm going to tailor my review accordingly.

Here's what the item description claims:

>>Knife and axe sharpener sharpens at exact 30-degree angle<<

This is true - assuming the user doesn't force it laterally (which is entirely possible) to change said angle. Follow the instructions, and we should all be good on this one.

>>Patented ceramic wheel for effective sharpening<<

Patent, schmatent. It's the same darned sharpening device available from any reputable manufacturer. I've seen better / I've seen worse.

>>Built-in hand guard<<

Uh-huh. This so-called "hand guard" is that little plastic lip you see in the photo about 75% of the way from the non-business end of the device.

>>Non-slip feet for additional safety<<

Yeah right. Maybe for small steak knives. Try running a splitting maul through this thing, and see how well those non-slip feet work.

>>Lifetime warranty<<

Common ambiguity. This refers, of course, to the lifetime of the *product*, not the user. Probably common sense, but worth noting.

The bottom line:

This actually does sharpen both knives and heavier equipment. I've done a full set of steak knives, a butcher's block full of blades, and a couple of hatchets and axes. Does it work? Yes. BUT...

1. This item is very lightweight. You may find this to be a bonus, but it literally flexes as you pull your blades through it. The body is hollow (which isn't shown in the photos), so those "non-slip" feet they mention are pretty much inconsequential.

2. Other reviewers have noted this, and it's kind of important: Dragging a blade through this device will actually start carving through the plastic base below the angled stones. As long as the spindle that holds the wheels holds up, this shouldn't be a big deal (until you pull a large axe through it, and the whole thing snaps in two). So far, I've had the fortune of it withstanding some admittedly-impatient (ab)use. :)

3. It's a nine dollar item. If you have high hopes for this being the ultimate sharpening device for all your household and yard maintenance tools, rethink the likelihood of that being the case.

I've had great luck with this item so far, but I think a more realistic expectation of its efficacy and product build should be expressed. I hope this helps in doing so!

P.S. Note that I gave it a 4/5 rating!
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on December 7, 2014
Pretty decent sharper, and I got it as a Deal on Amazon. Here are a few things to note:
1. It has a preset sharpening angle. You will not be able to adjust it, but for this price - I wasn't expecting it.
2. Hand Guard. A great safety feature, but could get in the way of some knives. Not really an issue for me.
3. Clean the knives after sharpening. The blade edges will have a fine dust. You'll need to clean and wipe the blades.

Overall, it did a great job at sharpening my knives. It was quick, and took care of the knicks in some of my knives. This is a solid sharper for the price, and is good for folks that don't have the money to spend on a nice sharpener.
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on October 28, 2014
I got it earlier this week and have been using it to sharpen a new hatchet and axe I picked up. Neither is sharpening very well, certainly not as well as I have done with other hatchets on the $3 carbide knife sharpener I keep in the camping box.

That said, the blades on each have never been given a good edge, so it could be I just need to put in some more time and possibly need to hit them with a file first.

However, the sharpener itself keeps popping open and the guide keeps falling off. The whole sharpener is very flimsy and I feel like I'm going to crush it / break the plastic whenever I try to grip it and run it across the blade.

I may be returning this.

Added 11/24/14

I took my axe to a belt sander to better shape the blade. Imagine the surprise of my wife and youngest son (and possibly a few neighbors) as they pulled into the driveway and saw me sharpening an axe ;-) Once the blade was starting to get sharp, this sharpener worked much better at getting a nice edge. Unfortunately, the entire sharpener is still light weight / flimsy plastic and feels like I'll break it each time I slide it across the blade. The plastic guide continued to pop off. I stand by my three star rating, but it's moved from a 2.5 star to a solid three, since it actually does work.
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