Customer Reviews: Fiskars Axe and Knife Sharpener
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on January 7, 2015
It definitely feels cheap when you get it, and maybe like you could break the thing with your big heavy axe one first use. I purchased this sharpener mainly for the fiskars axe and hatchet that I currently own - because, well - fiskars axe, fiskars sharpener. Must work well together, right? Made perfect sense. My axe was quite dull after a year's worth of use without sharpening. Honestly after the first session with this thing, I didn't think that my fingers would be in any danger if touching the blade to check for sharpness. I was wrong, as you can see from the photo. I can say with confidence, at least for fiskars axes and hatchets, that this sharpener definitely works. My tools are sharper than when I bought them, and back to cutting through wood like butter, and umm... my skin like water?
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on September 20, 2006
eh? You seriously think I'm going to use the same thing to sharpen the Henckels 4 star knives I use to prepare family meals AND the axes I use to chop wood?

Seriously. This sharpener will reset just about any blunted knife or axe to a finely honed edge.

It does just a good a job on a fine filleting knife as it does on my favorte chopping axe - I just have to remember to clean it before I switch uses.

Now if only they made a lawnmower that could julienne vegetables....
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on February 17, 2009
This is a handy tool that really simplifies sharpening. However, it has a few flaws.


-Very Easy

-Hand Guard

-Lifetime Guarentee


-Sharpens at 30 degree angle. Great for an axe, but for a knife, most people prefer a 20 or even a 10.

-Leaves black dust on the edge of cutlery

-Ok heres the big one: When sharpening, you press the axe into the sharpener and pull through the wheel. However, as you pull your axe out, it slices through the plastic in front of the wheel, there for somewhat dulling the axe. And sooner or later, you get deep cuts in the plastic, which really limits the sharpener's usefulness. Major design flaw.

Overall, the sharpener is great for axes, but for knives I tend to go back to the whetstone. And then there's the design flaw...
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on November 7, 2006
I bought my first Fiskar sharpener from the owner of MAC knives. He told me that this was all I needed as a professional chef to keep my knives sharp and in top shape as to angle, knicks, ect.... He was right. Don't pass this up. You really do not need anything else. No kidding and just $12.00. Chef Mark
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on June 19, 2012
I purchased this sharpener with my Fiskars Log splitter. The maul was a little dull when I first got it. I ran it thru this sharpener 4 or 5 times and it was very sharp! would cut paper. This is a must have for anyone with an axe to grind!
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on November 1, 2010
This is a very basic but extremely well functioning axe sharpener.

To address one common complaint: Yes, it cuts the plastic to either side of the "cutting" wheel. So what? The plastic will groove over time and it will stop doing that.

When I first took my Fiskar's to it, I had recently completed chopping about 1 cord of hardwood (axe, ironwood, maple). The blade had numerous dents in its edge and was fairly beat up, though still sharp overall.

After about 20 passes (1-2 minutes) back and forth through this sharpener, the edge had no dent and appeared quite sharp. Cut very well.

This may not make the best knife sharpener or be suitable for things with a bigger wedge before the edge, but it's a great sharpener for the fiskars axe!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon August 9, 2015
This is Fiskars' own 'official' sharpener. It's designed specifically for Fiskars axes and hatchets, which utilize a very uniquely designed blade which is different (and comes to a much sharper point at the edge) from most other axe manufacturers.

You just slide your Fiskar's axe or hatchet blade through this a few times (10 or 20 strokes usually) and it sharpens the blade back to (or close to) factory sharpness (which is very sharp indeed). Easy, not much pressure or upper body strength required, so anyone can do it.

Although I love my Fiskars' X25 axe and X7 hatchet, I was skeptical of this Sharpener at first. It's extremely lightweight, and almost entirely made of plastic.
It looks very similar to those $3 kitchen-knife generic sharpeners from the discount stores, and those generic sharpeners are usually junk products.

Happily, I am pleasantly surprised that this works. It really does sharpen my Fiskars' blades very effectively.
Other reviewers, and some threads in online tool forums, indicate that they received flimsy or ineffective sharpeners.
I don't know what the history of these may be or which factories produced what and when, but mine (received as a birthday gift in 2015) works just fine, and I have no problem giving this 5 Stars.

This is angled for Fiskars' own axes and their specific grind and blade geometry.

This does not work when I try it with the infamous $9 generic Ozark Trails steel-and-rubber hatchet from Walmart; the Ozark Trails blade edge is too wide and too thick (because it's a blunt piece of junk) to fit into the Fiskars sharpener.
I also have an older, excellent quality USA-made axe that also is too thick to fit into the Fiskars' sharpener. My Estwing hatchet also does not fit properly into this sharpener (and I think it actually dulled the Estwing, which uses a very different blade shape).

So don't order this expecting it to be a "universal" axe sharpener. It's also not designed for knives (different blade grind and angle). But if you have a Fiskars' axe or hatchet, this is the dedicated proprietary sharpener you want. I'm pleasantly surprised how well this works.

I hope this is helpful as you comparison shop online. Happy (and safe) chopping, everybody.
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on September 12, 2015
Holy crapsicle! (That's a frozen turd on a stick). And that is exactly what you might think you bought when you remove this janky, Chinese-made piece of plastic from the box. It feels like a $2 item at best. Or maybe a child's toy. Or... Idk. I've purchased tools that came in packaging less flimsy than this. All that being said, the little ceramic wheels contained within are amazing! Why four stars? I have no choice! While I wouldn't want to accidentally sit on the darn thing for fear of breaking it, I have to respect it's capability! I took my mildly dull axe and ran it back and forth on the wheels five or six times using only the weight of the axe for force. I then checked the blade and was amazed at how sharp it was. I promptly repeated this five-second process and checked again. Holy...! Being fully astonished I checked the blade against my arm hair. It shaves! Sharp! Very sharp! Not razor sharp. More like quality, American-made pocket knife with a factory edge sharp! Significantly more sharp than an axe needs to be, but I'm not complaining. Plasticky as it is. I see no reason it won't last, as long as it isn't treated like tools on a jobsite. Wet stones, diamond hones and files be damned! This thing has your angle and edge without effort. I recommend getting one if you are a lazy sharpener like I am!
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on January 26, 2012
I picked this up when I purchased the X27 36-inch Super Splitting Axe and the X7 14-inch hatchet. Although both of those keep an edge pretty well, I'll run them through this a few times (literally maybe 6 swipes back and forth-- takes maybe 15 seconds) and voila! A super sharp blade again for tackling the next pile of logs or shaving the next pile of kindling. It's small and portable, so it won't bother me to throw it in with my camping gear as well. Very happy!
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on June 20, 2015
Bought this to sharpen my Fiskars X27 and X7. The construction of the piece feels a little cheap compared to the axes that Fiskars makes, but I was pleased to find that it sharpens to a razor edge. My only issue is that the plastic piece covering the sharpening wheels is not wide enough for my X27, and is prone to popping off when I sharpen any axe. I prefer to just leave that piece off.
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