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on March 3, 2016
We were so excited to find this for sale online! And for such a great price, too. The husband has very fond memories of this movie from when he was a kid. I either had never seen it, or couldn't remember seeing it. From a grown up perspective... it can be a bit dark, especially when you compare it to today's films. But I was pleased that it deals with some serious issues in a child's life; jealousy, self-worth, vanity... And it does so in a way that held my 3 year old's attention. While he may not understand the underlying message, he loved the movie and we've watched it a few times since purchasing. It's clearly the inspiration for Toy Story; some of the plot points are unmistakable. We later learned some of the people who made this movie went on to make Toy Story, so it made perfect sense.

Keep in mind this movie is older before buying it; it could have definitely done with a little enhancement before being released. But it looks as good as to be expected for a DVD of a movie from the late 80's, has amazing characters and animation, and the colors don't make your eyes bleed like some of the newer movies do.

Package came with a Disney rewards insert. Otherwise, it's just the box and the DVD. Nothing fancy.
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on March 12, 2017
The DVD appears as though it was copied directly from a well-worn film. Lots of analog film marks and the frame moves about quite a bit. The movie itself wasn't as good as I remembered. The plot is good until near the end, then turns very dark. Both of my children (7 and 3) thought it was scary, and these are kids who watch Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal. If not for the poor-quality transfer, I'd give it four stars.
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on September 8, 2014
This movie did something odd for me: it immediately downgraded my opinion of "Toy Story 3." Don't get me wrong, TS3 is still a great movie but having now seen this forgotten classic I realized how much of the "daring," "dark," and "edgy' material was lifted wholesale from "The Brave Little Toaster." Belongings dealing with being left behind and forgotten? Check. At least one that is sorely bitter that it was ignored by its owner? Check. A possibly ill-fated quest to find said owner again? Check. Numerous glimpses of the disastrous fate of forgotten possessions? Double Check!

This is an odd kind of movie to try and encapsulate without breaking it down point for point. The playful animation and lively anthropomorphic appliances will definitely appeal to any and all youngsters who see it. However the adults in the room are likely to quickly pick up on an underlying current of darkness that is omnipresent and almost unrelenting. That might sound like a warning, but in a way that's part of why I recommend it. It's the kind of movie you'll enjoy as a kid, then come back and revisit and have an entirely new perspective on.

The personalities of the various appliances are varied and well rounded, which will help ensure that every viewer will find a favorite. My daughter favors the toaster, while my wife always loved the blanket and I myself gravitate to the radio. Given that much of its plot has now been aped by more successful films, the actual story won't surprise too many. But it's presented very well and with the aforementioned thread of darkness that gives the overall film a pretty unique feel to it. If you're a kid, or an adult who appreciates bold animation than this is well worth seeking out.
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on February 25, 2015
I purchased my original version of the classic "Brave Little Toaster" on VCR for my daughter in 1988 and the picture and audio quality were fantastic and the best I’ve experienced. The story line is just as good as well. Everything was simply fantastic. Especially when the eerie music and deep bass played while the appliances were in the used appliance story about to be canablized. My kids and I would watch the VHS version of the The Brave Little Toaster over and over again and never get tired of it. HOWEVER, SAVE YOUR MONEY! Whoever copied this classic to DVD ruined this classic for me and for generations to come. The DVD version is grainy and even flickers and the reproduction audio and sound quality are simply atrocious. I guess they thought this movie was just for kids and that the quality didn’t really matter. Well…it does so SAVE YOUR MONEY. On line I have seen hundreds of complaints about the same poor reproduction video and audio quality reflected in the DVD version. It is truly a shame the incompetent people responsible for transferring this classic to a DVD ruined it for me and future generations. Where was the Quality Control for reproducing this classic? Nowhere obviously. It just turns my stomach ever time I see the DVD version of the Brave Little Toaster in my video library.
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on January 30, 2016
I'm 25. I seen this movie when I was probably like 6 years old. It was absolutely one of my favorite movies then and it still remains one of my favorite movies of all time! It reminds me of am 80s version of Toy Story. This kid has these things throughout his life. And when he's not looking they come to life and converse with each other. When he gets to the point where he's getting ready to go to college he basically abandons his "childhood" things. These things, amongst themselves, decide they they're not going to wait for "Master" to come back for them but they're going to set out on am adventure to take themselves to him. Which is a pretty tough task considering they're electric blanket, a lamp, a vacuum, and an am/fm radio. I won't give the ending away but I can definitely say that if you've got a child that likes the Toy Story movies you might want to try this with them, also. I bought this item because I think it's good to share your childhood with the younger generations. The kids in my family definitely enjoyed seeing this movie. I hope it left as big of an impression on them as it did on me. This is a movie I won't soon forget! Great film for all ages!
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on December 25, 2012
I remember watching this movies as a kid. I always loved it so I wanted to give it as a gift to my daughter for Christmas. The picture quality is terrible. The picture shakes and moves back and forth, it's hard to watch, even giving me motion sickness. We paid $4.99 for this and I'm debaiting on weather or I will send this back. I guess you get what you pay for and this movie is probably something Disney won't "re do" like they would a classic, like dumbo or Cinderella. Maybe next time!
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on January 9, 2015
As others have stated, the transfer isn't that great but it is watchable. The film rights to The Brave Little Toaster: a Bedtime Story for Small Appliances (by Thomas M. Disch), was bought by the Walt Disney Studios in 1982. At one time, John Lasseter was momentarily attached to the project, but was subsequently "dismissed" when he tried to pitch it as a CGI film. The Disney Studio provided the funds required but did not actively participate in the making of this movie. The animators were made up of ex-Disney employees and college graduates from CalArts. The themes presented in this movie are fear of abandonment, the overwhelming need to provide a service for people, and outliving your usefulness in life (depicted in a horrific scene where cars are singing on their way to being crushed into little cubes of metal). Sexual innuendos are peppered throughout the film (boob-tassels on a tape recorder et cetera). The plot is routinely scary and horrifying (a kid is almost crushed, requiring the sacrifice of another character to save him). The inanimate objects involved are an insecure security blanket, a 'dim' lamp, a radio that constantly needs to entertain, a vacuum cleaner with anger issues, and a `warm' toaster that eventually comes to `reflect' on the needs of others. It's a little heavy-handed at times and looks like a throwback to the animation of the 40s. They even resort to appliances that mimic famous actors. There are songs featured but I forgot every one of them as they were being sung (none of them have survived the test of time). It's been suggested that the reason the Disney Studio didn't allow a theatrical release for this movie was so they could reap the benefits from video and television instead.
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on December 26, 2014
We LOVE The Brave Little Toaster and I'm just going to go ahead and say it in case you don't know it, there are three movies in the series! We have them all. I bought this for my grandson to begin his collection. I love that it has become a family tradition. That tells you how good it is. Great for toddlers all the way to elementary age kids and the grandparents who love them.
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My son requested this for Christmas as he remembered it from his childhood. He is an adult now and still loves this little show! Arrived quickly, packaged well and made a great Christmas gift.
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on March 4, 2017
A children's favorite of my children and grandchildren on being brave and having friends.
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