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Joss Whedon who created this series planned for it to run for seven seasons and instead it only produced 14 and aired 11 before it was canceled (purportedly after the first episode was shown). When Fox ran “Firefly” in 2002/2003 I never heard of it, of course I was busy deploying to Iraq and elsewhere due to this little thing called the Global War on Terrorism (Mal and Zoe would understand). I did see the sequel movie “Serenity” on DVD years later but not having seen the series and lacking that context it didn’t do much for me at the time. Discovering “Firefly” now for the first time all I can say is count me among the “Browncoat” faithful. How did this show not get picked up and run for Whedon’s seven seasons as planned? Given the crud on television today it’s incredible; shows like “NCIS Los Angeles” just keep serving up the same stuff every week and get renewed season after tedious season. Full disclosure; I am not a hard-core Sci-Fi geek. Star Trek TOS, yes, but all the other incarnations of Trek (except JJ Abrams latest films) not so much; original three Star Wars films, yes, the others by Lucas, no way. Nor am I a Whedon disciple, never watched “Buffy” or “Angel” or any of his other TV outings but must say that “Firefly” is brilliant. Maybe if it was called “Young Han Solo” (which is what it’s like in some respects) it may have done better.

The series works on many levels; as a character study it excels. Our nine space travelers all have interesting stories and the charismatic cast gets the viewers buy-in almost from the first episode. Thirteen years later you’ve seen many of these actors in different shows. Nathan Fillion (“Castle”) as Capt Malcolm Reynolds is great as the former rebellion fighter who buys a decrepit cargo ship and travels space moving legal and illegal goods to the outer colonies. As he says “I may have fought on the losing side, but I’m not sure it was the wrong side.” Now there’s an Alliance governing the planets that’s not quite as malevolent as The Empire in Star Wars but you get the idea. Rounding out the crew: Gina Torres (too many shows to mention) is his number one, Zoe, a former corporal he’s fought with she’s his trusted right arm. Alan Tudyk (“Dodgeball”) is “Wash” the ship’s pilot and husband of Zoe and a frequent source of comic relief. Adam Baldwin (“Chuck”, “The Last Ship”) is amusing as mercenary Jayne Cobb. He’s the muscle for the crew but motivated primarily by money and frequently one step away from mutiny. Morena Baccarin (“Homeland”, “V”, “Deadpool”) plays Inara, a beautiful so-called companion (prostitute) where in the future the world’s oldest profession is held in high esteem. She rents one of the ship’s shuttles and plys her trade from the Serenity. Jewel Taite (Stargate, Atlantis) is the ship’s mechanic Kaylee Frye. She’s a girly-girl next door type who spreads her sunny optimism throughout the ship. If she sounds annoying, she’s not and you’ll want to give her a hug. Ron Glass (Barney Miller) is Shepherd Book a preacher with a mysterious past who signs on for transport and decides to stay with the crew. Sean Maher is Dr. Simon Tam who books passage on his ship with “cargo”. That cargo turns out to be his sister he’s rescued from the evil Alliance and their sinister experiments. River Tam is played by Sci-Fi star Summer Glau, she’s suffering the effects of the treatment she’s received by the Alliance and at first she’s withdrawn and barely communicative. As the season progresses she begins to stabilize and more is revealed about her and certain “abilities” she’s developed as a result of what’s happened to her. She and her brother have a bounty on their heads and are being pursued by the Alliance who desperately want her back. Well drawn, likeable characters that the audience can identify with well portrayed by superb actors make this world a place you’ll want to visit.

Kudos to the set designer in regards to the spaceship Firefly’s interior spaces. Having traveled on a number of military transports the Serenity’s insides look pretty legit to me. Like the rest of the show there’s nothing fancy, just a utilitarian vessel to haul goods and crew making it easy to believe in.

The space-western concept apparently was too much for the network execs to grasp but I thought it was fun. The clothing and speech of these space travelers is right off the set of “Bonanza” for the most part. Less engaging is the constant insertion of Mandarin Chinese colloquialisms, profanity, and slang in the dialog (without subtitles). In Whedon’s future world America and China are the only surviving superpowers so there’s a strong Asian influence throughout the show. Happily, Wikipedia has a page of “Firefly” script excerpts and translations of a number of the Chinese phrases that’s a helpful resource for the more interested viewer.

The stories are well done and the show has a great sense of humor with many one liners that had me chuckling. Of the 14 episodes there isn’t a bad one in the bunch. My two favorites are “Our Mrs. Reynolds” and “Jaynestown”. In the former Mal winds up allegedly married after a drunken party to none other than Christina Hendricks before “Mad Men” fame. Her character of Saffron is terrific and Mal’s discomfiture as well as the amusement of the crew was a laugh. Saffron also appears in a later episode too and is no less a delight. In “Jaynestown” the crew revisit a planet where Cobb got himself into a bit of trouble but on returning discovers he’s a hero to the locals. When the guy in the bar sings the ballad about Cobb it’s a laugh out loud moment.

When you reach the conclusion of the final episode, “Objects in Space” you’ll be left with an empty feeling knowing that there isn’t any more to watch (other than the 2005 movie “Serenity”). That this fine series never got a fighting chance is a real tragedy.
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on December 12, 2014
Despite a low budget, despite terrible publicity, despite being canned way too early, this series -Firefly- will be a cult classic for decades. The inevitable culmination of the series post run popularity and the inspiration for the cult classic's brilliance...was because of the special chemistry of a group of dedicated and talented actors whom made this series rise far above and beyond all the things that were shooting it down. Now that it's all said and done, and there will be no second season, I am left feeling hurt. I Ioved the characters. I loved the Shepard, I loved Mal, Jayne, Kaley, Doc, wash and his wife the warrior and second in command played by Gina Torres, I loved Inara, and especially...River. God, Summer Glau played that part so very VERY well. There is no longer a place for a long drawn out, or proper review, so, I must suffice to say: this is my very favorite cult classic. And I will continue to watch it over and over again. All you Sci-fi heads out there, it is your duty to pass on the vintage ...well, "coolness" of this series. The younger ones need to know what is REALLY GOOD STUFF! Peace out my fellow Sci-fi brethren!
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Firefly was one of the best series that didn't make it. Not because of the quality of but because of narrow network programming priorities or lack of imagination.

I've watched the whole series dozens of times and it has never gotten old. I know there has been a great deal said about the acting, plot, actors, Joss Wheadon, Tim Minear, brown coats and lots more. I'm sure I feel as positive about that as the thousands of other 5 star reviewers.

What speaks to me from Firefly that I think may be under appreciated is the music. It's easy to see how. The music is so integrated into the episodes the skillful work of Greg Edmonson in composing and arranging the music is extraordinary. If you love the firefly complete series consider picking up the sound track: Firefly (Original Television Soundtrack) and the musical contribution can be heard and then better appreciated with the series.

Firefly is great for a lot of reasons. For me the music is a big one.

I hope this helps someone.
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on August 28, 2006
A friend of mine knew I liked TV shows which were different and he recommended "Firefly". It was a great show that ended too early. Every episode, I grew to like the characters more and more. The crew of the Serenity was a group of very unique personalities and you grew to accept them as part of your family. You not only like these people, you learn to care about who they are and how they came to be on Serenity.

Captain Reynolds kept you smiling with his laid back ways yet he had a heart of gold. His humor and compassion reminded me of a cross between Hans Solo and Indiana Jones.

I've described this show to others as a western science fiction show. It is set in space yet it is filled with scenes with horses, shoot-outs and bar room brawls. Everything about it makes it enjoyable and fun.

Even though humor is a part of "Firefly", there are moments of intense drama and darkness. You experience many things with the crew-sense of family, loss, loyalty, love, suspense and laughter.

"Firefly" was also made very well. The writing, acting and everything about each episode makes this show special. You will not be disappointed bringing the crew and their lives into your home.
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on October 9, 2015
Great scifi. Great cast. Should not have been cancelled so soon. Typical of Fox. Should have been picked up by SciFi channel but they were in a very dumb way at the time with dreams of wrestling and cheap reality shows on their mind
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on March 15, 2016
ABSOLUTELY ENTERTAINING.....This series, which I have watched more than once, is a refreshing SCI-FI with an "old west" feel. It is set in the future with a rag tag band of inter- spacial travelers who will do just about any job for a price. The characters include a "good guy tough captain, a spiritual Shepard, a pair of tough guy crew members , including a female ex-soldier who happens to be married the really nice guy space pilot, an on the lam Doc and his "special" intelect sister wanted by the "Alliance" , and a beautiful professional "companion". You may have to explain that to any younger members of the family..but in my opinion nothing is really that explicit. The characters are well developed and you will grow to look upon them as your traveling friends in the galaxy.. They do some space crime but nothing that makes you see them as criminals..This series is a real WINNER !
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on January 11, 2016
The Firefly show is very Josh Whedon. It is a mixture of scifi, cowboys, outerspace, drama and humor. There are some very adult themes going on. But there is also enough of a storyline to keep things interesting. What I really enjoy is all the characters are well rounded and well acted. Each individual has a unique character. The interactions between the crew are fun to watch. They unfold as you see them go on various misadventures. The only thing that I personally didn't like was the fact that there was a tad over amount of nudity. Some of it I think was unnecessary and weird. I think they were trying to mimic Japanese manga style humor. But, other than that for the most part, I think this show is a cult classic because of its quirky singularity. There really aren't any other shows out there quite like it. After you watch the entire season, I recommend you watch Serenity to see what happens to the crew. It would have been better if they had gotten a Season 2 of Firefly.
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on November 22, 2016
I'm a certified brown-coat and my only complaint is that it is very difficult to find out what sequence Joss Whedon had in mind for watching the available shows. Thankfully, he produced the film, Serenity, which mostly wraps up the story. There continues to be talk about bringing the cast back together for another run at the stories, but the likelihood is small.

Fox, which initially broadcast the series, sans the last three shows, essentially botched the job. Like other series that were cut far before their time, the network basically buried the show and never gave it a chance to become what is now a cult following. It is sad that another network did not pick up the series and allow it to play out to its conclusion.
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on June 9, 2016
I had never heard of this show until they mentioned it on The Big Bang Theory, which piqued my curiosity. My wife and I are big fans of Castle too so we thought we would give it a shot. Neither of us are big into SciFi, but we couldn't stop watching and burned through the entire series in a day and a half. It's hilarious! The actors are all very obviously having a good time, and the story lines are exciting even in spite of the seriously cheesy special effects.

The first episode spends a lot of time setting up the story and it moves super slow. We almost stopped watching because of the pilot but it picks up right after that and never lets down. I was surprised by how much sex is in it so I wouldn't watch it with my kid or anything but overall it was a great show and we are bummed that we don't have any more to watch!
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on November 30, 2016
Firefly is in my opinion one of the best Steampunk Science Fiction series of this millennium, taken from us too soon. It reflected a race whose humanity did not advance as quickly as its technology, which mirrors our modern cultural development. It also reflects the changing demographics of the modern world, with its incorporation of Chinese by Joss Whedon, 真的是天才 (who again shares his talent with the opening theme). And what could sum up how wonderful a series it is that the fan base rioted together to help bring about Serenity, a movie that continues the story after its cancellation, wrapping up some of the mysteries of the 'Verse.

And, as we wait for the 4K release, Blu-ray is the only choice. Treat yo' self
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