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on July 29, 2016
Joss Whedon who created this series planned for it to run for seven seasons and instead it only produced 14 and aired 11 before it was canceled (purportedly after the first episode was shown). When Fox ran “Firefly” in 2002/2003 I never heard of it, of course I was busy deploying to Iraq and elsewhere due to this little thing called the Global War on Terrorism (Mal and Zoe would understand). I did see the sequel movie “Serenity” on DVD years later but not having seen the series and lacking that context it didn’t do much for me at the time. Discovering “Firefly” now for the first time all I can say is count me among the “Browncoat” faithful. How did this show not get picked up and run for Whedon’s seven seasons as planned? Given the crud on television today it’s incredible; shows like “NCIS Los Angeles” just keep serving up the same stuff every week and get renewed season after tedious season. Full disclosure; I am not a hard-core Sci-Fi geek. Star Trek TOS, yes, but all the other incarnations of Trek (except JJ Abrams latest films) not so much; original three Star Wars films, yes, the others by Lucas, no way. Nor am I a Whedon disciple, never watched “Buffy” or “Angel” or any of his other TV outings but must say that “Firefly” is brilliant. Maybe if it was called “Young Han Solo” (which is what it’s like in some respects) it may have done better.

The series works on many levels; as a character study it excels. Our nine space travelers all have interesting stories and the charismatic cast gets the viewers buy-in almost from the first episode. Thirteen years later you’ve seen many of these actors in different shows. Nathan Fillion (“Castle”) as Capt Malcolm Reynolds is great as the former rebellion fighter who buys a decrepit cargo ship and travels space moving legal and illegal goods to the outer colonies. As he says “I may have fought on the losing side, but I’m not sure it was the wrong side.” Now there’s an Alliance governing the planets that’s not quite as malevolent as The Empire in Star Wars but you get the idea. Rounding out the crew: Gina Torres (too many shows to mention) is his number one, Zoe, a former corporal he’s fought with she’s his trusted right arm. Alan Tudyk (“Dodgeball”) is “Wash” the ship’s pilot and husband of Zoe and a frequent source of comic relief. Adam Baldwin (“Chuck”, “The Last Ship”) is amusing as mercenary Jayne Cobb. He’s the muscle for the crew but motivated primarily by money and frequently one step away from mutiny. Morena Baccarin (“Homeland”, “V”, “Deadpool”) plays Inara, a beautiful so-called companion (prostitute) where in the future the world’s oldest profession is held in high esteem. She rents one of the ship’s shuttles and plys her trade from the Serenity. Jewel Taite (Stargate, Atlantis) is the ship’s mechanic Kaylee Frye. She’s a girly-girl next door type who spreads her sunny optimism throughout the ship. If she sounds annoying, she’s not and you’ll want to give her a hug. Ron Glass (Barney Miller) is Shepherd Book a preacher with a mysterious past who signs on for transport and decides to stay with the crew. Sean Maher is Dr. Simon Tam who books passage on his ship with “cargo”. That cargo turns out to be his sister he’s rescued from the evil Alliance and their sinister experiments. River Tam is played by Sci-Fi star Summer Glau, she’s suffering the effects of the treatment she’s received by the Alliance and at first she’s withdrawn and barely communicative. As the season progresses she begins to stabilize and more is revealed about her and certain “abilities” she’s developed as a result of what’s happened to her. She and her brother have a bounty on their heads and are being pursued by the Alliance who desperately want her back. Well drawn, likeable characters that the audience can identify with well portrayed by superb actors make this world a place you’ll want to visit.

Kudos to the set designer in regards to the spaceship Firefly’s interior spaces. Having traveled on a number of military transports the Serenity’s insides look pretty legit to me. Like the rest of the show there’s nothing fancy, just a utilitarian vessel to haul goods and crew making it easy to believe in.

The space-western concept apparently was too much for the network execs to grasp but I thought it was fun. The clothing and speech of these space travelers is right off the set of “Bonanza” for the most part. Less engaging is the constant insertion of Mandarin Chinese colloquialisms, profanity, and slang in the dialog (without subtitles). In Whedon’s future world America and China are the only surviving superpowers so there’s a strong Asian influence throughout the show. Happily, Wikipedia has a page of “Firefly” script excerpts and translations of a number of the Chinese phrases that’s a helpful resource for the more interested viewer.

The stories are well done and the show has a great sense of humor with many one liners that had me chuckling. Of the 14 episodes there isn’t a bad one in the bunch. My two favorites are “Our Mrs. Reynolds” and “Jaynestown”. In the former Mal winds up allegedly married after a drunken party to none other than Christina Hendricks before “Mad Men” fame. Her character of Saffron is terrific and Mal’s discomfiture as well as the amusement of the crew was a laugh. Saffron also appears in a later episode too and is no less a delight. In “Jaynestown” the crew revisit a planet where Cobb got himself into a bit of trouble but on returning discovers he’s a hero to the locals. When the guy in the bar sings the ballad about Cobb it’s a laugh out loud moment.

When you reach the conclusion of the final episode, “Objects in Space” you’ll be left with an empty feeling knowing that there isn’t any more to watch (other than the 2005 movie “Serenity”). That this fine series never got a fighting chance is a real tragedy.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon October 12, 2014
Just started watching this beloved series on my new Blu-Ray player, and man... bang-on! I had originally watched this series (multiple times) on Netflix, and when I saw this available, having just upgraded to a new HDTV and Blu-Ray player, I had to have!

Now if you happen to be reading this, and you are still dithering about purchasing... stop dithering, and purchase!

Those who like the COWBOY BEEPOP anime series (my mother did, and she loved FIREFLY too)...

Those who want to watch some of the VERY BEST commercial television produced to date...

Those who appreciate strong artistic elements, from settings to performances, that add layers upon layers of depth...

Those who have only watched it via Media Streaming (the added documentaries and commentaries are alone worth it)...

General Sci Fi lovers... Dr. Who lovers (old and new)... yes and yes.

Just to add my minor bit about a particular production value that continues to capture me every single time I watch this series: the constant background visual eye-candy and artistic flairs. If you just ignore the main characters and examine all the little setting touches and cast extras going about their lives, you will find entertainment in itself. That alone makes this serial a wonderful watch.

And the Blu-Ray features adds to the extra-extra goodness.
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on June 29, 2016
I really like the series, but I dislike that it is unfinished. It is a nice compliment to the film and comic books. Besides it not being finished, it is hard to criticize the series because it is perfect in every way. Right down to the humor, pacing, character development, and unique setting. Some anime it reminds me of is outlaw star, cowboy bebop, and samurai champloo.

It would be nice if we could get subtitles for when they are speaking chinese.
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on September 7, 2016
I am so disappointed that this was only a few episodes and 1 season b/c it was executed very well. I actually didn't start watching this series or even knew about before I watched the movie, which was very good by the way and actually, you should watch the movie first and what.....the Knight's Tale guy is in there too, another one of my favorites by the way.

I didn't think I'll like it since Buffy and Angel didn't really do it for me after maybe the first few seasons; I watched them, but I wasn't hooked. I would have to say that the style of humor in Firefly, same as what you'll get with Joss's stuff, is my favorite kind; the humor is actually what lured me in, but everything else which is mainly the storyline made me hooked, also, it doesn't hurt to have really pretty girls in it too.
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on November 1, 2012
...and Fox and the general public let him down. Yes, the show ended before its time due to lack of interest by the general public, FOX's bad decision making, and even - at least in my view - poor marketing to begin with. Heck, I didn't know this show even existed until after it went off the air (yes, I am part of that general public that let this fantastic show die - I am ashamed). You will likely read countless reviews here on Amazon describing the excellent story, the detailed worlds, the fine acting (okay, not 100%, but better than most we see on TV these days), and the ability to capture ones imagination and make you want to watch the next episode and the entire series (over and over again). That is the gift that Joss brought to us with this series and the movie. Is this show for everyone? No - but that's like asking if Star Wars, Avengers, or Family Guy is for everyone. There is a market for this show and it saddens me that it wasn't "big" enough for the bean counters. It also saddens me that no one else has picked this up (and that Joss himself seems to have moved on to other projects). But alas, you can read about this epic adventure all you like - I simply ask that you give it a try and rate it yourself.

Amazon helps in that endeavor by making the entire series available via Amazon Prime streaming. Not only do you get great, fast free 2-day shipping, but you get the ability to watch series like this and many others at no additional cost. If not here, then try your local video store or that big red box or that streaming/DVD company that rhymes with "wetmix" (okay, not my most creative, but you get the idea). I can safely promise that this series is like no other you've likely seen. It brings together Sci-Fi, Western, Action, and Adventure into one fantastic 1-season series. I've purchased this numerous times already (for myself, for a gift, as a replacement for myself when someone close asked for my copy, etc) and now even watch it on occasion via Amazon Prime, even though I have the discs. As you can tell, my review is likely biased by the fact that this series changed my opinion of a good TV series, like Matrix did in the 90s and Star Wars did in the 70s for Sci-Fi viewing audiences. But again, don't take my word for it - just check it out yourself.
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on May 20, 2015
This is the one of the best SciFi series ever and and has a full length sequel motion picture as well! This series was so popular that it has a fan base that lobbied so long and hard after it was discontinued that the writer finally found the funding for the full length sequel which is a fine picture all by itself.

What was so great about it? The actors, character development, humor, and emotion embodied in it made it a sure winner. However someone for some reason other than viewership decided to snuff it out. I and my adult children loved this series so much that we have all seen it and the movie several times and still pine for more. If you are a Science Fiction fan it will surely entertain you. It is much more than just SciFi it is a story of human relationships and drama as well as some light humor sprinkled in for good measure. Give it a shot I doubt you will be disappointed.

It will be a long time before it willl be matched or even equaled in my honest opinion. Give it a try you will likely find something you like about it.
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on May 17, 2017
One of the best TV shows ever made but, it was so far ahead of its time it was canceled. Joss Whedon poured pour brilliance into this series. I feel as if he took everything he learned from other work and made this his master piece. It was so far ahead of its time it couldn't even be appreciated but by a select few. The movie does not do this series justice. I believe Joss said something similar to that as well. He was trying to give us all closure in a movie, which obviously could not be done in Serenity, because they (movies) are too short.

Closure to this wondrous thing he conceived. I can only put this show on the same level as Stargate Atlantis and the original SG series. Not that they are the same thing or even the same topic. I am comparing genres and how we all loved certain TV shows. If you watch this show and truly pay attention you will not be sorry. You will be sad. Sad for the lack of intelligence of those who never appreciated the show, sad that such a great thing could be snuffed out so quickly.

You will want more, and more there will not be. No power in the verse...
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on January 24, 2016
tI was surprised when Amazon asked me for a review of Firefly. Seriously, there must be thousands by now. But anyway...Best television show EVER!...especially if you are a fan of old, classic westerns...this is the quintessential space western, with references from just about every old cowboy movie you ever saw. Brilliant writing, beguiling characters, awesome set designs, original and perfect-to-the-genre (pretty sure Joss Whedon has created a whole new genre here) music. The only critical problem with this series is it lasted only one season. And for some reason the amazon video only offers 14 episodes, so I would encourage you to by the DVD collection if you want to see the last several episodes.
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on May 22, 2017
The version of this that ordered on amazon was actually shipped from Amazon Germany. It arrived after three weeks delay. Though the DVD case and disks were in German, the DVD did play properly in my US Blue Ray player and the main language was in English.
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on December 7, 2012
While far from being the best, it's still a nice series, that keeps you busy in the rainy days, when you got nothing else to watch!
The sceneries are few, mainly of the space ship, and few remote planet locations, the plot is generally simple, not too much SciFi bull, but more built around the relationship between the actors on stage (the captain, a fugitive doctor and his sister, a priest, a prostitute, mercenary and mechanic, traveling all on the same ship, sticking their heads out for one another).

The character that I found most intriguing, would be the escorte/prostitute.
Not because of her mothering, but because of her etiquette response to almost everything, slow to judge, quick to try to please!

The character I found most repelling is the weird girl. She plays bad roles in most of her movies. I just don't like her on stage, and seeing her naked was like not something I'd love to see again (though was more preferable than seeing the male captain naked).

There are very few sex scenes, and no private parts are really shown.

This is a cancelled series, incomplete; and though I'd not call this a budget series, it definitely not call it a bank breaker!
They managed to get everything quite simple on stage and in the movies. Even the CGI was very basic.
Nevertheless, still enjoyable!
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