Customer Reviews: Skagen Men's 233LTMN Titanium Black Mesh Watch
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on April 21, 2007
I've only had this watch for about a week, so can't really comment about the long term durability. However, it is ultra cool watch.

Although I've not got a scale handy at the moment, but it seems to be lighter than my iPod Nano. Really a featherweight watch, and therefore very comfortable to wear.

The dial color really can't be adaquately captured in a picture. It is VERY attractive, much more striking than the image indicates. Several people have asked where I purchased it.

I'm very happy with this choice.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 23, 2007
My wife's first reaction when opening the box in which my SKAGEN TITANIUM BLACK MESH WATCH was delivered was, "Why does something so small come in such a large shipper?" I don't know - to meet a lumber company's quota of slaughtered defenseless baby trees, I suppose. Her next reaction, on seeing the timepiece itself, was, "What a gorgeous watch! But I don't need one." Um, it's for me, actually, I answered. "You mean, you wouldn't buy me a watch?" Sigh. And this after I'd reluctantly forked over fifteen bucks to have her ancient wrist ticker cleaned to a lustrous shine.

The 3 cm diameter face of MY new watch is a rich steel blue that appears to radiate brilliant cerulean rays as you turn it in the light. I immediately noticed that it has no second hand, a fact that made it impossible to quickly discern if time was standing still or not, especially as it emits no ticking sound FX. After contemplating the minute hand for awhile, I was satisfied that I wouldn't have to take it to the watch repair shop for a battery. In any case, the absence of a second hand doesn't distress me unduly, though I won't be able to time the chugs at the next beer guzzling contest that I blunder into.

The face is mounted in a shiny, jet black casing which is, at its thickest, one-half centimeter thin. The watch weighs in at 43 grams, or 1.51678 ounces if you haven't yet gone metric. The classy, black mesh band is approximately 1.75 cm (0.6889764 inches) wide and 23.5 cm (9.251969 inches) in length including the clasp.

According to the engraving on the back of the case, the timepiece is water resistant up to 3 atmospheres (.02204392 ton/square inch). Cool.

Speaking of clasp, the most daunting task is to figure out the band's latching mechanism, especially if you're mechanically obtuse like me. Over dinner at a local kebab house, I spent about 10 minutes struggling with the problem before the solution dawned. I hadn't thought to bring along the instructions, which explains it all quite clearly, including diagrams:

"Pull the hook over the pin.

Close clasp (it should snap).

Close security clasp."

The only problem I foresee will be strapping the watch to my wrist in the morning, especially if the tremors of advancing age and senile dementia are particularly severe that day. And if it's still dark out and I can't turn on the light because the wife is still getting her beauty sleep, the watch will have to go into my pocket for a more illuminated opportunity. If you'd rather have the convenience of an expanding flex band, this Skagen isn't for you.

In case you're wondering, the band's length is adjustable, a project that was itself, minus the user's booklet, pretty much self-defeating in my case. After several minutes of finger nail inserting, tugging, and general cussing over the chicken kebab and rice, I gave up until I got home and read:

"Simply insert a small screwdriver or similar tool into the clasp as shown above (in another handy diagram). Lift up the clasp and move to desired position. Snap closed securely. Make sure the clasp is set in one of indentations on the back of the band."

My disconcerting experiences with the (non-existent) second hand and the band closure aside, the SKAGEN TITANIUM BLACK MESH WATCH is all I'd hoped for and expected it to be when I transmitted the credit card number to order the thing. It's pretty spiffy, if you ask me. Just so long as the wife keeps her covetous hands off it.

5/4/08 Note: The specs listed on the current product page for this watch indicate a "fold-over-clasp", which is not the one on the watch I purchased. Perhaps the former is a better clasp that was added to meet customer reservations concerning the latter.

2/13/10 Note: A problem that has surfaced over time, and which reduces my rating of this watch to 4 stars, is with the mesh band. About a year after I originally purchased the time piece, one of the fine metal threads that forms the weave of the mesh broke, resulting in a pointy-rough spot that would catch on clothes, particularly my pants, and pull out a pile in the fabric. I took it to a watch shop to have the band replaced with a plain leather strap, or some other that wasn't a mesh, but I was told the band could only be replaced by an identical one, which cost me about $40. This second band has now begun to unravel like the first. Even though the time piece itself has performed flawlessly, the repeated problem with the mesh band has caused me to buy a new watch, the FOSSIL AM4159 ANALOG MEN'S WATCH, which has a flexible band made of links.
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on January 12, 2005
I've had this watch for about six months and, overall, have been fairly happy with it. I like the looks of the watch, with its rather unusual blue dial, and find it easy to read. It also keeps excellent time. The only thing I do not like is the clasp. It's a little difficult to put on and the bottom tends to get scratched and, sometimes, caught on things. It has also come loose a couple of times, and I do not find it easy to tighten.

In all, I like the watch but if I bought it again I'd look for a regular clasp.
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on March 19, 2007
This watch is so light and thin but so good-looking that even my husband, who doesn't like watches weighing him down, wears it every day. After three months I don't see any wearing away of the band and the face seems to really resist scratching, because it still looks perfect.
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on December 29, 2003
I love my Skagen watches. They are comfortable, subtle, and sleek. The metal mesh bands are really comfortable, and they look great for a long time, unlike other watches in this price range. Only drawback to all this elegance is the general lack of a second hand.
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on October 6, 2011
Notice how many of the positive reviews say "I just got this today" or similar. Their satisfaction will not last.

The watch is extremely pretty out of the box, but it won't be pretty for long. The face of the watch is hypersensitive to scratches and scuffs. Mine glanced against a wooden bookshelf and was left with a deep scar, maybe a week after I got it.

Skagen knows that this is a design defect. A year ago they replaced a friend's scratched watch, acknowledging that the crystal was too soft. But now that they realize just how bad and how widespread the problem is, it seems, they've decided they can't afford a replacement policy.

The reason I bought this watch was the attractive face, and I'm left with an unattractive one. How will yours be ruined?
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on October 21, 2009
First off let me say I love skagen watches. I owned my first for ten years, sadly my wife thinks she threw it out in the trash 2 days ago hence the reason I am browsing atm. My second skagen I bought 2 years ago and was last years version of this watch.

I bought a second one because I needed a watch when I sent my first skagen in for repairs (the second and minute hands had fallen off in the case) Repairs will run you 34 dollars, for anything other then the mechanical components of the watch, even if it is the mechanical components, your likely to find a new crystal face and will still be charged 34 dollars. its 15 to replace the battery (both require you to pay shipping to them) but a good jeweler can replace the battery for 8 dollars or so.

I bought this watch to upgrade to titanium, because I thought I would like it even better then steel. Sadly this was a mistake for me. I work as a firefighter and my watch takes some more abuse then the average person. I like the slim profile of the skagen because it doesn't get caught on my firegear as I put on my jacket. The mesh band is superb as it allows my skin to breath without pulling the hairs on my arm. Sadly the titanium mesh band has proven to be more flexible then the steel. As such the edge of the band started fraying like a knitted sweater that someone pulled a string on.

Another note for the band, currently this style of band is held by two small screws, while the band hasn't broken yet it is showing signs that it may also break at the attachment point. The black coating on the titanium is also starting to wear and silver is becoming visible.


Skagen is a good watch but if your planning daily use that might be slightly abusive, I would recommend the skagen steel band watches that attach with the spring loaded pin. I have been less then happy with the titanium bands, I would also recommend silver as scratches are less visible.
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on April 13, 2007
This Skagen watch is full of class, yet it's perfect for casual wear too. Very thin, so it's not clunky like a lot of other watches. Titanium black... and the band is black metal as well. Had to bend the clasp a bit to get it to hold, but now it's perfect. And because it's not an expansion braclet, it's very easy to adjust the band to fit your wrist. I hope to have this for years to come, because I've not seen anything like it. And the price is right too.
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on April 21, 2008
I bought this watch for my boyfriend for Christmas. He loved the watch, I loved the watch, everybody loved the watch. He would get comments on it from friends, co-workers and complete strangers. It's a great looking watch for the price.

Now the watch is about 4 months old and the band has developed snags in it that catch on clothing. He's already ruined two shirts.

I'm going to try to see if I can find another band for it, but I'm really disappointed. Granted he does wear it every day, but a watch band should hold up for more than 4 months.
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on July 1, 2007
Just received mine today and I agree with the praises of the other reviewers. Sharp looks and an extremely thin profile.

Thought I'd add, as I didn't see it mentioned yet, the hands and hour indicators do in fact glow in the dark.

Edit: Just noticed another difference. The hands of the watch I recevied are perfect rectangles, not shaped like the ones in the photo.
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