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on January 29, 2009
For years I've used an electric knife to slice turkey, roasts, ham, etc. No matter how well I sharpen a carving or chef's knife, I've been unable to avoid sawing back and forth to complete a cut, or worse, having the meat just tear apart as I cut. And thin, deli-style slices are just a dream, even with a sharp electric knife.

This slicer has cured all that. It's long enough to complete a breast cut on a 30-lb turkey in one stroke, and wide enough to make that stroke in a dead-straight line with little or no guidance from me. Thin ham slices for sandwiches are no problem at all. And it's sharp enough cut through the tenderest meat as if through warm butter. The small grooves on the blade seem to keep slices from sticking, making for an effortless cut.

I bought this knife on the basis of a review in Cook's Illustrated. You can spend more, or less, but I don't think you can buy a better slicer.
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VINE VOICEon May 8, 2015
I don't know why I waited this long to find a legitimate meat slicer. I've been using the wrong tool for the job for a long time (although admittedly, I didn't know that until I got this knife). Smoked brisket slices would be necessarily thick to avoid tearing, as well as uneven and a bit awkward because the blade wasn't long enough to cut through in one slice. Buckboard bacon would be a similarly difficult, coming out more often like a thick ham slice than bacon, or maybe thicker on one end than the other. American-style (pork belly) bacon was even more difficult.

Then I decided to look up meat slicing knives, and this one won me over due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews and the reasonable price. The day it arrived, my latest batch of bacon had finished curing and was in the smoker, so the timing was perfect. I'm attaching a photo (which I hope isn't removed because I forgot to put the knife in the picture) that shows how well the knife slices, even considering my questionable knife skills and the fact that this was my first time ever using it.

I've since used it on those really thin chicken breasts that come in the 10-lb food service bags at big box stores, cutting them into clean slices along their thinnest dimension for jerky. I can't wait to pull another brisket off the smoker and get cutting!
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on March 12, 2015
How many products get rave reviews from buyers who end up in the emergency room on Christmas Eve - due to the product they are raving about? (Read the 5-star reviews and count how many times you see the word "stitches".) This is a wonderful, but very serious knife. I love it!

The Victorinox Granton will slice exquisite sections of your home cooked turkeys, steaks, hams, prime ribs, etc. - all with less effort than the summer breeze needs to drift through the few strands of hair still left on my head. When I saw what this slicer could do, I immediately ordered the Ergo Chef Universal Knife Guard, Yellow Wide Edge 12". It's the perfect edge guard for this knife. ( I easily trimmed the guard to match the angle of the blade at the handle - using my Dremel with a cutting wheel. I also clipped & rounded the far corners of the guard so that the knife - with guard on - will slide back into the clear pouch that the Granton came in. Then, I hang it up high, where only I can reach it, on the peg board behind our pantry door.

This slicer works best on high quality meat portions. If you are cutting summer sausage, a lump of deli meat, or a dense, pre-cooked Cure81 ham, you should use a much less wide blade on a 6 or 8 inch slicing knife. But, of course, you know that. Also, do not abuse the magical edge of this knife by hacking your way around bones! Bring out your coarser cutlery for the end of preparation/clean-up chores. Save this knife for cutting the immaculate presentation pieces of your finest cuisine.
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on April 1, 2016
I normally sneer at anyone who doesn't get 10 or 20 assorted knives with a wooden block thrown in for less than $20.00. Then one day I splurged on a quality Chef's knife. Bad mistake. Sneer drooped. Got spoiled. Use it for everything. Yes, also used it as a slicing knife. Hmm..., a quality slicing knife. Holy-Cow, these things have gotten expensive! Okay, for a knife this good it's a bargain, but I'm a bit overly frugal. Bought it with a vow that if it didn't knock my socks off it would be going right back. It knocked my socks off. Sharp, dangerously so. Slides through meat like a special effects Samurai sword. I now have two knives I'll never part with.
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on May 26, 2014
I bought this a few months ago, and haven't had the opportunity to put it to good use-- until now. During the summer we like to grill tri-tip (triangular shaped cut of beef). Today was the day, to test this baby out. Well, once again, Cook's Illustrated's recommendation was spot on. It was such a delight to have that sawing motion while the blade sliced right through the beef, as though it was soft butter! I got even, thin slices, and I felt so accomplished! The prices is so reasonable. I just had to order a guard for it, though, because it's too large to store in my knife block. I don't want to store it into a drawer, until I protect the sharp edge from anyone reaching in and carving open their fingers. Oy. I plan to hone the knife before each use, and I do have a really good knife sharpener. I love this as much as the Victorinox boning knife. Great buy!
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on April 20, 2017
This is an excellent knife. We've always thought about getting one and then saw on a TV show Cooks Country that two years in a row this knife was chosen as the top choice by their testers. We went ahead and purchased it and are so pleased with it. I used it to slice prime rib to order and also to split a whole loaf of Italian bread lengthy wise. It's sharp and easy to handle. Gear knife and great addition to the kitchen equipment suite
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on July 8, 2016
I bought this about about 6 months ago to slice my briskets. It's razor sharp and when used properly can cut a brisket to look like you used a mechanical meat slicer. Love it. Be careful because the rounded front end is also razor sharp:)
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on March 31, 2017
Super, Super Sharp!! Perfect for cutting a large roast into steaks. I bought a 13lb Prime Rib Roast and cut it into 17, 1" ribeye steaks and 1 1/2 pound ground steak hamburgers. This savings was more than the cost of this knife and was needed to cut such a large piece of meat. Cuts were even and smooth. It sliced through the meat very easily. This knife has already paid for itself! Amazon's part in this review was easy, quick shipping and excellent packaging. Couldn't be more pleased...
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on March 11, 2017
I usually use my electric knife to slice meats, but the extra-huge briskets were a challenge, so I bought this (with a few other applications in mind also). This is a great knife! It is sharper than expected, but that is on par with other Victorinox knives I own. I efficiently handled the brisket and will try some other applications soon.
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on March 1, 2017
I LOVE this knife, I do BBQ contests and this is my go to for ribs that I need to put in the box or present to judges, of course there are more expensive knifes but for the price of this one I'll stick with Victornix; just be careful when you wash it because its super sharp, I always say this knife does the cutting I don't, never have to push the blade, just move from side to side slowly...
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