Customer Reviews: Victorinox 12-Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife with Fibrox Handle
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on January 29, 2009
For years I've used an electric knife to slice turkey, roasts, ham, etc. No matter how well I sharpen a carving or chef's knife, I've been unable to avoid sawing back and forth to complete a cut, or worse, having the meat just tear apart as I cut. And thin, deli-style slices are just a dream, even with a sharp electric knife.

This slicer has cured all that. It's long enough to complete a breast cut on a 30-lb turkey in one stroke, and wide enough to make that stroke in a dead-straight line with little or no guidance from me. Thin ham slices for sandwiches are no problem at all. And it's sharp enough cut through the tenderest meat as if through warm butter. The small grooves on the blade seem to keep slices from sticking, making for an effortless cut.

I bought this knife on the basis of a review in Cook's Illustrated. You can spend more, or less, but I don't think you can buy a better slicer.
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on December 17, 2009
We too purchased this knife after a reading a review about in Cooks Illustrated and heeding the advice of Food Network's Alton Brown.

We were convinced that we wanted a knife that sliced paper thin and in one stroke, did not wander during the cut and thus produce non uniform slices, and did not leave cutting ridges on the face of our meat.

We roasted prime rib and set about carving it. Our first impression was that it was too flexible and too thin. The first few slices looked novice like. We were also disappointed that we could not seem to slice one piece of roast in one motion as demonstrated by Alton.

However, when we fished out our 10" chefs knife for comparison, we immediately appreciated the difference. The chefs knife could not cut slices as thinly, consistently, or as cleanly as the Victorinox. We then compared it to our Henckles knife that is part of a carving set we received as gift. The Henckles is 8" of forged steel and beautifully finished, but it left us wanting more flexibility and four more inches of blade. The Victorinox abundantly provides both.

As we practiced, we became proficient. We found we could slice cleanly despite having to reciprocate the knife, we could slice uniformly, and most importantly, we could duplicate the deli sheer thin widths we like so much.

Potential buyers desiring these characteristics will not be disappointed
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VINE VOICEon May 8, 2015
I don't know why I waited this long to find a legitimate meat slicer. I've been using the wrong tool for the job for a long time (although admittedly, I didn't know that until I got this knife). Smoked brisket slices would be necessarily thick to avoid tearing, as well as uneven and a bit awkward because the blade wasn't long enough to cut through in one slice. Buckboard bacon would be a similarly difficult, coming out more often like a thick ham slice than bacon, or maybe thicker on one end than the other. American-style (pork belly) bacon was even more difficult.

Then I decided to look up meat slicing knives, and this one won me over due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews and the reasonable price. The day it arrived, my latest batch of bacon had finished curing and was in the smoker, so the timing was perfect. I'm attaching a photo (which I hope isn't removed because I forgot to put the knife in the picture) that shows how well the knife slices, even considering my questionable knife skills and the fact that this was my first time ever using it.

I've since used it on those really thin chicken breasts that come in the 10-lb food service bags at big box stores, cutting them into clean slices along their thinnest dimension for jerky. I can't wait to pull another brisket off the smoker and get cutting!
review image
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on December 6, 2009
I am the proud owner of a set of Wustof Trident knives. I bought a bulk piece of NY Strip Steaks (about 2-1/2' long) and decided to cut it into steaks, run it thru my Food Saver 2 steaks at a time and freeze them. I first tried my super whiz bang Wustof Chef's Knife (which I sharpened first). Hmmmmmm. Wasn't doing the job. Then I tried my Wustof Slicing Knife (which I also sharpened). Hmmmmmmmm. Wasn't doing the job, either! Last shot: My Victorinox Slicing Knife (didn't sharpen it). WOW! I cut 15 steaks off the rack or strip or whatever it was with ease. It held its edge, felt good in my hand, stayed relatively straight through the cut (not having done this before, the first 2 steaks were a bit irregular) and worked like a champ!! I won't give up my other knives, but I'm more than overjoyed at the smooth job this knife did. It did a great job on the Thanksgiving Turkey, too. Well worth the money. Oh, BTW, read about this knife on Cooks Illustrated. Great reference!!
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on November 30, 2009
I use this knife to slice beef brisket when I am competing in BBQ competitions. I need those slices to be absolutely perfect. No saw marks, completely equal and uniform, and no tearouts. This knife is unbelievably sharp and the length allows me to do a slice in one long pull. The hollows in the blade keep the meat from 'sticking' to the blade and messing up the cut. I love this knife and it was money very well spent.
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on March 5, 2011
This knife is a perfect slicing knife for not only meats, but for delicate cake layers. We have priced this at other retailers, and this is one of the best prices we have seen! You won't be disappointed if you order this knife, especially if you are a cake baker.
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on July 8, 2008
I've been wanting a large granton slicer for quite awhile...but never could quite see paying the cost of a forged blade.

This is a terrific knife, and an excellent value. It arrived sharp, and a quick honing keeps it that way. My slicing is better than ever.
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on August 13, 2015
this knife is so sharp, it should come with its own Pulp Fiction wallet. Seriously, it's long and lean and deadly. I feel like I'm holding an ancient samurai sword when i pull this puppy out.
Throw those cheesy electric knives away and have some dignity when you slice your friggin roast or turkey, won't you?
review image
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on November 21, 2008
Whyis thisa superior slicing tool? 1. it is long enough to slice a thin largeslice off a large ham or roastof beef witout having to "saw' back and forth which shows up in the slice as ugly is wide enough to give the blade heft and enabling the user great control.3.the blade is flexible but just enough to provide agility,thus increased cut control. the rigidity makes it easier to produce uniformly thin slices4 as the extrawidth provides registration(contact) withthe uncut surface and this offersadditionalhelp in slicing thinly and uniformly.
The one negative:the granton hollows: they are of verylittle help but shorten the useful life of any knife by 90% but thatmight still be a lifetime ifyou resist shrpening: Steel before each use and learn to hone instead of grinding away precious steel. This said, I still own and use a wide blade Forschner chef knife wich I sharpened monthly on a slow verfine grindstone and after 30 years of daily use has only lost 3/8 " of width and is actually down to a standard chef knife'swidth so that it has only another 25 years of useful life.(since I'm 80 Idon't really worry...)
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on January 3, 2009
I enjoy good knives. I throw away those that just don't cut it (pun intended). This one's a keeper. Uniquely designed, it is very long to be able to stretch across the whole breast of a turkey and cuts perfectly. It is a thin design, making it less bulky to hold. I've had knives that hold onto whatever it cuts, but this one easily lets go of whatever it slices. However, on meats that are less dense, ie pot roast, it didn't do as well... but what knife does? Let me know! It's pricey, but this one will be around our holiday tables forever.
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