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on September 19, 2015
I work in a warehouse freezer, and ride a motorcycle. For the warehouse, these gloves are perfect. I stack empty wood pallets all day. Most gloves last me between a week and a month before they wear out enough for the cold to seep through. These have lasted me 10 weeks so far, and only this last week got a hole worn in them. The freezer is -10°F to -30°F, my hands stay nice and warm, but not sweaty. I've seen some reviews complain about the inner lining coming out when they take out their hand, this does happen (and in my experience every glove with an inner lining does) unless you take the glove off by pulling the glove off from the finger tips first.

For use on the motorcycle... No. At 50° and 50mph, the cold wind cuts right thru these. Ya, i know 50° isn't very cold, but if its cutting thru at that temp it will be colder at lower temps.

Water proof? Yes. Like any other water proof glove, if you stick your hand in past the cuff, the water will still seep in. The waterproof layer is in the middle, so the outer layer will still get soaked
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on November 9, 2016
I ordered these gloves to wear when riding my motorbike in the rain, as my proper riding gloves take in water and become soggy, making my hands numb from the cold. I also have them with me when taking my best friends (four-legged) for their exercise outdoors in case it rains.

The pair I am having now is actually the second. (I have also purchased Ergodyne Proflex 818 Thermal Waterproof Utility Gloves at the same time I ordered this one.) I am happy with it (as well as with Ergodyne's). It is well made, and keeps my hands dry and warm in the rain.

The first pair was too big. The mistake in my choice of the size was caused by the manufacturer’s advice to add a quarter inch to the circumference of your palm and check the size that is appropriate. It didn’t work for me. You might want to ignore that piece of advice.

Fortunately for me, Amazon graciously refunded my money without me having to return that first pair, because to do so would have meant a lot of hassles for me. I live in the mountains, and travelling to and fro the nearest city to mail the pair back is not exactly something I would be dying to do.
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on January 8, 2017
Big disappointment. Thought I was buying American, but was surprised to find these are not American made by Youngstown but were made in China, even though the product description keeps referring to "Youngstown's glove", Very misleading. They are definitely not as warm as indicated. Outside temp today is 27, not counting wind chill. The fingers on my left hand went numb in less than 20 minutes. Velcro adjust strap measures 3/4 by 2&1/4. Tough to adjust with a glove on. Can't attest to its being water proof. My palm circumference measures a little over 10 inches, so given my past experience with glove sizes, I went to the 3X, while just a little large, is a good fit.. Regardless, I would not recommend this glove as a buy unless you have very mild winters, .
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on December 21, 2014
Very dissappointed with these gloves. I bought these gloves based on the online reviews and the company's promotional videos. I bought two pairs just because I was going to put them to rough-use and wanted a back-up pair just in case I wore them out.

I needed some sturdy gloves for an ocean crossing on board a sailing yacht. There would be a lot of rope work involved in cold and wet conditions. I needed gloves that provided certain level of dexterity that would stand-up to the rough work while keep my hands warm and dry.

Fist of all, the model name is misleading as they are NOT WATERPROOF. My hands were soaking wet whenever the gloves were splashed with water. Even in drizzle they would get wet.

Secondly, the build quality of the seams is not very good. Both pairs ripped at the seams where the knuckles would be (picture included) after just a couple of uses.

On the plus side, the fit is good, it's a type of padded form fit for your hands, and they were relatively warm if I could keep them dry.
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on August 13, 2016
I purchased these gloves for my boyfriend, because he works in a freezer and was really struggling to get by each day with the normal nylon/polyester blend gloves his work provided. We had high hopes for these gloves having read the reviews before purchasing. Unfortunately, they did not live up to his expectations. They just kept his hands slightly warmer than the cheap nylon/polyester gloves his work provided. They did not keep his fingers warm at all. Even with warmers placed inside the glove his fingers were still cold. The palm he said stayed warm for a little while and a lot better than the finger tips did. We ended up purchasing him new gloves, mittens, and he has been completely satisfied with those gloves. These gloves I suppose would be good for winter wear if you do not plan on doing much with your hands while wearing them and instead just using them to shield your hands from the cold air for a short period of time.
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on December 23, 2014
These gloves are very, very warm. The negative reviews I'm seeing complain about how you don't have full dexterity or the liner does not go to the very tip...'s a winter glove that will keep your hands warm in single digits (no pun intended on the fingers being digits). You cannot expect to have insulation that will keep your hands toasty when it's barely above 0 degrees Fahrenheit while having the control of a paper-thin summer work glove. You will not be tying fishing line with these. But if you are doing REAL work that requires solid protection to your hands in cold temperatures, these should fit the bill. The cuffs will wrinkle up when you tighten up the velcro, but the solution is to tuck a sleeve into them. They are meant to be worn over a sleeve, not under it.
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on March 30, 2013
I bought these gloves for cold weather riding. They appear and feel well made. The fit was perfect, a little bulky but not so much as to cause any problems or discomfort. Took them out for a test drive; 80 MPH around 40 Fahrenheit and no issues. Then I finished my ride and took them off. Here's where my problems started, both liners came out with my hands. Keep in mind the liners are sewn at the wrist, so essentially the liners turned inside out. Now every time I wear my gloves I have to fight to get each finger in place, un-bunch the liner, and then into the glove fingers; which I do because the gloves are nice once they are on. 10-15 minutes of frustration later you are ready. I would have no problem giving these 5 stars if only the liners would stay in. As for recommendations, I have already recommended them to my Motorcycle club. I haven't had these issues with my Youngstown Glove 08-3083-10-XL Safety Lime Glove Lined with Kevlar X-Large, so maybe I just got a bad pair.
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on January 9, 2011
I ordered these gloves 5 months ago. I'm a zookeeper, so there are MANY opportunities for me to get my hands wet with all sorts of gross stuff. These gloves do the trick! You can submerge the glove completely for a few seconds and the water will not soak through. They are that good. If you dip your hand too far, of course water will seep in behind the wrist strap. So you can't reach into water all the way to your elbow or something.

Don't get me wrong though. I have had these gloves soaked completely through to my skin several times during winter. If you submerge them, they need time to dry before you submerge again. Otherwise, they will soak through to the skin. I still use them when they get to this point because they will eventually dry out and then provide a good level of waterproofing again.

They aren't totally waterproof. Gloves that are totally waterproof just don't look and feel this good. It takes a lot of soaking to get through these. That's all I'm asking for. They are comfortable, look good, and the price is right. I definitely recommend these gloves for every season except summer.

I bought a large pair and they fit me well - just some slight room at the fingertips. They say not to wash and dry them in machines. But I have and they weren't damaged. The liner inside will come out of the glove, and they are a pain to get seated back in the glove correctly. So be warned. But mine just get way to messy for hand washing.
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on June 6, 2017
Its been more than month since i received my Gloves from Youngstown , i was very skeptical as i have bought over the years so many different brands and every one of those either had tears in fabric in just a week or weren't waterproof as advertised, this gloves are heavy Duty , in -30F freezer my hands stay warm and water melting ice or condensation never goes thru first layer, its usually gets wet from outside but my hands are 99% dry from inside, you wont be able to pick up screws or small objects with this gloves as fingers are extremly large because of all that insulation but as warm waterproof heavy duty gloves this ones are amazing
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on December 11, 2013
I bought these primarily for a Monday night football game with temperatures reaching well below 30 degrees F. I was impressed with how warm my fingers stayed throughout the 4+ hours I spent exposed to the elements. As others have mentioned, the fit was snug which leads to exercising a bit more patience when putting these gloves on. I did find it somewhat difficult to accomplish much more than grabbing my beer, like getting my wallet out of my pocket, zipping up a jacket, or holding my phone. It was never my expectation for these gloves to be very nimble, though. More recently I used these gloves while cutting down, dragging and putting up a Christmas tree and they were great; durable, warm and easy to operate larger tools. While I do like these gloves i was most disappointed with seams coming undone in three separate places as soon as i tried them on, right out of the package. By no means did I have the wrong size as they fit well, but the seams along the fingers were split almost as soon as i wiggled my fingers. Not sure if others have experienced any issues with seams, but overall i still like these gloves and plan to get great use out of them this winter.
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