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on September 5, 2011
A nice coffee machine when you are the only decaf drinker in the office. :) The shipping was reasonably fast, and well-padded. It even came with a few samples. As a used product, I was worried about its condition, especially when it didn't want to start right away. But after turning it on and off a few times, the unit made the familiar heating up sound, and my decaf was on its way to my cup.

Accepts Melitta and Senseo brand coffee pods. Two cup size settings, approx 6 and 8 ounce. One pod can make up to 12 ounces of coffee by running the machine twice with the pod left in for both runs. Do be aware that taller cups (like the insulated ones with lids) do not fit well under the spout. This machine does better with standard ceramic mugs as the receiver of the beverage. You can then pour it into another container if you want to.
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on August 13, 2013
Bought this because my Senseo coffeemaker lost it's lights a month ago, and while it's still brewing, I can see the end in sight. I'm not about to pay the prices that are being asked for Senseo brand brewers, when I can get them in Europe for far less. This is a functional replacement, and for the cost, I really can't complain. It works well, although you have to stuff the pods into it. Overall, a good pod coffeemaker
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on February 1, 2005
Ok I have had mine for over a year (new color though) and I discovered one or two tricks you all might want to know so you can really enjoy this product as much as I do!

First, check the water you are using to make coffee. I read a lot of reviews that talk about the coffee tasting "bitter" but using bottled water makes a HUGE difference, ESPECIALLY if you live somewhere with hard water (CA, AZ, FL).

Second, make sure the pod is fitting properly in the metal cup. I buy non-melitta pods which are sometimes shaped differently and so you have to adjust them using your finger and smooth them out once you cram them in there. Otherwise the water will slip past the pod itself if there is not a good surface area for it to flow through (i.e. the coffee seems too watery or light).

Third, don't use yesterdays water left in the tank! Rinse the thing out once a day!

Fourth, If you buy other pods make sure they are the "single cup" kind and NOT "espresso" nor "two cup!"

I for one just discovered the Juan Valdez decaf which so far tastes the best, but the difference in taste between my bottled water here in Florida and filtered water in NY is HUGE!


I really love the product but like many of you not crazy about the company nor their coffee they sell! But I can't live without this thing as once you get it right you can't go pack to a coffee pot, yuck!
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on May 7, 2007
I wanted a single pod coffeemaker to place on the corner of my desk in my office since my company has horrible coffeemakers and uses regular, bland "Folger's" type coffee. After you have had Starbucks or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf coffee, one might want to be able to make a similar more quality cup of java at work--without the hassle of making a whole pot which will taste burnt or stale.

I am cheap, but also practical. I read ALL the Amazon user reviews for this Melitta product and they are all accurate. This product--for it's relatively low price--works very well. I buy generic Target store brand French Roast coffee pods (I like them because they are so affordable and individually wrapped to ensure freshness). They are actually a little too big for the Melitta pod holder, but can be carefully folded/squeezed into the existing holder and will still brew properly.

This coffeemaker is LIGHT YEARS better than the most recent model of the Black & Decker Home Cafe single pod coffeemaker. I had first bought one of those--similar to another Amazon user's comments I was seduced by its lower price--but returned it to Amazon because the coffee came out barely luke warm and very watery tasting after several attempts. I had also considered Senseo, because of its interesting visual design, but it didn't seem to have an option of making more than one size cup of coffee and also had the smallest water reservoir of any similar products (you can buy a reservoir attachment, but it looks extremely ugly and detracts from Senseo's design).

The Melitta holds about the same amount of water as the B & D Home Cafe and that's tolerable because it will make about 3 cups without needing to refill the reservoir. The canister can leak a tad when momentarily inserted, but that's not the end of the world.

The only miniscule drawback is that my first, original model of the B & D Home Cafe had an "instant on" water heating element and worked well till it broke literally days after the warranty expired. By contrast, when you press the Melitta's "on" button, you are not supposed to then press the "brew" button until the heating element cycles and warms up (when the "on" button stops flashing). It actually does not take long (varying between 45-75 seconds), but is not quite as instantaneous as some other pod coffeemakers. But that would not stop me from buying another one or giving one as a gift, but think it should be disclosed. I also like the Melitta's Tim Burton-esque design which in black sort of looks like a mini, sinister rocket ship!
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on August 3, 2005
I got the Melitta because I HATE using a regular coffee maker. This is much better for my taste for coffee. I tend to drink a largish mug first thing in the morning and maybe another cup after work. The Melitta makes my coffee in less than two minutes and cleans up in less than one.

Some of the other reviewers have posted comments about leaking, this is easily prevented by making sure the pod is completely in the pod holder. Make sure that the edge of the filter paper isn't over the top of the holder!

As for water, it will make one 16oz cup of coffee with water to spare. (leave the excess in the tank to prevent the need to "prime" the machine if you skip a day.) Note that this is two cycles worth. Filling works best by tipping the tank back, flipping it open and then pouring water in. Or one can remove the tank entirely and fill it from the tap. Tap water works fine for me, but depending on how the water quality is where you live, you may want to use filtered/bottled water.

As for Melitta's pods, yes they are a bit weak, but they are cheaper than the other options. express provides some nice pods that only need a rubber ring adapter to make them sit properly in the pod holder (they're a little too small) and this makes it even easier to prevent leaking.

All in all it's been a good item, well worth the price.
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on August 5, 2010
It didn't last long. After only a couple of months, we could only get it to do the wash cycle, not the brew-coffee cycle.
Overall, not worth the bother. Get an electric teapot and a single-cup filter cone if you want your coffee one cup at a time!
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on November 4, 2016
Had to return the item. When I plugged it in to prime it it made a terrible noise and began to give off a burning odor. Water would not enter the coffee maker.
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on January 15, 2005
I've been using this 2-3x a day for 3 weeks. It's an attractive unit. Price was right ($50). Clean up is quick and easy. Pre-heating the water takes about a minute before each cup. Overall, I'm satisfied with the unit for personal daily use. But I have two complaints:

1. It leaks. I've followed the manufacturer instructions to properly seat each coffee pod in the tray and seal the top of the unit. Yet coffee ends up dribbling down the front of the unit into the spill tray.

2. I wish more water would be used to fill a large cup of coffee. I tried a trick to run the machine immediately again using the same pod and the small cup option, but it doesn't work. The coffee that comes thru the second time is much weaker.
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on February 21, 2006
I ordered this from the Melitta website without reading some of the reviews on here (or realizing that Amazon sold it). Then I found them, and got nervous.

But this machine does exactly what it says it will: brew a single cup of coffee using pods. No, the quality is not what you would get at a gourmet coffee shop--then again, neither is my pot at home when I make it with a regular machine, even when I grind my own beans. I needed something for work that would produce a minimum hassle and mess, and One: One does just that. Once you get the hang of using it (the right amount of water, which pour is better for the cup you're using, etc.) it's clean, convenient, and provides that caffeine rush just as effectively as a regular pot. I'm eager to try [...] varieties, which I understand are of better quality, but even the Mellita pods aren't bad at all.

I reread some of these reviews, and I just don't understand them. Were people really expecting the best cup of coffee they'd ever drunk out of a pod machine? For my part, the best cup of coffee I've ever had was in Italy, and I know I'm not repeating that experience with this machine. But my needs are different at 7:30am in the morning when I arrive at work, and One: One answers them.
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on June 16, 2012
Service from Anazon and Price Pros good, Coffee machine
did not work . After one week it began to spit boiling water, Contacted price pro, new machine sent but the same thing happened again, now returning second machine. Coffee is great when the machine works but the steam and boiling water spurting accross the kitchen is a problem. Very happy with Price Pros customer service
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