Customer Reviews: Nylabone Big Chew Monster Original Flavored Durable Toy Chicken Bone for Large Breeds
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on March 19, 2015
I have 2 of these BIG Monster Nylabones, the turkey leg and the knot. I have 3 large dogs - two Pitbulls and a Boxer mix. All 3 prefer the knot style (pictured with my 50lb Pitty female). It is about a month old, and despite being knawed on by all 3 multiple times, it is in great shape. I will admit that the knot is a bit smaller than I expected it to be, but like I said - it appears to be the favorite out of the 2 styles, and even out of their entire toy box that is filled with multiple other Nylabone Dura Chews! I think the turkey leg is too thick on one side and too thin on the other for them to really be able to get a good grip to chew either end comfortably (and our male Pit has a GIANT head/mouth!) I plan to buy the beef at some point, as well as another knot or two! (Amazon by far has the best pricing for these USA made bones!)
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on August 18, 2010
My two Labs have devoured in minutes just about every "indestructible" dog chew on the market. I really thought that nothing could stand up to their grinders, until I discovered Big Chews. If you've tried other Nylabone products without long-term success, don't worry. My dogs can easily make a meal of those, but not of Big Chews. They last for months and months. In fact, I'm just about to buy a couple, and that's the first time in at least a year.

If you think there is nothing your chewsy pup can't destroy in weeks, days, or even hours, try a Big Chew. They're expensive, but not in the long run.

There are a couple of different shapes, but I've only ever used (well, not me personally) the Beef Bone. (Despite the name, it doesn't have a smell or leave any kind of residue on the carpet.) The Dino Bone doesn't look like it's made of the same material, and the Turkey Leg has a skinny end that I think will get chewed down to a spike.
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on September 10, 2009
We have a large (100lb) yellow lab who constantly chews bones. We have bought several nylabones in the past that have met their demise literally a week later. However, this line of bones is incredible - it actually takes him several months to even wear down an edge of this bone, much less the entire bone. Worth the money, I can't recommend this enough!
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on July 29, 2014
It really is a great product and my dog loves them. I have to disagree, however, with the 'virtually indestructible' part. :) My 70 lbs Shepherd/Malinois female completely annihilates these things in a matter of a month or so! I'll try to attach a picture of the before and after. It's pretty funny! Still highly recommend this, though, for a tough chewer like my dog. We used to try giving her the smaller ones, but she practically eats them as a snack, so we finally got the 'BIG' one, and they keep her occupied!
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on August 10, 2008
We've tried just about every heavy-duty chew toy out there with our two dogs, one a Labrador and the other a Lab mix. Nothing lasts more than a few days, and many are shredded within hours. The manufacturers all claim these toys are "extra tough" and even "indestructible". One had a lifetime guarantee, which we had to take the makers up on as their product was seriously compromised after the first couple of gnawing sessions.

I was hesitant to buy Nylabone Big Chews Beef Bones because of my previous disappointments, and because they seemed pretty pricey. And we'd tried another Nylabone product which my dogs basically ate. But we were desperate. It seemed that nothing less than steel pipes would stand up to our dogs' teeth. But we were amazed. These chews have gotten gradually smaller, but it's been well over a year and there's plenty of 'em left.

We're crossing fingers and paws that Nylabone keeps making the Big Chews, without any changes to the current formula, because I don't see a real alternative out there. When our dogs were younger, with less powerful jaws, they could still demolish most tough toys, even the black Kongs. The most durable toy at that time was the black rubber Buddy's Diamond Ring. I don't recall who made it, but it was terrific, and lasted for months. Then Sergeant's took it over. The rings looked the same as always, but that was where the similarity ended. They didn't last a day.

In case you're wondering, these "beef" bones are just shaped that way, they're not actual bones. Just nylon and natural flavor, which is odorless to me, but irresistible to my dogs. If you're as desperate as we were to find an industrial-strength chew toy to challenge those monster maws, this is it. And believe me, they're well worth the money.
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on January 23, 2009
I have two am. staff. terrier mixes and they are very "aggressive" chewers. They tear up almost anything I get them in a matter of seconds, but it takes them each about a year to get through these things. I get them new ones every Christmas.
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on December 22, 2010
This nylabone is (roughly) equal length to the other large nylabones out there. If you've gone through a few nylabones you've probably thrown them out when your dog got them down to the center and part of one end. So is this one any better? It is! The ends on this bone are big. Ridiculously big. If your dog chews through a normal "large" (long) nylabone in a week, it will take your dog 4 weeks to make it through the ends on this one. Sure it costs twice as much, but it lasts four times as long, and if you don't want Fido chewing on your shoes and you're trying to keep appropriate chew toys available at all times this is not only less hassle as a caretaker but it is double the value.

Bottom line: Dogs need new nylabones when they chew through the ENDS of the bones, and this one has *huge* ends so it will last a VERY long time. Hope this helps!
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on January 9, 2007
I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Siberian Husky and they can both chew through a toy in no time at all. These Nylabone Turkey Leg chew bones last forever. My dogs chew on them for hours on end and they still last. They are the best value for the money.
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on December 7, 2014
My doggie loves, loves, loves this one. I have had it for a couple of weeks now, and it is still in 1 piece. It is heavy. When it hits the floor, its loud. My dog can destroy most toys in 5-15 mins. She even destroys the Kong toys before we get out of the PetSmart parking lot, so I am always searching for a toy that will hold up for a hour or longer. We have tried the Kong Extreme toys with no luck, they last a few hours, but ultimately fail. This turkey leg is perfect, the small end is just right for her to chew on, and the large end has ridge detail molded in to allow her to try and bite down on, but she cannot get it in her mouth to put her full down force on it therefore allowing it to last. I'm have tried EVERYTHNG, and so far the has been the best. Plus, if someone breaks in, I can throw this at them and knock them out if my dog fails to get to them first.
Thank you Nylabone!!!
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on October 14, 2015
Didn't last as long as I thought. My english bulldog only had this laying around the house for a few days among other toys. After about 20 minutes of solid chewing tonight he suddenly stopped and I see blood on the bone. I know he's an aggressive chewer but I thought this would last longer and not cut his gums. He's had several other Nylabones and never had this problem. Won't be buying this one again
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