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on March 19, 2015
I have 2 of these BIG Monster Nylabones, the turkey leg and the knot. I have 3 large dogs - two Pitbulls and a Boxer mix. All 3 prefer the knot style (pictured with my 50lb Pitty female). It is about a month old, and despite being knawed on by all 3 multiple times, it is in great shape. I will admit that the knot is a bit smaller than I expected it to be, but like I said - it appears to be the favorite out of the 2 styles, and even out of their entire toy box that is filled with multiple other Nylabone Dura Chews! I think the turkey leg is too thick on one side and too thin on the other for them to really be able to get a good grip to chew either end comfortably (and our male Pit has a GIANT head/mouth!) I plan to buy the beef at some point, as well as another knot or two! (Amazon by far has the best pricing for these USA made bones!)
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Enthusiast: Petson July 18, 2016
I have a 13 month old 56 lb boxer/rottie mix who is a medium chewer and this bone is great for him. No splintering, doesn't make a mess, and hard enough to make him work without any danger of him breaking teeth, getting cut, or choking. We gave it to him a couple of weeks ago and based on wear I'm confident it will last him a long time (many months at least). I was a little hesitant about giving my animal a product that contained nylon, but after a scary experience giving a rawhide bone to a previous foster dog, I was told this was a much safer option and now I agree.

This bone is very dense and very hard, so it makes an awful noise when my dog drops it on my hardwood floor. We are also careful to make sure he doesn't drop it on our bare toes, because that would be quite unpleasant. Be aware that the chewed edges also get really rough because of the way the bone wears, so they can become a magnet for dog hairs or fabric threads. This hasn't been a problem for us (we just encourage our pup to chew it on his bed and take it away from him when we are watching a movie so the noise isn't bothersome), but it is good to know.

Update: We've had Winston for 5 months now and in that time he has gained 5 lbs of muscle. He loves his Nylabone! It is still going strong and I think he will be able to use this well through his one year adoptiversary. The only issue we have with this bone is that the edges can get sharp and sometimes will cut his mouth. He doesn't notice and just wants to keep chewing, but we usually take the bone away at that point for a bit. My boyfriend has taken the bone and used a power sander on it a few times now to remove all the sharp edges. We only have to to in once every couple of months but it makes a big difference.
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on November 30, 2015
Definitely doesn't stand up to my big chewer! I have a 50 pound mixed breed who can go through a normal Nylabone in about a week. We decided to try this since it's supposed to be virtually "indestructible"...yeah, the picture below shows what damage she did in TWO HOURS! Definitely not up to the hype. (And yes, that is her in the picture! Lol)
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on January 30, 2016
ABSOLUTELY HUGE bone which will definitely last months. When I saw the word big I didn't know just how big. I bought two ( one for my 15lbs maltipoo and another for my 70lb lab-shepherd mix) thinking that the maltipoo who has been able to chew through anything and would definitely punish his younger but bigger brother if he had anything this fella didn't have, would chew through this like no tomorrow. But this bone ended up being bigger than my maltipoo and so heavy that even my lab shepherd is having a really tough time holding it in his mouth and opening his mouth wide enough to chew it.

But if you have a mastiff or a super big furry one who can chew through anything and fit anything in his/her mouth these would be perfect.

But for 70-90 pounders I would say that this is still too big.
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on February 11, 2015
I have Rottweiler and a lab, both of them are over 90 lbs and strong chewers. I needed something last was durable and last long. I had purchased a deer antler before and that was great because it was very durable. However, they can be quite pricey for a small piece of antler. I also have to large kongs, which neither dog really found interesting unless there was some type of treat in the middle. I purchased 1 Nylabone Beef Bone to see how the dogs liked it. They both liked it very much so i bought a second one. It has held up to both them and best of all neither of them have grown board with it.

Does not stain floor unlike other dog bones
Color - Easier to find out in the yard when the dogs bring outside.

Occasionally a small piece of plastic will come off the bone. Nothing the vacuum can't pick up. Very minor issue.
Heavy - Not really a con but if the dog drops the bone on your foot it will hurt. Also stub your toe or stepping on it with bare feet will hurt. This has happen a couple of times in the middle of the night from the dogs leaving it in the middle of the floor.

I would RECOMMEND this to any with a larger breed dog that is a powerful chewer.
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on August 14, 2016
I have one German Shepherd, one Australian Shepherd, and one Irish Wolfhound. I now have three of these things for two reasons.

First, the dogs love them.
Second, they fight over them so I got three of them so each of them can play with one on their own.

Note: That never works... they always want the one the other dog has!

But, in terms of quality - these things last forever. My oldest one is probably over a year old now and it has one end almost chewed down to the girth of the bone in the middle... so I'd say they hold up well against any dog you'd want to get them for. They're very hard (which is good for your dog's teeth. Soft things like rubber balls wear their teeth dull quickly.) I've hit one of them twice with the riding lawn mower and it's no worse for wear. Once these eventually get chewed up or more likely lost, I'll get another just like it. It's totally worth the money and WAY cheaper than replacing other toys every two weeks.
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on October 14, 2015
Didn't last as long as I thought. My english bulldog only had this laying around the house for a few days among other toys. After about 20 minutes of solid chewing tonight he suddenly stopped and I see blood on the bone. I know he's an aggressive chewer but I thought this would last longer and not cut his gums. He's had several other Nylabones and never had this problem. Won't be buying this one again
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on May 4, 2017
My Weimaraner loves this very large bone. The only problem is the bone is so large and heavy the dog can drop it on your toes! When guests come he grabs this bone and I have to take it away for fear of injury. Otherwise it's great for chewing as he can't make much of a dent in it.
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Enthusiast: Petson June 1, 2016
My (wonderful lab-smart friendly happy-go-lucky) pup loves this bone. I love her. So she gets new bone to replace old bone. She even happier. Woof!

She's had the original bone since Christmas and had managed to gnaw almost 1/2 of it. I finally took it away. She was very sad and desperately (and naughtily) tried to get it back from the cupboard I (unsuccessfully) hid it in. So it went in the garbage and I went to Amazon. The price was great, half what I paid at my local big-box pet store.

I really hope she doesn't break a tooth, my only real concern with this style of bone.
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on March 7, 2016
We have a German Shepard puppy who loves to chew on things and this.......... He LOVES! He has been chewing on it for a week and you can barely see teeth marks. This is the XL one and its a perfect size for a large dog. He hasn't touched his other chew toys since! It was a great price as we had gone into a pet warehouse and it was about $9.00 more. So glad we found this on Amazon and what a great toy to keep your dog busy for hours! Our puppy chews on it for an hour and then falls asleep with it in his mouth. He loves it and it has saved me time and feeling bad taking a chew toy from him! This one he can actually have for a long time and I am not worried that he has torn a piece or chunk off. All the other toys say don't leave unatttended and with the Nylabone, I feel confident that I don't have to check on him every minute worried that he has swallowed something! It's an amazing product that I would recommend to any pet owner! Try it, you'll be happy with it! It's a trusted brand and now I know why! Wish I would have found this sooner!
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