Customer Reviews: Outward Hound Hide A Bee Dog Dog Toy Plush Dog Squeaky Toy Puzzle, 4 Piece, Large
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on February 20, 2006
I was nervous when buying this because I wasnt sure if this was the whole set or just replacements- I was pleased when it arrived and was the whole set.

My dog has a great time with this toy. The little squirrels inside the trunk are squeaky toys, which she LOVES. The box came with instructions on how to modivate and teach your pet to use it. We put a small treat in the bottom and she had a great time digging it out. The whole process for removing the squirrels takes her less than a minute now, so if there is not a human near by to restock the trunk, she moves on to something else. This is not something I would leave her with and expect it to keep her occupied for the day.

I would say that if your pet enjoys this general type of play (stuffed things, digging, hide and seek) this is an EXCELLENT toy and alot of fun.
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on August 3, 2010
This is Bagel, the beagle, playing with one of the squirrels... she loves it so much! She is 14 weeks-old and as a puppy she loves chewing on anything and sniffing around. I bought her several puppy-chewable toys, but she used to loose interest for them very quickly. So I decided to try this interactive toy that she can literally put her nose in it! It's impressive how much she likes playing with it... from morning to night! It seems to be always fun. Sometimes I insert small treats and mix them up with the squirrels... she gets soooo into it...amazing! I would buy it again for sure! :)
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on January 22, 2009
My grandpuppy loves this toy and has even discoverd new ways to play with it. Perhaps not what the manufacturer intended, but we have renamed it "Hump-A-Stump".
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on September 26, 2010
This is a cute, soft, cuddy toy which will, no doubt, entertain dogs without much interest in chewing (or lack the teeth to do so). However, our sweet little miniature dachshund (A) removed all three "squirrels" (they're really chipmunks and very cute) within less than 5 seconds the first time out of the box. Game over. Tree stump irrelevant. Within 15 minutes the three luckless chipmunks were in need of major surgery. Sadly, they are all deceased. The squeakers, like those in almost every dog toy of this type, are cheap, poorly inserted, and inadequately protected from anything but a toothless animal. The seams holding these cuties together are easily ripped open, spilling little chipmunk guts all over the carpet and leaving the "squeaker" for your pet to pick up and choke on! If this toy was for children, it would require a danger warning label. All-in-all it looks cute, but unless your dog is toothless and passive, look for another, better made toy. Amazon is doing no one, including the toy maker, any favors by including this poorly made item under the heading "for aggressive chewers." It is most definitely not! There's a reason the price is so low.
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on October 3, 2010
Video of my puppy playing with this toy: [...]

Tips I follow:
- Keep a soft pad nearby for him to lay on (I attach the pad to the toy when I am gone) so he can loll around on something clean and warm and take breaks while working on the extraction.
- Put a toy that rattles inside so it makes noise every time he moves and rolls it
- Reach in and squeak the squirrels to get him interested
-Thank him/her and take the removed squirrel away; squeak those remaining in the tree trunk; repeat.
-Pet and love the squirrels so he knows not to destroy them.
- Keep a teething toy attached to the outside so he can chew on that instead of ruining the toy itself
-Use a light spraying of Bitter Apple if he/she starts to chew up the tree trunk
- Put a food treat inside if you want to
- Stuff it full of toys if you will be gone all day and need to keep him busy; you'll find them all over the place when you get home!
- My dog wears the tree trunk on his head sometimes and parades around; peering out the knot holes.
- My dog, Elliot, loves the squirrels so much! He brings one to "dinner" to his dog bowl. First he comes in to see that I am feeding him (them?), then he goes and gets one and brings it to dinner with him. I often come home to find a squirrel at the empty bowl.
- Elliot (Morkie= Maltese + Yorkie) also brings one to his dog bed
- If I want him to settle down and get in bed with me for the night, then I just toss a squirrel on the bed and say "bedtime" and up he jumps. He appreciates that I know to grab a squirrel for him (his little buddies!). I always choose the squirrel when I stick him in his travel crate.
- He has not torn up the squirrels, although he has licked them so much they look a little bit worn after 6 months of very hard and constant play and companionship. The squirrel/chipmonks are so cute! They have little mohawk haircuts and sweet faces. The texture is just right so it feels like he has a real rodent in his mouth (these dogs are ratters).
-I cram all of the toys I can fit in there (and also some long strips of fake fur I cut up from remnants from the fabric store) along with a kong + busy bar (edible bar stick inside); Every time I come home from work it is empty so he won't stop until he guts the must take him hours!
-He loves the tree trunk, too! Actually, he loves it romantically, if you know what I mean. Once it is empty he has his way with it.
-He won't ruin this toy or even take any parts of it outdoors. He takes really good care of his tree trunk and squirrels. With other toys, his bed, my cellphone, eyeglasses, pens, mail, pillows, jeans he can certainly be destructive, but not with this set for some reason. I can get rid (or hide/put away) most of the other toys with no reaction from him but he would certainly miss this one. I think I have the Large size. The squirrels are not easy to get out so it is perfect. One reviewer said she uses the extracted squirrel to help him "rescue" the remaining trapped squirrels so he doesn't even think about settling down to chew them once out. Great idea. I do that now, too!
-I got a very child-proof white plastic prescription pill container/bottle, removed the labeling and put some safe items inside to rattle around and make LOTS of noise. I stick this inside the trunk, too. He has some attraction for these types of bottles but now that he has this one he leaves my other (real ones) alone. It makes the trunk rattle loudly when rolled and that makes him crazy with excitement.
-I clean up for company and toss all his toys, outfits, etc. into a magazine hamper when cleaning. However, this toy is always left out and you can't come over without seeing squirrels here and there. 1 in his bed, 1 in my bed, 1 by the bowl and or with him. Cute, cute, cute!!!
-We would be lost without this toy. I should actually buy a backup set.
-One reason I think he is so loving to the squirrels is that 1) I cuddle and love him gently and 2) I showed him how to be sweet to the squirrels from the very beginning. (Mainly because I knew how much $ this cost and because I wanted it to be a success).
-It has been a wild success! Going strong and in great condition 6 months later (He had it from 8 weeks old to 8 months old) so it has survived teething. All squeakers in tact.
-This would be a sweet toy for a toddler as well. Not sure if it is safe from that angle (they have different standards) but it is just PRECIOUS and well made.
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on October 20, 2008
Our golden retriever loves this and, as others have reported, enjoys carrying the animals around the house after removing them. Fortunately, he doesn't squeak them for more than a couple of minutes at a time, and he hasn't injured any part of it in the three weeks that he's had it (he seems to know the difference between stuffed animals and sticks/bones, fortunately).

I did need to do one intervention, though. The dog's grandparents and his father were encouraging him to "get the squirrels! get the squirrels!" They're definitely chipmunks. I've never seen a striped squirrel. So if you want your dog to learn appropriate species identification (and who doesn't?), you might want to switch to "get the chipmunks!"
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on January 27, 2015
Well my dog absolutely loved the toy. As soon as he saw it, he was obsessed --pulling the squirrels out, running around, chewing, and fetch. However, my dog loves to rip the seams on toys and the squirrels didn't last more than a day. He had a blast dismembering each and every one though. The "tree" has lasted about a month and he still loves playing with it, even without the squirrels. I've never seen him take to a toy as much as this one.
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on April 6, 2012
Just got one of these delivered and he is INSTANTLY hooked. Seriously is there something in these little squirrels? Brody is having so much fun with this toy and has yet to put this down even after a few hours of play. Oh and he hates it if I steal one of his squirrels. The only strange thing is that he loves to take out each of the squirrels, put them neatly on the ground, and then likes to play with the little "trunk". I am very satisfied and so is my little Brody. I will attach a picture so that you can see how the "Junior" size compares to him, he is only 11lbs and is a Shihpoo. If I could choose again I may have gone with the bigger size, but it seems that he doesn't mind one bit.
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on June 7, 2012
UPDATE: 7/14/2012 -

Received Rocky's Anniversary Hide-A-Squirrel and the thing is absolutley HUGE. It really holds the ten squirrels with room to spare! The thing is HUGE, did I just say that? It's gotta be the biggest dog to ever. Rocky loves "chasing" the squirrels because as he shakes the tree stump, the squirrels are thrown from the inside and he must think they are running. And with there being 10 of them, he keeps himself busy for quite a while. I need to update with a video review already.

This here is truly my dogs favorite toy. He just loves the squirrels and snuggles with them once he gets them out of the tree. I wasn't sure he'd be able to get his big face in the holes to get them out, but he managed, and it keeps them busy for a long time. The trunk and squirrels last a long time because there isnt a lot of stuffing for the dog to extract. I wish they had bigger toys for HUGE dogs.
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on October 3, 2015
I have a 7 pound maltese and a 16 pound bichon. I ended up ordering a 'large' and my bichon loved it, but today I found a junior at a local store and bought that too.

Both sizes are ok for my bichon - at least she thinks so - but the 'large' works better. She has no problem carrying the larger log or getting the squirrels out. With the junior, she'll hoard the squirrels once they're out of the log (they're not small enough to be a choking hazard), but the log holes are smaller and it's harder for her to jam her face in there and pull them out.

With my maltese, it's just the opposite. She had no problem with the large squirrels and she had some fun dragging the larger log around the room, but the combination is too unwieldy for her. The junior is a perfect size.

I've included a few pictures, with a standard AA battery to scale.
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