Customer Reviews: Hill's Science Diet Adult Light Dry Cat Food, 4-Pound Bag
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on October 22, 2012
This is a really good choice for a nutritionally sound, lower calorie food, and our cat (admittedly not picky) immediately devoured it. But the real message here is: you need to find out how many kcal/day your cat needs for weight loss, research the calories in your cat's food, and accurately measure your feeding. There do not appear to be industry standards for what's labeled as 'weight management', 'light' etc., and the differences are dramatic!

Our very young and energetic cat starting piling on weight from when he was a kitten. Maybe he stuffs himself because he's a 'rescue'--I don't know whether he might have had some starvation in his early weeks that marked him for life! but we had to put him on adult food before his kitten year was up, on the advice of our veterinarian--and he went on to gain weight up to almost 20 lb. even when giving the recommended daily amount of food, measured, divided into 2 daily feedings.

We decided to switch from a Purina Pro Plan regular adult formula to their 'weight management' formula--still, kitty was gaining. When I finally did the research of how many kcal/day he should be getting and how many kcal we were giving him (mind you--the recommended, measured amount), I was shocked. The packaging recommends 56-84 g./day of the food for weight loss, for a cat with a goal weight of 10-14 lbs. That's 214-321 calories, measured by their own nutrition information. But my research at [...] showed that the recommended amount should be 187 calories/day for weight loss, for a goal weight of 10-12 lb. That means the *minimum* amount recommended by the Purina label was 27 more calories/day than he should be getting--or 14% more! and the maximum 'recommended' amount was 72% more than he should be getting for weight loss.

[...] has a publication with calorie counts/cup of a wide variety of cat food: [...]
The range of calories/up is staggering. Anyone with an overweight cat--do your cat a favor and research how many calories/day they *should* be getting, and how many calories the 'recommended' amount that you're feeding actually is.

After finding out how much of the Pro Plan Weight Management per day to offer, I thought our problems were over--I started giving him a daily amount with the right calories for weight loss. And he did start losing, at a slow but safe rate: about .2 lb/week. But he was constantly, frantically hungry. I looked further, for a nutritionally sound food that could give him more volume and fill him up while still not exceeding the calories he would need for weight loss. With the help of [...] for nutritional ratings, and the calorie chart on [...], I selected Science Diet Light--with approximately 75% of the calories per cup compared to the Purina Pro Plan. I can now give him 9g/day more, and I think the higher fiber content of this food will help him feel more full. While it does cost more than his previous food, the difference is not going to break the bank--I estimate it will cost me $4 more per month.
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on August 7, 2013
This is a good food for the Superfeeder pet feeder. The size is very consistent and makes it easy for an automatic feeder to process.

Initially my cat did not like the taste of this food when switching from meow mix, but now he loves it. We have also put him on a slight diet as the recommended feeding chart on the side of the bag gives a range of quantities to feed your cat based on their ideal weight. The cat does not like that part.

It is pretty expensive, but worth it. Since starting to eat this food, my cat has had an improvement in his coat and color. He is, however, still very lazy.
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on August 20, 2013
Hill's Science Diet Adult Light Dry Cat Food, 17.5-Pound Bag
Hill's Pet Nutrition via Amazon Prime

$33.29 (17.5 lb)

Would would buy this:
Anyone who's looking to help their cat drop weight or maintain healthy weight. I have three cats. One of them will not stop eating, he's VERY fat. We finally took him to the vet and was told he has Type II Diabetes and that he has to drop weight. The vet told me I could buy the $80+ bag from him, or buy Hill's Science Diet Light. I'm happy to report that he's trimming down and is visibly happier.

* 7lbs for $21 or jump up to 17.5lbs for $33 which is a great value * Received the nod of approval from my vet * The cat who's been eating it is slimmer and much happier

* None

Value for the money:
Compared to the $80 (smaller) bag the vet could offer me, this is a LOT less expensive. High value in my opinion.
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on July 1, 2013
Our cat is a strictly indoor cat with a reasonable amount of physical activity but not nearly as much activity as an outdoor cat. So she needs a lighter diet. This food is great for her and was recommended by a vet. She is about 6 years old and has eaten this food for about four years. She is very healthy and I attribute that in large part to her diet, this food. I have always purchased the food from a vet and decided to try Amazon for one purchase. I was a bit reluctant to try Amazon for pet food as I was not sure just how much pet food they sold and it might not be as fresh. I was pleasantly surprised that from Amazon it was even fresher than from the vet's store. Great cat food and we will now purchase all of our pet food from Amazon. I highly recommend this for your cat.
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on February 5, 2014
Our cat, Max, loves this food and we feel good feeding it to him because it is a good formula. However, not sure what is going on, but we fill his PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser with his allotted 1/2 cup a day portion and he's a little chubby. Maybe we need to cut back on what Hill's suggests for his weight? He's a 3 legged cat, so we certainly don't want him to be overweight and put more strain on his hip...
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on July 10, 2013
I needed a low fat food for one cat (pancreatitis) and a low ash food for another (kidney stones) and a low fat food for a third (overweight). This food was all three. They like it. I feed them a quarter cup twice daily, and they have slimmed down. This food is pricier than what you'd get in the supermarket, but I am impressed by the quality ingredients -- and the results!
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on March 15, 2016
Not great for a pre diabetic cat which means a lot of fat cats shouldnt eat this. Over 4 x the recommended carbs. Other than that i am sure it is good quality dry food. My cat didnt lose weight on this though. It took switching to wet low carb food.
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on September 22, 2014
We recently got a fine tuxedo cat and he really likes to eat. We leave out dry food all the time for him but he was picking up quite a bit of weight on the regular Science Diet. We switched him to this and he seems to like it just as well as the regular.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 18, 2014
I don't know how much I am supposed to tell based on one bag of this, but I didn't notice a weight difference in my cat. She seemed hungrier which made her angrier. I have since found a less expensive brand available at retail stores that I now use.
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on February 21, 2016
When I first got my cat (I had inherited him), he was on a diet of meow mix. He made my entire house smell every time he used the litter box (I don't have a very big house, but it was still an impressive feat). After he would poop and make my house smell, I started singing the Smelly Cat song (from Friends). After singing it for a bit, I realized (after the "what are they feeding you" line) that maybe it was something he was eating. I did some research and talked to the vet, and they recommended Science Diet. Almost immediately, the smelliness stopped. Now the only time I smell the cat is once a week is when the litter needs to be changed. Additionally, he stopped hacking hairballs up on the carpet (which e had been doing with some regularity). I recently switched to the "light" cat food because my cats (I recently got another one) are quite chubby (apparently they "competitive eat").

~Makes my cat not stink up the house after each litter box visit
~eliminated hairballs (we haven't had cat vomit in almost a year! Also, we just use the indoor cat food, not even the special hairball stuff and it still fixes the hairball issue)

~Is a little pricey, but it is worth it to not have my house smell like cat poop and to not have to constantly clean up cat vomit.

I will never go back to cheap grocer store brands.
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