Customer Reviews: SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post
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on February 6, 2010
After reading the reviews and losing all of my security deposit (and then some) from my last apartment due to my cat's constant scratching of the woodwork, I decided to try this item. I really had my doubts about my luck with it as my cat can be very fussy about being directed to do anything like where to scratch. At 1st, as some dissatisfied users reported, my cat showed absolutely no interest in the post. When he would scratch the woodwork, I would place him at the post and he not only showed no interest in the post, but even retracted his claws as a further insult.
I thought "another waste of money." Then I remembered that one of the posts I read in the reviews was from a lady who had the same disinterested reaction from her cat and who enticed her cat to scratch the post by teasing the cat with his favorite swinging cat toy on top of and around the post. Feeling I had nothing to lose, I gave it a try and I simply couldn't believe it. The cat dug his claws deep into the post while swatting at the cat toy and the rest is history. He became so interested in the scratching post that he forgot the toy. Afterwards, he tried to scratch the walls only a few times and just saying "no' sent him to the nearby cat toy. Another good recommendation I read was to place the scratching post near where most of his scratching behavior usually takes place.
I also want to comment on how sturdy this item is. It only took about a minute or so to assemble and is solidly constructed and not likely to tip over. I have a huge Ragdoll cat over 20 pounds of muscle and he hasn't knocked it over yet and he vigorously uses the post now. Sorry for this being so lengthy, but I hope it can help someone who, like me, was a sceptic and at first thought this isn't going to work. Thanks to whomever posted the hint about using the cat toy to provoke interest in the post. You saved me a lot of heartache.
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I bought the Ultimate Scratching Post after having read so many recommendations. I have to admit, this post is a nice size. It's sturdy and attractive. However, my kitty will have nothing to do with it. I've tried enticing her with catnip and toys. I've even scratched it myself, which got her attention, but no go. She'd rather scratch my furniture. Considering the price, I regret buying it.


UPDATE: Despite not being used, I left this post out near my furniture. After some months, my cat has discovered it and found that she likes it. So for those whose cats haven't taken to the post, there is hope. I will increase the star rating to four stars. Not all cats will take to this post right away; but if they do, it's a very nice, attractive post that's sturdy and holds up well.


UPDATE #2: It's been about eight months now. After the initial disappointment, I am delighted that my cat loves this scratching post. I have actually bought another one, because one just isn't enough.


UPDATE 6/26/14: It's been four years. We still have both SmartCat scratching posts and they look as good as the day we bought them. The cat loves it and our furniture is spared. I bought the seat that goes on top but I returned it. As good as the post is, the seat failed. The cat will sit on the post without the seat anyway.


UPDATE 6/10/16: The cat uses both posts daily and they remain in excellent condition. That's amazing, considering how much the cat claws at them. Yes, she has caps on her claws, but at any given time, at least some of the claws are uncapped. They are sharp and can do serious damage; but even capped claws can ruin furniture, as her occasional forays onto leather can attest, so it's nice for her to have safe places to scratch.
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This is a simple but well made scratching post that you need to put together. It took me literally less than 2 minutes with a screwdriver and it was ready to go. I may be lucky, but my 2 cats took right to it immediately and scratched to their heart's content. The instructions suggested placing in front of something they are currently scratching. I did put it in front of the (NEW!) couch that they had started to go after. Now, they no longer scratch the chair, couch or mattress. I hadn't known that cats needed to stretch and scratch and I should have had one a long time ago. They are obviously content with a place to fully stretch and scratch and I no longer worry about having things shredded. This post is worth the money and I'm happy with it.

Edit: 11/2010
This scratch post is still going strong after 3 years. The top had become decently frayed enough, so instead of buying a new one, I simply unscrewed it so it was in its original state from when I first got it. I then switched the end caps which allowed me to turn it upside down and put it all back together. Now the untouched lower portion is at the top. It's now like a new post! At this rate, I'll need another in 3 more years. 6 years from this post? Not bad.

Edit: 10/2013
6 years it is! (Ok, about two weeks shy...) I just bought a new one. I added photos here as well, one photo of the old next to the new and one of the bottom with great information and tips to get your cat to use the post. This was a well used post and I still recommend it highly.
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on April 18, 2006
Have your cats clawed your furniture a little? Maybe a lot? We have 9 cats, and our furniture was being clawed to the point where we had to make repairs. If the clawing had continued it would mean replacing some furniture pieces. That gets expensive!! Well, I found these cat scratching posts and bought two of them. Wonder of wonders, our cats use these wonderful scratching posts exclusively. No more damage to our furniture. Our cats love the height of the posts as they can stand and reach to claw the posts like they used to like to do with our furniture. Average height scratching posts just did not satisfy our cats' urge to stretch tall and scratch or claw at the same time. With these posts, they can satisfy that urge to their hearts' content. These posts may seem more expensive than the average post, but believe me, the furniture you were thinking you would have to replace is going to be much more expensive. These posts are attractive with any decor, and stand the test of use over time. I would happily buy these scratching posts again. But they are durable, and I don't need to do that. They have paid for themselves many times over. I highly recommend them to anyone with cats who are tearing up the furniture. These posts stop that activity completely, in my experience. Give them a try, and you'll see!
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on October 3, 2010
I am a first-time cat owner, so I have not bought any other cat scratching posts to compare this scratching post with, but I am glad I made this purchase for several reasons.

First, and most obviously, I love this post because but my cat uses this it all of the time. I didn't have to train him to use it, since he likes to scratch things (my laundry basket is another favorite of his) but I do reinforce his scratching behavior at THIS post by feeding him treats when he sits on top of the post, and stuffing small dry treats into the two seams on each side of the post (which causes him to cling to the post as he tries to dig the treat out with his little teeth). Interestingly, I got him this post when he was 6 months old, before he was showing any significant scratching behavior, and he has yet to scratch up any of my furniture other than the laundry basket, which is ok by me.

Second, I love this scratching post because it keeps his claws CLEAN. He doesn't scratch me often or on purpose, but sometimes, we will get a little too excited chasing after the string/toy/ribbon and pounce on the hand pulling the string/toy/ribbon. Before I got the post, the scratch(es) would inflame and be itchy for days. Now that he has the post, his occasional scratches don't get gross.

Third, the post is very well made. It is pretty heavy, so my cat can't tip it over or push it around as he's scratching (he's about 9.5 pounds), even on our wooden floors. The plant fiber that it's made out of also appeals to my cat, and stands up to his constant use.

Overall, I recommend this scratching post to anyone who is looking for a sturdy, heavy duty, large-but-not-too-large scratching post (I can hear him using the scratching post right now).
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on April 23, 2014
I knew I needed to get my cat a great scratching post. She was scratching up all of our furniture and the scratching post she had was too small and just not very nice! After we placed an order for new furniture, we knew we had to get her a post that would stop all of her scratching! After doing extensive research, I found out what is really important in a scratching post is size, it must be big and tall so that the cat can stretch out. It must be sturdy, so the cat cannot easily knock it over, and it should have a favorable scratching material (sisal is preferable). Well, this post meets all of those criteria.

So I bought two posts, this one - after finding this incredible deal on amazon (29.99 with free prime shipping when I purchased), and a very expensive competitor post developed by a veterinarian. A small note on cost - buy this from amazon! It is so much cheaper than at the pet stores, they cost upwards on 80 bucks at the pet stores, so stick with amazon! Anyway, my cat likes this post better than the more expensive competitor and it truly is perfect!

She no longer scratches any furniture at all, our new furniture looks perfect! When she wants to scratch, she goes straight to this post and scratches away, stretching out and fully enjoying herself. I never thought getting a good scratching post would solve her scratching problem, but it completely did! This was absolutely worth the investment.

A few notes - you can buy a topper for this scratching post so that your cat has a comfy perch to sit on. It is small and red and does not look very comfortable. I recommend making your own! This is what I did and my cat absolutely loves it! I simply got a piece of wood (you can size however you wish, mine is a nice square fit to her size), added a piece of foam and upholstered fabric on top! If you want your cat to have a scratching post and a nice little perch, this is the way to go. My cat lays on her perch on top of this every single day. She loves scratching her post, and loves laying on top of it. I never thought she would love it more than her expensive trees but she absolutely does. Also, we attached a small toy to the post. There are numerous things you can do to make this even better for your cat, although it is perfectly fine on its own!

In conclusion, this is a great scratching post and I cannot believe how cheap it is compared to others! It might just solve your problem if your cat wont stop scratching all your furniture! It absolutely solved mine. One more thing - my cat plays hard on this post and uses it multiple times a day. It has held up extremely well and has never once toppled over!
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on August 29, 2006
My cats love this thing! It is tall enough for them to stretch out and scratch their little hearts out, and they climb all over it and even sit on top of it! Well worth the mony spent! And it has a wide base, so the thing doesnt even tilt when they attack it full force running full speed from across the room!

Every cat owner should get one of these for their cats. Declawing is cruel and who needs it with an awesome scratching post like this? I plan on ordering two more for other rooms in my house.

Update: June has been three years and this scratching post is still standing. In fact, it still looks almost brand new. my cats use it daily =) HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!
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on November 16, 2011
This scratching post is as good today a whole year later as the day I got it. It has become Ruby's favorite plaything! She often sits at the base and relaxes, and has stopped scratching anything else!
I purchased this because she was destroying the furniture and the bedding with her claws, but now there is almost no scratching other than her post. Highly recommended!!! Do not buy any other crappy post... This is worth the investment.
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on August 18, 2014
After purchasing a Meow Town Sisal Scratch N' Stow Scratching Cat Post, Natural a while back, I commented that my cats loved it, but it wasn't tall enough for my biggest cat to really stretch while scratching. Someone suggested the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post, and I noted that I was off to buy it shortly... Well, I never got around to it, until now!

The scratching post mentioned above was on its last legs--my cats loved it so much, they ended up basically tearing its sisal covering apart. That just happened a few days ago, and once it did I had a light bulb moment, "ah ha! I need to order that taller post someone mentioned!" And so I did.

When the package arrived, I was like, HUH?! WHAT did I order from Amazon that's that BIG?!! I'm not kidding, the shipping box was huge. Once I ripped it open and realized what it was, I thought, wow, that's really big.

It took less than two minutes to put together. It comes with two dowels that you insert into pre-drilled holes to connect the two parts of the base. Then there are two screws to attach the base to the scratching post; they're large, so even though they're Phillips-head screws you can use either a Phillips- or flat-head screwdriver.

That's it. Then I rubbed some catnip on it, stood it up, and waited. One by one my six cats explored it, scratched it, rubbed it, just generally loved it. And I love its size! It's not only tall enough for my biggest boy to really stretch as he scratches, but it's also quite wide, so I'm hoping its covering will last a good long time by virtue of having a lot of space to scratch.

I'm going to post some pics of the old and new posts side by side. Seeing them like that really shows how big this thing is!
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on August 9, 2011
My cat took a while to warm up to it. I almost gave up on it, and started storing her treats on top of it, and then eventually I noticed her treats were making their way onto the floor, and now she is all about this scratching post -even though I have stopped storing the treats on it. I like that it doesn't tip over on her like her old scratching post did. I am surprised especially when she climbs it, that it remains steady -she's not a light weight cat. It's been very good for her muscles as she is an older cat. About a year after I got this, the vet commented on how great her muscle tone was for her age. It was the first vet visit in a long time when I wasn't lectured that my cat was too fat. I highly recommend this scratching post!
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