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on January 9, 2016
I spend a fair amount of time at depth between 10 and 110 feet of water. I don't usually use a computer because I never use Nitrox and plan my dives very well. All I really need is a reliable watch for time. I prefer a bezel over buttons so this watch was a perfect choice. After a second dive (yeah only two dives) just under 40 feet this watch began to show moisture. I immediately removed it hoping to keep it as a day to day watch. A few days later it was rusted and the lens popped off. Never seen that happen before. This watch was rated to 200 meters (660 feet deep) so I was surprised this happened. I'm giving it two stars because you could use it as...just a watch and it would be nice. But only two stars because its strange Invicta is calling it a Pro Diver rated for 200 meters. My other watches are rated for 100 meters and do just fine at 110 feet deep. Anyway, I read many reviews about this watch before purchasing but none from someone who actually took the watch to depth. I hope this review helps. It is a nice watch...just don't get it wet under any pressure. I took a photo to show the damage. I'm also willing to accept that this might be a one time case because I have never had a watch do this before. Still, there should be some quality control or honesty about what the watch is really capable of.
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on May 18, 2016
So far it has exceeded all expectations. Solid. Keeps good time. I wore it in Geneva Switzerland last week and the lady at the Rolex shop thought i was wearing something comparable.
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on July 16, 2012
Update 1/3/2013 I gave this as a gift and I saw my nephew at Christmas and asked him how this watch was working. He said it was working great with no problems. He's tall and skinny, so I think this watch looks better on him than the larger, heavier Invicta automatic.

I'd read some reviews saying this watch would not keep time well. Not this one. It kept time perfectly (I checked it repeatedly with my cell phone). I wore this watch out last weekend and it looked amazing. Durability? Hmmm ...not sure yet. I'm not ready to dunk it in water. I really just enjoy wearing it dry, while it's still shiny and it works. The crown does not screw down on this Quartz model, so I am not sure if rough treatment (diving off boats, or wiping out while water skiing) in would be a good idea. In a few months after the newness has worn off, I'll go ahead and risk swimming or showering with it. If I'm wrong, It'll cost me less money than dinner and few beers with the boys. the "real watch" purchase will continue to wait... but really, I can wear this $54 beauty, glance down at my wrist, and almost "be there". Awesome!
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on April 9, 2016

I am old school. I like watches. I feel naked without a wristwatch. For $60 I have a watch that is both refined and unpretentious, but masculine and weighty. It is not a Rolex or a Tag Heuer, the style is subdued, but classic, and the price tag is affordable.

I read many reviews of Invicta watches, and bought this watch after some research. Invicta has a strong support group, people that love the watches and collect them. I am afraid that I will hesitate on my next purchase. I gave this watch five stars after owning it a few months without any issues. It kept perfect time. I was expecting that a watch labeled as a diving watch did not have a screw down crown, but I was not expecting to go diving. I just wanted a replacement for a Citizen watch I had for many years, that kept accurate time and was water resistant to 30 meters.

Invicta advertizes this watch to be water resistant to 200 meters. My experience indicates that the watch is not even water resistant at two meters. I went swimming on Memorial Day weekend - by swimming I mean hanging out at the side of the poos drinking gin and tonics. I might have dived into the pool two times, and did a couple laps.

I was dismayed when the next morning I noticed condensation under the crystal. Using my tool to remove the screw on back, I noticed the O-ring was mis-aligned, so I wrote the condensation to a Friday afternoon assembly. I placed the watch in a bag of rice to remove all moisture.

After re-assembly, the watch began losing time. The warranty process is expensive - why would I pay $28 for return shipping - how are they shipping this, by personal courier? That is more than 1/3 of the price of the watch! Their warranty is also illegally voided if you have the watch serviced by any other than an authorized Invicta dealer.

Anyway - the watch eventually began functioning properly, keeping fairly accurate time. I had to adjust the time periodically, as it lost about a minute a month. Then, against my better judgment, I wore the watch while tubing on the Salt River. Again the condensation, and after de-moisturizing the watch in a bag of rice, it just stopped working off and on. So now it is a $70 piece of trash. It stops working intermittently on a daily basis.

There are many people that are pleased with their Invicta watches - I cannot count my self among them. If a watch cannot survive a dip in a swimming pool, it has no right calling itself a diving watch, let alone a "professional" diving watch. When I save up enough money, I will likely buy another Citizen watch. Sure it costs 3 ro 4 times as much as an Invicta, but my Citizen performed flawlessly for well over a decade of use and abuse.

If you want to take your chances with an Invicta, just make sure you don't get it wet and it should perform just fine. It is a good looking watch. It kept perfect time until that first time I got it wet.
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on March 26, 2013
The title says it all. I gave this watch to my son, he wore it a few times over the course of 3 months and the minute hand became loose. This is a diving is a tool people should be able to depend on. Don't depend on it. I will check back in to report on how Invicta stands behind their product.

Just a quick check back to let you know how Invicta stands behind its doesn't. All service requires a $28 fee plus the victim/owner of the watch pays shipping...then there is a 3 month wait to get the watch back. Just to purchase a watch that the manufacturer says will work for at least a year (btw..the $28 plus you shiping applies the 5 year warrantee as well). When it does not work for a year you are required to pay this case..more than 50% of the watches original cost before you even know if they can or will fix it under their warantee...nice. These guys make a very nice looking "watch" it strictly as a bracelet and you are it to tell time or God forbid tell you how much air you have your money and your life and steer clear of this junk. I honestly did not know there were mainstream companies that still do business like this.
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on July 31, 2016
its really nice and people think its a much better watch than it actually works great and i wear it for going out and dressin up and stuff....its too nice to wear at work...the face is smaller than most people like but i don't like those big watches....i think the style is going back to a more normal size face like this one has....iv'e had it on in swimming pools and its fine...
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on October 25, 2013
It has been almost a year since I purchased this watch from Amazon. All I can say is it is a 5 Star watch. While Invicta is known for some huge gaudy looking watches, this is not one of them.

The size is perfect especially if you have a small wirst. Also, the watch has a great weight and feel to it.
The Bezel is tight but not hard to turn, which is what I like.
The band feels great on your wrist and does not pinch at all.
The two toned stainless steel band looks great with both a suit and jeans

The only one I can see is one which I read about in another review in that the second hand does not line up exactly with the "second tick marks" on the dial. It actually lands between each tick mark as it moves along the dial. But this is only noticable if you really look close.

Owing several nice watches including a Rolex and Hamilton, I was about to purchase an Stainless Steel Black face Tag Aquaracer. But I just could not justify spending another 2 grand on a watch, so I picked this one up for only $55.00 ( I belive the price is even lower now )

Trust me, you will not be sorry if you purchase this watch.
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on February 3, 2016
Although I am pleased with the watch I was expecting a larger watch that was advertised as a mans watch. I would find this watch acceptable as a women's watch.
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on October 15, 2015
UPDATE ON REPLACEMENT WATCH I JUST RECEIVED: Are you #$#%@^@ kidding me? The box and the way this watch was shipped makes me think it was fished out of the inventory after having sat in a warehouse corner for a while. And the same scratches and same chalky white substance are on this watch in the exact same spots at the link clasp. This time the packaging stunk and it looks like this watch was just thrown into the box and then it was shipped upside down and more than a few of the air pillows were flat in the shipping box. If I return the watch it will be for a refund.

I love this watch BUT..... The watch came quickly and was packaged very nicely. The watch itself looked to be carefully protected with plastic cellophane protection on the face front and back, band and clasp. As I removed the cellophane from around the clasp in order to open up the band, I noticed scratch marks on the exterior sides of the clasp where the safety lock closes over it. Upon inspecting the interior sides of the locking part of the clasp, I noticed that there appeared to residue from a white powdery substance which adhered to the clasp and then scratched the metal of the outer sides of the clasp that it closes over. UGGHH! See all pictures. This is extremely disappointing and was the last thing I would expect to discover when opening up the watch. I am returning it for a replacement, not a refund, because I love the style of this model and trust this is an aberration. I truly hope the replacement watch is scratch free!
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on September 9, 2015
I wore it swimming, I did not wear it in the shower (I've heard hot water is bad for the seals) and I love it for about 4 months until for no apparent reason water droplets appeared on the inside of the crystal. The watch is "rated" for water resistance to 660 feet! Even after a week of leaving it on my dresser, the water is still present. The watch still runs, but the look is ruined. And the warranty? Sure, send it to them, but you have to send a check for $25 for "shipping and handling." I'm not paying that for a watch that I paid $53 for (now up over $60). If you buy this watch, consider treating it as not even water resistant. A shame, because it's a handsome watch that keeps accurate time. But I will not buy Invicta again (although I suspect lots of different "brands" of inexpensive watches come from the same Chinese factories).

UPDATE: on the advice of my smart 14 year old son, I removed the back (I have a tool for that), took out the battery, and put the watch in the toaster oven with the heat set at 150 degrees F. I left it in for five minutes. When I removed it, all the water vapor was gone. I reassembled and the watch is functioning fine. So if you run into this problem, that's an option for you. Be sure to remove the battery or it may explode. Since I fixed the watch I added a star. Still disappointed about the failure of this "diver's" watch to stay dry inside.
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