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on February 2, 2012
I've got a small collection of watches (Citizen, Seiko, Orient, Accutron, & Casio), and I've had another eco-drive since around 2002 which is showing its age. I recently bought an Orient Blue Mako, so I wasn't really looking to buy another watch. But this kept catching my eye and I kept finding nothing buy positive reviews so I gave in to temptation.

The watch arrived quickly and my first impressions were very positive. The face is very complex on first glance, but you quickly note the position of the main hour & minute hand and "get" the time very quickly. You can really stare up close at the dial though, there is a ton of detail (more on this in a bit). Overall the "look" of this watch is very appealing. I didn't mention I bought to my wife, and the first night I was wearing it she took a long look and said, "That's a really good looking watch. I really like that" (she normally doesn't pay any attention to my watches. She liked the way it looked so much, she didn't give me too much grief about having bought an Orient the week before!

The bracelet is very nice for a watch in this price range, it's all solid stainless links, but where the bracelet joins the watches' lugs it is just a folded link, not a solid link. The folder over clasp works well and is very secure. I have a large wrist and the bracelet is PLENTY long enough for me. I actually had to make it a smidge smaller with the micro-adjustment on the clasp. The bracelet is subtly brushed, and so far seems to be wearing well (I work at a desk & use a computer all day). There are some desk marks, but they're very minor. The Orient I just bought scratches much more easily, so I'm happy with the durability of the bracelet so far.

The bezel on this watch is a slide rule. There is a crown at the 8 o'clock position that controls the movement of the bezel. It's extremely smooth and seems to let you move it in very fine increments. You can use the slide rule for division, multiplication, unit conversion, and rate/time/distance calculations. It works and you can do it. It's sort of a neat party trick, but I doubt I'll ever find myself in a situation where I was relying on my watch's slide rule to save the day. This watch is billed as a flight watch so maybe there are still some pilots who do things the old-fashioned way and do their calculations by hand? If you want to know how to use the slide rule check out this video: [...]

There is also a GMT face. You can see it on the left side (from 6 to 12) with white & red numbers. There is a separate, double-ended hand with a red-tipped and white-tipped indicator. Out of the box it shows the 24-hour time (white for 00-12 and red for 13 - 24). You can set this to a different hour to have a true GMT indicator. It's a nice feature, and looks interesting, but I don't find I pay much attention to this "sub-dial" really other than what it adds to overall appeal (for me anyway).

The performance of my watch has been good. It's quartz, so it will be more accurate than an automatic watch. It does not sync itself to any of the atomic clocks (like the Citizen Skyhawk does) so I expect I'll eventually have to adjust it for accuracy one of these days.

The lume on the watch is nice and bright - a blue color which is different from the traditional green lume. I haven't gone out of my way to to expose it to bright light, but it's easy enough to read in the middle of the night when I wake up. The lume overall on my Seiko Black Monster is stronger, longer, but this is no problem to see in a dark room even after 5+ hours. I think the size of the hour & minute hand really help; they're very thick and hold a lot of lume.

I am very happy to have this watch in my collection, but my wife gave me the "oh really" look since I just bought another watch about a week before this one!

* Looks fantastic in person
* Large enough bracelet for good-sized wrist
* Screw-down crowns for time/date & day
* 200M WR rating
* Solid links on bracelet (for all but end links)
* Good lume on numbers & hands - lume last a long time (plus cool, blue color)
* Eco-drive should last 10+ years (Citizen says they have examples w/ 20+ years on them now)
* Positive comments from the wife & co-workers abound!

* The date is a little small, could be a tad bigger & easier to read.
* Folded links at the ends (not solid)
* No lume on second hand or GMT hand(s)
* Uses mineral crystal, could scratch easier than sapphire
* No radio to sync automatically to atomic clock
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on August 15, 2016
The Nighthawk has been around a long time. It's a good quartz watch, and reviews of it are plentiful both here and elsewhere. The main thing I wanted to do in this review is correct the bracelet/strap size that's listed. As of this writing, the stated size is 18mm. That is incorrect. The correct size is 22mm.
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on December 23, 2013
Seven years ago I purchased this watch as a present to myself after completing navigator school for the US Military. Seven years later it functions just as it did when I purchased it. This watch has spent years at sea, in the cockpit, and in the civilian sector and stood up to all the abuse it took. A few years and scratches later it has never failed me. This watch should be mil-spec. Very impressed.


This watch is still working as it did ten years ago without any modifications or servicing. It is very dependable and exceeded all expectations! I ended up buying one for my father since mine has worked so flawlessly. A great watch indeed. I have other high end watches (Breitling Super Avenger II) but this watch holds its own and keeps ticking.
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on December 14, 2016
Very nice watch. It offers several nice features, durability, style and value. It has a classic aviator look, but offers excellent modern conveniences, namely the solar Eco-Drive movement. The physical design is robust but not clunky, with the right balance of weight and size. It wears larger than its 42mm case width would suggest, yet it's not overstated or conspicuous. Plus it has the added peace of mind of a 200-meter water resistance rating, which although not really a typical aviator watch feature is still a welcome bit of extra performance. The bracelet is very well made, easily adjusted, comfortable and great looking. My lone complaint is that there is a very slight amount of play in the linkage between the crown and hands, which makes setting the minute hand EXACTLY on the minute marker a little challenging. This isn't a deal breaker and with patience, you can set the minute hand precisely. But beyond that, I have found no issues. All together, the Citizen Nighthawk is a well-proven aviator watch that will serve you well.
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on July 27, 2014
I had looked at this watch for a year or so prior to buying it. If you have not seen it in person, it is simply amazing. I think it has a certain simple yet unique character. the entire watch has small distinct features that will wow you if you pay close enough attention to them. It has just the right amount of weight to it. Honestly, everything about the watch speaks to it's quality. It's a great time piece, that hopefully will last. Just be careful though as it only has a mineral crystal lens which is easily scuffed. I took the precaution of putting a Ghost Armor protective film over mine. A few other brands make them as well. But with the film protecting the top, mine still looks brand new even after wearing it everyday for the last 4 months.
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on December 15, 2014
Great looking and functional aviator watch. Slide rule is very useful once you understand how to use it. Instructions do come with the watch. The dial looks a little busy at first, but it soon becomes easy to read at a quick glance. You can also use the 24 hour indicator as a second time zone if you wish. Lume is great. The hands and markers glow in a nice bluish colour that's legible all night long. The case is solidly built and the bracelet quality is outstanding, rivaling that of more expensive watches. It fits perfectly and comfortably on my wrist after sizing the bracelet. I owned a Citizen watch years ago, but this is my first Eco-Drive watch and I find the watch's accuracy is what you'd expect from a quality quartz timepiece.I even noticed that the second hand aligns perfectly with the minute markers on the dial. The best part about this watch, for me, is it does not require you to change the battery like other quartz watches making the Citizen Nighthawk virtually maintenance free. For me it's the perfect grab and go watch.
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on February 5, 2014
I wanted a pilot style watch for my son so I bought this watch.
This is a terrific watch, it looks great, its well made and solid without being too heavy. He receives a lot of compliments about it.

Having been an aviator myself I found most pilot watches are hard to read and impractical. Side by side this watch next to my $4,000 Breitling Aerospace the NightHawk looks every bit its equal. I am very impressed with the ecodrive system as the 2 yearly battery change on my watches are annoying.

As I said I was an aviator having flown everything from gunship helicopters to jet fighters, When you are rocking along at a couple of hundred feet or below, you only ever glance at a wristwatch (if you even look at it instead of the aircraft timepiece) gizmo's and details are superfluous. All time based calculations are in your head (eg I'm 20 seconds late, I'll speed up from 270kts to 300kts for 3 minutes,[30kts is 6 seconds every minute]) You only need an hour minute and second hand with a stopwatch function. Unfortunately this watch lacks the stopwatch function (but then again low level time on target navigation isn't meant for wristwatches)

Having said that, the rotating bezel is something I'd probably have use in my Air Force days for planning calculations, it is a simple and fast calculator than can be used for handy conversions (eg fuel lb to kg, nautical to statute miles, miles to km etc.)

Well done Citizen
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 17, 2017
I love this watch. It was given to me as a gift. (The gift giver shares an amazon account with me which is why this is a verified purchase.) I wear a smart watch for my every day watch, and have since mid 2015. I wear this watch when I go to formal social and work events, in situations where a smart watch might be a little weird.

I love the way that this watch looks. I am a dork, and I love that this watch face has a technical feel to it. It looks like some gauge that you might find in an old aircraft or submarine, which I like. I am a pilot, but I only fly little Cessnas and I don't typically wear this when flying.

The watch is nice and heavy, much heavier than my smartwatch, and I really like how heavy the watch is, it feels good to wear. Typically I don't like metal watch bands (My smart watch has a leather band, the watch I wore before that had a fabric band) but I am fine wearing this watch for a night and I love the way it feels.

Adjusting the size of the watch was easy for me to do. I bought a $10 kit on amazon and resized it myself. I needed to take one link out, and move the clasp adjustment to it's tightest setting for optimal comfort.

I had a little bit of difficulty setting the time and date on the watch. It took me about an hour. I had issues feeling which mode the crown was engaged in. It was really frustrating. This is the one thing I do not like about the watch, and every time I have to adjust it for DST and the different dates I struggle.

Overall, I love this watch, and I am very happy with it.
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on June 27, 2017
I bought this watch back in 2015 when it was considerably more expensive, and returned it for a couple of silly reasons. I convinced myself I needed a $500 ProTrek watch that had electronic backlighting and atomic timekeeping. Now I pass by this gem in jewelry stores and miss it very much. It's beautiful, and I don't even wear the ProTrek anymore. Great size, even for my smaller than average wrists. Considering buying it again. I was only concerned with telling the time in a dark cockpit, and that really doesn't matter. The planes I fly all have digital clocks in them anyway. I really regret returning this item. You should pick it up if you're considering it, it's a lovely watch with really cool dual 24/12 hour timekeeping.
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on April 16, 2013
I really liked the dial and the fact that the slide rule is enclosed within the crystal. I own other citizen watches in the Navihawk and skyhawk AT range and the slide rules either get damaged or the paint wears off. However, in this case that will not be an issue. This is my second watch with the slide rule inside the crystal and am not looking back. The watch is an eco-drive (solar powered) and takes care of the need of changing batteries every couple of years. The dial has the standard slide rule markings as well a unique way of displaying dual time. It is not the way a traditional GMT watch with a 4th hand pointing to the hour; on the other hand (get it) the watch has 2 hands, one colored white and the other red corresponding to the 1-12 and 13-24 sets of hours, respectively, and move in conjunction with the main hour and minute hands to provide the give second time. The dual time is only displayed on the left half of the face in a concentric half crescent, which makes it quite unique. The date is displayed on the 3 o'clock marker and easy to read. The bracelet is sturdy and seems to be made of good quality material, and so do the clasp and locking mechanism. All the time related adjustments are performed by the textured and branded crown located at the 3 o'clock position and slide rule is operated by a similar crown at the 8 o'clock position. The watch glows a brilliant light blue, instead of the traditional green lume, which is a nice change of pace. Overall the watch is well made and a utilitarian finish on the body and bracelet; it wears well and the bracelet is quite generous in size and fits large wrists. I like it.
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