Customer Reviews: PUR FM-3333B 2-Stage Vertical Faucet Mount, White
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on July 21, 2010
PUR Water Filter Review \ Hack

Once, long ago, PUR was a great company with great water filtering technology. I still love their filters! Unfortunately, a big bad company named Proctor and Gamble bought them and messed them over in favor of customer abuse. This was accomplished using two methods. The first method is called 'planned obsolescence' whereby their faucet mount apparatus leak and die briefly after the end of the warranty period. (It didn't used to be that way in the good old days). The second method is called 'timed death' whereby their apparatus lock up their enclosed filters at a preset volume of filtered water, whether the filter is actually used up or not.

Planned obsolescence can be overcome by calling up Proctor and Gamble BEFORE your warranty runs out, and letting them know that your PUR apparatus is squirting water all over your kitchen. Ask them to send you a replacement or a replacement certificate. If need be, call repeatedly asking to speak to the President of P&G, never taking 'no' for an answer. Then take your certificate and get another PUR apparatus. This will provide you with a lifetime for the apparatus more representative of the lifetime of original PUR apparatus. You've cheated no one. P&G's cheat on you has been overcome.

The timed death lockout of your filter is extremely easy to overcome. Pull out the filter from the apparatus. This resets the nasty timing device to zero again. Put your filter back in. TADA! You're done. Your filter will work as before. Note, however, that PUR filters do eventually get clogged with stuff. You'll know when to change it.

I hope that helps everyone restore goodness to the universe. I still love PUR filters better than any other brand and wouldn't be without them. It's P&G's customer abuse that's not worth liking. Shame on you P&G.
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on April 5, 2008
These filters do a great job of clearing up sediment in the water, and eliminating chemical taste. However, I've had two of the housings crack in the last year. The first was within an in-store 30 day warranty, so I simply did a switch at Lowes. The second cracked as well after four months, Lowes would not replace it. This week I'll see if the manufacturer will provide a solution. TR
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on September 27, 2008
After several months of use (< 6) the housing developed multiple hairline cracks that allow water to spew all over the place. WHAT A MESS! This thing is not worth the money. I've tried covering the cracks with epoxy putty but no use. The water just finds another way out. STAY AWAY FROM THIS THING!
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on October 11, 2008
Our house has hard water, so we purchased the PUR Plus Faucet Filtration System in hopes of making our water taste better. It succeeded in that, and that alone.

The filter goes bad FAST. We bought our first new filter after about 10 weeks of use (we're just 2 people and we're rarely home).

About a week after our new filter was in place, the unit developed a leak from the indicator window. This wasn't so bad.

Then came the spraying! A near-inch long crack appeared on the front, and it sprays water in a horizontal column at the user!

Other negatives:
*As the filter reaches the end of its lifespan, water comes out of the unit slower.. and sloooweer.

*The filter completely stops working when the filter is considered "done" by the unit. I found this most ridiculous of all: it just STOPS letting you use it when it decides the filter's no good! Who says the filter is no good? An internal mechanism that knows nothing about the quality of the water going through it? This is obviously a ploy to sell more filters!

Avoid this water filter!
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on February 4, 2010
Just supporting what everyone else has said. Our filter developed cracks after about a month of use and we taped it up but the water found another way out and now I have to put my entire hand over the side to try to keep the water from spraying everywhere. I'm researching another brand to buy! Don't buy this one!!!!!
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on May 20, 2015
It is a fairly good filtration system for the price. I formerly had an under-the-sink reverse osmosis system that cost over $600 and worked well through the warranty; however, the company was bought out and I then got charged for service calls which were too many to suit my tastes.
I prefer the former Pur Water Filtration system which had the rectangular window on it, as the change the filter light on this unit stopped working after a fairly short time and there is nothing can be done about it, such as changing a battery. I called Pur and was told that I was not the only one having this problem and that I could return the unit to them and they would replace it; however, they wanted so much personal data from me that I got halfway through the process and began to feel uncomfortable about the whole ordeal. I decided to just toss the system and buy a different model.
The unit still filtrates even if the warning light does not work, so you could use your best guess as to when it is time to change the cartridge filter.
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on September 15, 2015
I have had many PUR faucet filters. They all eventually wear out so I decided to try this model. The one click mount is handy and installed quickly and correctly. My first gripe is I always get a spritz of water from the top where the faucet goes in as pressure builds. Yes I've read the troubleshooting, this is a design and not installation issue. The mount is always wiggly and won't stay in any position like in the picture, it just swings to one side or another. Again with pressure it stays put. Turn it off and flops back to the side. Lever for water filtration seems really flimsy as well. My wife and daughter both noted it probably won't last long. I hope I'm wrong as the filtration seems great. I'd be happy to upgrade this another star in the future if it lasts. We'll see.
Update 2 months later. LED quit working, leaking more from snap connection area regardless if on filter or not. Changed filter since it came with two. Floppy, leaky, and LED quit in 2 months...I hope the battery is well sealed from my water... not what I expected and would not recommend.
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on September 1, 2012
I purchased this one year ago while living in Florida. The water taste improved so much after using the PUR and I was in love. I moved to Massachusetts six months ago and although I had no issues with the water taste, I worried about the junk coming through the old pipes in our town and our house. I had no problems using this for six months in Florida and just shy of six months in Massachusetts. I drink a lot of water from the tap, so I had to change the filter every 60 days or so, and it was frustrating that a two-pack of filters cost me about the same as the original product did. I considered it worth the cost until this week when the PUR began spraying all over the sink, counter, floor, and me. I tried tighting all the adjustments - no improvement. I changed the filter - no improvement. I ran the filterless mount under hot water for several minutes to clear any potential blocks - no improvement. This product is useless after one year in use.
review image review image
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on March 28, 2006
I picked up one of these (FM3333) for my office. One thing that caught my eye is that it included a 2-stage filter. We have used a single-stage on-tap filter by another maker in the past, but it clogged up too quickly, so having a filter that could trap sediment was an important consideration.

The filter holder installed on the faucet effortlessly without any tools. Our faucet has exterior screw threads, so the faucet adapter included in the package wasn't needed.

The filter itself took a little extra effort to insert into the filter holder. It seemed to be a very tight fit (but not an improper fit).

Filtered water comes out the bottom not really in a stream or a spray, but somewhere in between. It comes out at a slower rate than unfiltered, but I expected that. It's an adequate rate, not a trickle by any means.

Controlling the filter couldn't be simpler or more pleasant. Tip it backwards to bypass the filter, tilt it straight up again to filter again. The tilting action feels very smooth, no feeling of cheap-plastic friction.

Another nice feature is the gauge that shows roughly how much use is left before the filter needs to be changed. It's purely mechanical, no batteries necessary.

I recommend the Pur without hesitation.
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on May 17, 2011
This product has really gone down hill fast. PUR used to be a fantastic company with a great product but I cannot recommend this product. The cover fell off within two days and water started seeping from the filter life display. Within two weeks hairline cracks turned into gaps where unfiltered water gushes out negating the fact that a small stream of filtered(?) water is coming out also. In short more unfiltered water leaks out than comes out of the thing. What are these people doing that are running this company? What is wrong with them and don't they know that their viability as a company and their reputation is completely worthless now? It's hard to believe that anyone would create cheap plastic junk like this. Frankly I don't trust the filter anymore either since I am sure if the main unit is so cheaply and poorly crafted that similiar quality is now going into their filters. PUR do something soon!
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