Customer Reviews: Timex Men's T5E231 Ironman Classic 100 Full-Size Black/Yellow Resin Strap Watch
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on December 20, 2007
I've had various incarnations of the Timex Ironman watches over the years. They take a beating and have great functionality. To me, this model has about the best practical value overall, being rather feature-laden without being overcomplicated. One distinct value of this watch over the "sleek" and similar models, is that it does NOT have an integrated band. Sure, integrated bands look cool, but if you wear the watch daily the band will start to break down after about a year and then you have to send it back to Timex for a new band. Not so with this watch. New users will have to take a little time to figure out the various functions of the watch, but once you get the idea, operation is very logical. The stopwatch is great for training, having more laps at your disposal than you're ever likely to need, multiple timers and alarms, and two time zones. These are also useful for training, but also just useful in general life (moreso than you'd think). In all, a solid choice for a digital sports watch, and an excellent value considering Amazon's prices. Highly recommended.
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on November 24, 2006
I've seen this watch in stores for $65. Bought it using my Amazon Prime for $43, free shipping, got it 2 days later. Its a great watch, especially the Flix system. It took me a short time to figure out the right way to flick my wrist to activate the light, but once I got it, it worked every single time. Besides the great features, its a good-looking watch also.
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on May 29, 2008
This watch replaced a G-shock as my primary workout and everyday watch. I bought it primarily because I am now doing mostly interval workouts, both for running and in the gym, and wanted an audible indicator so I did not have to keep checking my watch.

Decent-looking watch, except for the BOLD white-wall lettering on the band, but a Sharpie takes care of that. Numbers easy to see, controls easy to figure out and manipulate. Rubber strap does not absorb sweat or grab wrist hairs. FLIX feature very handy for night work, not overly bright. Light-weight, lower profile than typical G-shock.

1. Weak chime - hard to hear over any noise.
The roads I'm running are reasonably quiet, aside from the occasional UH-60 helo flying over or diesel honey-truck going by, so most of the time I can hear the multi-tone chime signaling end-of-interval, but have missed it when a vehicle is passing by. Fugedaboudit if you're in a typical loud gym with music, cardio machines, TVs, and the grunters and plate-slammers, or your own mp3 player, Creative Zen Stone Plus 2 GB MP3 Player (Black).
2. Will NOT work for Tabata Intervals of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, repeat 8 times. I set INT 1 at 20 seconds, INT 2 at 10 seconds (REPEAT at end), then DONE. At end of first 20 sec interval the watch gives only the faintest "pip" before going into interval 2 - practically impossible to hear if you're involved in any intense cardio exercise. After a little experimenting I discovered that if the second interval is set below 15 seconds you'll only get that 'pip,' otherwise you get a more noticeable "ditty-dee, ditty-dee" signaling the start of interval 2. DOES give a very noticeable 10-second chime at end of interval 2 as it recycles to 1 and repeats.
3. Menu lag time. There's an annoying 3-4 second lag when switching to the CHRONO mode before you can press START. Does not seem to affect other modes. I'm impatient, and switching between CHRONO and INTERVAL modes while working out or running should not cost me time.

I might buy this again for a running watch, but for my primary workouts ( I now use the awesome $20 Gymboss Interval Timer clipped to the band of my Ironman watch, set to VIBRATE 1-second between intervals. GYMBOSS does Tabatas perfectly! Train Hard!
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on April 1, 2007
This is the fourth watch I've bought for running since I began to need reading glasses for near objects, and its the only one that solved all the problems aged eyes cause a runner. The FLIX option is fantastic and worked without a hitch, and is easy to see at night. The buttons are easy to see and work, and become intuitive within an hour of strapping the watch on, even while running. Its even fairly attractive, as digital watches go. Most important is that the numbers are large, clear, and easy to read even when running through the desert -- as an aside, if you ever get shin splints try offroad running, especially in deep sand: its easier on your legs, more effective as cardiovascular excercise and much more interesting. My only complaint (and its a small one) is that a digital compass would have been a nice addition for offroad runners, but I was able to fix that with a Suunto Clipper L Micro Compass (Luminous Bezel). Other than that this watch would get a five star rating, so if you run on the street, buy it.
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on January 9, 2009
This is already my 2nd TIMEX which I use for my swimming practices..
This one beats the older model (Timex 51931 Ironman Triathlon) with some interesting changes:

1) The larger digits on this model makes it easier to read the numbers (as some mentioned to do so when running) even when I am swimming, with a quick flick of the wrist at the turn, it's possible to see the minutes and the seconds.... The older model had smaller number, thus not making it possible to do this.

2) The navigation on this model became quite easier. It was already easy on the older model but this one included instructions on screen, such as NEXT, DONE, + or - in order to advance with your practices and training... Plus a chance to change the way you want to see the information of the your laps (Laps in the big digits and splits at the smaller one, or the oposite)
A Real nice add on by TIMEX.

3) A simple but effective wrist band "clip" (the tiny piece of strap that attachs the "extra" wrist band that is left after you put the clock on)
It has a piece of rubber on the inside that locks on at the wrist band and does not make it loose or even letting it go as some other watches do sometimes. This is more effective underwater I think, as it remains the way you set your wrist, as the older model I had did not quite held in place all the time.

4) Plenty of memory (100 laps is really a nice number), maybe more then most will need but, as a swimmer I use to count splits over 100m (or yards) with many laps during one training... It is quite usefull. I go easily on 10 to 15 laps of the memory in one training.
And with the date feature, that reminds when you did these times, it is quite usefull to keep track on the training with a spreadsheet, for instance... (as I do !)

5) A really big START/SPLIT buttom that is great to press when I am swimming laps and have to press myself at each turn at the pool.
Just perfect. Never a miss !

And the feature which was already at most of the models, of the repeat countdown, and the start of a chrono, or a repeat (what I use the most) in order race agains your average rhitym inside a certain time frame that you can set it up ! And of course the flix technology, which is very good to have it... Just flick your wrist (when you set it to ON) and it will show you at night all info that you need.

It is another great watch from TIMEX and it deserves a look, specially for the price. It is worth to pay a bit more if you are like me and uses a lot of the memory for the laps on swimming pool. Maybe for runners it can be quite a lot of memory, but the price difference is worth the change, for some of the options mentioned at this review.

This is a really good watch to have..
Will you definatelly like as we all are at these reviews.
:-) It deserves the 5 stars rating !
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on February 21, 2012
I've had this watch for about 8 months now and have beat the living hell out of it. It just keeps on going. I bought it because I needed a watch that I could wear to work (Worked maintenance in a park and lumber in a home improvement store) and not worry about it breaking. I also have a pretty active lifestyle, so I watched something that could be worn swimming, biking, hiking, etc. This watch as outperformed my expectations.

What I like about this watch:
-I've put it through hell, and all I have to show for it is a slightly scratched screen and a little scratched paint.
-The timer function is great.
-Timex has one of the better Indiglo displays I've seen in watches at this price range.
-It's recall functions keep track of my laps, splits, and other basic information for my workouts.

What I don't like:
- Band looks like it could possibly break soon, but I have no reason to believe so, just me being paranoid.

If you're looking for a watch that can keep up with an active lifestlye and take a beating, this is the watch for you. If you aren't it's still a great watch to own. I also own a G-shock and while the G-Shock is considerably more durable (Hence the huge price difference), I still wear this watch just as often. The "Ironman" truly lives up to its name.
review image review image review image
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on February 23, 2009
I've had Timex watches for years and thought this new "flix" enabled watch would be just the right upgrade when my last one died after 4 years and got my parents to buy me one. Not so. First I had one die about 2 months after I got it, at the beach the second I got in the water. I thought, oh that must have had a bad coating or something, and since it was a gift and I didn't have the proof of purchase or any of the stuff to get a warranty replacement, I just went ahead and bought a new one of the same model. It lasted 2.5 months. Timex replaced that one with a new one and it died again about a month and a half later. The Flix system seems to make it way less sturdy than the other Timex watches (or at least how they used to be) so that even ordinary arm motions can make the whole thing become unresponsive and then just lock up or die. I'm a geology grad student and I need to have a trustworthy watch that I don't have to take off when I go and do field work, but if these watches can't even handle me sitting at a desk, they're junk.
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on October 31, 2007
I read other people's reviews before buying my Timex and as in all things in life, everyone has their opinion. One of the things I found preposterous were the comments about the band. It's designed to be secure on your wrist. The fact that the small loop kind of "locks" in the strap is a good thing. Some people complained that it was too hard to undo. I do it everyday with one hand and could do so blindfolded. If you can't get the strap undone without breaking a sweat, one handed or two, I would suggest you never leave the house because you are uncoordinated to the point of being dangerous. The large numerals on the face have also been criticized which is also a mystery to me. It simply makes reading the pertinent data easy and fast with no guess work and with a quick look. I also like the fact that it is so light that I'm not even aware of wearing it which is very good in a a sports watch. The ONLY negative I have is that you have to hit the "Stop" button twice when in interval mode and the time you want to stop on corresponds to the interval itself. Not a big deal. I hit the stop button twice in succession. It's a fine product that does what it's supposed to.
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on December 17, 2010
I've been using Timex Ironman watches since they first came out. This is the first one that fails for what I've found dependable and usable about the line for all these years.

As far as I can tell this is the only 100 lap Ironman Timex makes any more and is an enormous step backwards from previous Ironman models.

1. The interval timer is all but useless if you do sets. On previous models of the 100 lap Ironman you could have the intervals repeat a set number of times (1-9) or repeat continuously in addition to stop and chrono. Now you can only repeat indefinitely - you can not run a set of intervals 3 times and then run the chrono(for example). On older models you could run a series such as 5 minute run - 1 minute rest 9 times with a 10 minute run (measured on the chrono) at the end. Now if you want to do a set like that you have to count and track the repeats - defeating the entire purpose of the interval timer. The "9 intervals" now are all part of a single set that either runs once or continuously.

2. No year is input on the date. So you have to manually enter the day of the week and track leap years. If you travel this is a pain if you intend to use the alarm.

3. A more minor annoyance - almost nothing is programmed on the same buttons as previous models. Why? The changes don't make it much easier to use.

The one plus over my previous 100 lap Ironman -the dial is easier to read.
Otherwise the watch lacks the very features that I found so desirable and dependable in the previous models I've owned with the exception of the memo mode which I never used.
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on March 3, 2012
I have been a loyal Timex customer for years. Remember "They take a licking but keep on ticking!"? I have had two of these and they both failed prematurely. The first was a couple of months old and leaked while I was swimming in the ocean. The warranty claims "does not cover water damage." Hello, this is a triathlon watch! So I though I just got a bad one. Ordered #2 in Sept 2010. Earlier this week I noticed the date was off (didn't handle leap year) and went to set it. None of the buttons worked. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I learned my lesson now - Timex you lost my business.
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