Customer Reviews: GustBuster Classic 48-Inch Automatic Golf Umbrella (Navy)
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on March 24, 2015
62 days, 9 uses! That's all it took for this umbrella's shaft to crack at the spring mechanism and yield it unusable. To its credit, the umbrella looks good and functioned well, but the craftsmanship I expected from this item was simply not there. Researching umbrellas and coming upon the great reviews of this umbrella, I had expected a quality product that would last at least a few seasons. That didn't happen.

When I contacted the company for a solution, they offered to fix it if I 1) sent the umbrella back at my expense which, being an odd shape is nearly half the cost of the umbrella itself AND 2) enclose a check for $10 to get it fixed. That does not strike me as stellar customer-centric service.
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on January 9, 2007
My commute to work involves what can be described only as a walk through a wind tunnel. The trash barrel near my office always has at least one umbrella in it, and my sturdy Totes 34" umbrella was blown inside out by the wind here.

I am pleased to say the GustBuster has worked perfectly and I am very pleased with my purchase. I would say I would buy another one, but I don't foresee this umbrella ever failing. This is an excellent umbrella.
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on January 26, 2010
<---Short Test Video of Metro 43 Inch, not the larger 48 Inch Classic.

The GustBuster 48 Inch classic stick style umbrella is probably the last umbrella you may need to buy. Granted you take good care of it and do not leave it on a bus or train.

The umbrella (automatic version) is easy to open, is light weight, and above all lives up to its "gust-busting" claims of very high winds.

Although I do wish it was just a wee bit larger, perhaps 52 inches, it is still large enough to shield most of your upper body in moderate downpours with light winds without having to play umbrella chicken with other folks passing by.

It is a nice one person umbrella...but not for two.

However, for a taller man, the lower legs may still catch some of the rain run off. But not too bad.

While I found the quality of the fabric just average, the handle, stick, and ribs of the product feel strong and stable; ready to tackle high winds. Each outer spoke attaches the upper canopy using elastic bands. The lower canopy seems to be more rigid and attached to the main frame.

When the wind does get under it, both canopies separate allowing the wind to just flow through the large holes, all while keeping you dry. The elastics let the upper canopy stretch upwards which seems to work the magic preventing the umbrella to invert.

The reason I am writing this review is because it passed its real test just yesterday when here on Staten Island, New York, we had heavy rain with wind gusts of up to 50 MPH. (the GustBuster claims it handles 55+ winds).

I figured this was a good opportunity to give it a try.

In between the Supreme Court building and 130 Stuyvesant Pl is like a wind tunnel on days like this. There are always destroyed umbrellas in the garbage bins on either side of the street.

My Gustbuster did its job impressively while everyone else around me had their umbrellas blown inside out.

Before the Gustbuster, I had a Hammacher Schlemmer "wind defying" umbrella which was sort of ok in light to medium winds (25 MPH or so), but did blow inside out on me twice, the second tearing part of the fabric off the ribs.

So, for folks who want a true wind resistant umbrella. Go with the Gustbuster. And also keep in mind that the classic stick style has the best overall quality build.

Just don't lean the umbrella into the wind (as if shielding yourself) since this does put pressure on the ribs, and try and keep it half-open to relief pressure and extend the life.

Don't walk into an EF 1 or higher tornado with it either, ha ha!

Also, the Metro 43 Inch version that I bought as a spare seems a bit flimsy and not as strong as the classic stick version...the parts on the metro feel somewhat cheaper. Didn't give that one the test yet though...

I'm not sure about the larger 62 inch umbrellas.

Hope my review was helpful for those considering this product.


Just yesterday (3/13/10) we had extremely strong winds here on Staten Island, New York with reported gusts over 65 MPH.

I figured that this was yet another great opportunity to give my 2 Gustbusters another wind test.

My Classic 48 Inch umbrella performed the same as usual...but it was the smaller 43 Inch Metro that I wanted to test.

Although having somewhat of a lesser construction quality, it held up pretty good. The winds on Fox 5 news were reported around 30 to 35 MPH sustained with gusts of up to 60+ MPH.

The Metro did a very good job at holding together for the most part, but...a very strong gust, probably 55 to 60 MPH I'm guessing, did manage to cause it to finally invert, (not shown in video).

However, no major damage occurred and I just faced it back in to the wind to correct it again.

So, these umbrellas WILL invert, but only in gusts that are extremely high! I live right near the coastline so our winds were some of the stronger gusts. In these cases don't even bother using an umbrella since you're going to be wind-soaked anyway.

Overall, I still rate the Classic stick style at 5 stars (the Metro at 3 1/2 stars due to lesser quality) and trust me that they do perform as advertised. But do expect them to blow inside out in those rare 55+ gusts as it did in my test run.

After all they are labeled and wind tunnel tested at 55+ MPH, so that is pretty accurate and honest advertising.

Hope this update was helpful!
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on April 16, 2010
For a premium $40 umbrella that is supposed to withstand the forces of nature, I was disappointed by this.

I've had the umbrella for less than a year and the hook to trap the umbrella closed no longer works. Now, to keep the umbrella closed I need to manually hold it with my hands. This makes it extremely inconvenient and difficult to use. Reading through other reviews, it's clear that many other have had this same issue with the hook. BIG red flag in my book.

When I called to address the issue, similar to others, I've had a poor experience with their "lifetime warranty." I'd have to ship it back to them (which is perfectly fine), but I'd also have to pay them $10 for their trouble. With a total cost of ~$20 to me, what kind of lifetime guarantee is that? I can easily buy another umbrella for that price. The policy makes NO sense on manufacturer issues like this. On top of it, customer service was not very friendly nor accomodating in dealing with this issue.
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on January 3, 2008
I fold, as in, "I give up." I've owned my share of "wind-resistant" folding umbrellas and none of them lived up to the claim. Even GustBuster makes a folding umbrella but I was drawn to this one's classic beauty.

It's not so bulky that you can't take it everywhere and the canopy is the perfect size for him or her, or in a pinch, him AND her. The real wood crook-shaped handle gives it a touch of class. The opening mechanism relies on the proven coil-spring system, but that's where the similarity to other solid-shaft automatics ends.

Fiberglas takes the place of metal in the parts that might attract lightning, making the GustBuster light for its size but just as sturdy. Unzip the two Velcro straps, push the button and two canopies pop open to shield you from the rain. The raindrop-shaped openings allow the wind to pass between the canopies. Then aerodynamics take over, forcing the canopies to retain their shape instead of turning inside out. Elastic straps hold down the upper canopy, eliminating a gap where the rain might sneak in. A video of GustBuster's wind-cannon testing confirms their claims. You can see it at GustBuster's website (just tack on the ".com"). Combine this high level of engineering and thoughtful design with GustBuster's affordable pricing on all their umbrellas and it adds up to possibly the best umbrella value.
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on November 4, 2010
This umbrella is really nice.

The problem with it is it breaks SUPER easily. I babied mine because I read all the reviews on here before I bought it. The weakness is where the spindles attach themselves. It's a point that needs to support alot of stress and the cheap fiberglass spindles cannot do so.

If you buy this you'll probably be sorry for doing so sooner or later. I rarely review anything on amazon but thought I would on this so others wouldn't have throw money away.

Also "lifetime guarantee" is complete hogwash. Guarantee as in customer pays shipping + a $10 surcharge equaling $20. I'm not willing to throw another andrew jackson to the wind (no pun intended)
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on December 16, 2012
I bought this umbrella over a year ago from Amazon. I live in Chicago and needed an umbrella that won't break in the strong winds we get in this city, and this umbrella has done well as far as that's concerned. The canopy is strong and provides plenty of cover for one person, decent amount of cover for two. It holds up well in stiff winds.

However, the handle has started cracking on the surface. The handle is advertised as "hardwood", but it looks like it is made of a wooden core with some kind of cheap plaster layer on the outside, stained and lacquered to look like wood. On my umbrella the handle has started chipping and coming off in powdery chunks, and it looks like it's only going to get worse. I've put up a picture in the product photos. I really want to like this umbrella but this poor worksmanship in the handle is awful.
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on January 29, 2008
I was excited to have this umbrella on a very rainy, windy day in San Francisco. A strong gust of wind came along and snapped not one but *every* support on the canopy, rendering the umbrella completely useless...and me completely soaked.
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on December 7, 2011
I received this umbrella as a gift, so I'm not sure exactly what vendor it was purchased from. When it's open and in use, it's excellent. It really does hold up to strong wind, and I also like the feel of the contoured wood handle (much nicer than holding a cold, damp piece of plastic or metal in a storm).

The sad problem with this umbrella is the latch on the shaft that's supposed to keep it closed. It is VERY weak, and the umbrella often pops open unexpectedly. This has caused some scary close calls for me when carrying the closed umbrella, with the umbrella almost hitting children and pets in the face, and popping open in stores and restaurants.

The worst part of this problem is that I wrote to the Gustbuster company in detail about this problem. (The umbrella came with a warranty card.) It's been over six months, and I have not heard a peep back from them. It's a shame that a product that is almost great has such an annoying flaw. It's even worse that the company doesn't seem to give a damn about it.
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on September 18, 2007
The umbrella works fine, however what does not show in the picture is that there's a very ugly Gustbuster logo that is embroidered on one of the umbrella straps that is "multicolored and quite bright." It makes an otherwise classic looking umbrella look cheap and tacky.
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