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on May 31, 2010
I bought this bag 10/09 for $34 + shipping. I always used it five days a week, sometimes loaded, sometimes not. I have updated this review over time to give readers a better idea of the product's durability.

The zippers were "sticky", although these becomes somewhat less of a problem with time and use. The leather, somewhat stiff, gets softer with time. The shoulder strap that came with it had a shoulder pad that was below par in my estimation, and I am glad I saved the strap from a previous bag for a comfortable shoulder fit.

As I have stated in other briefcase reviews, in my humble opinion, this briefcase has the best configuration of pocket space: two briefcase-wide internal deep pockets, a briefcase-wide rear outer pocket, and in front, four pockets, 2 by 2, arranged in a 1/3, 2/3's ratio of width. The two 1/3-width pockets are great for things that require quick access, the bottom 2/3 pocket for pens and similar items, and the big front pocket for your wallet and other items.

After seven months of use I encountered the first problem- the inner lining to the bottom-front left pocket had torn. My set of keys fit in the pocket, but it was a snug fit. Additionally, the front upper small pocket recedes behind the one below it. This creates additional stress on the lining of the lower pocket, and the lining tore. Now the 2 pockets are connected and free-flow into one another. This constitutes a daily annoyance. The top pocket should bottom out where the bottom pocket started, and/or the stitching should be reinforced.

After 11 months, one of the zippers handles broke off to one of the briefcase-wide internal pockets, but the two internal pockets have two zippers, so I can still close (and therefore use) the pocket.

The bag's construction held up until 1 year and five months, when one of the hand straps snapped off. I was loading it with books for some time, and if the shoulder strap had been adequate, I wouldn't have had to use the hand straps when I didn't want to.

They should get real with the list price (it should be $39.95 instead of $89.95). Nevertheless, when priced around $30, (for me, shipping was another $10) it's a very good deal.
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on December 24, 2011
I was a little skeptical at first with the purchase of this bag, but I decided to go for it since a little over $20.00 wasn't a whole lot to lose. So far, I am very satisfied with my purchase. The bag looks good and appears very leather-like even though it is fake. It is very spacious and practical for business and looks very professional as I take it to the office every day. I have to open the middle zipper to extend the bag's holding capacity and now it holds everything neatly that I have packed into it; including my netbook, files, books, notes, note pad, two sets of stereo headphones, cords, pens, highlighters, mouse, mail and even a small umbrella. And I still have room for packing an occasional drink and/or snack.

The interior compartments, as mentioned by someone else, are separated by a nylon cloth that can easily tear after prolonged use or by sharp edges or objects, so this is very inadequate. And the shoulder strap is a lot less than to be desired. I am always very cautious using it since the strap is so flimsy and could break at any time, including the actual hooks. My bag is packed full and weighs around 30-35 lbs so I try to always hold it by the handles as much as possible. There are times when I might need the use of both my hands, in which case, I have no choice but to use the flimsy strap.

So far, all of the zippers work fine for me with no sticking. For the low price that I paid for this bag I am satisfied, and most of you should be too unless you a) got yourself a faulty bag (these things can happen every now and then), or b) are a very unreasonable person with overly inflated expectations of what a low cost fake leather bag should provide.
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on January 17, 2013
I really wanted to like it. But after using it for 3 months (it did not break), I switched to a Samsonite 3 Pocket (x 2 the price).

The size is okay, but sliding things in and out does not seem very smooth. The worst part is the zipper. I suppose I should oil them ... but then, yuck, you'll get oil on your paper, laptop, etc. It feels like it's going to be stuck somewhere any minute. That's true for the middle zippers, the front pocket zippers. Just does not feel good at all. Even after a few months, it does not loosen up.

The 4 front pockets are strange. Two of them are connected ... so it's kinda like a fake pocket. Couldn't figure out any use for them. The carry belt that came with it is thin and not very useful. Replaced it with a more cushioning used belt.
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on September 29, 2017
I purchased this breifcase a few years ago and it was great! I just "re-ordered" it again and what I received is a much cheaper version of the original bag I ordered a few years ago. The Shoulder strap is thin and flimsy and the zippers on the bag itself get stuck and feel at any moment they are going to get stuck for good or just break. Also the bag appears to be smaller than the original version of it. There were 2 inside pockets in the original bag, this one has only one pocket. Overall I am not thrilled with the bag but it will suffice for now.
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on April 21, 2009
This is a great bag. Lots of space, good material. A great product for the price. The only drawback is the zipers are kind of "sticky". I have had it about two weeks, and they seem to be loosening up a bit, but still a minor annoyance.

One thing I could not see from the pictures was that the center zipper is not a sepraite compartment. It is an expansion option that when unziped allows the bag to become thicker.
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on April 8, 2014
This case is very nice to carry. It has soft material that will withstand quite a bit of rain and keep your items dry. The material is very soft and comfortable to carry, even under your harm as to carry another item in your hand underneath. I have seen more than one review of people complaining about the zippers being stiff and so on. Look, it's not any different than any NEW zipper, they work great so don't let this be an issue to keep you from buying, these statements are absolutely nonsense. I had a case that the zipper broke on so I needed a replacement. The front is excellent and designed well for storage, various size pockets for many items. The expandable center zipper is great for giving plenty of room on the inside for storage. 3 section portfolio for clipboard, papers and so on is nice, but it is open at the bottom so it's not for small items as they will cross over from one section to another. It also has zipper for some items on backside of case (portfolio side) that is isolated from portfolio, full length zipper at top. On the inside is where it is lacking to me is that there is a pocket hanging inside with small zippers for storage, but don't go the full length of the case inside and is not as well designed as I feel it should be. There is a lot of room with expandable area opened up inside but could have been better for more smaller storage, and could have had 2 hanging from the top storage areas inside than the one it has, one on each side of the inside of the case. Overall, an excellent buy and gets the job done. I have a job that requires me to carry many things to and from work every day and this case does do the job for me. For the 24 bucks and change I feel it was well spent.
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on June 11, 2017
I use this as my briefcase for work. It can expand very wide to help a lunch paid and a book to read and has many more pockets that I do not even use.
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on November 23, 2012
I'm in retail sales, and don't strictly need a briefcase. A few months ago I decided to see if I could make good used of one, though. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money so I decided to buy this with the intention of writing it off if I never found good use for it, or upgrading if I decided a briefcase was something really useful after all.

Not only did I find adding a briefcase very handy for product information/evidence, miscellaneous documents, and storage of my iPad and case--I also found this to be an EXTREMELY good value. I don't anticipate needing to "upgrade" any time soon.

I read others' concerns about quality or damage, but I haven't had a single issue with this briefcase. I'm extremely please with this purchase.
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on July 23, 2013
This bag is unique as no other bags in the market has as much space as this one, only drawback is the zippers are not very smooth (i've tried to put some wax to smooth them out). The bag is roomy enough to put a very large lunchbox in the center-pocket, files folders in the middle pocket as well as any other toiletries(lotions, hand-sanitizes, eyeglasses, etc) in the side pockets, it also has additional room in the front with four small pockets. I could not find any other bag that has this much room, other bags with this much room look more like a carry on luggage. This bags looks like a very classy office briefcase which can be taken to the office and boardroom.
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on June 7, 2014
The case is nicely designed, except for one critical component. The snap-rings that clip the shoulder strap to the case are incredibly thin (about 1/16"), and of course if you carry your laptop in your bag you do not want it to go tumbling to the ground because the should strap suddenly breaks free. Since it is an oversized briefcase (8" wide) it;s safe to assume it will often be heavier than a 4" briefcase, so they really should invest a few extra pennies in stronger snap-rings. I returned mine unused for that reason. Which is too bad, it was otherwise perfect for my use, nice layout of pockets, and reasonably attractive.
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