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Size: Up to 10-Gallons|Change
Price:$4.75+ Free shipping (Addon item)
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on August 6, 2016
Being a mechanical engineer that works with liquid pumps it easy for me to see the strengths and weakness of materials or designs. Materials and fit for the most part are good. My unit started to surge and drop 2.5 months after purchase. Too late for Amazon's backing and takes to long to get a Tetra repair under warranty. So going into it I found the arms were not symmetrically which in turn caused some output variance and operation. Not being the main problem I found the reed valves were sturdy appeared to be silicone but obviously not working smoothly. I removed the retainers cleaned the seats with eye drops and then used 100% silicone lube on the valve disc and body o-rings very lightly. Applying the retainers requires some finesse, leave too loose is not good and pushing up tight is not good. You push on till the end of the metal shaft is even with the end of the retainer. This is easy to miss. I had to bend the swing arms and reshape to the proper angles. I found them too soft or easy to bend while doing this. You could bend them just taking the unit apart to install a repair kit. No pump should have this weakness. I have seen worse overall but it's not perfect as some seem to think. The overall build is good but I can why many gave it one star. They can across the inconsistency of the swing arm and reed valve operation and did not know how to fix them. Tetra could fix this easily without considerable expense. I not angry but I'm not happy. Disappointed since it could have been better for so little.
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on June 26, 2013
I like this pump a lot! It replaced two smaller pumps I used for my fish tanks. It's a little louder than I had hoped but it is still a great value. I have to make sure I'm running both sides wide open to keep it relatively quiet, I'm still trying to figure out a way to muffle it. I would recommend this as it is a very good quality air pump.

I resolved my noise issues by putting my pump farm in a separate room so noise really isn't an issue anymore. I wish the manufacturers would list these units by flow rate instead of tank size ....tank size means very little to me. I was a medical equipment technician once, so I decided to do a flow rate test on the whisper units I own and here is what I found:

60 Gal: 2.3 LPM on one side and 2.2 LPM on the other side, for a combined total of 5.5 LPM
40 Gal: 1.7 LPM
10-30 Gal: 1.0 LPM I was able to tweak the magnets and get an extra .1 LPM

I just purchased a 100 but haven't received it yet but I will test it and post the results when I do. I'm not knocking these pumps they're a good value for the money and are far superior to some of the others I have. The only thing I would suggest(since there's not a lot of difference in price)is going with the bigger unit, one can always put a valve in and turn it down rather that having a whole herd of pumps (like me) and taking up so much space. The pumps are easy to work on plus parts are cheap, that and the price is why I would recommend these pumps.
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on June 4, 2016
Works as advertised, very quiet, no problems.

***Update*** Less than 6 months later, the pump developed some kind of leak and just wouldn't push air unless it was completely unrestricted... meaning no air stone or anything attached. Oddly, I found that while an air stone WAS attached and under water, if I pushed hard on the stem/nipple coming out, it would work fine. I opened it up and found everything looked fine. There is a sealed 2-piece black plastic air chamber that is apparently leaking somewhere along it's seam. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like something I could take out without breaking it. Everything else seemed to be working fine; bellows diaphram, transformer, etc. Instead of buying another of the same, I purchased the next size up (60 gallon), and I'm very happy. It seems to throw 2-3 times the air, and has two outlets.
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on December 31, 2016
I got this pump to add bubbles to some decorations in my 20gallon fish tank. A few things:

- The pump only has one output, so if you want to plug more than one decoration, you will need to buy some connectors such as Jardin Aquarium Airline Air Tube Tubing Connectors Filters, 10-Piece
- The pump comes without connector tube. Any 3/16" tube will do, I personally bought this one: Python Airline Tubing for Aquarium, 25-Feet
- Every pump is noisy, and this one is not an exception. The noise of the pump can be heard above the noise of my (very silent) filter. I still think Tetra did a good job to minimize the noise, but do not expect it to be really "whisper"
- The pump has a very good strength, and my two decorations put out tons of bubbles!

Overall, I liked the pump and I do recommend it if you want either aeration or decorative bubbles
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on May 19, 2016
I had to return the first one. Not only was it loud but it would vibrate itself off of the table. This second one doesn't shake and is quite a bit quieter, but I still wouldn't want this running in my bedroom. I can hear this in the room on the other side of a staircase and across a hall. I really wasn't expecting complete silence, but I was hoping it would be quieter than this. I am using the 60-100 gallon unit for an undergravel filter in a 55 gallon tank with goldfish, and I feel that it is just the right size for it.
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on March 3, 2017
For the price and convenience, this is definitely a good product. The air pump comes with 2 outputs and I needed only one to use. After using this for over a few weeks, it's been doing a fine job pushing air through about 4 feet of tubing lined from the bottom of my tank to the top (roughly 5 feet tall). The vibrations the pump emits from inside the tank stand is very low toned and will permeate the room and the room next to it. If you're a light sleeper, this may not be the best choice. Then again, I haven't hung this pump to limit the vibrations. I have heard this pump gets louder as it ages so I will update this review as time passes.
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on March 5, 2016
This pump is perfect for my 36 gallon aquarium. So quiet I don't even hear anything especially when it is kept inside the aquarium stand cabinet, all I can hear is the sound of water flowing from the filter.
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on August 20, 2016
I take great pride in my aquariums and really enjoy relaxing and watching the fish. There's nothing worse than having an air pump that makes a ton of noise to ruin the whole experience. I have been using this Tetra Whisper 40 - 60 Gallon Air Pump in my 65 gallon octagon tank now for over a year and it's still working as great as the day I plugged it in. It's super quiet and provides more than adequate air to the two air stones I have it connected to. I have mine in the bottom of the aquarium stand and can't even hear it running. The air bubbles it creates make the more noise than the air pump. Don't get me wrong it isn't totally silent but it's the quietest air pump I've ever used and I've had aquariums for many years.

This air pump does have two air outlets. And it provides plenty of air in case you want to put in a T-adapter or splitter and put air to more items in your aquarium. I would suggest using silicone tubing because it much more flexible, last longer and provides a tighter fit on the connections to prevent any air loss. The air pump comes with a T-adapter and 2 valves to regulate the amount of air bubbles in your aquarium.

All I had to do was add two lengths of air hose and two air stones and plug it in. It's been running nonstop ever since. I would suggest adding a check valve to each line of air hose to prevent water from coming back into the air pump and ruining it in case of a power outage. They are cheap and it's a good safety measure to save the air pump.

I can't say a bad thing about this Tetra Whisper Air Pump. It's a great pump that lives up to it's claims. If you are in the market for a new air pump you won't be disappointed with this air pump
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on September 15, 2015
It blows air good and strong, but it's too loud - I can't live with it. The noise is enough of that background "buzz/humm" to drive you crazy after a while. This is set up in my living room, and when the household is quiet, this dang air pump makes sure everybody knows it's working away. I can't see how anybody could tolerate this think in their bedroom. Makes me want to at least put it on a timer, so at night I don't hear it from my upstairs bedroom. Ugh. Putting it on towels and trying to surround it with towels doesn't work - the low frequency noise penetrates all that stuff. It's loud when I hold it in my hand, so it's not about the footing, etc. Yes, I have air hoses on both air outlets.
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on February 2, 2014
I was surprised how small this sucker is. I really appreciate the rubber legs so it doesn't walk off the table when it's on. I'd say it's the size of two blocks of Cream Cheese.(?don't hate)
The bubbles it creates are much louder than this little pump, which I think is the point of the job.
I'm using this in conjunction with an airflow gang valve to aerate two 4 gallon reservoirs for Spirulina & Chlorella algae cultures.
I was concerned that this pump wasn't going to be able to handle the extra hose length but it's still blasting away.
I'll definitely buy this again if I extend the system.
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