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Overall I'm happy with this keyboard, although there are a couple of issues.

It was about 90% plug and play on my Linux system. On Windows, there's a special driver to make sure everything works, but no such thing for Linux. Still, almost all the keys worked and it was completely usable. With a few relatively easy configuration changes I was able to get 100% of the keys working as they should. That's very satisfactory. I put maybe 20 minutes into it, compared with the 5 minutes I would have spent installing a driver on Windows. So overall, Microsoft has played fair here and there are no show-stopping incompatibilities, in fact really none at all.

The keyboard has a rich set of functions and features. It takes a little getting used to if you want to get the most out of it, but you can do this "as you go." The keyboard is usable as a simple keyboard right from the get-go.

Also on the positive side is that the keyboard is relatively quiet. It's not as quiet as some super-silent keyboards that I've used, but I like the idea that there's just enough audible feedback, which, combined with excellent tactile feedback, leads to more accurate typing.

The keyboard is a little bulky but on the other hand it rests stably on the work surface and doesn't scoot around like some lightweight keyboards.

So, what about the vaunted ergo features?

First, there's a gadget provided that changes the tilt of the keyboard and supposedly provides ergo advantages. I took it off right away; I couldn't get used to the rather extreme tilt downward. Maybe I should have given it a chance but I really hated it. Your mileage may certainly vary.

The wrist rest is comfortable and provides good support. Now, the main feature; the split of the keyboard into two "sides" and the angling that goes with it, really takes some accustomization. I mean, really. Even after a couple of months there are some things I find strange and more difficult. I'm a big Emacs user and so the control key comes into play often, and I have caps lock mapped as an extra control key. The "reaches" are strange and I've had to alter finger usage to deal with this. But don't give up; after some practice, regular typing is fast and comfortable. The layout of the keys is sensible and generally works pretty well.

The biggest issue, and why I rate this four stars overall, is the spacebar. It takes a lot more force to depress it than it ought to, and it's something you use a lot, so it's a problem. There is a lot online about how to fix the spacebar, but you shouldn't have to.

To be fair, I didn't apply any of the fixes, and with usage, I learned the best way to use the spacebar (pulling my thumb to the side a little). Also, it's loosened up a little with repeated use. But this is a real design flaw.

Do I recommend this keyboard? You can get a Logitech for more money, but I think this keyboard is about right for the price, so I give it a guarded recommendation. You've got to give it time. Don't expect to be a pro with it the first few days. And you've got to learn to work with the spacebar.
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on January 5, 2016
I received it about 3 days ago and it reached via Aramex after along wait during the christmas holidays.

To set the context, I don't touch type, just hunt and hit like most people with a speed of 40 wpm. Previously, I was content with my chiclet laptop keyboard and dont really have much complaint against it. I liked them more than my previous desktop keyboard where I had to push down the button so deep that I hardly enjoyed typing. I really like the feel of soft touch and the dampened sound. I have tried split typing, as in both hands have separate zone to cover but couldn't continue it for long. So, I'll try to provide my review from the eyes of this biased user.

So, when I received the keyboard my major concern was the size of the keyboard as I have small hands and the depth of the keys. It looked really wide. But then I tried and I can easily reach any key in the qwerty zone without moving my wrist. Actually if you look at it closely, you can see that the new revised wireless model of this called sculpt ergonomic keyboard is essentially just this main zone cut out from the rest.

Next up was the travel / depth of the key and I again felt comfortable with it. They require about the same amount of force except for the Space key which when pressed from the northern part, gives much more friction than from the southern part. Although the depth of keys is more than that of laptops, it is NOT at all uncomfortable - maybe a little more, but nowhere near my old mechanical keyboard. I still keep missing the space key sometimes when I hit it softly like the other keys.

Then I tried the special keys after installing the special driver. You can reconfigure any of them to other action, but the list of available actions is the same as the default action of all the keys included plus running any external program. So, if you want the mail key to paste from clipboard, that's not possible, but it can change the volume. The favourite key CANT be reconfigured, it opens this special key configuration page by default. You can only enable or disable it. I guess much more can be done via macros, but I am yet to give it a shot.

Only downside to me is the presence of numpad keys. Dont get me wrong, I absolutely loved them in my laptop, but they are too far away from the QWERTY zone and it is actually easier for me to press the top number keys rather than moving to that part for regular typing. But, I am pretty sure on the other hand that during numerical calculations, that dedicated zone along with the extra bracket and equals key on the top part of it will be absolutely godsend. But having them doesnt hurt anyways, right? Well, it does my hurt my hands when I have to reach for my mouse on the right. Its too far away from my body because while typing, I place the middle of the QWERTY zone right in front of me, so the keyboard is extended more to the right.
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on July 29, 2014
I used to swear by this keyboard.

For context, I spend most of my time at a keyboard, at work and at home. I type fast, I key too hard, and I spend 4-6 hours a day typing (not sitting at a computer—actively typing). My first two MS 4000 keyboards lasted 3-4 years each under that abuse. They were my first ergonomic keyboards and I loved them. The many other reviews on this product do a good job of explaining the pros and cons. This keyboard has worked so well for me that I've replaced it with the same keyboard every time. I buy them at work so I can use them there, too. When I've been responsible for ordering keyboards for others, this is the one I get.

However, starting three or four years ago, I noticed that the keyboards weren't lasting as long. The physical action of the keys was fine, but something would go wrong with the underlying membrane, or the electronics. A key would stop working, or key mappings would get strangely scrambled—one keyboard started outputting two letters per key press, but only for half the letters and none of the numbers. This would happen within 12-18 months of purchasing the keyboard.

My last two keyboards have died within 8-12 months.

This is pretty annoying, but for the low price, it's still worth it for me to buy a new one when the old ones die. But if you're here looking for the reliable workhorse keyboard of the past, you may want to look elsewhere.
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on January 12, 2016
Okay, it's important to note that I have been typing since about the age of 10; and I'm 40 now. Having used a normal keyboard my entire life, I was apprehensive about navigating the ergonomic keyboard. Let me be the first to belay any misgivings regarding 'one star ratings' based upon usage ease/difficulty. If you know your home row keys, and are accustomed to typing by touch, this Ergo Keyboard by Microsoft will feel as though your fingers are flying across the keys! I kid you not! I've just gotten it today, have set it up, and am typing on it right now! It is the most natural feeling I've ever experienced while typing! Now all I need is a foot board, and I'll be in heaven. If you're a writer, typist, or programmer, what have you, you will indeed benefit from this keyboard. It gives the option to move the keyboard up against the heels of your palms, or in a flatter position (in which I am presently typing). This design is ingenious, and being able to type as I normally do, with a few errors (while getting accustomed to key placement, etc. etc.) feeling little to no strain in my wrists or forearms is amazing!! Why didn't I do this earlier?
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on August 4, 2016
This keyboard had major issues. Two of them broke within a month. I would not recommend this product!

please think it out before saving money by buying this one. I really liked it while it was working but multiple breaking within a month is not a good sign

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on May 24, 2016
I love this keyboard. I was taking college classes that required a lot of typing and my wrists were hurting because of that. So I bought this hoping that it would help. It did. Tremendously. It takes some getting used to. I type about 60-65 words per minute, but like most people I cheat some and don't hold perfect typing form and place. That became extremely apparent with the letter 'b'. That has given me some trouble and taken some getting used to. Everything else is great. I don't really use any of the other buttons up above the keyboard, since its not being used in an office setting. I imagine they work great, but I don't know that for sure. This has great little kickstands in the back to that it can be raised and lowered, and that cushion along the bottom is great. Just be prepared, this isn't a small keyboard. I read the measurements, but failed to really 'see' the measurements. It's big. But I love it.
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VINE VOICEon January 25, 2013
I got this keyboard for my office but still use the older Natural Keyboard Elite at home. The older keyboard is much more comfortable and responsive and I really wish Microsoft would bring it back.

This keyboard, while more attractive than the older model, is much harder to use. The keys are a lot stiffer and control key commands are slow. On the Elite, you can pretty much press the control key and the alphabetic key at the same time. On this keyboard, you have to hold down the control key a brief moment before you press the other key. If you don't, unexpected errors occur - for instance if, when copying text, you hit the "C" key too quickly, it deletes the text and won't paste it when you hit ctrl-V.

The function keys can be used for internet scrolling, but since I primarily use my mouse for that, I just find that all the extra keys and functions clutter up the keypad. Plus, the letters are harder to see on a black background, although on the plus side, it doesn't get as dirty as the cream-colored Elite. And while, in theory the strip at the bottom of the keyboard ought to be more comfortable because of the padding, it isn't.

I could live with all the other issues if it weren't for the stiffness of the keys and the sluggishness of the response when using ctrl commands. I'll take the comfort of an ergonomic keyboard over a standard keyboard any day, but it's almost worth paying the exorbitant fees to find an older model just because of how much easier the actual typing is.

This keyboard just goes to show that keyboards are, perhaps, like women - just because one is younger and pretty than another doesn't mean it's better.
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on November 14, 2016
Love this keyboard, very comfortable and quiet. No sticky keys yet, and space bar easy to press after 11 month of heavy usage. Additional keys above numpad keys, very useful for those who use calculator a lot.
It would have deserve 5 stars if labels wouldn't wear off in less then a year.

So there are a few issues with it:

1) the labels start wear off in about 6-8 month

2) they F keys are labeled for MS Office in mind, for example F5 key is labeled as "Open" and F9 as "Send", the actual F1-F12 labels are located on the vertical side toward person, which makes it hard to see in not very well lit environment, like with light from the monitor is not enough to see the labels.

3) F-Lock key is in bad position, easy mistake it for F12 key. It should have been totally separate like media buttons.

4) CTRL keys have a "star" (asteric) on it - what is it for? Is there a fine print somewhere for these buttons? Weird.

5) LED indicators don't have labels...instead they have icons that also printed on keys themselves. For example Caps Lock is marked as "A" in a square box and Num Lock as "1" in a square box. Who came up with this nonsense???
Also, LED indicators are in weird location compare to majority other keyboards, it would be perfect if they were integrated into the keys (Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Num Lock, F Lock)

6) this keyboard is not good for gaming, because it doesn't recognize combinations of some 3 buttons, for example key T, G and B doesn't register when pressed both A and S keys (or A and W). Y, H and N key doesn't register when pressed both D and S or D and W.

Overall I love this keyboard and would buy it again even with these issues.
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on November 12, 2015
Update after 4 months of use: I hate it. In order to play Fallout 4 for example, I've put poster putty on keys to help find important keys more easily and also keep my fingers from pressing the wrong ones (especially tilde instead of tab, giving me the console instead of opening or closing the Pipboy/menu interface). For general typing, the keys are annoyingly slick and I find myself having to check finger placement because the little F and J marker nobs are easy to miss.

Also, who in their right mind would put a Function Lock key on a keyboard, especially RIGHT by the F12 key? Function keys are essential to a lot of games, and keys becoming suddenly unresponsive is not cool. Microsoft apparently thinks people only use keyboards for email anymore (which is what they've placed as primary labels and uses for the function keys, while the F-number labels get relegated to the side of the key). Bad Microsoft. No cookie for you.

Unfortunately this keyboard seems to be the only real option for the split-key style, so I'm sticking with it even though it sucks. On the plus side, the spacebar isn't giving me as much trouble as I expected, but it is quite noisy and I've probably learned to hit it harder by this point. I think I'll sum up my entire feelings about this keyboard in one word: blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Original review:

Keep in mind, this is an almost fresh-out-of-the-box review, with about 20 minutes of use. I got the retail version based on reviews saying the spacebar for the business edition is crap, and one review where a person bought both versions and said the retail keyboard's spacebar was better.

So, let's get right to the spacebar itself: it definitely needs a stronger press than the letter keys. The pressing-feel of the letter keys are smooth but the spacebar isn't, and the space has a definite thud/click to it while the letter keys are quiet (not truly silent, but definitely not clicky). Since the space does require a bit of extra push, it'll take some time to see how annoying it is... already not real impressed. Specifically for gaming, with left-hand centered over the WASD keys for movement, the spacebar does becoming notably harder to push properly. New learning of finger-placement to get the thumb further towards the center of the spacebar may do the trick, but that's frustrating because it's muscle-memory for gamers. This wouldn't be an issue if the manufacturer had designed the spacebar properly.

Also, the left-hand resting area with the ergonomic "pillow" (which is really just thin soft-ish vinyl-type material over the underlying plastic base) needs to be extended further left. The edge of my hand rests right on the edge, and that's not comfortable and also a little off-putting. The pillow-surface itself feels weirdly slimy due to the texture the manufacturers decided to use, and the keys themselves also feel a little weirdly-slick. This is even more noticeable on the spacebar just based off how much harder you have to push it. The more I use it, the more I get used to it, but it was very noticeable right off the bat... and the keys do have a slight texture to them that seems counter-intuitive to sliding. Coming from an old, very well-worn keyboard with very smooth keys from being so worn, I should not be noticing that the textured keys on a new keyboard feel slippery... but there it is.

Still, this seems like the best keyboard available for the split-key, ergonomic style. I got dragged kicking and screaming into purchasing this because my baby finally died... the trusty old Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite that I've either never replaced or replaced once in the early 2000's (I honestly can't remember). Either way, my baby could no longer be called "trusty" due to a years-old short that would often press keys around the scroll-lock button when the keyboard was moved (resulting in random screenshots while playing games on Steam). Sometimes many or all keys would not work until after a thorough, careful cleaning disassembling everything and putting it back together after. The death-knell was when the short would stick one of the shift keys and possibly other function-related keys for an over-long amount of time, resulting in much frustrated key-pressing and faux-all-caps-rage until the thing finally behaved itself again. One cannot play something like an MMO with that kind of performance, and even chatting on instant messenger became obnoxious.

So I have retired my baby and am relegated to this thing. It... works, but it could definitely be done better. If it continues to preform as it does now, I will live with it... if it falls apart quickly, you'll be seeing a very unhappy update to this review. I got the 2-year protection plan just in case, and I'd recommend it since it's less than $3 and may be worth its weight in gold... way more than $3 worth of gold, obviously. Microsoft really needs to bring back the Elite, and all they really need to do is give it a USB plug. The saying is true: they really don't make 'em like they used to... it's all about shoddy everything now, because a well-made product means less future purchases. Sad fact, one the industry does not need to subscribe to but as we've seen over recent years, money beats honor. Shame.
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on March 21, 2016
This keyboard is almost perfect. I wish it had mechanical switches, but I won't take a star off for that, because I don't know of any keyboard that does everything this one does right and has mechanical switches.

The bottom line is that this keyboard doesn't give me wrist / arm pain. That is priceless for me. The split design and negative incline are just right.

Like others have reported, I had sticky spacebar keys initially, but this fixed itself as the keyboard wore in. I have two copies of this keyboard, one for work and one for home, and the spacebar issue fixed itself in each case once the keyboard saw a couple months of regular use.

It's overall very comfortable to use for a non-mechanical keyboard. There is a good amount of travel and tactile feedback.

My ideal keyboard would be this one with Cherry MX Blue or Razer Green switches and a tenkeyless design. Unfortunately that does not exist. The closest thing would be the Matias Ergo Pro, but I can see from the Amazon reviews that that keyboard has QC issues that I don't want to deal with in a $200 keyboard.
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