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on April 13, 2015
Very well made and sturdy. Has rubber "feet" on it to prevent it from sliding around if you place it on the floor or hang it up. Very helpful to have. Wish I could've seen the back of it before buying it, but regardless, I would have purchased. I took a picture of the back so others can see what I originally wanted to see.
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on January 3, 2015
Great scratcher for our cat. She loves it. It also feels well constructed and has four rubber feet that keep it flat on the floor. The main part is covered in a heavy cloth that she can scratch and it actually appears to be quite durable.
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on May 3, 2015
This cat scratcher is the bomb! I used to use those corregated cardboard scratchers and they shed bits of cardboard everywhere. Only one of my cats ever used it. As soon as I put this one down, the first cat was on it. I always put catnip on the scratchers to encourage them to use it and of course she loved that. Later that day, I saw the one who never uses the cardboard scratcher was actually digging her claws into this one! Both of my cats now use it often. I have had it for several months and it is still in great shape, no shedding pieces. I have it on the floor, but you can mount it on the wall. It is heavier and longer that the cardboard ones and my cats will sometimes just lay on it (no doubt waiting for catnip.) Because of the way they lounge on it waiting for their drugs, we call it the opium bed. Well worth the extra cost over the cardboard scratchers. I will buy another one if this one ever wears out.
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on March 28, 2015
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My cat was scratching the hell out of the cedar siding on my front porch. It's vertical so I figured this scratchingost would work nicely and I was right! Iaintes over the damage and then secured the pad in place. She went straight to it and uses it daily now! It's been holding up nicely in the elements. It gets mostly indirect rainfall as there is a small roof over the porch. We get lots of humidity in the summer and had quite a few single digits temps this winter. Looks like I won't be replacing it for some time but, when I do, it will be with another one of these!
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on September 1, 2016
Not sure what else to even say except that he likes scratching it too.
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on December 27, 2016
I've had this for a couple weeks now and I'm glad I purchased this. My cat has loved it from day 1. She immediately went to it and started scratching. I love that it is durable and doesn't "shed". I have put catnip on it periodically to help hold her interest, but I don't think it's necessary. She likes that it's a platform, I haven't attached it to a wall. We just move it around the house.
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on October 15, 2016
This is a decent scratching post that does not take up a lot of floor space when you mount it on the wall. Wall mounting tips...

1. The mounting screw they give you is not long enough to properly mount on the wall. You're better off using a longer screw so you can bite into the wall better. There are rubber feet which prevent the back from going flush on the wall. The rubber feet are great for keeping it sturdy on the wall once mounted and keeping the noise down when the cats are using it, but pushes the mount point further out. I don't think the manufacturer gave much thought to how the screw can work given what they provided.

2. Using a longer screw, make sure you screw it in as much as you can to get contact with the back of the scratching post and wall. Why? Because it provides a tight fit to hang it and therefore holds it against the wall better so when you're furry friends use it, it's not swinging all over the place.

3. Make sure you do a rough height measurement on the screw mount point for where it will hang. You want to give your cats some length to stretch up on the post so they can really dig into it when using it, but not too high that they can't reach it.

Only time will tell on how well this will hold up. I'm hoping longer than the ordinary sisal rope styles as the cats shred those in no time.
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on February 5, 2017
One of the best things I've ever bought from Amazon! My outdoor cat was tearing up baskets, wooden crates, furniture, and anything else she could scratch. I kept the scratcher on the floor horizontally for about 2 days and put a little catnip on it so she would be encouraged to explore it. Afterwards I hung it low on the wall and she uses it all day long. She is always scratching it or rubbing up against it! I definitely recommend.
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on September 2, 2015
I love these almost as much as my kitties do. I have several of the tall free standing posts by the same manufacturer and am very happy with them, so decided to try this version. I have several in different rooms. They are used by the cats whether horizontal or vertical. This rope fabric is very durable, but It will last longer if you keep your fluffy's nails trimmed. (Fun!) If you can't do that, expect it to fray sooner. I have one 11 lb former Tom street cat who will not tolerate being picked up, can barely be touched, so his nails can't be trimmed and have been registered as lethal weapons! His scratcher is still going strong after almost a year of heavy use. A bit of fraying, but he uses it many times every day, and I expect it to last for a few more years at least.
If you hang it, once the top section gets frayed, just flip it. After both ends are frayed you might be able to use it on the floor so they can shred the middle too! I have one on a very smooth floor and the little anti slip pads offer good resistance to sliding.
If your Fluffy resists the scratcher, try using one of those little "laser light" toys. Get the cat to chase the light, then run it up/across the scratcher. Or try rubbing a bit of catnip into the rope fabric to get his/her interest. My aforementioned rescued street cat resisted. So I attached the scratcher vertically since I could not interest him with any type horizontal scratcher. Then I placed one of those little squeaky mice with a computer chip inside on top of the scratcher, on the wood ledge. I tapped the mouse a few times to make it squeak, and he jumped for it. In the process of reaching for the mouse, he dug his claws into the scratcher. Now whenever he hears the squeak, he goes to the scratcher and stretches tall and scratches. Ignores the mouse! Just cracks me up.
Far too many scratching posts on the market are simply too short to be attractive to your cat. This scratcher solves that problem since you can hang it on a wall at any height you deem appropriate. Just be sure to hang it high enough so your cat can get a real good full out stretch while scratching.
I remember a lady years ago who wanted to declaw her cat because he was scratching the back of her recliner. She said she already tried a scratching post and the cat wouldn't use it. I asked her how tall the post was; she said about 18 inches. Then I asked her how tall the back of the recliner was. For a few seconds, dead silence, then she said softly, Ohhhhhh! She bought a TALL post, and bingo! problem solved. One less cat having expensive, unnecessary surgery. One chair saved!
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on May 5, 2015
I'm very happy with this scratcher. It's unobtrusive and reasonably modern looking. It mounts easily to the wall with a heavy-duty drywall anchor, and the rubber feet brace it against the wall and help keep it from sliding around (though it would be better if there were a way to lock down the bottom of the scratcher as well, because it can rotate a bit if the cat gets too vigorous). I haven't had it up for too long, but the jute-ish fabric seem pretty durable and has held up well so far. Even if it wears out eventually, I'm not too concerned, because the cost is so low.

I particularly like the wood ledge on the top of the scratcher -- you can put toys or treats up there for your cat to stretch up to and knock down, and it's a convenient way to get them interested in the scratcher initially. It didn't take much to get mine to start using it. I just wish I had purchased this sooner; I might have spared my couches!
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