Customer Reviews: G-Shock G100-BV Men's Black Resin Sport Watch
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on January 30, 2008
Pros: This watch is quite accurate. I've never had to make any adjustments to it and have been wearing it for nearly two years. Still on the first battery. This watch is also incredibly rugged. I am an active, active outdoor adventurer and have ABUSED this watch. It's never once asked me to ease up on it; it just keeps telling me the time. This includes a couple SCUBA dives.

Cons: The light only lights the small digital display at the bottom of the watch. If, like me, you keep the digital display on the date mode, the night light won't help you much. I don't believe this watch has ever leaked, but if the temperature is cool, this watch fogs up. And finally, if the time is between 25 past the hour and 35 past the hour, don't even think about being able to read the digital display at the bottom; the minute hand WILL obscure your view.

Overall this is a great, rugged watch for the price.
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on September 24, 2012
This is an excellent watch, and I could not be happier with it. The G-shock series is used extensively by the military, special forces and police, and it's easy to see why. This watch is extremely well built and durable, and it uses only high quality materials (that goes for the band as well.) It's also very light and comfortable.

The styling of the watch is not for everyone, however. This watch has a very tough, prepared-for-anything kind of look that I love, without being over the top. It is slightly thicker than other digital watches, owing to its armor-like exterior, but this is very subtle. Also, this watch does not have an overly large dial, as has become popular in watch styling lately. But I take issue with the many reviews that have described this watch as "small." These are clearly customers who were looking for the aforementioned large dial styling. I am 6'3'' with large wrists and hands, and I don't think the watch is undersized for me at all (nor does anyone else). At the end of the day, it's a very standard watch size.

I have noticed that many reviewers are unhappy with the way in which you adjust the analog hands, which surprises me given how little time it takes. I had to adjust mine 11 hours right out of the box, and it took about a minute. I suppose if devoting a minute to setting your watch time is a major issue for you then you should look elsewhere, but if you're like me you won't even think twice about it.

Finally, some reviewers have complained that the watch is useless at night unless you set the digital screen to report the time rather than the date. But this ignores the fact that there is a button on the side that cycles through the watch's various modes. One can easily use the digital screen to report the date and, when it grows dark, simply press this button. Then just hit the light button and you're in business. Easy as that.
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on May 8, 2011
if you break this watch there is a good chance your wrist is in pain. i own lots of watches and i have many stainless dive watches that look tough and fancy. none can hold a candle to a g-shock. ever. that said, a huge production environment is bound to put out a couple mistakes. it happens. exchange it for a new one if possible.
i own one of these watches. its not small but it doesnt look too bad on my little wrist. the light doesnt light up the dial-only the digital read out.that doesnt matter too much to me because the lume on the hands stays lit pretty well. the buttons are hard to push for a very good reason-you dont want them to get pushed unless you mean it. in an active environment , this is the way to be (for me at least). the hands stay where they are supposed to...there are some sport watches out there that are cheaply built and the hands will "slip" if the watch is knocked around (im looking at you pulsar)
let me explain the title of this review here. some people my think that because this watch is made out of plastic that it is low quality. not true in this case. this is a tank of a watch. you could probably run it over with a bread truck and it would be ok (dont try that).
i am a pipefitter and have had one of these for 2 years and it looks brand new and has never failed me. great price too! casio did not fool around when they built this. we asked for it-they built it.
if you want a watch that will impress your friends at dinner this might not be it. if you want a well engineered,simple watch that will impress you....this is it. fresh battery every few years or so and youll be pleased as me.
edit: i now have 2 of these. one is all black and factory and one is navy blue with a black bezel. i bought the blue one on x-bay and tore it down and refurbished it inside and out. i put a horrible picture of it here. its the one in the bush.
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on November 3, 2010
I used to have a great watch collection that started when I was 12 years old. It began with a Casio G-Shock watch that my uncle bought for me as a present when I visited Thailand. He took me shopping in the market and we stopped in front of a watch store. I remember the hot, sticky musk of summer Bangkok weather, ushering us inside the store with its cool air conditioning and ethereal lighting. My uncle looked at me and said that I could pick any watch that I wanted and that he would pay for it as a present to remember my family in Thailand. My eyes wandered and became fixated on a very large, and bulky plastic watch. It looked like something very technical and indestructible, like I had never seen before. I hadn't ever seen anything like it back in America. It had fancy dials, a stop-watch, and a number of cool features and gadgets. It was a Casio G-Shock.

Over the course of 14 years I had collected many other watches, which I had kept in a watch box. As I grew older and began to work, these watches became much more expensive and fancier. I had watches for specific purposes; ones that I used for working in clinic, watches I wore to social gatherings, during sports, during running -- and a watch that my friend Chris had bought me the day I was a best man at his wedding. I even splurged the day I got into medical school by buying myself a Citizen Eco-Drive watch, solar powered with an alligator skin strap, which soon became my most favorite and coveted timepiece.

I kept all of these timepieces neatly stored away in my room, until they disappeared this past Tuesday. A indecent excuse for a human being broke into my apartment and stole a large number of things that I own, but most upsetting to me, he took my entire watch collection. He even went through all of my other belongings and took watches that weren't in the box. Watches that weren't even worth a penny on the street or any pawn shop, only had sentimental value to me.

Initially I was upset about the most expensive timepieces that I had lost, this depressed me for several days. But I realized a couple days ago that those pieces will be replaced someday -- after all it is only money. What will NEVER be replaced is that Casio G-Shock watch that my uncle bought me 14 years ago. I easily recalled that feeling I had, walking slowly through the store in Bangkok, Thailand, staring at all of the shiny pieces in their display cases, and finding myself finally fixated on that Casio.

It was only right to begin a new collection with such a wonderful, perfectly engineered instrument of time. To the team that has been designing and engineering the G-Shock brand of timepieces for almost 30 years, I want to say thank for the memories.

And to the man who robbed my apartment this past Tuesday: I'm Buddhist and I truly believe in karma. The universe has a way of correcting wrongs against others.
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on May 22, 2006
What's not to like about a seventy dollar waterproof, shockproof multi-function watch that also looks good. It's a seriously rugged-looking watch but very light weight. An inset digital screen is controlled by a mode button that advances through the date, digital time, alarm time, stopwatch, and second time zone functions. The screen can be backlit in a cool (really) blue light for night viewing. The rectangular screen is a bit small and not easily read with these baby boomer eyes in certain offlit situations. It is also difficult to read the screen when the analog minute hand sweeps across the screen through the 4 to 8 hour period. I'd pay another ten bucks to see this screen replicated on the top of the watch face (between 10 and 2 o'clock)to avoid this. No big deal. Hey, it's only seventy bucks!
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on November 6, 2015
I just received the watch today and I am overall impressed. The watch is lighter than it looks. It appears to be solid in design and the face seems very protected. I did not realize when purchasing that this watch does not have a second hand.

I did realize about an hour after wearing it that the band keeper moves and pops off the band more than I feel it should. I had some o-rings in the service department at work and slid a snug one over the band to keep the keeper in place and it seems to be working well without drawing attention to the fix as it matches pretty well. See photo.
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on October 3, 2012
A very nice G-Shock with a decent size. It fits better on me then my Timex watch. It is very hard to set the analog part, until you realize you hold down the set button. Buttons are hard to press, (So they can't get pushed without trying.) Only complaint is the over sized pics. Shipping came on the last estimated day, (5 days) and is a good watch, (for 50$ off)
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on August 23, 2013
I am in the military and wear this watch every day in harsh conditions and its dosent even show a scratch. It is fully functional and i am very happy with it.
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on January 16, 2013
i own very expensive watches, which i cannot use cause they are either too shiny, too heavy or i have to baby around. this is my second casio. the other one finally broke after wearing it 24-7. reason why i prefer this watch over any (cheaper or more expensive) is 1) i dont have to baby it around, yes. i work, shower, exercise, teach and go to school with it. 2) its very plain. i dont need 3 gauges and so much crap and clutter expensive watches have. just DATE, LIGHT N TIME. 3) its formal looking enough for me to teach, and casual enough for sports, therefore i dont have to own but one for all my busy life. 4) its not old fashioned looking. yes i cannot wear an old looking watch. this looks young enough but formal enough.
in conclusion, it was hard to find the perfect watch for me as i dont like clutter in the dial, i need a light every day and i love plain but tough looking watches.
this is the perfect watch for an active, sports and executive person. the price cant be beat. but I MUST SAY i would pay twice as much.
love my casio, its like a faithful dog, just feed it...! it will go everywhere with you...! soo cool it dont have a seconds hand, which i dont need...!
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on June 2, 2016
Always I found G-shock watches are huge for my wrist, especially if you are 5'10 and weigh 130 Ibs like me! Not for this one it looks quite normal in comparison to my wrist thickness, and it looks elegant at the same time
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