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This review only applies to the late 2015/early 2016 Blu-ray product, UPC 786936848748. I received this on February 12, 2016.

The Muppet Christmas Carol 20th Anniversary. On Blu-ray, UPC 786936848748. If you are looking for the uncut version of this film, with the critically-important song "When Love is Gone", this is not it. Unlike the DVD release, where the song is at least present in the (horribly grainy) pan-and-scan version, you will not find this scene in an alternate version or as an extra. Once again, Disney has chosen to butcher the film. It would have been very easy for Disney to include the song, or to make a menu choice of "with" and "without". The file structure on the Blu-ray disc makes multiple versions trivial. Disney, are you listening? I am very tempted to return this. I still have my DVD, what do I need this for? Yes, I am very disappointed and disgruntled.
February 26, 2016 - Amazon is accepting my return, so I am sending it back. I'll buy it again when Disney releases it un-butchered.
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on August 3, 2016
I was out shopping last Christmas and happened to see this out on blu-ray! I was ecstatic! Went home to wrap gifts and tossed it in to watch.

I was very upset with this. So I called the Disney Movie hotline # (on the back of the case), and complained. Maybe if enough people call they might fix this grave error.

On the whole, the movie itself is fantastic, but try to find an original dvd or Vhs release to enjoy it fully.
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on December 26, 2015
I'm joining those who are very disappointed the song "When Love is Gone" has been deleted!! It is a very important part of the story and is one of the most beautiful songs in the entire movie! Disney, please redo this blu-ray and give us a chance to buy the WHOLE movie. This is so disappointing!!
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on December 13, 2016
I bought the digital version of this film in hopes that it would have "When Love is Gone" in it. Sadly, it does not. This song is crucial to the film and the character arc of Ebeneezer Scrooge. This song not only shows the reason for why Scrooge has given up on relationships (he fears rejection and loss of love again), but the next scene makes absolutely no sense without it! The studio cut this scene because they thought that it would bore children. However, I grew up watching, and loving this movie! In fact, it was the only muppets movie I actually enjoyed. Children understand love and loss. Children are not as shallow as Disney Studios would believe, and out of all the production companies, I am most shocked that this one would be the one to edit for emotional content given their track record of highly emotional films. It's ridiculous.
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on December 14, 2016
This is my favorite version of A Christmas Carol. Sir Michael Caine is brilliant, and the songs have strikingly beautiful lyrics.

I would give it five stars if they hadn't cut out "When Love Is Gone." (I am reviewing the Amazon Instant Video version.)

Without that song, the artistic integrity of the film falls apart. I know, I'm taking a Muppet movie very seriously. The reason given for removing the song was that it was "too sad for kids." I watched it as a kid. I cried. I still cry if I really get into watching this scene. That's not a bad thing. Heartbreak is sad. From this scene forward, Scrooge's journey is to heal his broken heart, and to lift the audience up with him. The emotional arc collapses without this song.

It makes no sense that Rizzo and Scrooge are quietly observing one second, and sobbing the next.
Caine's amazing performance comes off as overacting, when you take away the song.
The Ghost of Christmas Present's entrance has no impact, because it no longer contrasts with the previous scene.
Present's song makes no sense: the message "wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas" is no longer a direct response to "when love is gone."
The finale has the same problem: "when love is found" has no resonance as a reprise of "when love is gone."
Taking out this song just destroys the plot. In the original, the past serves to break Scrooge as he relives the tragedies in his life (absent father, dying sister, bad break-up). The present shows him the joy he's missing, now that his heart is open to emotion. The future takes that open heart and shows him he's not the only one who suffers, that selfishness prolongs the suffering eternally whereas charity and compassion heals.

You've got to break Scrooge, but you've got to break him as a human to whom we can all relate. Disney, when you re-release this movie intact and whole, it will be a huge money-grab. DO IT. TAKE MY MONEY. You insult Dickens and Henson's memory by butchering this film.
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on October 30, 2012
It has been confirmed from actual copies of the 2012 Blu-ray release that Disney has yet again chosen to release only their cut, theatrical version of the film. There is no option in this release to view ANY version of the film that includes the song "When Love is Gone" that is so important to the plot development. While Disney is to be commended for bringing an HD version of this wonderful film to market, this review awards them the lowest possible rating of one star for displaying their utter disdain for the film's fans by failing to also offer the Original version of this film as created and preferred by Director Brian Henson.
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on October 22, 2013
This is the movie that gets me into the Christmas spirit. I remember seeing it in theaters at age 4, and is what I think of as my "first movie", and even now I sometimes watch it in the middle of June when I am feeling "Christmas-y". It is a lovely adaptation of the Dickens classic with the beloved Muppets, and Michael Caine is phenomenal as Scrooge. The music is fantastic, and after 21 years I still know all the words to the songs. As many times as I watched this as a kid, I always catch something new each year, usually a bit of humor meant for adults that just go over kids' heads...which I appreciate now.

I bought the prime instant video having read the disappointed reviews that the song "The Love is Gone" was cut from the DVDs, and was prepared for it to be cut from this version, and yes it is true that it is not included. It is sad that the powers that be felt the need to do this. Although as a child I would have been psyched because I always fast forwarded through the icky love song that was boring to me, but now I realize the song represents a pivotal turning point in the movie and provides a crucial character development for Scrooge. Now having said that, I realize that may be a little over-analytical for a Disney movie. However, regardless of turning points and character developments, it is quite obvious that something is missing, even to someone who has never seen it. Additionally, it makes the ending song of the movie less meaningful because the last song is a reprise with the same melody, except it references the "love we found" rather than the "love is gone" and completes the Scrooge transformation musically and quite beautifully, which is very satisfying to the viewer. Without the first song though, the finale is simply another song, and to someone who has never seen the movie it may be confusing because it kind of comes out of nowhere.

I recently got married, and I think about this movie as one I will watch with my kids when we have them. I hope one day they release another edition with "The Love is Gone" put back in. In any case, it is still my favorite Christmas movie.
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on December 24, 2016
This is our family all time favorite Christmas movie. A lot of reasons contribute: faithfulness to the original Dickens text, full British human cast, integration of Muppets humour, well told storyline, as well as fabulous music.

We own the DVD version of this but also wanted the Amazon video to be able to watch anyplace. The DVD version contains both the Theatrical version shown in theaters and the uncut version (widescreen) which includes the most essential scene in the film, an important song that ties together the music and story for the whole film. The song "The Live is Gone" becomes the song "The Love is Found" at the end of the film. On the DVD we only ever watch the widescreen. The theatrical version just doesn't fully make sense and it leaves us all feeling incomplete.

This version in Amazon Video does not have the option to view the uncut version, and the entire family was very disappointed. We still love this movie but we all wish the widescreen uncut version would be available.

This is the only Muppet movie that isn't over-the-top silly. It is so well done, a real tribute to the Muppet Creator Jim Henson, and to the original Dickens work.

If I could only watch one holiday film at Christmas it would be the Muppet Christmas Carol in the uncut version.
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on December 2, 2016
Bought this to replace any original version from early 1990's. This is not the same - songs eliminated, scenes cut and shortened and now the cost is double what it was then. So much for "remastered"
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on July 29, 2015
A great take on Dicken's story. The format is perfect as Gonzo and Rizzo guide us through old London and the transformation of Scrooge. All the best Muppets are there, and all shine. Miss Piggy is magnificent as Mrs.Cratchet and the cameo of Fozzy-bear as Mr.Fozzywig is a pearl. The film is ideal for children as it remains faithful to the original, it is also a treat for adults as it blends wit with first-class puppetry. The most important thing about this movie is that the best representation of Ebeneezer Scrooge in any film is done by a man playing against puppets. I love the Scott version (w/ Edward Woodward), and think the 30s version is passable. But Michael Caine gives us all of Scrooge we could ever hope to learn about in the Christmas Past visit to the school. She says, "Let us see another Christmas," and there's a slight twitch in his eye before he says, "They were all... very much the same." I applaud his performance in this movie, and the movie that comes to life around him. Exceptional.
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