Customer Reviews: Pinzon Micro Bead Therapy Pillow with Cover
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VINE VOICEon June 17, 2006
I've now slept on this pillow for 2 wonderful nights. It's soft and cradles your head and neck. I haven't slept with it with the provided cover - though it's very soft, too. I think the cover constricts the movement of the beads, so it doesn't conform to your head and neck and feels hard. But for $30 I'm highly pleased with this pillow. I'll keep you posted about how it holds up and how it feels down the road.
--Two weeks later-- still love the pillow - put a loose fitting regular pillow case on it to protect it.
--Three Months Later-- still my favorite pillow purchase, may be a moot point, since Amazon does not seem inclinded to carry it any longer. I don't wake up with neck pain with this pillow - and I have lingering whiplash injuries (bulging discs).
--10 months later and final review. Still sleep with this pillow in a regular case. It's the still the best, though the long channel of microbeads has gotten less fluffy over time. I would still buy it again even if I had to buy one a year.
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on April 28, 2008
I purchased this pillow about a year ago and have been well pleased with it. I just purchased a new one for my mother. Since the beads are displaced by the weight of your head, it is a very comfortable pillow, not having any hard spots, and it is cool.

As has been mentioned by others, I found the pillow a little to firm with the supplied cover so I just used a normal pillow cover. After a couple of months the pillow started to get less firm, so I put the supplied cover on and it firmed right back up.

The beads in the pillow sort of work like water would. When you lay your head on it, the beads are displaced by the weight of your head and that weight is distributed on the internal pillow case. So the pillow case ends up determining the firmness of the pillow. Over time it stretches so the pillow becomes less firm since the beads have a bigger pillow case to fill.

After a couple more months of using the supplied pillow cover the pillow was not very firm again as the pillow cover had stretched. So I rolled up the end of the supplied pillow cover and pinned it with safety pins (being carefull not to pin the internal pillow case as the beads would probably come out the pin hole) and put the whole thing in a normal pillow cover. This has worked well. Every now and then I have to roll-up the cover a little more, but this method allows me to adjust the firmness to whatever I like. So the extra messing around has its advantages.

I may stretch the pillow case a little more than others since I tend to set up in bed to read and lean against the pillow with my upper body weight, but I doubt that anyone would get much more than a year out of the pillow without doing something to keep the pillow from stretching.
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on April 4, 2007
We bought this pillow for our daughter who was experiencing neck and shoulder pain in the mornings. After just a day or two of using this pillow the pain and shoulder strain were greatly reduced. After a few weeks, the pain is gone.

These microbead pillows are great for people who need neck support while they sleep. I highly recommend them if you have this problem.
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on April 25, 2011
Finally, I have found the pillow of my dreams. I have fibromyalgia and always had a hard time with store-bought pillows. I would spend all night adjusting them, trying to find the firmness I need without all the lumps and bumps. Well, not anymore!

I sleep on my side, and this little honey is firm, yet it has just the right amount of "give" to gently caress my head, no matter which position I'm in. I like a firm pillow, so I left it in it's case to keep it firm. I no longer spend all night fidgeting with the darn thing. I'm sleeping MUCH more soundly now, and I no longer wake up with sore neck and shoulders. An added bonus is that while it is not exactly cool, it does not heat up like regular pillows, so again, less time turning my pillow over and over trying to find a cool spot.

I recommend this pillow for anyone who is tired of stacking store-bought pillows, trying to find the right combination of soft vs. firm. I am sleeping like a baby now thanks to this little gem!
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on September 1, 2008
This pillow is really comfortable. I have had it for about two months, and I really like the supportive feel.

But... BEWARE! The microbead filling keeps falling out through the pillow seams. The little beads are so small that they are seeping through the holes where the pillow is stitched together and they are all over everything! I have repaired two holes in the seams already trying to keep the little buggers contained in the pillow, but it's no use. I am going to be forced to throw this pillow away. I'm tired of getting out the vacuum cleaner to pick up after my pillow every morning.
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on July 23, 2007
This pillow can be great if only it had twice as much "fluff" than it already has. I get pain in my shoulders and i've noticed that much of it stems from my pillow (effecting how i sleep). While this pillow helped, I find my head sinks nearly flush with the bed after sleeping on it too long (no good). I'm piling it on top of one of my older pillows now for added cushion and now i'm sleeping pretty.
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on September 4, 2007
I have a lot of neck problems and my pillow makes a big difference in how I feel the next day. The only thing I did different with this pillow is I took it out of the pillowcase that was sent with the pillow and put it in a king size pillowcase so that the microbeads could be dispersed more. This helps the pillow to conform better to my neck and head. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
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on March 20, 2007
Having two micro bead neck pillows, I knew that someone must make a micro bead pillow that was bed-size. My search began in stores over a year ago; finding none, I went online and found this one on I love it and give it the highest possible recommendation for neck support and overall sleeping comfort. The cover that came with the pillow holds the beads too tightly together for my body type, so I use a regular pillow case. I'm sure I'll find another use for the cover.
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on May 30, 2007
Finally i've found a pillow that's not too fluffy and not too flat. This one's just right and get's right under the neck for good support. Also this pillow doesn't get flattened easily and fluffs right back up.
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on January 2, 2012
I needed a replacement for my Tempurpedic pillow that had hardened uncomfortably over the years, and I often have a stiff neck in the morning so I wanted a pillow with good support. I ordered this one because the shape of the pillow looked similar in the photo to that of my old one, but I hoped it would be a bit softer and would conform to my body shape. The first night or two, however, the pillow felt very hard and stiff, and did not change shape as I moved at all; it was like trying to sleep on a padded concrete block. Then I remembered reading another review from someone who removed the cover and liked the pillow better. However, there are all these warnings on the pillow tags to NOT remove the zippered cover. Or what? The pillow police arrest me at 3 AM?

I removed it anyway, and now I like this pillow: it is soft but supportive, conforms to whatever shape it needs to be, and is a definite improvement over my old one. I have much less neck stiffness in the morning now. It's like a bucky pillow without the rustling in my ear that drove me crazy, and I would bet that those polystyrene beads will not mildew or harbor critters as might buckwheat hulls.

That said, why the strict admonitions to not use the pillow without the cover? It's probably a safety issue. If someone came home dead drunk and flopped down on the uncased pillow face down, a seam split, and he snorked up tiny polystyrene beads he might choke on them. Likewise, small children whacking each other over the head with a pillow that split might inhale beads in addition to making a mess at least as bad as flying feathers. If someone decided to throw the pillow in the washer and dryer, a split seam might cause the beads to clog up the plumbing or worse, melt and start a fire in the dryer. So, replace the shaped pillow cover with a larger one with a zipper (like those sold for allergy relief) so the pillow can smish as you wish; use a nice cotton pillow case to keep the cover clean; keep up with your mending; and keep the uncased pillow away from drunks, small children, and washers and dryers. In other words, pay attention and use a little common sense.
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