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on February 26, 2014
A true original. When I first heard him in late 1967 live in San Francisco, I couldn't believe my ears. I must have listened to Axis easily more than a thousand times, and it never palls. This helped me get through a year in Vietnam. I will love his first three albums until the day I die, and probably afterward. There have been and are many good and even great guitar players out there, but there has never been anyone else even close to Hendrix. Make your time on earth count - listen to Jimi.
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on December 4, 2004
This album right here is the most overlooked out Jimi's three studio albums, but it is just as good as both "Are You Experienced" and "Electric Ladyland" despite what you may commonly hear. Once the first note is played on "Up from the Skies", not a minute is wasted on this intense and concise album. I think that both "Are You Experienced" and "Electric Ladyland" are nearly twice as long as this album. This album is so thoroughly good though that you're left wanting for nothing after listening to it (except perhaps another listen). This album is also the most fun album that The Experience ever recorded. The second song, "Spanish Castle Magic" is just high powered, high octane rock & roll with extremely crafty, thoughtful and creative lyrics. This is one of my favorite Jimi Hendrix songs of all time. The next song, "Wait Until Tomorrow" just has a really fun and energetic feel to it. The high energy continues with the next song, "Ain't No Telling". Listen out for the drummer on this song because he absolutely kills it. The drummer for The Experience doesn't get nearly enough credit but he is absolutely amazing in his own right. "Little Wing" is just a beautiful slice of dreamy guitar bliss with some of the most personal and intimate lyrics that Jimi has ever written. "If 6 was 9" is almost like a thematic continuation of "Stone Free" off of their first album. Jimi declares his independence and says that he is going to be himself no matter what people may think. "You Got Me Floatin" comes back full force with the fun, high octane, rock & roll. "Castles Made of Sand" is a mid-tempo song with visionary lyrics that are chocked full of practical wisdom. "She's So Fine" was penned by Noel Redding and it's actually one of the best songs on the album. It's fairly simple, but it's overflowing with fun energy. "One Rainy Wish" is absolutely the most lyrically impressive song on this album. The words and the music are just absolutely beautiful--a romantic, starry-eyed masterpiece. "Little Miss Lover" is just wickedly funky. The title track is in a similar vein as the magnificent "Little Wing". He takes us below the surface again on this one. I encourage you all to overlook the fact that this album often gets overlooked because you will be rewarded with a truly magnificent piece of music if you give it a chance.
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on October 9, 2017
What can I say. This was the first Rock album I ever bought as a teenager. I still have that original album, but with all the pops, hisses, and scratches its nice to listen to a clean copy again.
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on October 13, 2013
I remember buying this record when i was about 16 years old...couldn't believe it came out so close to Experienced...with no fanfare, advance notice, nothing, at least in the info circles a 16 year old suburbanite had in 1968...complete surprise. Also remember seeing JH live for the 1st time a couple weeks after getting the album, everyone was wondering if he'd play anything off Axis, but it was all Experienced with Red House & Wild Thing added of course.

It seems more appropriate to just reminisce on what this release has meant for 45 years rather than actually rate it. If you like JH at all, it's a 5 star release...after all, there are just some constants in the universe...settled science!
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on August 16, 2017
This album is great but the press must have been flawed. I returned the album and got it replaced, and on both albums "Wait Until Tomorrow" is messed up throughout the song. Pretty much that side only though.
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on January 12, 2017
The seller that I got this from is the official amazon.com seller. The horrible record quality ruins what should have been a great album. The grooves on the vinyl are so shallow that the record skips constantly. I thought it might have been the copy that I had so I sent it back for a replacement. The second copy ended up being even worse. I'm probably going to have to keep sending it back and calling customer service until I get a playable copy.
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on June 2, 2017
Complete your Hendrix collection. Jimi produced so few studio albums before his untimely death, that this is a must-have.
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on August 28, 2011
I've never owned this album before (not even on vinyl), but a mate from years ago taped his vinyl copy for me, so I do know the tracks fairly well.

13 tracks and only a couple not right up to Jimi's usual 'A-grade' standard (but still good).

There's lots of great laid-back tracks on this album (Up From The Skies; Little Wing; If 6 Was 9; Castles Made Of Sand; One Rainy Wish), and an equal number of kick-arse[as we spell it in Australia] songs too.

Not quite my absolute favourite album for 1967 (there's Cream [Disraeli Gears] & Pink Floyd [Piper At The Gates Of Dawn] & Beatles [Pepper's, Magical Mystery Tour, George's songs off Yellow Submarine album] & Stones [Their Satanic Majesties Request] all competing rather well; but still up there with the front runners of 1967.

I think Jimi's 1967 songs off CD-with-bonus-tracks album: Are You Experienced [which is most of them, but not all], were a bit more cutting-edge for 1967, but this is still a great follow up. Maybe a slight 'dip', but his next album: Electric Ladyland [1968] saw Jimi climbing powerfully-creatively again [for me at least].

Axis Bold As Love highly recommended.
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on November 27, 2010
Hendrix' second release is in some ways a step beneath Are You Experienced; a mere stepping stone to his masterpiece Electric Ladyland, in my opinion, because of his inclusion of some filler tracks, and his yet to be perfected experimentation with crafting distortion and feedback into a musical idea. However, there are some tracks that show Hendrix' intricate command of the guitar, his artistic use of the studio, and his emotion-drenched passion in all of its love and glory.

For me, Spanish Castle Magic, Little Wing, Castles Made of Sand, One Rainy Wish, and Bold As Love are his best tracks of the set. Spanish... rocks with Mitch Mitchell's tight drumming and Noel Redding's dead on bass. Little Wing, the achingly tender/sweet love song with a guitar accompaniment that guides you surely along with its enchantingly bold & beautiful melodic lead, yet carresses with delicate supplemental chords and notes dancing intricately into and around the lead, gives the feeling that lyrics are almost unnecessary. Castles... is another example of how Hendrix uses his guitar to dress his vocals in an intertwinement of melodic chords and riffs that emphasize the song's theme. One Rainy Wish's dreamy, idealic theme is interupted in the middle by a potent injection of a tunefully rockin' mix of a maxed-out guitar vertuoso and explosive lyrics, before it settles back into its dream-like reverie. Bold As Love- Forget it! This piece bespeaks Hendrix' ambitious attempt to encapsulate the human dilemma in the raging drama and passion that captures Hendrix, the genius, at his artistic best. There's no way to describe the band's onslaught into the song's final crescendo; the pagentry, the majestic expanse, the ever straining spiraling ascension to new heights... You've got to hear it to believe it!

The album flips the bird to establishment in the typical 60's fashion (If 6 Was 9), and pokes jazzy fun at humanity (Up From the Skies). In conclusion, Axis paved the way for his stunning masterpiece, Electric Ladyland, and gives glimpses into his later work on the album entitled Cry Of Love. Definitely worth the investment for those who wish to understand The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
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This is my #1 favorite of Jimi Hendrix's astounding 4 album run of
brilliant landmark albums which established his genius and legend
forever more in rock history!
Jimi Hendrix was on his own planet, in his own parallel universe
as a guitar alchemist of extraodrinary gifts and limitless creativity!
He took the raw & low-down gut-bucket blues of the delta and the
electric blues of Chicago and took it Venus, Jupiter and Neptune!! (-:
There was Hendrix, then there were all other rock guitarists:
Clapton, Townsend, Beck, Paige, Vai, Van Halen...they all bow
at the alter of Jimi's left-handed genius stratocaster and
electronic distortional experimentation that some still haven't
figured out to this day! (-:
Also, I love Jimi's lyrical approach to songwriting as well as
his quirky and not-so-technical approach to singing that's uniquely his own.

UNIQUE & BEYOND CATEGORY are the only words one can think of when describing
one of the baddest axe-slingers to come on the scene, change the whole rock game
in 4 albums, record and leave behind a whole vault of material which has been
released, studied and puzzled over for the last 40 yrs, and then make his exit
as abruptly as he came! Nobody can touch him!---NOBODY!!
This was the follow-up to he and The Experience's groundbreaking debut
"Are You Experienced" (see my review for that) which knocked the established
rock gods and psychedelia bands of the UK as well as the US on their lethargic
earthbound butts! AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE is every bit the masterpiece and continued
Jimi Hendrix and The Experience's paradigm-shifting creative run through
the second half of 1967 and into early 1968.
In fact, Jimi was so bad and ahead of his time that "Are You Experienced",
"AXIS: Bold As Love", "Electric Ladyland" and "Band Of Gypsys" stayed on the
charts at different positions from 1967 to 1973, which was three years after his death!
Today, his estate still clocks in at 4 to 6 million albums sold per year worldwide,
so it's safe to say what he and the musicians whom he chose to work with
put down on tape all those years ago is infinitely vital & inspirational!
Every song on these 4 albums is slamming!---Just put them on and take the journey! (-:
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