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on December 21, 2010
This stand is great. I take it with me everywhere my iPad goes. The stand is very compact and portable. When folded, it is small enough to fit with my iPad in a 10.2" net book sleeve. The stand adjusts to every angle you could want for both portrait and landscape use. It's great when resting it on a pillow while lying in bed or for placing on a lap desk. At night, I use this on my night stand to charge the iPad while it displays my night stand app and plays my audiobook. When reading, I put the iPad in this stand and sit and read in landscape mode. When I want to lie down and read, I lock the iPad in portrait mode, put it horizontally in this stand and lie down one my side to read the book 'sideways'. In the kitchen, it it my iPad cookbook stand. I am very happy I bought this. The iPad is stable and safe in the stand. It fits great, even with a clear protective case on the iPad. The only issue I have is that the charger will not fit with this in portrait mode. The stand is too low to the ground. However, this can be remedied by turning the iPad so the charger is on top. Very happy with my purchase. Would buy again!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon January 8, 2011

1. Folds down to a size akin to that of an eyeglasses case - an ideal size for carrying and travel.
2. Very light - perfect for carrying and travel.
3. Very sturdy when used (with iPad) on a clean, hard surface. The grips on the feet of this stand keep it stationary, and the stand does not move when I poke my iPad. I also own a leatherette iPad case/stand (it holds an iPad horizontally at adjustable angles), and it tends to move a lot when I use it as a stand on a hard surface and poke my iPad. The Arkon stand doesn't move at all.
4. Elegant design suitable for casual and professional use/occasions.
5. Practical design: The screws and nuts that hold the moving parts together are user-accessible (i.e., a user could tighten if necessary), and adjustments in angle are made via a kind of ratchet system (albeit plastic). I'd expected an adjustment system dependent on friction, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the Arkon stand uses what I'm describing as a ratchet-type system, because I would expect a system that depends on friction to loosen over time much faster than I think the ratchet-type system the Arkon stand actually uses will.


1. As other reviewers have noted, when using the stand with an iPad, if you want to position the iPad vertically with the iPad's home button on the bottom, you will not be able to have the charger cord that comes with the iPad plugged in. This is hardly a deal-breaker, as you can always have the home button/charger port at the top if you must have the iPad charger cord plugged in (for use with the A/C adapter or with USB), and if you use the stand to hold an iPad horizontally, having the charger cord plugged in will be no problem. However, if you use the stand to hold an iPad vertically with the home button on top so you can use the charging port, you will not be able to use the audio out jack, because that will be on the bottom.

There are rubbery pads on the feet of the stand, and on the parts of the stand that touch the face of the iPad or whatever unit you use the stand to hold. I assume they are held in place with glue and may eventually come loose, but I expect that should that happen, it will easy to re-glue them.

The price of this unit has been fluctuating since I discovered it in Amazon's listings (visit camelcamelcamel and enter a product name or ASIN, etc., to see a chart of the item's price history at Amazon and by third-party sellers), but even at full list price it is a fair deal considering how overpriced so many (I'd say most) accessories for the iPad (and similar products) tend to be.

If you need an iPad stand - for use at home (dining table, nightstand, coffee table, etc.), at a cafe, on a desktop at work or in a school, etc. - you can pay more than you'll pay for the Arkon, but I doubt you'll find a better combination of form and function.

Highly recommended.
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on January 3, 2012
My favorite accessory purchase for my Kindle Fire! I use it everyday at work - I set my Kindle up and play music through it into a speaker. The stand is small enough to fit into the outside pocket of the Kindle's case, and it's easy to set up. So thankful for this, especially if I'm at a long game of Scrabble or playing other games... the Kindle weighs almost a pound and my arms get tired! Here are my pros and cons for this item:

1) All of the other users are right, there is some awkwardness if you want to keep your Kindle in portrait mode (with plug at bottom) and charge it at the same time. The stand is small and and so does not hold your device very far from the table surface. If you plug the charging cable in at the bottom while it's in portrait mode, you may have to bend the cable it so that it fits, OR set the device at a very severe angle backwards (which makes it almost unusable). The best idea is to keep your device in landscape mode while charging OR turn it upside down in portrait mode aka with plug at TOP (from reading some other users' reviews... I don't think they know that you can flip the Kindle every which way and most apps will adjust and turn to fit). Even with these alternatives, this is still a little annoying for me, as my WordFeud game app (aka Scrabble) ONLY works in portrait mode, and ONLY the portrait mode where the charging plug is on the bottom (doesn't flip around to fit like other apps, sadly).

2) It seems to be made of lightweight and simple plastic. Opening it and closing it daily wears the plastic away very slowly. I'm very curious as to how long it will last me.

1) I searched all around and wasn't able to find a product like this... it doesn't seem to have a competitor, so that made it an easy choice!! All of the other stands I found at the time were large, and I wanted something foldable and portable to bring with me everywhere, since I take my Kindle Fire everywhere.

2) It's SOO customizable!! Landscape or portrait mode, and every possible angle. Very easy to set up and adjust. Seems like it could hold anything with ease.

3) There is soft rubbery cushioning everywhere it's needed on this stand: on the bottom to prevent sliding, on the arm where the back of your device rests, and in the "slits" on the bottom 2 legs where the device rests. Absolutely zero worries about this stand scratching up my Kindle Fire.

P.S. I have a silicone cover on my Kindle Fire and no issues whatsoever, still fits just fine. This stand is a CHAMP, especially at this price! I would recommend this to anyone that owns or uses a tablet.

UPDATE 08/17/2012: The stand is STILL going strong, even with my daily use! No indication of wear at all... this thing is great. I recently travelled to Egypt, and had preloaded my Kindle Fire with all kinds of movies to watch. This stand was wonderful on the long plane ride - it packed down very small in my purse, set up in 2 seconds, and it sat perfectly on the plane's fold-down tray and never budged thanks to the rubbery cushioning on the bottom. It's nice to have for travelling.
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on March 22, 2017
We have several of these stands now and love every single one of them. We bought the first one when the original iPad was released and it's still going strong- the little foam inserts on the bottom of the feet are a little bit torn up, but other than that, it still functions perfectly. It offers plenty of adjustability for almost any size device, it folds up quickly and easily, it's very stable (on hard surfaces anyway), and doesn't take up much space in a drawer or luggage. We use these for iPads, Kindle's, iPhones, even books and magazines! This stand will hold almost anything that's flat and rigid, so it's uses extend far beyond just tablets. Inexpensive, simple and effective- can't ask for much more than that.
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on March 14, 2011
I wasn't too sure when I ordered this, but I really love this little stand. It holds the tablet very well; it doesn't seem to slip or feel like the tablet is going to fall off, even when typing on the screen. In order to attach the power connector to the XOOM, you have to put it at a very low viewing angle, or (and this is probably what most would do) just flip the XOOM upside down. Just keep in mind the headphone jack will be on the bottom if you do that. Either way should accommodate almost every situation. I had low expectations for this thing being so cheap, but it's terrific! One thing I didn't "get" until I received the stand was that the hinges click into position at specific spots (every couple of degrees), so it's not like it's just a stiff joint that you can put at infinite angles. The way it's designed is better, imho, as it will probably last better.
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The ARKON PORTABLE FOLD-UP STAND is compact when folded (7" long by 1" wide by 1-1/8" high), and very solid when set up, which makes it a good choice for a tablet stand if your primary need is portability. However, your tablet is placed in notches in the stand's two base supports, and merely leans against the stand's single upright support. This arrangement is a bit unstable--not because the stand isn't solid, but because your tablet (in my case, an iPad) can topple sideways off the stand if it's not carefully centered when placed on the stand.

The stand will hold your tablet in either the horizontal or vertical position. The upright support can be adjusted to a multitude of angles in relation to the surface on which the stand is placed, and it is hinged, which allows even more viewing angles. However, I found the hinged part confusing to use--it was hard for me to adjust the hinge quickly to get an optimal viewing angle. The stand has soft gripper pads that hold the stand securely on a smooth surface without slipping. The stand also has gripper pads in the notches on the base supports and on the upright support wherever it contacts the back of your tablet.

For me, an iPad case with a built-in easel stand is a better solution, because it requires less setup and holds the iPad without danger of toppling over. For this reason, I rate the ARKON PORTABLE FOLD-UP STAND at 3 stars ('it's okay" on the official Amazon scale).
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on May 11, 2011
This thing is ugly. It's plastic. It's generic. However, contrary to the 40 dollar Twelve South Compass which is pretty, sexy, aluminum and sleek, this product actually works.
It fits my iPad 2, and my Xoom. Full flat is not what it is designed for, but it can do that too. As for landscape and portrait, both ways fit nicely and with stability. The price of this unit and the fact that it doesn't tip over or close up if you push it like the expensive pretty crap makes this a better choice for usability.

Works in portrait and landscape
Works on a variety of similarly sized tablets, not just iPad.
Sturdy enough to type on without fear of falling.
Easily moved with device in place.
Soft foam on all contact points.
Light, and it folds up to a single piece .
Incremental opening and closing via plastic nubs so it stays put at the angle you put it.
Decently small foot print
The pivot points all have allen screws except for one. This makes it easy to tighten or loosen the amount of play in moving the stand arm. The legs have a rivet and while it's stiff enough, there is some play. (not a deal breaker)

It's plastic, if it were aluminum this thing would be the best! This is subjective, as some people will not be bothered by plastic. it's thick and sturdy, but it's still abs
It's ugly. (subjective of course) It's ugly and cheap feeling.
It doesn't have an inherent lay flat setting ,however, you can accomplish this anyway, so this is a lack of feature that still does the job.

Wish list:
Make it metal or a more upscale composite plastic, give it some class (I'd pay more for that)
Give it more angle adjustments
Put a notch on the arm to fasten the cable from your device
Choice of colors
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on June 26, 2017
This is a great little tablet stand. I use it for my iPad Mini, but it would easily accommodate larger tablets. At first I was a little disappointed that the feet are only able to be spread apart in certain widths, as they have discrete distances to which they click into place, but then I realize that this was probably better, as they won't slide apart if you're tapping on your tablet.
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on September 13, 2015
I bought this for my Ipad 3 in order to keep it upright and so that I could use my wireless bluetooth keyboard in conjunction with it. The stand is made of durable plastic and adjusts to pretty much any angle that you need. It has rubber gribs to hold my Ipad securely and is rugged enough to throw in my backpack.

It folds up easily and is small enough to stick in my purse when I'm on the go. I've used it for over a year now and it still looks like new. It's one of my favorite accessories for my Ipad and I constantly recommend it to others. Great value at a great price.
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on March 21, 2017
I love this little stand, but I don't use it as often as I should. It hold the tablet very well and it is a very sturdy fit. At times I use it in the kitchen. The only draw back in this application is that would be nice if it could hold the tablet off of the counter a bit higher. It does have a wonderful feature in that it has rubber on the bottom to keep this from skidding.

I think this will be a wonderful thing to use on a plane trip or any place that would be great for hands free. A good purchase.
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