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on July 12, 2013
Bought this item several months ago in anticipation of completely reflooring 1500 sg ft house. It sat in the shop until I finally took it out of the box this week. So far I've done the 9x7 bathroom. I'm lazy. Which makes this perfect for me. Really easy to use. Doesn't take much of a strike from the mallet to sink the staples. Hooked it up to a CH 8 gallon compressor set at 90psi. Used 2" Bostitch staples every 6-8". Every one went in perfectly. No marring on the floors. It is not heavy and is easy to move around. Comes with a really nice mallet and three different thickness floor plates.
Now the drawbacks. Some assembly required but all the tools needed are enclosed (allen wrenches). You have to attach the handle. No big deal but it takes some dexterity. Make sure you attach the correct plate for your floor thickness. I layed 3/4" T&G. By default, that was the plate already attached. Lucky me. It takes a 3/8" mip air nipple. If you don't have one get it before you plan to lay the floors. You will also need a hose coupling that will take the 3/8" fitting. If I had read the manual when the box first arrived I would have been prepared, but I didn't and you can't find 3/8" air fittings just anywhere. I have a ton of 1/4" fittings and was able to find a brass bushing to adapt for the hole in the stapler. The manual specifies the exact minimum size the intake should be so I am sure I voided any warranty I may have had. Before doing the rest of the house I will get the proper fittings. That being said, there didn't seem to be any problems with my solution. My boards were 6" wide so I wasn't able to use it on the first row. You will need to use a smaller gun or hand nail the first 8" or so.
Highly recommend this product. Big time and back saver.
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VINE VOICEon April 19, 2013
I bought this specifically to use while installing a hardwood floor in our 270 sq ft dining room, and decided to buy rather than rent because eventually we'll put hardwood in the upstairs as well. I installed 5" strips of Bellawood ¾" prefinished hardwood, and used this with the "MIIIFOOT-KIT Factory Finish Flooring Adaptor". This is the first hardwood floor I've installed, though I'm a very experienced DIYer.

First, don't even think of using this on prefinished wood without the adaptor because you'll scratch it; besides, the adaptor makes using this so easy you should probably consider it mandatory for any floor, not optional. If you order this, order the adaptor at the same time, period. This also - inexplicably - comes without an air hose fitting, and you can plan to spend a couple hours at your local hardware store rooting around for something that will work. Once you're ready, hook this up to your compressor and take a couple test shots on some scrap. I dialed in 90psi on my tank, you may need more or less.

I found this to be easy to use, but pretty sensitive. You have to hit this *exactly* right with the hammer, or the staple won't set properly. If you hit just a bit off-centre, or too hard, one side of the staple will set, and the other side curls up against the tongue of the flooring. Pulling those staples out is a real pain, and really slows down your project. I found that resting my foot on top of the inside edge of the adaptor, while making a short swing from directly above the actuator, worked well for me. Again, practicing on some scrap will save you a lot of aggravation.

As other reviewers have noted, although this is reconditioned, aside from some scratched paint mine looked and acted like brand new. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is planning to install hardwood floors.
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on May 8, 2011
I purchased this flooring stapler because I had approximately 700 s/f of 3/4 inch flooring to install in my house. I looked at other brands offering new units at similar prices but was not convinced of their quality and/or reliability. The cost to purchase this refurbished unit was less than what it would have cost me to rent one. As a DIY'er, my goal was to use this for the duration of my install, then re-sell it. Bostitch is the industry standard in this type of product and I have no doubts I could re-sell this at a good price.

The install is about 85% done (the last bit will have to wait a couple weeks before I can get back to the job). So far this has operated flawlessly. Not a single jam. Once the correct pressure was dialed in, the 2" staples drove in perfectly every time. (Except for a couple of miss hits with the mallet, but that was 'operator error')

This particular stapler arrived in near new condition. It was very clean, and showed very little signs of use. It does not come with an air hose connector. I purchased a 3/8" to 1/4" reducer and a swivel connector as recommended by another reviewer. Used teflon tape on threads and it's been leak free. Also, this does not come with the pre-finished flooring kit foot. I purchased one and it was easy to attach and also worked fine in protecting the pre-finished flooring.

All in all, I am completely satisfied with this product.
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on May 27, 2011
This is my first "very disappointed" experience with Amazon. This stapler can't be used. I'm sure Amazon will make it good, but it's a waste of time. My recommendation is avoid buying "factory-reconditioned, like-new" if your schedule is tight.

Here's the details. I received the box just minutes ago (day late but due to bad weather). It was well-packaged with no visible exterior package damage, but inside I was pretty shocked. The hammer looked liked-like new, but the stapler itself was a mess. Literally, there was saw dust all over the areas underneath like where the staples exit. Not just a trace but days or weeks worth of saw dust coating. Clearly it was never cleaned or was being used. Honestly, it looked like someone used it right up until they boxed it--like a demo unit or something. It had a gouge/nick in the metal foot that no doubt would scratch flooring just in handling the unit. Sure it could be filed smooth but.... But here's the real problem. On the one-piece metal-cast handle toward the bottom where it's flat and gets bolted to the stapler itself, there is a big crack. Good grief. How could anyone not see this??? Factory-recon like-new and inspected? Not a chance. This looks like it was used and abused right up to the day it was shipped to me. Waste of time hence the disappointment. Anyone in QC should have caught this and never let it be resold. A cracked handle is not only useless, it could be dangerous. The handle comes packaged separately from the stapler for shipping, so there's no way it got crushed in shipping.

Amazon does disclose:

"Note: This is a reconditioned power tool, meaning that the tool has been returned to the manufacturer for restoration to "like-new condition." Some reconditioned tools may have cosmetic blemishes."

It's not reconditioned, period. Saw dust all over it is not like-new nor is a cracked handle a cosmetic blem. Anyway, if you're patient I'm sure you'll be made whole but what an inconvenience. Otherwise, you might want to temper your expectations after my experience. Again, this is my first negative experience ever with Amazon but also my first time purchasing from company Tool King (seller).

UPDATE: Had a nice live chat session with Amazon rep. Leave it to Amazon customer service to make things right. I ended up buying new (paying $100+ more) but directly from vs. rolling dice with another recon replacement from Tool King. Can't risk another dud after this experience. Win some lose others.
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on September 7, 2009
I bought this stapler to install multiple rooms of BR111 7/16" Santos Mahogany flooring. I was skeptical after receiving it whether it would work with the 7/16" flooring, but figuring it was the industry standard in flooring staplers, I went ahead and gave it a try.

It did not come with an compressor attachment fitting - the fitting was 3/8" NPT, not 1/4" like my compressor. I went to Lowe's and purchased a 3/8 to 1/4" reducing fitting, then added a swivel 1/4" NPT male connection. This really helped and for $3 I solved the vexing problem of the twisted air hose.

My flooring has very thin tongues on it and is susceptible to splitting. When I fired up the compressor I started at 80 PSI and this split nearly every tongue. With some test pieces, I found the 70 PSI on my compressor seemed to be the right setting. I still had some split tongues, but any less and it did not drive the staple deep enough.

I bought a box of 5,000 staples from Fasteners USA - they advertised no shipping cost, and the box of 5,000 was only $30. The box of 1,000 nails from was $16. Because the shipped from Modesto, CA, just east of the SF Bay area where I live, they arrived in 2 days. I have several more rooms to go, so it was a good buy. [...]

When I got started all seemed well until I had my first partially driven staple. It likely hit a screw that is holding down the subfloor. As expected, these are a beast to pull out - it's good to know that. These can be pulled out with the right type of tool Channellock 35-250 10-Inch Concretor Nipper, but you risk scratching the floor or breaking off the tongues. I learned this the hard way. Even when I had to remove a defective board, it was tough to pull out the whole staple without cutting it off using the nippers. The best solution: use a Dremel tool with an abrasive cutoff wheel. It can get right down next to the tongue, and even cut under the tongue if needed. This worked wonders cutting the staple off flush with the tongue, leaving the tongue and the board undamaged. You can then put a new staple in to the side of the original, and the next groove fits over the tongue perfectly. Until I discovered this, each time I hit a screw, it was a 10-20 min delay to cut if off to an acceptable height where it did not interfere with the next row of floor. This really sucked time. I would highly advocate you have a Dremel or other similar tool if you use this stapler - you will save yourself so much time.

Flooring installation is just board by board. There is no magic here - it's hard work and takes time. I doubled my installation progress the 2nd day, and it got easier after that.

Back to the stapler - it is a solid device and works very well. No hint of it being refurbished, except for the Bostitch emblem that came off - it was held on by double sided tape.
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on November 15, 2013
This stappler works great. I am very happy that it even came with the different size pads for different thickness flooring. I installed some that is 9/16" thick, and I used the small 1/2" pad. It seems to work great, there are times where staples either don't go in far enough, or go in too far, but I believe that's partially the nature of the wood I'm shooting into. It's also not nearly as loud as I expected, which is great. I used a manual nailer last time, and I would recommend the air powered by far!
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on December 1, 2012
i used this tool to install around 450sq ft of hardwood flooring ,i did a stairway and landing with walnut and i did a floor with hickory, both transition together ,this tool was excellent ,i worked alone and i had 2 problems where i miss hit staples ,this was all my fault and i found the tool to be perfect if used properly, the job came out perfect and the tool is in Ireland where my brothers are putting in hardwood floors after i told them how ,the price was good at Amazon and the delivery was safe and secure ,i am very pleased with the product and would highly recomend it to anyone .
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on September 19, 2010
Installed both a bamboo and oak floor with this tool and it worked great. Every once an a while if you don't give the stapler a solid hit, the staple will not fully set. This was easily remedied by cutting off the staple. I was totally impressed by how well the staples held to the subfloor. I tested the tool by attaching a few planks of hardwood flooring to a scrap piece of 3/4" plywood. All went well until I tried to remove the flooring. The staples were impossible to remove (this is a good thing). Even staples that were partially driven (by mistake) could not be removed.

The floors were installed and look great. No squeaks and a nice solid feel. Very happy with results.
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on December 30, 2012
I have rented a unit before which used nails and decided to try this stapler. It worked great to install 800 sf of white oak so far -- better than the unit I rented for my last house. Now, I get to keep it whereas before I spent just under $200 to rent. I will be putting more hardwood floors down over time and I will loan this out to friends and family, too. I will add -- make sure you have the proper fitting to attach the stapler to the air compressor hose. The fitting did not come with the stapler and I had to go buy one. Love it!
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on November 9, 2013
I suppose the machine is just fine. It did not work for our needs with bamboo flooring. We were told to acquire such a gizmo, but no matter how we adjusted it, it always broke our bamboo flooring upon installation. We had to change to another technique altogether. So we returned this one. And lost money on it because of the shipping.
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