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on November 19, 2015
As several other reviewers have mentioned, the mounts and the added weight of the scope cause the barrel to move. This is not a great design. It is easily fixable, but I'm a firm believer that you shouldn't have to "fix" something that was specifically designed for this purpose. That's called bad design. It is probably because they designed these to work on multiple pellet guns, so they had to loosen tolerances. I understand that, but it seems like they should have built in "adjustments" to make the design work as intended.

I installed these on a 1322 and mounted a rather heavy scope with integrated laser and LED reticle. Everything worked well, but there was clearly "slop" between the barrel and the rest of the pistol caused by the scope/mounts. I read several reviews somewhere, as well as here on Amazon, about putting tape or other "spacers" under the mounts to "stop the slop". This works. Again, bad design/implementation by Crosman, but at least there is an easy solution.

For my particular situation, I first used small pieces of rubber eraser. That didn't work. They rubber flexed to much and slid out of place. Then, when I made the rubber shims thicker, the mounts chopped them in half. Rubber eraser was a fail.

I then cut off small slices (3/16"x1/2") of a point-and-shoot camera strap. It was the typical nylon webbing strap most old 35 mm camera's had to dangle the camera around your neck. There were several other webbing straps on all kinds of devices that I thought about using, but since I never use my old camera (Canon 35mm waterproof) any more, it's strap got cannibalized.

That said, after I cut off 4 shims from each side of the strap, I just melted off the end of the strap with a lighter and can't really notice that it was shortened. There was plenty of extra, unused strap length. Cutting off less than an inch of it didn't really make a different.

I took the "shims", but places them under the feet of each mount. Tightened them down (carefully, since other users have made me paranoid about the screw threads stripping). The webbing shims worked perfectly. Closed the space under the mount. No more wobbly scope.

It's been rock solid for months now. Stays zeroed on the scope and laser.
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Update: 7-16-2017
I bought another set to install an inexpensive Daisy red dot sight Daisy Electric Airsoft Point Sighton my new Crossman American Crosman P1322 American Classic Multi Pump Pneumatic .22-Caliber Pellet Air Pistol, Black with great results. Perfect for plinking.

Makes my ancient old pistol and eyeballs a tack driver. I have a very old pistol crossman 1300 that has been abused and neglected. I installed a scope on it and now I can shoot the pull tabs off of cans at 10 meters. It had a broken cocking link that I replaced with a scrap of rusted iron, and now I can outshoot my brothers fancy new version with aftermarket steel receiver and barrel. The 1.3 power Bushnell is the reason. Great product. (My brother has a red dot sight without any magnification, so I am kind of cheating!) His gun shoots real good but the red dot sight does not facilitate stacking pellets like a set of fine cross hairs does.
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on January 6, 2016
mounted these mounts on 5 of my pistols, 4 are 2240's Crossman and one Crossman 1322 pump, the 1322 I could never set the mounts , tried every thing I could to stabilize the mount, tried even wire the mount down, nothing worked, move the gun and the barrel would move side ways, the 1322 does not have a barrel band to hold the barrel still. well after looking at it I saw that the mount where it clamp's on the barrel sets just off the barrel letting the barrel turn a small amount either way until the mount base touched the tube,
I took plastic, one side I used two small hard piece's of hard plastic on one side glued in with some cheap glue to keep them from falling out, the other since was slightly smaller so I cut the top off a cottage cheese container and bent it over making two thickness's and glued it in, , well after drying it doesn't move now, after a year I have it .you could use wood as well , just don't force it in, if you raise it will also raise the barrel making it leak air at the barrel port. so just snug enough to glue in and no more, see the two pic's I took that are loaded, they are not that good but you can see what I did.. all the two pieces do is keep that barrel from moving
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on November 1, 2015
...the aluminum two piece dovetail mounts are ok; the hardware, screws, are cheap Chinese junk... 1st attempt to attache the intermount to the barrel was unsuccessful; tightened them down and the mount still slide around on the barrel with just moderate pressure; not acceptable. Removed the mounts and put some small pieces of electrical tape on the portion of the mount that curves around and mates with the barrel as some other users review suggested to get some extra grip... slightly better but still slide around with moderate pressure... the process of tightening down the screws (finger snug, not grunt hard) caused the cheap 3mm screws to bend; too small gauge and soft metal. Decided to to replace the cheap chinese screws with better quality larger gauge; drilled out and tapped the aluminum mount for 6-32 hex heads... reattached, using some 1/4" x 3/4" pieces of thin (1/16"?) poly urethane foam sheet, (the stuff that is used in packaging to wrap products to protect from scratches), between the barrel and the mounts to replace the electrical tape that was too slick to grip...(it was also suggested to me, by a friend that has mounted a lot of scopes, to use some 'bow rosin" (like in violin bow) between the mount and barrel for better grip - didn't have any but sounds like a good idea)... anyway...aligned and tightened down the mount with allen wrench to very snug; screws did not bend this time and the attachment was acceptable.. not perfect, but did not slide around on barrel with moderate pressure... seems to hold tight enough if pistol is treated somewhat gently when handled and stored (as it should be under any circumstances). Would recommend with the above considerations...
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on April 23, 2012
***UPDATE 5/25/12***

While mounting a second pair of 459MT's, I happened to strip one of the hex bolts out. I wasn't even applying strong pressure. Moderate, at best. A workaround is to replace it with a standard nut and bolt setup, but just... be careful with these. You can easily strip the bolts.


I bought both this and Crosman B272 4-Pc Intermount, 3/8 Dovetail to try them out.

The 459MT is the clear winner. On the B272 product page, see my user-submitted photos with both mounts on the same gun (Crosman 1322).

While the B272 is a little fancier looking, it is MUCH less stable and doesn't physically look like it fits better on the pistol.

Further, the 459MT tightens down very securely without nearly stripping the bolt. However, I found the B272 very loose with even moderate tightening. I tightened down even further, to almost the point of stripping, and it still wants to wobble and wiggle.

Between the two, the 459MT is a much better purchase. Oddly, they're both made by Crosman.
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on July 28, 2015
I put this on a Crosman P1377BR pistol to mount a Hammers Red Dot. The combination is pretty accurate and the sight picture is a vast improvement over the OEM open/peep sight. It is certainly worth the price.

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on July 1, 2016
After reading the negative reviews I still ordered this . Received today and installed in seconds......Works just fine, tight as yer girlfriend was 20 years ago
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on September 4, 2016
Metal construction with hex wrench. Minor clearance issue, a little to much which results in a slight amount of rotation about the barrel either way once mounted on the 2240 upper tube assembly. Also since the two halves can shift up and down when mounted relative to each other, think of it like teeth with overbite. The issues can be worked out by careful installation, but due to the "play" in the mount itself the sight alignment is subject to change when scope is bumped. Suggest using shims, like layering strips of metal tape, equally on both sides of the 2240 lower tube under the mounting surface to remove any play. Better solution would be to purchase the steel breech with mounting rail built in.
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on May 26, 2017
Works fine when first set. But if need to remove, adjust, remove a few times- the bolts seem to loosen. Would be better if they had longer thread and had split washer/nut secure.
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on November 2, 2014
I love this item. I put them on an old school Sheridan C9 "Silver Streak" that I just fully restored (inside and out). I paired them with a couple of UTG low profile Dovetail-To-Picatinny Rail Adaptors and a CQB Red dot sight. The mounts aren't a perfect fit around the barrel but they do fit snugly and tight. Just don't over do it and I would use some lock tight to be on the safe side. The whole set-up cast me less the $50 bucks. "the sighting system that is" Bryan and Associates took my ass to the cleaners for the ten parts I needed to restore the gun. But what the hell, I Love it all the same. I enjoyed putting it back together. Go!!
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