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on July 3, 2010
I've been buying little disposable cat grass kits for a few years now and this one is far superior to the others. What I love most is that when the kitties eat the grass, they can't pull the container around or tip it over because of the wooden base. It's nice and sturdy. Kitties love the grasses. I paid between $1.99 and $3.99 for the disposable grass kits and they only lasted a few weeks at best. I bought this over a month ago and the grass is still growing strong, so it is a great value. I also bought some refills to save on shipping, and I'm glad I did. Out of 3 cats, only 1 doesn't eat the grass (at least not when I'm looking).

Some people have mentioned that the seeds didn't sprout and it got moldy. I had no problems at all. You need to be sure to keep the seeds moist (a spray bottle works great) yet also be sure to empty any water left in the bottom so it doesn't sit in water. If you're dilligent the first few days, I think you will increase your chances of success. But I wonder if maybe the people who experienced mold might have started their kits during cooler weather...that could increase the chances of mold rather than germination. Be sure to put in a sunny or very bright window (warmer temps) right after planting.

No doubt that I will be buying the refills for this for years. If you're worried that your kitty may not eat the grass, just buy a cheapie disposable one to test it out first...if he/she eats it, you will surely have a hit with the 4 grasses that come with this one!
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on May 24, 2016
I've been using this product (with refills) for two years. My cat loves this kitty grass. I posted a review in 2014 but I wanted to update with some things I've learned since using it. First, I find that using all the seeds at once makes it too compact and dense and I think that promotes mold. So I get two plantings out of one refill of seeds. I don't use the inside container with the 4 compartments. I use the interior liner under the 4 squares; save it and use it a 2nd time. This allows the grass roots to spread out in the dirt and last longer. Also I think that using all the seeds squeezed into the 4 compartments promotes the mold that some users have mentioned. I do have to supplement the soil (the 4 pellets are only good for one planting) on the 2nd planting.

I've been using the original wood box for two years, still going strong.
I buy the refills and use one refill for two plantings.
I toss the 4 compartment container.
I use the fill size liner twice (use my own soil for 2nd planting.
I use half the seeds for each planting.
The cat and I are both happy with this system.
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on January 4, 2016
I have grown a lot of cat grass over the years. A LOT. I bought this in hopes of solving 2 issues - 1) Giving my cat a heavy base to eat grass from (he is a puller, not a chewer, which results in most cat grass plantings being pulled out, dirt clump and all) and 2) having a reusable and (if I were lazy) easily refilled planter of known quantity and/or purchaseable item.

First, the little plots to grow your grass are, well... SMALL. Cat grass of any kind is known for fast, long roots. Small planting areas like this - 4 pockets that are ~2"x2.25" - get root bound VERY easily, which means the cat grass is going to die/need replacing very quickly. Probably designed that way, I'm sure!

As others have mentioned, there was a strange type of fungus/mold/fuzz that started early on. I saw just a little bit in the dirt at about day 2, with quite a bit more on the root system (that was already growing out the drip holes) by day 4. Never really made a full appearance top-side until day 10, but the grass was already dead and no longer growing - whether it's due to the mold or due to the grass being root-bound, I'll likely never know. When I planted the seeds, I diligently ensured each type of seed (they are segregated in the package) went into its individual plot, to see if any one grew better/worse than another, or if any type had more problems. Each seemed to grow equally well, but I would say it was either the oats or the rye that started the fuzz (I placed the label under neath the plastic liner, with the names corresponding to the seed locations... but the plastic planter may have gotten turned around.)

I'm giving this a 2-star rating as opposed to a 1-star rating, because I will likely keep the base, which actually didn't topple over a single time while my cat chewed things up. However, I won't be buying any of the refill kits, and I wouldn't buy this again if you threatened me. Instead, I've spent a few days trying to find a small bag of potting soil in Ohio in the middle of winter, and I'll plant some human-food-grade cat grass (wheat grass) that I bought instead.
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on April 10, 2011
I purchased the "SmartCat Kitty's Garden" original and an extra refill. The product performs as advertised, producing grass my cat loved and voraciously consumed. This is a good product; however the growing space is limited to 4 small pockets and the grass does not last very long due to the root system becoming "root-bound"; thereby choking any chance of long-term growth. Because of this fact, I decided to order Cat-Grass, Sweet Oats and other seeds in "bulk" and plant them as to have plenty and sustained growth over a longer period of time.

HOW TO: (1.)Select a receptacle, which has good drainage, and is about 3 to 4 inches deep. A square shape is best so that your cat can't tip it over or push it. (2.)Fill the receptacle with dirt or peat mixture. (3.) Spread and plant the new seeds about 1/8 to 1/4 inch deep ... making certain that every seed is covered with dirt. "Lightly pack the dirt" ... don't press hard... allow the shoots access to grow. (4.)Water... (not soak)... and cover the container with a clear plastic...(like a big Baggie or Dry Cleaner's plastic bag). (5.)Be sure to use a "fork" to poke about 30 to 40 small vent holes in and round the plastic. This creates a "Hot House" effect and prevents mold. (6.)Place container where it will receive good, strong sun-light during the day and not freeze at night. In about 5 to 7 days you should experience growth.

Let your Cat have at the grass when it reaches about 3 inches in length. I lightly spray with water and re-cover the grass with plastic every other day or so to stimulate growth and peak my cat's interest. When grass no longer grows... and this will vary according to your planting and care methods... simply use new soil and replant the grass by following the above instructions. The good thing about buying in "bulk" is that you can experiment with different growing methods and not lose money while doing so...Good Luck!!

Good "Bulk" buys Amazon.Com are:Catgrass (Sweet Oats for Cats) 1,000 Seeds Bulk and: Ferry-Morse 1985 Organic Catgrass Seeds, Monida Oats (16.5 Gram Packet)
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on May 31, 2016
This was so easy to grow! It grew quick and was ready to eat within a week!! We got this for our big ol'guy who is 15 years old. He is always trying to eat anything hair like, string like or plant like so we thought this would grab his attention instead AND be good for him! He LOVES IT!! So much we had to hide it from him for a bit to make sure he didn't eat it all up at once till it grew more! Our other cat could care less about it but we didn't think that cat would want it. The cat we got it for is the one that loves it so it's great! If you have a cat like ours that likes to chew on or try and eat hair, string and plants then get this for them!

The container it came in is not only cute it's actually really nice and solidly built!
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on September 4, 2015
Our cat venom loves it. I followed all the instructions and it grew in 1week.
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on December 29, 2015
I am giving up on this product after consistent moldy growing results. I bought this product three times now to use in their wooden container and each time the grass gets about 2" high, it starts to mold at the soil. The directions say to use a certain initial amount of water in each compartment to expand the soil pellets, but it is too much. I used less water this last time hoping that would do the trick, but nope. The soil was actually dry, grass was growing well, but still turned into a moldy mess that I don't want my cat around. I'm no expert, but I believe it's either due to expired seeds or bad soil. Coming from a cheap product made overseas I wouldn't doubt both. I gave it two stars only because it does germinate well and my cat loves it. I will keep this last plastic container and just buy different soil and seeds.
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on June 26, 2016
I really wanted to keep this but discovered that THE WOODEN PLANTER CONTAINS FORMALDEHYDE. **(the photo I submitted is not the actual sticker that was that was on the bottom of the product but one extremely similar sticker) .Apparently it is within the "acceptable" limits, according to the California set formaldehyde-emission standards, but some people consider that this amount is still detrimental, especially to to smaller beings such as pets and children. I've read that formaldehyde volatilizes quickly when heated... even from sunlight. Don't think I want my kitties to be breathing in formaldehyde emissions as they're grazing on their grass in the sunlight!
Not wanting to take any chances, I returned mine.
I'm hoping that the company will switch to real wood (and non-toxic glue) because it's such a wonderful idea and I would purchase in a heartbeat, otherwise. I'd gladly pay more for wood that is free of toxins!!!
Best way to get companies to invest in safer materials is to not spend money on products made with toxic materials.
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on January 24, 2013
I took this video right after I showed the newly-grown grass to my cats for the first time. Following the included instructions, the four types of seeds grew to the length in the video in one week. They've been enjoying it - both eating the grass and occasionally pulling pieces out to play with. The included planter is well-designed: attractive and fairly heavy.

Tip - one reviewer noted that the replacement grass does not include the instructions that come with the planter. While it's not rocket science, I will need to refer to the instructions for at least the first couple re-plants. So, to keep them handy, I store the instructions underneath the bottom black plastic container (between the black container and the planter.)

Edit - one week after posting this video, all of the grasses are much taller, thicker, and lusher. I've been adding a bit of water every day to keep it moist.
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on May 8, 2009
I bought this kit for my cats after buying them cat grass at the farmers market. They went crazy for it and the next time I went to market they were out of cat grass. Coming home emtied handed was not an option for my cats!! I bought the kit and it is a no brainer. The grass comes up in a few days when put in sunlight. It takes about a week to get it up to the size for the cats to enjoy and it last about a week. It is worth it to see them devour the first blades when I put it out. My cats are two full grown 20lb kittys! They would live without out it but really like having it to munch on. The combination of oat, rye, wheat and barley must make it tastier than just the oat grass that I get at the farmers market.
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