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on August 13, 2014
=== WHAT IT IS ===

The fan is designed for commercial use. But... It can be used for residential applications depending on the intended use. I purchased the fan to move outside air from the front door upwards towards a vaulted ceiling to cool the upstairs. This helps minimize using central air-conditioning in the summer season resulting in saving a few bucks.

The model 9418 is the smallest pedestal fan made by Airking, but is sufficient for most if not all residential uses. The fan can be overkill for a residence, again depending on the intended use. This review is focused on residential use. For commercial use got to the manufacturer's website at airkinglimited dot com for details and technical specs.


The fan is louder than (subjective) most of the cheaper plastic fans. The "noise" is due to the excellent air moving capabilities. The fans has a 1/6 horsepower motor. You can't move the amount of air the Airking does without some noise. It's a fan. Keep this in mind if used in a bedroom or in the same room as a TV.

=== USAGE ===

The fan has three speed settings 1/2/3 and uses wattage of 125/150/180. I rarely need to use a speed above 1 which will blow away cheaper fans on their highest speed. The fan moves air very well. I set the fan where the air flow is parallel to the floor on speed 1 and the air flow was still good thirty feet away through a doorway to another room. Use level 2 or three if more air flow is needed. The air flow can be adjusted 360 degrees.


The fan is made mostly of steel and built very well. The only plastic is a cover over the motor on the rear of the fan, the speed control knob and part of four screws for height adjustment and positioning the fan for air flow. The threaded screw portion is steel and the plastic is a large "head" where you can use your hands to turn the screw. The plastic portion is high quality and not subject to any stress that can cause failure of the part.

=== RATING ===

I have been using the fan for a minimum of four to five hours nonstop daily for about four weeks. So far there are no problems. The price of the fan is reasonable considering the quality of the product. Other reviewers mentioned poor packaging. This is true. My fan arrived undamaged. Five stars.

***** UPDATE ***** 8/2/2016 - after about twenty four months the fan still works as good as new. Used mostly daily in the summer.

***************** UPDATE 9/4/2016 – RUST SPOTS *********************

Two years rater: I took the cage off the fan to clean it and the blades and discovered rust spots. The cleaning was done outdoors on a sunny day so the defects were easy to spot. No liquids were used for cleaning, just a shop vac and dry towel. Some rust was hidden until the cage was removed. This was because of not enough paint on some surfaces and a very rough finish on the metal on some spots causing the paint to rub off. This is poor quality control.

The fan is used and stored indoors only in an area of the U.S. with lower humidity than the national average. Use is mostly in the summer. The only contact with the fan is my hands moving it and the base touching the floor. The fan stays within an approximate seven foot radius.

Most of the fan has decent paint coverage, but there is no excuse for the defects considering the price paid for the fan. I was willing to spend more money for something that will last. So far this update is my only complaint.
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on November 3, 2015
My husband cannot sleep without a fan. He is super annoying about it (lol) and used to make me sleep with a bright yellow air mover on top of our hamper at the foot of the bed-- which not only froze me out...it looked hideous in our bedroom.

So we made a compromise-- at least as far as aesthetics go.

I must say this fan is pretty pleasing to the eye and appears to be built to last. But what was I thinking?...this fan is strong! Way stronger than the industrial air mover! Plus it is at adjustable and at bed level so their is no escaping the hurricane winds of this fan-- even on low.

My husband is on heaven. I have to admitted that I do like the white noise of the fan.

My husband loves it and it is everything it is advertised to be. I will appreciate it more in the Summer lol.
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on August 25, 2014
Very solidly built, nice fit and finish. All powder coated metal except the rotating speed switch on the back. This is heavy duty and relatively quiet considering the air flow this think puts out.

I wanted a deck fan that would blow away the mosquitos. This actually puts out a little too much air flow, but only a few mosquitos can get close. I actually originally bought the 20" version (three fan speeds were 2940, 3330, and 3670 cfm) which was too much for my deck even on the low speed. This 18" version does 2660, 2970 and 3190 CFM, so not a whole lot less air flow, but it is noticeably less windy on the deck. I even tried the 14" version (but the flow was way too low at 1180/1470/1650). All the fans were well built and industrial but the 18" was closest to fitting my need.

I set this up about 10 feet from our chairs and you can feel the breeze big time. Overall it is still a little loud but any lower flow and the mosquitos have a better chance of getting to us.... : ) I think the fan is quiet for the amount of air this pushes for sure.
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on April 26, 2015
Some of the reviews for this fan are hysterical and I should have realized they were pretty accurate. This is a POWERFUL fan. It actually blew the pilot out on my commercial range when I first turned it on pointed in the wrong direction. On Low! It makes the pots on my pot rack sound like wind chimes. It puts out an amazing amount of air movement. If you have a small kitchen or don't want to move a lot of air, then this fan isn't for you. However, if you want a great fan that really keeps the air moving, then this is solid, easy to put together, and a good deal. My only complaint is that since it was one of the results in a search for "oscillating fan", I assumed that it oscillated - it doesn't. But you can adjust the tilt on the fan. And it is big, with a big base. I really like it, but I would probably have ordered a smaller, oscillating fan for my kitchen.
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on September 17, 2014
I would give this fan a five star rating for sheer force of air movement but there was one problem that I'm sure affects more buyers than just me. So the issue is with the packaging. It comes in a single box with no support of any kind for the unit. Basically what I'm thinking happened is that though normal rough shipping methods, this 30+ pound item took a few slams. With lack of support, my motor is a little of kilter, so at low speeds this powerful unit will send out a serious vibration that I can hear (very very well) through the entire house. If you are lucky enough to get one that doesn't take a hit and it's on balance, I'm sure it's a 5 star fan. Try it when you get it at all speeds on a hard surface to make sure you don't have the same problem.
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on May 28, 2017
We bought this model expecting American dependability and quality in March. Kept it indoors and used it infrequently on the lowest setting. After Hurricane Irma passed this week we connected it to our Yamaha 8000W generator and it stopped working after two minutes when we really needed it even though a Smeg refrigerator and a Sony digital TV had no problem with the current. Don't know why this fan failed but it should not have done so after only six months.
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on July 28, 2015
I bought this from Amazon warehouse and it had obviously been put together and returned. The instructions were missing and the box was literally falling apart at the door, but in all fairness it was from the warehouse and a great deal. This fan is quite large and powerful. Even on low this can really move the air around. I use it in the 2nd floor of my cape because of the heat. It works well but we had to put it across the hall from my son's room because it was too much to keep in the room. It was a bit more than I expected, but if you need a really powerful fan this is it.
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on July 20, 2017
Not a bad fan. The fan does harbor some serious power. But in all honesty, I consider this a little lightweight if you plan to use this in a warehouse. I was hoping for a fan that would blow a baby clear across the room. But alas, when I threw my secretary's newborn son toward the fan, the fan did not blow him back toward me like I expected.

It's fantastic if you plan on sitting and working in one particular area though. Just don't move around too much.

I gave this four stars instead of five because the packaging is garbage. The packaging does not gracefully present the fan nor is it really that protective against impact forces. Furthermore, while the fan was pretty straightforward to assemble, Air King's instructions still left quite a bit to be desired.
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on July 20, 2011
Powerful, solidly built fan. Heavy metal construction throughout, large heavy base. Classic look. The only thing you will have to worry about with this fan is how long the motor will last, as everything else is "industrial". TWO ISSUES: The packaging is extremely poor. The fan comes in separate pieces in a thin cardboard box. The inner packaging is not sufficient (loose plastic wrap/cardboard inserts), everything is LOOSE and it allows the heavy metal parts to move and come in contact with each other inside the box during shipping. This causes scratches and dents on the finish. My base sustained a 1" dent which also scratched the dark finish exposing the silver metal under the finish. The inner arms that hold the fan housing also had multiple surface scratches. I see one design flaw for those of you with young kids. Besides the metal housing which WILL allow little fingers towards the metal blades.... the stand design is poor. To raise and lower the fan head, you pull up on the fan via a top handle and screw in a plastic handled knob. There are no holes or indents to catch the flat screw and assist in bearing the weight of the heavy fan. I think this would wear out easily as the telescoping stand is smooth and the fan is HEAVY. I could see a curious child playing with the knob, loosening it, and causing the fan housing to slam downward. I'm letting mine rest at it's lowest level without using the screw in knob (unfortunatly this is at perfect poking level for the kids). I think drilling holes in the upper pole and having the knob insert a post via a spring would allow a secure raising and lowering of the fan. The fan is noisy, but that's because it seriously moves air! Im using this one on my patio to pull in cool night air so the noise in the house is not that bad.

****UPDATE****: I just dropped it from 4 stars to 3 stars...It made it until May 2012, now the fan sounds like a pond full of frogs....it is making some odd noise... bearings? Disappointing as I only used it a few times a week July through September. Since it has been less than a year (warranty is 1 year), I have contacted Air King and will update how their warranty service is...I have a funny feeling its going to cost me $40+ to ship the fan/motor for warranty inspection... did my $140 fan just turn into a $180 fan, just as the new price has dropped to just over $100? Hmmm....At least I am still within 2 months of the 1 year warranty.

****UPDATE**** I called Lasko Customer service who had me try to adjust the fan blades to see if the sound would go away. After trying this and telling them it was definatley the motor making the noise, they are having me cut the power chord off and send only the chord back to them. They say they will send me a replacement fan. Nice I will only have to spend $5 to send back a chord, but what do I do with this big heavy disabled fan? I guess I can give Lasko Customer service 5 Stars...
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on January 29, 2016
We use this fan on medium in our bedroom at night to move air and create white noise. Although with this fan it maybe a bit extreme it suites us. We bought this fan 2 1/2 years ago and have not had any problems. The fan is well built and will last for a long time, hopefully. Reminds me of how made in U.S.A products were made. The fan head can swivel up and down and move side to side allowing you to locate the direction wherever you want it.
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