Customer Reviews: G-shock DW5600E-1V Men's Black Resin Sport Watch
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on February 20, 2009
This 5600 has everything I need, and nothing I don't:
- It tells you the time, date, and day of the week at a glance.
- It has 1 alarm (not 5 like many other G-Shocks -- too fidly).
- A countdown timer (with the current time shown in the upper box).
- A stopwatch (again, time is still shown).

That's it. If you want fancy "features" like inaccurate temperature readings, barometric pressure graph which gets distorted by temperature and altitude, 19 alarms, and world time in 7,000 cities around the world -- look elsewhere! This watch does exactly what a wristwatch should, which in my opinion is tell the time, and take an absolute beating. I don't particularly want to stand in public pressing 15 buttons on my watch, just to set a quick alarm to remind me of something. This 5600 keeps everything relatively simple (obviously go through the manual when you first get it).

(I started collecting G-Shocks; they have all since been given away/sold since I discovered this little beauty. I had a Riseman, Gulfman, Mudman, and G7700 -- and none of them were worn after purchasing this. And I paid AUS$350 for the Riseman!)

The design of this watch is absolutely classic. It is truly a "timeless" design for a digital watch. The best thing about it is the simplicity -- it is one of the few G-Shocks which doesn't have random circles which show the seconds, bar graphs, a bezel 2 inches off your wrist, etc etc. It's clean and simple.

As far as durability, I haven't taken mine off for over 6 months; it's been swimming indoors, at the beach, smashed against shelving time and time again (I'm a storeman), it gets run under hot water about 10 times a day for hand-washing, I shower in it, sleep in it, play with my kids at the park ... It is yet to show ANY visible damage -- absolutely amazing!

The buttons are fine to press. After setting the alarm, starting the stopwatch, whatever, it returns you to the time mode with a single button push. Again, there is no nonsense, like scrolling through 5 more modes just to get back to the time display.

If you are also looking at the "solar atomic" model of the 5600, please consider -- the batteries in this watch will last years and years, and it will keep very accurate time (I reset it against Internet atomic time every few months and it's never been out by more than a few seconds). In my opinion solar & atomic are essentially "gimmicks" in wristwatches (no offense to those that enjoy those features, but, I see them as useless, and I have owned a solar G-Shock).

I 100% recommend this watch for the no-nonsense buyer who wants a relatively slim/sleek G-Shock with all the toughness, and non of the "fluff".
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on June 8, 2006
I was an infantry paratrooper for 3 years. This watch was in the mud, water, heat, and very cold. I jumped out of planes with the watch, wore it in the desert, in the jungle, and during live fire missions all over the hemisphere. The watch never failed me and kept great time. I wore it until the battery gave out, and bought another. This watch belongs in the pantheon of tough workhorse watches, and I recommend it to anyone that wants a hardcore timepiece that can resist extremes and deliver no matter what.
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on March 23, 2008
I bought one of the early G-Shocks in the 1980's... and it lasted through 2006 -- over 20 years. The plastic outer case finally started to deteriorate... and oh yeah I tore or lost the strap retaining loop about 10 years ago (no big deal just put on a tie wrap and kept on wearing the watch).

To put this in context, I use my sport watches for sailing, boating, diving and snorkeling (usually in salt water) ...and most other watches have lasted only 2-3 years. The amazing thing is that I never replaced the battery on this original Casio G-Shock -- it just kept working until the casing finally went.

Only slight disadvantage for sailing races it that it doesn't have a synch feature for interim starting signals. But other than that all the functionality that you really use is there *and* you don't have to read the instruction manual to figure out the watch... user interface and buttons are straightforward and obvious.

Classic bulletproof sport watch -- highly recommended. I'm searching for a yellow one just like my old one, and will buy it immediately if/when I find it (may have to settle for black though).

One other thing -- I'm a lefty and unlike other watches, on the Casio G I never had a problem with accidentally tripping the buttons -- as is common when you wear a watch on your right wrist (reaching up and back with your hand can press the watch buttons against your upper arm and on some watches this causes a button-press).

Update based on over four years with my "new" Casio G-Shock -- When I wrote the review above about my old original yellow Casio G, I wondered whether the then-currently available G-Shock would really be as bulletproof as the 1980's original... glad to report that my now 4 1/2 year old "new", black Casio G is running just fine, still on its original battery, and having had more use and abuse than the original in the same time-frame (including plenty of saltwater immersion). What a rare product -- one that was great when it first came out and appears to live up to that legacy in every respect 25+ years later.
Update at the 7 year mark with my "new" Casio G-Shock -- watch is perfectly fine (daily use), but as of March 2015, the band cracked on one side at the usual adjustment hole, so I've ordered a new band -- readily available on Amazon for the DW5600E and currently priced at $17.
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on August 19, 2012
This watch is really lousy at many things.

Women will not fantasize about how big and hard your wallet is when they see the G-Shock. It looks terrible with a leisure suit, and worse with a tuxedo. Donald Trump would mot be caught dead with one. It will not impress anyone at a power meeting in a corporate board room. Really does not go with the outfit if you are a male stripper with Chippendale's or a clown with Barnum and Bailey.

The G-Shock does have a few minor benefits. Mine has been deeper than 300' repeatedly with me on deep techical dives, working flawlessly. I never got deep enough for the pressure to kill it, and I have been deep. Indeed, before reliable dive computers were developed, the G-Shock was favored by the deep and cave diving pioneers because it actually kept working at extreme depths, unlike a lot of big name watches that were supposed to. So this thing will put up with far more water than most watches, regardless of price.

And there is also the tiny benefit of shock resistance, but is that just slick advertising? Well, years ago when I was a lot younger, my buddies and I would get the idea that we should torture-test the watch to see if it was really shock resistant. There may have been quite a bit of beer involved, but I have no clear recollection of that. It survived falls off off 6-story buildings (okay, it was forcefully thrown downwards from those heights after the first couple falls). My friend with the pitcher's arm threw it out the window of a speeding car as hard as he could, hitting traffic signs. Over cliffs, over whatever. The case would be ragged, but the watch would keep running fine . . . UNLESS something hard and pointed went through the glass face. That was the only thing that would do in the watch, and it was not easy to have that happen.

We ran over it a few times with the car, which jacked up the band but didn't phase the module.

It did totally fail when shot with a .22, though the back of the case could withstand all air rifles. Yeah, we wasted some money on the 5 or 6 watches we did in over the years trying to find what the limits were, but the beer cost more.

Basically, this watch will survive depths and impacts far worse than you could ever possible survive. Which is another failure for the watch: the coroner will not get a good time of death from your watch because it won't stop like everyone elses when your plane crashes. He might even steal it because he is so impress that it survived . . . and he doesn't have to worry about the water hurting it as he washes your blood and gore off the watch.

But it still won't make women think you have a lot of money.
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on July 3, 2012
It has all the basic features, it's been durable, and I like the looks of it. But perhaps the best feature of this watch is its' size. I shopped around for G-Shock watches, but they are all ginormous. I have small wrist, and I wanted a larger, but not ridiculously huge G-Shock watch. This watch is perfect size for me.

My major concern is the band. It's beefier, but if I abused it, I don't think it would withstand the wear. Of course, I don't abuse it, and it might prove me wrong ten years from now.

For now, it's an easy five-star purchase for me. Very reasonably priced, and it's been a perfect delivery, all-around.
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on June 12, 2005
I have owned the Casio DW-5600E G-Shock Classic Watch for the past 5 or more years now. I've worn it every day in every condition from mountain climbing to river rafting to scuba diving to business boardrooms and it has always functioned perfectly. It seems at home in every situation. I rely on the easy to use features such as the stopwatch, countdown timer and alarm. It is the only travel alarm I take on trips and it has never failed me yet. My watch gains about 1 minute per month, so every 3 months or so I set it back to keep the time as accurate as possible. I highly recommend this watch.

Update June 5, 2015: It is now 10 years since I posted this review. I'm still wearing the same watch that I purchased in 2000. I've changed the watch band and battery several times but they are readily available and the watch continues to work perfectly. Still very happy with this watch!
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on February 3, 2013
This is my first G-Shock. I have used at Junior High 2 Casio watches (the basic ones) and I stopped to used them because one ran out of battery and the other one the resin just ripped.

So right now (after college) decided to get this one. No mistake. Simply the best. Just one complain: I have a small wrist. So at the beginning I found it a little annoying, it hurt sometimes, but after one month looks like it fit very good. No hurt at all.

If you love the Casio brand because of its quality and durability, just get this G-Shock. You won't regret.
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on November 13, 2006
My husband was given this watch as a gift from his parents at 18. He wore it through eight years as a paratrooper and four years in Special forces. He loves the watch and has tried other watches, Suunto etc., but comes back to this one as it is the most reliable. He can use all the functions with his eyes shut and sets the alarm in bed without putting the light on. The watch is prety much indestructable and has good basic functions that are easy to use.

Want a great watch that won't let you down? This is it.
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on May 29, 2006
This is a REAL man's watch! This watch is built like a tank, keeps great time, and the battery lasts a really long time. I never took this watch off even when I played football. I kept it on under my wrist bands to inflict pain on the guys I was blocking. About once a year I would adjust it to the Atomic Clock time. It was never more than a minute off. Also, the description says the battery life is two years. It lasted FIVE years on the initial battery for me! I put another battery in and it lasted EIGHT!!!
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on May 11, 2006
Got mine in 88 in basic training- still going strong thru basic and infantry training. NEVER have put a battery in it. Am now just looking for a new band- dont take all the reviews wrong because of the new band thing...the watch is like 18 years old!!!!!

review update- the original battery lasted 20 years- just recently died.
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