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on March 23, 2008
I bought one of the early G-Shocks in the 1980's... and it lasted through 2006 -- over 20 years. The plastic outer case finally started to deteriorate... and oh yeah I tore or lost the strap retaining loop about 10 years ago (no big deal just put on a tie wrap and kept on wearing the watch).

To put this in context, I use my sport watches for sailing, boating, diving and snorkeling (usually in salt water) ...and most other watches have lasted only 2-3 years. The amazing thing is that I never replaced the battery on this original Casio G-Shock -- it just kept working until the casing finally went.

Only slight disadvantage for sailing races it that it doesn't have a synch feature for interim starting signals. But other than that all the functionality that you really use is there *and* you don't have to read the instruction manual to figure out the watch... user interface and buttons are straightforward and obvious.

Classic bulletproof sport watch -- highly recommended. I'm searching for a yellow one just like my old one, and will buy it immediately if/when I find it (may have to settle for black though).

One other thing -- I'm a lefty and unlike other watches, on the Casio G I never had a problem with accidentally tripping the buttons -- as is common when you wear a watch on your right wrist (reaching up and back with your hand can press the watch buttons against your upper arm and on some watches this causes a button-press).

Update based on over four years with my "new" Casio G-Shock -- When I wrote the review above about my old original yellow Casio G, I wondered whether the then-currently available G-Shock would really be as bulletproof as the 1980's original... glad to report that my now 4 1/2 year old "new", black Casio G is running just fine, still on its original battery, and having had more use and abuse than the original in the same time-frame (including plenty of saltwater immersion). What a rare product -- one that was great when it first came out and appears to live up to that legacy in every respect 25+ years later.
Update at the 7 year mark with my "new" Casio G-Shock -- watch is perfectly fine (daily use), but as of March 2015, the band cracked on one side at the usual adjustment hole, so I've ordered a new band -- readily available on Amazon for the DW5600E and currently priced at $17.
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on January 4, 2017
I had a last-minute revelation that the cost of a new one would be about the same as a new (original Casio) band and the cost of the additional outer shield (which says "G-Shock) and a jeweler's labor. So I decided on simply getting a new watch, complete with strap, for just a tiny bit more.. I read the reviews first, some pretty scary in talking about non-stainless steel cheapening, or non-functioning ("overly recessed") buttons or faulty light.

I'd say this under oath (and have no vested interest in Casio!) - I've had at least 3 of this exact same model over the past 3 decades or so. All the watches still work, even if a few pins and casings got beat up eventually. Two have had the batteries changed every few years and a new strap once a decade.

This watch is virtually the same exact watch in terms of appearance and function. I was concerned if the calendar included the 2010's, but no worries there. Set it right up, tested that buttons and light-feature are working (they are) and the countdown timer too. Just now I set an alarm and it also worked fine, as always. So that is my experience - an exact-same watch, my "old friend" for snorkeling and day-to-day work - with stopwatch, countdown, and clock all working just fine.

As for manufacture, my last one (whose strap and front harness finally broke) was manufactured in Malaysia, and the one before that in Japan. All are marked with the same model # (different factory codes) and this Chinese incarnation is marked "St. Steel" rather than "stainless" and a few other minor shifts in the back engraving (adding info on the shock casing too). But, so far, wherever it was pieced together or however the parts are procured, this is a standard-issue G-Shock Casio watch, so far exactly the same in appearance and function as my others.

The last thing I'd add is about the comments on skin irritation. Well, I've at times ended up with a red or dry patch on my wrist (especially underneath, as I'll flip the watch to see the front when snorkeling/diving underwater). It's a big piece of steel which may get warm (not from battery; from sun or activity), and the steel back and/or buckle is what has sometimes done a number on my skin too. So I give it a brief rest. For the moment (two days constant wear), no irritation, no difference than any other Casio G-Shock. It's true (but no doubt individual) that the watch and band (bulky and metallic as they are) can cause a rash or dryness, "for some of the people some of the time", but I'm only one person. I don't think it's that common or so big a risk for most people. I wear this watch 24/7 (as it can shower or swim with me and I'm not connected to a phone). Love it still. Time will tell, but so far, so good!
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on April 22, 2016
Absolutely love this watch. My father recently passed and this was the watch I remember him wearing when I was growing up, so I decided to buy one to relive those times. The only issue I have with the watch (the same issue my father had) is that it's pretty small. It barely fits around my wrist, but that's part of the charm I guess. Besides the nostalgia, it's an exceptionally well-built​ watch. Keeps perfect time and is an absolute tank. The only reason for the 4 stars is the sizing.
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on August 7, 2015
Everyday use.

It's a G-shock.
Affordable Price for the quality and brand.
Easy to configure
Simple design, not too flashy but attracts attention from a watch/ timepiece enthusiast.
Size is perfect. It fits under a long sleeved shirt.

The light button is a little difficult to access at night. It's hard to differentiate the button with the protective groves of the face.

I love this watch. I own a couple G-shocks and this is by far my new favorite, This is my 1st 5600 Gshock and i will definitely purchase another model in a different variant soon.
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on January 23, 2017
The finishing is what surprised me first. This is really well made. The matt black absorbs light in a way that says it's not just cheap plastic. The crystal remains pristine and scratch free.

The watch is light and easy to wear, the band being quite flexible. It's a bit bigger than I imagined, not quite G-Shock big but will still snag on a tight shirt cuff.

The value for money is extraordinary. I hesitated to upgrade for atomic sync and tough solar, but that drives the price up more than twice. The whole point of this watch is that it is very simple to keep costs down, and the consensus on watch forums seemed to be that the 10 year battery and the tough solar technology die at about the same time anyway, whilst the former is a lot cheaper to replace. As for atomic sync, it would be nice but I'm always near the internet and it takes literally a second to adjust the hour for a new time zone.

I wear this a lot over much nicer and more expensive watches, because it's comfortable and looks neat. I'll reluctantly put on a mechanical watch if I need to meet clients. There's something just great about the minimalist toughness and value for money in this watch. It's philosophically great.
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on March 27, 2016
There probably isn't much that I can add to what has already been said about this widely respected basic Casio G-Shock. But I would mention a couple things that irritate me:
1. The recessed 'pushers' (that control digital functions, on the outside corners of the watch) really are extremely difficult to 'push'. A vocal minority of DW5600E owners will doubtlessly insist that the recessed pushers are just as they should be because this prevents them from being accidentally pushed. Well, that is certainly not going to be a problem, I agree, but I think it should also be possible to push them intentionally, which for me at least requires taking off the watch and positioning a fingernail at just the right angle on a slippery, small metal surface and positioning another finger on the opposite side of the case to generate a sufficiently large amount of squeezing pressure to push the little circular pin-head like pushers far enough into the watch to engage. With great effort I can sometimes push them with finger-tips, but my finger-tips become quite sore if I have to push them this way more than a couple times a day - it's ergonomic sadism! I"m decking the watch 1/2 review star for the poor design of the pushers. Yes, they shouldn't get pressed accidentally (at least not too easily), but they should be MUCH easier to push (and possible to push conveniently without taking off the watch).
2. at least half the vertical space that is available for the LED is taken up by marketing blurbs that seem to be trying to get users to forget the word "Indiglo" and learn to call the glow in the dark feature "ELECTRO LUMINESCENT BACKLIGHT" and to recognize this item as an ILLUMINATOR model. Personally I'd rather have an LED that's twice as tall so the digital numerals showing time/date and other information is easier to read. I bought a digital Timex Expedition watch at the same time as this Casio, which has almost exactly the same amount of space for an LCD. The Timex watch has it's own branding elements, (though not of the same crude tacky sort), but keeps them on tabs above and below the bezel, and also moves the pusher 'hints' (like stop/start) etc. off the LCD and onto the bezel. The result is a digital readout that's about twice as large as this Casio's. I guess it wouldn't be the DW-5600 classic anymore if Casio did something (sensible/useful) like that. If this were not otherwise such a nice watch, the inefficient use of available LCD space here would be penalized more than the 1/2 star I'm taking off.

Otherwise, I think this is a very nice item. The case is substantial, pleasantly weighty, and it's construction is obviously very high quality. The build quality elements surprised me & greatly exceeded my expectations. These watches will definitely survive the coming Zombie Apocalypse. I have no issues with the strap, which is very soft & comfortable. Digital features are basic, but reasonably intuitive and work just fine. The manual is pretty well written IMHO. Packaging is cheap, but I really don't care or expect much for $40.00.
I especially like the "ELECTRO LUMINESCENT BACKLIGHT" on this watch. The dark jade/green color is really beautiful and makes the Cyan Indiglo back-lighting on the Timex I got seem cheap by comparison.
I had a little trouble figuring out how to set the date at first, becoming confused by a field that seemed to increment from 00 to 100, till I read the manual and found this watch has a perpetual calendar feature, so the value there is to enter the year (from 2000-2100). So that's quite nice actually.
Also noteworthy - the watch I received is also very accurate. It's been running at a rate that extrapolates to +2.66 seconds per month, roughly ~1/2 a min per year. It's quartz movement has rated accuracy of +-15 secs/mo. Most other Casio watches in the same or even somewhat higher price range(s) are rated either +-30 secs or +-20 secs. It's easy to forget that keeping track of the time is, at least to a considerable extent, the purpose of a watch, and it would be difficult at this price to find one that does a better job.
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on January 7, 2016
I like this watch - especially for the price!

I wore a DW6600 for years and years until it finally got stolen a few months ago. I figured I'd just do what I did last time I lost my original 6600 over 10 years ago - go buy a New Old Stock one on eBay or Amazon. Well lo and behold, it turn out that Bradley friggin Cooper ruined that for me by prominently wearing one in "American Sniper"... Now all of a sudden a NOS 6600 was selling for over $200.
Well screw that. I loved the 6600 but truthfully I often felt it was too big and it hurt my hand when I bent my wrist back. So I decided to see what else there was - and was delighted to find that Casio had re-released the original 5600.
In the course of my browsing I also saw the 5610 and was interested to see how the two might compare.

So I purchased both - and of the two and I ended up keeping the 5610.
Here, briefly is why...

This one has simplicity on its side - there are only the 4 traditional modes: Time, Alarm, Stopwatch, and Timer.
The 5610 by contrast has another mode - a 2nd time mode that appears on the first click through the modes. This mode tells you the time in one of any of the other time zones in the world, and as far as I'm concerned this is a completely useless feature... I suppose if you are one of those people that always needs to know what time it is in Hong Kong and can't seem to remember how to add or subtract then this is great. Otherwise it's just a useless extra step I have to go through to get to the other modes.
It's a small thing but it annoys me and so I consider this another mark in the 5600's favor.
Another thing that stands out on the 5600 vs the 5610 is the length of time the EL stays lit. The 5600 stays illuminated for just over 2 seconds, the 5610 for maybe just 1.5 seconds - it maybe seem like a tiny difference but it is noticeable, noticeable enough that when I first got my 5610 I was annoyed by it.
And lastly - the 5610 flashes it's EL when an alarm goes off. This is actually a pretty useful feature for me since I often work in noisy and dark circumstances.

So why then did I decide on the 5610?
Well - the 5610 has 4 alarms, which comes in handy for me.
The build quality just feels way better to me.
The numerals are larger.
The screen is brighter - I mean even without the EL.
It never has to have the time set - Atomic clock sync takes care of that.
It is solar powered so will never need a battery replacement.
It looks nicer (to me) with the red accents around the face.
It's more flexible setting alarms and timers since you can go both up and down if you accidentally go past your alarm time (the 5610 only goes up).
But the BIGGEST hit against the 5600 is this: the damn ADJUST button is SO recessed into the case that I can't even activate it with my fingers. Now granted I have big fingers and no nails, but that is probably true for a lot of guys who might buy this watch. And the fact that I need a friggin' toothpick or paperclip or a pen to press and hold it down is really a total deal killer. Both my old 6600 and the 5610 have a recessed button that can't be activated accidentally, but both can be easily activated by me despite my big fat fingers.

So in the end I decided to spend the extra $40 and keep the 5610 and I'm pretty happy so far...

*Note that the price difference seems to have gotten bigger since just a few weeks ago and now the 5610 is about $60 more.
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on May 16, 2016
I bought this about 4 years ago and it's lasted me until now when the battery died. I never took it off and used it during missions, running, swimming, hiking, showering, sleeping, and everyday ordinary use. Very reliable and sturdy, and it started to show signs that the battery was dieing about a month before it did allowing me time to get a replacement. It's got a few minor scratches on the face, but no other visible damage.
The buttons are inset so you'll never accidentally hit them. The alarm is a little quiet so don't rely on it to wake you up unless you're a very light sleeper. It also has a stopwatch, timer, and backlight feature. Plus you can easily change the time to 24hr time (aka military).
Only 4 stars because it did get a little moisture in there which would only show inside the face when I was hot and the weather was cold (ie. hiking through the mountains in 10° weather) which partially obscured my view, I expected the battery to last a little longer, and the alarm was silent.
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on March 30, 2014
Buy this watch if:

You want a G-shock that isn't huge
You like the retro square Casio look
You like simplicity in features and don't need fancy bells and whistles
You want a dependable and extremely durable watch

Don't buy if:
You have need of atomic time, multiple alarms, temperature gauges, compass, holograms, and other fancy extras
You consistently use the stopwatch or countdown feature, you may want to reconsider, as the reset/program button is recessed and very hard to press (This is the reason why I didn't give it 5 Stars)
You need a watch that can be totally silent, as you cannot disable the beep that sounds as you cycle through modes

Summary: The recessed button is a pain, but this is one of the best watches I have ever owned.
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on October 6, 2014
The Casio G-Shock series debuted in 1983 in the form of the DW-5000C, the watch that started a trend that which become a cultural icon for many. The DW-5600E-1V is the latest iteration in the traditional 'square' format (it's actually rectangular) of the family. With a water resistance rating of 200m and the ability to withstand a fall from 10m this watch is more than able to take a beating, especially if you keep it on your wrist! While it lacks many of the bells and whistles of the modern G-Shocks like atomic signal reception and numerous sensors the 5600 makes up for it in pure simplicity with a easy to use interface and quick operation.

Each mode is accessed, like its brethren, by pushing the mode button in the lower left. The modes on this model include (in addition to timekeeping) an alarm, a stopwatch, and a countdown timer. The alarm can be set to a specific day or during a specific month (or specific day of the month). The stopwatch will run to 23:59'59 (that's 1 second shy of 24 hours) with accuracy to the 1/100th of a second for the first hour. The countdown timer can be set from 1 second to 24 hours with an optional auto-repeat function. Current time is shown in both countdown and stopwatch mode, a feature sadly lacking in many of the newer models.

There is, of course, a wonderful backlight function that lights up the entire screen making it easy to read even in the darkest of situations. It can also be set to light up when an hourly signal or alarm goes off (this is that symbol above the seconds display). The light is actuated by pressing the lower right button. This positioning is different from the older models but I personally find it more useful as operating the stopwatch and countdown timer is done through the upper right button, a much more natural feeling for those of us who are perhaps used to traditional chronographs. This is also how the watch is adjusted to display in 12h/24h modes (when setting the time). Speaking of adjustment, adjusting modes only takes a single press of the adjust button, much quicker than the newer models!

Oh yeah, it also serves as a great watch too; mine runs within 1-2 seconds a month of UTC, pretty impressive for a watch that costs less than $50. Battery life is rated at 2 years but unless you're constantly using the backlight you should be able to pull at least another year or two out of the watch before replacement. The 5600 definitely has that 80s vibe going on so it may not be your desired fashion statement, but if you're looking for a tough, reliable watch you can't go wrong with this classic G-Shock.
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