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on November 24, 2007
I bought these to replace a set of Mundial 5100's that was lost. I wasn't expecting such high quality from this set, but Consumers Digest selected these above many sets costing hundreds of dollars more (including the Mundial set that they reviewd) and I have to say this set is more than I expected for the price. I am not claiming they are better than the Mundial 5100 block set, but so far they're pretty close.

Unlike some of the other reviewers, I haven't found anything to complain about. The handles and blades are perfectly matched with no gaps or any other errors that I'm aware of. The blades are sharp, but to get them to the point of slicing produce paper thin they do need a couple of swipes through the built in knife sharpener (which I found works better for these knives than my Henckle dual sharpener). After I sharpened the utility knife I was slicing onions so thin that you could see through them. So I tried cutting tomatoes with the same results with very easy pressure the knife slid through the tomato literally as thin as you could possibly want to slice it.

I know that there are better knife sets out there but you are going to pay for them.

This set is perfect for the average home kitchen and again for the money they can't be beat.
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on March 1, 2017
I'll start by saying that I am a knife guy. I love blades, any and all blades (except the ridiculous fantasy stuff). I collect knives. I have several hand made knives, dozens of quality pocket knives etc, so I'd like to think I know a thing or two on knives...

So, the wife and I have always had a crap Farbeware set we received as a gift 16 years ago on our wedding day. The blades were all serrated, cheap plastic handles, 3/4 tang, all in all, useless. Lately all the steak knives have been breaking off so we decided it's time to get a NICE matching set instead of the hodge-podge of Rada,Kershaw, Henkles, tramontina,Calaphon we have now.
As with anything, buying as a set is risky, as you often get more than you want and never what you need. I hit Amazon,Ebay, and google and commenced a week long search. I read review after review on make after make, on blade after blade.
Of course Wusthoff and J.A. Henkles are mentioned as top choices, but I am not ready to set down $400 in a house with 4 kids who may use a knife as a hatchet.
I have never prided myself in buying Chinese anything, but It's very hard to avoid this problem at times, and fact is not everything they make is garbage (contrary to popular belief) and it just so happens this knife set is one.

These arrived well packed, individually with tip protectors and cardboard sleeves in a plastic wrap. I love the classic styling. many knives now-a-days have focused on handle/blade design and less on quality. This may be a classic case of function-over-form, and the timeless styling kills it here. Every blade passed the slice newspaper slice test. Every blade balances well when grasped with two fingers at the bolster (where handle and blade meet). Each handle fits the tang beautifully. No overhang, no gaps, and they are matched perfectly. The handle contour is great, feels natural in the hand. No knife seems to front or rear heavy. Even the sheers are SHARP (yes, they come apart for cleaning). The steel is a carbon steel so rust staining is a possibility, which can happen with any blade if you do not take care of it.
Did I mention the blades are sharp? Not sure on edge life yet, but I sharpen or hone my blades with every use and the built in block sharpner makes it that much easier (I used it on other knives, it works well)
The kit includes 1 8" Chef's knife which every kitchen needs, 1 8" Santoku which is a personal favorite, 1 8" slicing/carving knife (which is great if you butcher your own meat. The long narrow sharp blade is perfect for brisket slicing). 1 5" utility knife, 1 bread knife, 2 small pairing knives (3, 3.5" when has a contour blade for peeling, one is great for slicing in hand like celery and such), 1 boning/filet knife (great for working in meat around bone with it's narrow blade profile) and EIGHT steak knives. The steak knives are a personal favorite. They are non-serrated (huge bonus) and just feel so natural in hand. They use a drop/spear point style blade so working around bone,fat, and gristle is easy, very easy. The blades are sharp so little effort is required to slice through tough cuts of meat. Then we have the shears. I rarely use kitchen sheers but these are actually sharp enough to be useful, lol. Plus they have a screwdriver on one hand, bottle opener on the other. The knife block is a nice looking addition to any kitchen and the built in sharpener really removes any excuse for a dull knife. No hone/stone is included but not a deal breaker.
So, while this is not a $500 set, I will guarantee it will easily run with those sets, time will only tell. If these could be used FAIRLY and have the name blocked out, knife for knife I think most pros would be VERY IMPRESSED.
In shor, this is not some cheap set to be glanced over on name alone. (stock photo included for reference.)
review image
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on September 15, 2015
I have owned Chicago Cutlery just as my parents. I was looking for a new set that included some of the things missing from my first original set. I still plan to keep and use both. I have this set now which is beautiful and everything my wooden set has been. The new set includes steak knives, a santuko, shears for boning a whole chicken and its own built in sharpener. The santuko is now my go to knife when slicing vegetables as they do not stick to the knife like my chef's knife. A sharp knife makes jobs easier to complete. I stayed with Chicago Cutlery for the brand and the unfailing years of great use. I sharpen them on a regular basis and keep the wood handles oiled. The new set is a bit heavier but well balanced in my hand and feels like nothing when using it. I will admit I sometimes just grab a steak knife to cut the vegetables and it works as well as the parers that it came with. I have no doubt this will be the last set I buy since the first set is still going strong after 30 plus years. Highly recommend, well priced, and for most homemakers well worth the money for a lifetime of use.
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on February 5, 2017
Handles are precisely fitted to the blades with no gaps. Blades are thick enough to be stable when cutting through dense cheeses and other hard to cut foods. Because of the high carbon content of the stainless steel blades they should be hand washed and dried to prevent any minor rusting but will hold a sharp edge longer than stainless steel blades with a lower carbon content. I would prefer a hand held knife steel sharpener instead the built in sharpener it has. This built in sharpener looks like it is made from two small pieces of ceramic material. In time the pores of this ceramic material will become clogged with steel particles from the act of sharpening your knives and cease to function as intended. There does not seem to be any easy way to remove and clean the sharpener.
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on October 10, 2016
64 and never had a full set of quality knives. Got by fine before, and make great food, but these knives are spoiling me. Sharp, easy to the hand. Used them for a while now, and no problems! I love the in block sharpener. Good quality knives for the money! My old knives are sitting by the door ready to go to goodwill!
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on April 9, 2012
I am impressed! I have been looking for a set of good kitchen knives and naturally was leaning towards Henkel and Wustoff. During my search I saw the Chicago Cutlery set and based on the reviews and price figured it was worth a shot trying them. The knives are pretty sharp, well constructed with a nice heft to them. I like the knife sharpener in the block which makes it easy for my wife to keep them sharp without having to use the traditional steel rod. As others have mentioned, the handles aren't exactly flush with the metal. If I was paying more that $130 I would be upset however for the price I can live it it. In my short time of ownership (couple weeks) I already had a guest comment on how great these knives are and wanted to know more about them.
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on March 21, 2017
My husband and I have been looking for a nice set of reasonably priced knives. We are not professional chefs but we do cook dinner nightly and were often frustrated by our old knives. We've had these knives for about two months and we are very pleased. They are easy to handle and they are sharp enough to make chopping veggies a breeze. They also look very nice sitting on our counter as the handles look expensive.
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on March 5, 2017
Much better quality than expected. We are very pleased with the knife set so far !
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on March 7, 2017
Wife loves them... she didn't realize you could actually "slice" turkey! I'd buy them again and recommend them.
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on March 11, 2017
Very pleased and very sharp knives
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