Customer Reviews: Help Wanted/Reef Blowers/Tea at the Treedome
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on August 18, 2003
Here comes the first season of the cult smash that's fun for kids and adults alike. Spongebob's peculiar charm came from nowhere into one of the most beloved cartoons of recent times and finally we have the complete first season on DVD, instead of the numerous compilations already out. (when will they realize people really want TV released by seasons)
The classic episodes contained here are:
- Bubblestand
- Ripped Pants
- Help Wanted
- Reef Blowers
- Tea at the Treedome
- Jellyfishing
- Plankton!
- Naughty Nautical Neighbors
- Boating School
- Pizza Delivery
- Home Sweet Pineapple
- Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
- Pickles
- Hall Monitor
- Jellyfish Jam
- Sandy's Rocket
- Squeaky Boots
- Nature Pants
- Opposite Day
- Culture Shock
- F.U.N.
- MuscleBob BuffPants
- Squidward, the Unfriendly Ghost
- The Chaperone
- Employee of the Month
- Scaredy Pants
- I Was a Teen-age Gary
- SB-129
- Karate Choppers
- Sleepy Time
- Suds
- Valentine's Day
- The Paper
- Arrgh!
- Rock Bottom
- Texas
- Walking Small
- Fools in April
- Neptune's Spatula
- Hooky
- Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II
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on March 2, 2005
Spongebob Squarepants, along with Fairly Odd Parents, is the best kid's animated series on TV today. It has the shameless silliness for the kids and the witty cracks and well-evolved characters that adults can appreciate. I am 30 and have watched these episodes numerous times and will continue to. They are just funny. I can relate to Squidward Tentacles' surly "whatever" attitude towards life. The money-grubbing Mr. Krabs is hilarious as well as Spongebob's dim-witted friend, Patrick. Plankton has to be funniest villain on television today! Anyway, this series was spot on from the beginning to which the following first season episodes attest:

Disc 1:

Reef Blower: Contrary to previous reviews, "Help Wanted" (where Spongebob is hired at the Krusty Krab) is not included on this disc. The first episode shown here is the one where Spongebob (SB) and Patrick interrupt Squidward's quiet time by demonstrating the fun one can have with reef blowers.

Tea at the Teadome: Sandy Cheeks the Squirrel is introduced and Patrick gives SB misguided advice on how to handle himself in Sandy's air-filled home.

Bubblestand: Squidward ends up paying for bubble blowing lessons from SB.

Ripped Pants: A beach mishap gives SB his 15 minutes of fame which he soon abuses.

Jellyfishing: SB and Patrick want to give Squidward (in a full body cast after a bicycle accident) his "best day ever" by taking him jellyfishing.

Plankton: [w/ commentary] Introduces Mr. Krab's arch-enemy who tries to take-over SB's brain.

Naughty Nautical Neighbors: Squidward thinks its hilarious to break up SB and Patrick's friendship until they look to him to fill their friendship void.

Boating School: Patrick tries to radio instructions to SB so he will finally pass his boating test.

Pizza Delivery: The Krusty Krab doesn't serve pizza. . . or does it? For money, Mr. Krabs will have his crew deliver anything.

Home Sweet Pineapple: Nematodes destroy SB's pineapple and he might have to move back into his parent's house.

Mermaidman and Barnacleboy: Featuring the voices of Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway. SB and Patrick try to get their heroes out of retirement.

Pickles: SB is devastated when he forgets to put pickles on Bubble Bass' krabby patty.

Hall Monitor: SB's title for the day goes to his head.

Jellyfish Jam: SB finds out that wild jellyfish throw wild parties.

Sandy's Rocket: Sandy plans a trip to the moon in her rocket. SB and Patrick get her there, as well as the rest of Bikini Bottom.

Squeaky Boots: Mr. Krab's convinces SB to give up his paycheck for Pearl's ill-received birthday gift.

Disc 2:

Nature Pants: SB wants to live among the jellyfish (don't we all).

Opposite Day: Squidward introduces a fake holiday to keep SB and Patrick away from him while he tries to sell his house. Of course, it backfires.

Culture Shock: Squidward plans a talent show and hires a popular guy to clean up.

F.U.N.: Plankton and SB become friends? I love the F.U.N. song (especially Plankton's version of the lyrics)!

MuscleBob BuffPant: SB buys blow-up muscle arms to impress Sandy and finds they are not too useful in weight-lifting competition.

Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost: Squidward doesn't mind that SB and Patrick think he's a ghost, until they decide he needs to go to the other side.

The Chaperone: SB takes Pearl to her prom.

Employee of the Month: SB and Squidward compete for the honor.

Scaredy Pants: The Flying Dutchman doesn't like SB dressing as him for Halloween.

I Was a Teenage Gary: Gary is left in the care of Squidward who forgets to feed him. The ending to this one is hilarious.

SB-129: Squidward gets locked into a freezer and, when he is thawed out, finds himself in the future with his two biggest nightmares worse than ever.

Karate Choppers: [w/ commentaries] Mr. Krabs orders SB to stop playing karate.

Sleepy Time: SB enters the dreams of select Bikini Bottom residents; much to their nightmares.

Suds: Patrick tries various techniques to cure SB of the suds so he will not have to go to the dreaded doctor.

Valentine's Day: When SB's valentine delivery to Patrick is delayed, Patrick completely freaks out.

The Paper: Squidward is so impressed with what SB can do with a gum wrapper he threw away, he trades everything he owns to get it back. Then he finds it is just not the same.

Disc 3:

Arrgh!: Mr. Krabs takes the board game Treasure Hunt a little too seriously.

Rock Bottom: SB gets off the bus at the wrong stop and finds himself in strange territory with terrible bus service.

Texas: One of my favorites. SB and Patrick try to convince the homesick Sandy that Bikini Bottom is her really home.

Walking Small: Plankton hopes he can recruit SB to clear the beach for the construction of his Chum Bucket Mega-Bucket.

Fools in April: Annoyed by SB's constant April tomfoolery, Squidward goes too far in getting him back.

Neptune's Spatula: Another fave of mine. Neptune is skeptical that SB pulled the mythical spatula from the ancient grease.

Hooky: When SB does not heed his boss' advice about staying away from fishing hooks, Mr. Krabs must teach him a lesson.

Mermaidman and Barnacleboy II: SB wins the Conch Signal and runs his heroes ragged with trivial tasks.

This disc includes lots of extras including (but not limited to) interviews with the actors who supply the voices, a history of the show, Violent Femmes sing Spongebob, and a Patchy the Pirate-hosted Bikini Bottom tour (curiously, Patrick's rock is not included).
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on September 2, 2003
When I first saw that the first season of Spongebob was coming, I was confused. Why on Earth would they put allmost all of these episodes on DVD again? I mean, couldn't they just put the rest of the episodes on more single DVD's? So then I went onto Spongebob's website, and figured out how many more episodes that weren't already available on the other titles, would be on the first season. There are approximantly 16 episodes that you can't get on the recent DVD's.

Unlike some people, I am a really big DVD collector, and I sometimes buy DVD's that I already have on VHS. And that includes buying the first season of Spongebob when I already have all the other Spongebob titles on DVD.
Here the never before on DVD episodes that will be on the 1st Season :
Help Wanted
Reef Blowers
Naughty Nautical Neighbors
Home Sweet Pineapple
Sandy's Rocket
Nature Pants
Culture Shock
MuscleBob Buffpants
Employee of the Month
Karatee Choppers
Rock Bottom
Walking Small
Fools in April
Neptune's Spatula.
Like I said, even if you have all the Spongebob DVD titles, GO BUY THIS DVD, trust me, you won't be sorry !
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on April 8, 2015
This is so cute and funny Roenahn loves SpongeBob... animals are so smart... she watches this on my tablet..
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VINE VOICEon September 18, 2003
Of course I'm going to buy it! This has got to be the first great cartoon of the 21st century, and I'm one of the adult "Spongebob underground." That is, the adults out there who watch this show but are afraid to tell any of their adult friends for fear of being laughed at.
Now, it's a bit annoying that after collecting several Spongebob DVD's, they come out with this collection so soon. I'm getting to where I'll never buy individual DVDs of a TV series again, because this happens over and over. If a show is phenominally popular, ignore everything untill the season-at-a-time box sets come out. I've got the message.
Now, how about the folks at Nick releasing some of the earlier classics. How about a Ren and Stimpy box set, or a Rocko's Modern Life box set? What fun those would be!
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on July 24, 2015
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on October 20, 2003
If you didn't know how popular Spongebob is than this is definite proof. The first ever Nick Toon to receive a complete Season 1 DVD release. This is almost unheard of in the world of 12 minute shorts made for children the age 5 and over. Unlike all the other Nick Toons Spongebob has hit a chord that hasn't been struck since the likes of Ren and Stimpy have graced our television sets. Its a shame we all bought the past releases thinking "well this is as good as it gets." I never saw this coming I am both shocked and happily surprised. Sure I feel ripped off, but I'm glad I can get all the episodes now. Those ten per episode discs were boggling my mind with no end as to how would I own them all?
Just release all three seasons within a reasonable time span and one day I will completely forgive them for misleading us with the single disc releases. Can't wait for the movie.
All hail the magic conch!! blurlwowhwowoww!!!
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on September 26, 2004
Yes Patrick we can! Over a year from the release date of the first Spongebob Squarepants DVD (Nautical Nonsense/Sponge Buddies) comes what all fans wanted from the beginning: The Complete First Season, all 40 episodes! I like many others grabbed up the first few compilation discs like so many Krabby patties with extra pickles (I only bought 4) all the time wondering why in the world would such a popular cartoon series not immediately have season sets? Where in the world is the Krabby Patty Value Meal if you catch my drift? The truth of the matter is the season sets on DVD were probably always planned, but then why spend a year releasing various "themed" collections with what will eventually appear on the complete sets? Becau$e $pongebob make$ money! Yes it's greedy and it only makes sense if you look at it that way. With Season One on the shelf and Season two around the corner there really is no reason to continue buying or recommend buying the compilations. There are 10 currently available with an 11th due out soon. Which all together covers over 100 episodes of the roughly 120 that make up seasons 1 thru 3. If you're a casual fan, by all means keep up with the occasional collection dvd release, but if you're a completist your journey through Bikini Bottom and all of it's watery and wiggly inhabitants begins here matey! All 40 episodes spread over three discs in a delightful green box with our beloved yellow sponge (or is he cheese?) plastered on the cover. Since you can get episode listings from other reviews and other places I'll do something a little different in dedication to the compilation buyers.

The 10 Spongebob DVDs currently available include 30 of the 40 Season 1 episodes. So obviously if you've bought all these I can't recommend you go spend the money for this season set to get the 10 episodes you don't have. However if you are like me and you've only bought say the first 4, then you only have 16 of the first season episodes. So by getting the Season 1 box set you'll be gaining 24 episodes you don't have. Of course I realize that everyone may have different discs so here is the run down on how many each of the compilation discs have in terms of season 1 episodes:

Nautical Nonsense/Sponge Buddies: 5

Halloween: 3

Sea Stories: 3

Tales from the Deep: 5

Lost at Sea: 5

Tide and Seek: 2

Christmas: 2

The Seascape Capers: 1

Spongebob goes prehistoric: 2

SpongeGuard on duty: 2

Sponge for Hire: 0

"Are you ready yet? How about now? Now? Now? How bout now?..." - SB
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on August 14, 2004
SPONGEBOB IS ONE OF THE BEST CARTOONS EVER CREATED!!! There I said it & I mean it. A lot of people (not Spongebob fans of course) think this cartoon is totally senseless. But the ones I've actually been able to sit down & force to watch a few episodes have happily converted. Okay the premise is ridiculous, but that's the fun of it & the characters are great. Don't mind that a lot of the things that happen don't make sense, it's a CARTOON. Even the characters make fun of themselves, like how can they hear without ears & how can they make fire if they're under water? It's also kind of educational. WHAT!! Did I say "EDUCATIONAL"? YES!! Just watch the episodes & see what our favorite sponge & friends learn about lying, stealing, cheating, greed & being mean to friends & you'll see what I mean. Of course the lessons aren't thrown in your face, but they're in there & my son understands. It makes me a proud Spongebob fan (& father) when my (now six-year old) son looks at me & says, "Mr. Krabs only loves money & that's bad." Or "Spongebob wouldn't have gone through all that if he didn't lie." I know there are still skeptics out there (I was one) but a cartoon like this doesn't just become what it is without there being "something" special about it. One of my favorite things on DVD's are the "behind the scenes" & "making of" features & this DVD has it's own list of features that gives people like me more insight & understanding of what goes into making Spongebob special. This is a great buy! So stop reading & buy it! BUY IT NOW! GO AHEAD!!
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on September 28, 2003
This release is much awaited by many spongebob fans across the world, especially after being teased with several spongebob releases with 10 random episodes each, finally u will be able to add the 1st complete season to your collection. Just to correct one of the former reviews, the first season is not every spongebob episode known to date. The first season ran from July of 1999 until May 2000 and included 20 episodes, keep in mind every episode has 2 stories, so u can look at it as really getting 40 episodes. ANyhoo this is an absolute must for any spongebob fan, dont waste your money on the silly 10 episode releases, just get the seasons as they are released.
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