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on November 5, 2016
UPDATE: This is an excellent watch. In 3 weeks it's 74 seconds fast. That's less than 4 seconds/day average. I wear the watch 24/7. On a day to day the variation is about 8 seconds. The only weak point is the illumination at night. After couple weeks of use the bezel got easier to turn. Considering the affordable price, I'm amazed at the quality of this watch.
I have many watches, from ultra-accurate radio controlled models to more distinguished Swiss made models. What I don't like about MOST of them when I get bored and decide to change to another style, I find the battery is dead. I had an itch for a Rolex Submariner look alike automatic for a while but I've been avoiding automatics because they're less accurate and more delicate and bulkier compared to quartz movements. Finally I decided to give this watch a shot thinking at worst I will lose less than a $100. I wasn't expecting how much I would like it. Compared to much more expensive watches I purchased the presentation is over the top, almost ceremonial; The box, tags, watch pillow, how the bracelet and the watch was individually wrapped for a watch that cost less than a Benjamin.

The watch I received came with NH35A Seiko movement with silver flywheel in the back, the newer models are said to come with yellow flywheel. I personally prefer silver.

NH35A is epitome of value and reliability for an automatic movement.
In addition to automatic, you can manually wind the watch using the crown.
NH35A movement allows seconds hacking.
Reliable, simple, affordable.
Fluid motion of sweeping seconds hand (because time is fluid).
Don't need to keep replacing batteries.

I Don’t Like:
Night illumination is worth less than a postage stamp. The illumination fades shortly after dark.
Bezel is very hard to rotate (newer Invicta models with yellow fly wheel is said to rotate easier)
INVICTA Engraving on the side of the case.

Invicta 8960OB compared to ROLEX Submariner 16610:
DIMENSIONS of Invicta:
Case diameter 40mm, 44mm with crown, Thickness 13.6mm, Lug width 20mm, lens diameter 30mm.

Rolex Submariner 16610 dimensions:
Case diameter 40mm, 44mm with crown, Thickness 13mm, Lug width 20mm, lens diameter 30.5mm

In this day and age, I don't know why all watch makers don't use gaseous tritium illumination that consistently glows all night long. Most other forms of illumination, including Super Luminova, fades couple hours after dark and becomes unreadable before dusk.


BOTTOM LINE: This is probably the best quality and most affordable mass produced Rolex Submariner look alike with almost identical dimensions to the Rolex model 16610 at a price 100 times cheaper.
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on April 13, 2016
I've purchased several "homage" Submariners in the past 10 years. This one is the least expensive, and easily the best. By way of background, the first was a Steinheart Ocean-1. After a couple of years the bezel ring would no longer click but just free wheel and the watch gained over 10 seconds a day. Very disappointing, given the cost of the watch. The second was an Orient Snorkeler that worked okay but eventually stopped running. The third was a no-name that I bought on e-bay from Hong Kong with a miyota movement.
There were several things that caused me to initially shy away from this Invicta in the past. Most notably was all of the Invicta badging on their products, and the negative comments about that and the watch band.
The quality of the movement on this watch makes up for all of the badging issues. It is a Seiko hacking movement, and it is the most accurate movement of any automatic watch I've ever owned (and I've been wearing automatics since the 1960s). I've been wearing it for a little over a week now, and it has only gained a total of three seconds (not three seconds a day, but three seconds overall). I think that is pretty amazing for a timepiece that only cost $85.
The watch is very handsome, and gets a lot of looks and compliments. The "INCVICTA" engraving on the left side of the case is actually very subtle and not that noticeable. This might be more of an issue for those who wear the watch on their right wrist, but for those who wear it on the left, it is hardly visible. I actually like the wing on the short end of the second hand and on the face of the watch. The luminous dot on the second hand is probably 1/8" closer to the end of the hand than the dot on most other homages (and the real thing), but this actually causes it to sweep directly over the luminous hour dots on the face of the watch as it moves, which I think is cool. The watch band has received some negative reviews and I am not sure why. It is a thick, heavy-weight band and is of much higher quality than what was was furnished with any of the other Submariner homage watches that I have owned (by comparison, the one on the Orient was terrible to the point that it had to be replaced). Some don't like the shiny center kinks on the provided band, but I do. It looks good and has been durable so far. One other positive attribute worth noting about this watch is the magnification quality of the date cyclops. It actually does a good job of really magnifying, unlike on some of the others that I own (only the Steinhart magnifies the date this well). Some have complained that the bezel ring is hard to turn, and I initially experienced the same thing. A youtube video suggested soaking the watch in water for up to an hour then turning the bezel ring while wet. I performed this procedure twice and it did the trick. Now the bezel ring moves easily enough but is still very tight and wiggle free. The bezel has 120 clicks vice the more common 60 clicks.
So for 85 bucks, you get a very good looking Submariner homage with a hacking Seiko movement that is nearly as accurate as a quartz watch. Whats not to like?
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on August 10, 2012
Update 1/4/2013 ... I asked my nephew at Christmas (four months after giving it as a birthday present) how it was working. "Perfectly" was his response. He's a real outdoors guy who loves to fish. I assume the watch has got wet a lot. No problems whatsoever.

I ordered two Invicta 8932's and was quite impressed with them - that is, until I ordered this watch the "8926OB". The 8926OB really looks like the Rolex Submariner without trying to be an outright copy. Personally, I dislike trying to fool people and so I don't mind if it says "Invicta" on the side. This watch is trying to look like a Rolex, but NOT be one.

Aesthetically, the $85 8926OB automatic is larger in the case width and the band width than the $50 younger borther 8932 quartz available on Amazon. The 8926OB looks more impressive and Rolex-like with coin edge. I also felt the automatic movement was more impressive than the quartz of the cheaper "8932". As an added benefit of the auto movement, it does not need batteries. I was giving these as gifts, so I felt great knowing that the battery was not going to run out in a month. Not so sure on the battery powered quartz ones.

The 8926OB is heavier than the smaller 8932. I actually preferred the lighter watch, but this was a gift and my nephew liked the heavy weight of the larger watch.

Lastly, I sized these watches myself and it was easy to do - provided you have the proper tools. You really only need a sharp nail and a hammer if you're careful. But sizing these for my gift recipients saved them $10 - $20 if they had to take it to a watch store.

In summary, this is a great watch for the $85 I paid. I told the person I gave this to to avoid water and to wear it as jewelry but not depend on its claims of water proofing - if they wanted it to last.
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on February 6, 2017
I received this watch on time from Amazon packaged well and shipped in the typical Invicta yellow box. The watch was in good condition and seems to match the advertised specifications perfectly: Stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 millimeters, stainless steel band, black dial with date function and luminous time markers, automatic movement, and water resistant.

After inspecting the watch for any visible flaws I checked the screw down crown for functionality which seemed perfect. Before setting the time and date I wound the watch about 40 turns. The next thing I tested the watch for was how water proof it was. I submerged the watch in a bucket of water for an hour sloshing it around to simulate the movement when swimming. The watch passed and presented no leaks or condensation under the mineral Crystal and was still running perfectly. Now to be clear, my main concern (and probably that of most people who would purchase this watch) is that a watch be waterproof enough for everyday use everyday use, washing, showering, swimming and snorkeling. Using this criteria the 8926OB passes the test. (I realize this watch is advertised as a dive watch rated to 660 feet however I personally don’t plan on using it for diving.) After I dried off the watch I left it on my desk for the next 36 hours to test the reserve and was pleasantly surprised to see that the watch was still keeping time. (Automatic watches generally have a 24 to 40 hour reserve.) To test the watch for everyday use I have worn the watch to work every day for the last two weeks. (My job does include a certain amount of physical labor subjecting the watch to occasional bangs and scrapes) At the end of the two weeks the watch still looks as pristine as when I received it and I have never had to reset time or manually wind it. I did replace the stainless steel bracelet with a Nato strap to add a personal customized look. In my opinion for an every day, water proof, automatic watch, this Pro Diver definitely delivers a bang for the buck.
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on August 10, 2016
Seeing a Sub homage for under $90 that looks this good, I decided to take a chance. After opening the shockingly yellow box I was quite surprised to see a very handsome watch, looking like it cost twice what I paid. I have had quite a few higher priced automatics on my wrist, and this fit right in with them. I've seen many complaints about the screw-down crowns being rough, or the bezel turn being very tight, yet I've been able to spot no issues with mine whatsoever. The cyclops date magnifier is even nice and straight. Setting the watch was easy, and swapping the band for a more comfortable NATO was quick. The Seiko NH35A movement is visible through a nice caseback display with the weighted rotor adorned with Invicta's info. The lume is a bit on the weaker side, but at this price range that was to be expected, and I could always redo it if I were bothered but for now it's good enough. Everything seems to be built tight and sturdy, with no play while turning the crown or bezel. Not to mention the overall finish looks great with no unclean edges or variation in the polish.

I'm very picky about my watches, and I'm not sure whether or not I just got lucky with an example of everything as it should, but I can see no reason to give it anything but a full recommendation to anyone looking for a well finished Submariner homage watch. If I had to nitpick, I would say the 'Invicta' engraving on the side of the case should be omitted on future models as it already says the name on the face and the weight. Also, some people get irked by the closer looking Sub homages, which I understand, but not everyone can spend the same money on a watch they would on a lightly used car. If you've got a collection itch to scratch, or would just like a classic looking diver-styled watch on a budget, then this is a good place to start.

I will keep the review updated with any longevity issues, and how it does once I get it submerged well and good.

- Clean finishing
- Well-fitting parts
- Easy to set time and date
- Classic Sub look without the high price

- Engraving on case side is a little cheesy
- Lume will most likely not last more than 2 or 3 hours
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on January 30, 2016
I've had the watch for something like 4 years now. I never get tired of wearing it. Replaced the metal band (which is really nice) with a NATO watch band from Amazon and love the look. I get compliments on the watch every single week.
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on April 9, 2017
People love to hate invicta for "copying" a Rolex but in all reality, there's quite a few other companies who have done the exact same thing. They all borrow from each other's looks. Even the Submariner was heavily influenced by the Blancpain Fifty Fathom's and no one seems to look down on Rolex for it. At the end of the day, this watch is awesome, it's a solid stainless case with a solid stainless bracelet and a hack/handwind Seiko movement. It averages +3 seconds a day and never more than +6, the only thing I could point out that is less than perfect is the lume in the hands, it's not that bright and they don't last long but other than that I have no complaints.
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on September 6, 2016
I dont have much experience with this watch yet, but the quality and construction is amazing. Its weihty, which I like, its a litle thicker than most watches, It looks like a $6,000 watch. I will update later with a review after I had time to learn more about it. Update: This watch is da shizzle. It works perfectly. I never once had it stop on me for any reason, but I wear every day. It looks awesome. Don't hesitate to buy it. UPDATE 1/4/2017:
Ive had this watch for a while now, and I still love it. There is one issue, that I dont like, I wear this watch every day, and it seems almost on a daily basis, this watch looses a couple of minutes, and I have to adjust the time. Thats pretty lousy. Other than that the watch is still beautiful. i shower with it and it keeps on ticking. itts beautiful. I dropped one star though becuase of the daily adjustments. Update: 4/15/2017 This watch is total crap. It still looks great, but it doesn't keep time, which is the reason we buy watches. I have to correct the time on this watch daily. It's useless. This is the worst product I've purchased from Amazon.
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on January 6, 2014
If you are looking for a solid automatic timepiece with an homage to the wonderful Rolex Submariner, and have less than $100 to spend, then look no further than the Invicta 8926ob. The version that Amazon is now selling is the version 2 which has the TMI NH35A 24 jewel automatic Seiko Japanese movement with hacking (the ability to stop the second hand), manual winding AND auto-winding, a screw-down crown, a date window with cyclops on the crystal and a nice if somewhat stubborn to move bezel. You also get a nicely sized window back so you can view the movement in action. All nice touches. The second hand sweeps reasonably smooth and mine has been accurate to +/- 5 to 8 seconds a day. Certainly a quartz watch (just about ANY quartz watch) will ultimately be more accurate than ANY automatic movement, but there truly is something wonderful about having a real self-driven, perpetual machine on your wrist. It is hard to describe, but it has been true in my case. For the dollar, this is one sweet watch. Oh... rated to 200 meters water resistance. Pretty respectable although I have not confirmed if this is accurate or not.

Ok... so what's not to like? Mind you, these are essentially just nit picks...

1. The bracelet, while nice looking, is nothing to write home about. It works just fine but you can tell this is where Invicta saved some beans. Some folks may never care, as it is a decent looking band that does the job, but to me it is a bit "lightweight" and does not quite live up to the quality of the actual watch. I would not hesitate to spend an additional $35 to $50 for a real oyster style band with solid end links and a bit more robust look. Either way, it is hardly a deal breaker because this watch sells for less than $100 which is amazing, considering the over-all quality.

2. Invicta couldn't help themselves and had to engrave their name into the non-crown side of the watch. Some people may like this. I personally hate it. Again, not a deal-breaker in any way, but I certainly would have preferred they had not. At least it doesn't call too much attention to itself on initial inspection.

3. The lume is just OK, nothing more. Yes, if you light it with a high-powered LED flashlight for a minute and then go stand in a dark room it will glow furiously, but give it 10-minutes and that glow will dwindle down significantly. At least is illuminates properly in that the hour markers, the second, minute and hour hands glow evenly, so that is a plus. Just wish it was better in this regard (ummm like a true Rolex or Omega, etc), but again, something had to give at this price point and in all honestly, we're talking about a really nice looking watch with a reliable Japanese automatic movement for less than $100.

4. Invicta has sadly earned a bad reputation for very poor customer service. I have not had to deal with this personally, but I have read horror stories. This makes purchasing from a dealer like Amazon extremely appealing as their return policy is golden. Having said that, the 8926 has been one of the great successes for Invicta. It is an iconic time piece for them and I'm pretty sure the one you'll receive will be spot-on.

So to sum things up:

Great watch. Looks and performs far more expensive than it is. It is very comfortable to wear. Keeps accurate time. Fools some people into thinking you're sporting a Rolex - don't kid yourself though, this is NOT a Rolex - but at the very least, it can make for some fun comparison if you run into someone sporting an actual Submariner. The watch looks great dressed up or casual. Probably the perfect daily beater. If you like the look, I say go for it.
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on February 20, 2017
I own several swiss made watches, Oris, Rolex etcetera. I have a love affair with automatic movements. To me they are little works of art created by craftsman similar to painters and and musician's. I wanted an everyday automatic that if I knocked around a bit, would not send me into shock or cost a small fortune to repair. After weeks of research, I decided on the Invicta Pro diver. Yes it is a knock off of the Rolex Submariner, yes it is a Japanese movement. But for under 100 bucks, you get a well made, handsome watch that keeps time. The see threw back really lets you appreciate the inner workings of an automatic. And if I crack the face doing yard work or rough housing with the kids I can just buy another. And trust me, that is a deal. My Rolex needed servicing a few months ago. It was 1200 dollars...... that hurt.
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