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on November 5, 2016
UPDATE: This is an excellent watch. In 3 weeks it's 74 seconds fast. That's less than 4 seconds/day average. I wear the watch 24/7. On a day to day the variation is about 8 seconds. The only weak point is the illumination at night. After couple weeks of use the bezel got easier to turn. Considering the affordable price, I'm amazed at the quality of this watch.
I have many watches, from ultra-accurate radio controlled models to more distinguished Swiss made models. What I don't like about MOST of them when I get bored and decide to change to another style, I find the battery is dead. I had an itch for a Rolex Submariner look alike automatic for a while but I've been avoiding automatics because they're less accurate and more delicate and bulkier compared to quartz movements. Finally I decided to give this watch a shot thinking at worst I will lose less than a $100. I wasn't expecting how much I would like it. Compared to much more expensive watches I purchased the presentation is over the top, almost ceremonial; The box, tags, watch pillow, how the bracelet and the watch was individually wrapped for a watch that cost less than a Benjamin.

The watch I received came with NH35A Seiko movement with silver flywheel in the back, the newer models are said to come with yellow flywheel. I personally prefer silver.

NH35A is epitome of value and reliability for an automatic movement.
In addition to automatic, you can manually wind the watch using the crown.
NH35A movement allows seconds hacking.
Reliable, simple, affordable.
Fluid motion of sweeping seconds hand (because time is fluid).
Don't need to keep replacing batteries.

I Don’t Like:
Night illumination is worth less than a postage stamp. The illumination fades shortly after dark.
Bezel is very hard to rotate (newer Invicta models with yellow fly wheel is said to rotate easier)
INVICTA Engraving on the side of the case.

Invicta 8960OB compared to ROLEX Submariner 16610:
DIMENSIONS of Invicta:
Case diameter 40mm, 44mm with crown, Thickness 13.6mm, Lug width 20mm, lens diameter 30mm.

Rolex Submariner 16610 dimensions:
Case diameter 40mm, 44mm with crown, Thickness 13mm, Lug width 20mm, lens diameter 30.5mm

In this day and age, I don't know why all watch makers don't use gaseous tritium illumination that consistently glows all night long. Most other forms of illumination, including Super Luminova, fades couple hours after dark and becomes unreadable before dusk.


BOTTOM LINE: This is probably the best quality and most affordable mass produced Rolex Submariner look alike with almost identical dimensions to the Rolex model 16610 at a price 100 times cheaper.
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on March 23, 2016
Just got the watch and overall I'm very happy with it. I immediately swapped out the stainless band, which seemed a little cheap compared to the actually watch, for a NATO style strap, and it looks great. I have a relatively small wrist, but this still looks really nice without being too big. I'm giving it 5 stars for now, especially considering the price, and will update if I notice any changes. Attaching a few photos with the new strap.
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on April 9, 2017
People love to hate invicta for "copying" a Rolex but in all reality, there's quite a few other companies who have done the exact same thing. They all borrow from each other's looks. Even the Submariner was heavily influenced by the Blancpain Fifty Fathom's and no one seems to look down on Rolex for it. At the end of the day, this watch is awesome, it's a solid stainless case with a solid stainless bracelet and a hack/handwind Seiko movement. It averages +3 seconds a day and never more than +6, the only thing I could point out that is less than perfect is the lume in the hands, it's not that bright and they don't last long but other than that I have no complaints.
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on April 20, 2017
Great watch with a classic look. Being a collector of affordable dive-watches I up until very recently, while owning only a couple vintage watches, I had low expectations from a company not known for luxury-brand quality. After owning the watch for several months and after some minor modification (aesthetic only), I truly love this watch. Time has remained accurate, the markers and data function are in place and function even after some abuse. Though I haven't pressure-tested the watch yet, I can say that it is absolutely capable of withstanding shower or a quick swim.

The only downsides I can think of immediately are the poor quality of the bezel insert (very thin, fragile aluminium), and a cheap feeling bracelet, something I remedied immediately with a higher-quality jubilee-style replacement.

Finally, I was impressed to learn that the movement is both automatic AND manual wind. The way I understand it is that not every watch of this model shares that feature, and it does take a couple of turns to start the watch when it has no charge, but still a pleasant surprise!
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on July 11, 2015
Invicta's best watch. Bulletproof Seiko automatic movement, decent metalwork. There's a whole culture that buys these for their movement and case and modifies them into custom divers, throwing away the gaudy Invicta logos.

Invicta's Quality Control is spotty and their customer service is miserable, so remember that you are the last quality inspector. When it arrives, don't remove the stickers and protective film. Wind the watch, set it, including the date, let it run for 24 hours and check it's accuracy. (You're not looking for split-seconds, just to make sure it's within a minute or so of correct, not crazy fast or slow.)

(This actually isn't bad advice for any watch.)

If any of the functions don't work properly or feel right, or the timing is way off, return and exchange for another one.

When you get a good one, it will last a long time.
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on January 22, 2016
Like many I have watched the infomercials on TV where the guy sells these watches. The average size is 47 - 52mm which is way too big for me and most average people. They blow it off by saying that large is the new style. If it is I have seen very few stylish people waring them and the ones I have seen look ridicules.
Well I came across this watch on Amazon and it was made by Invicta but was a reasonable 40mm in size. The thing that kept me watching the infomercials was the quality and openness of the watch manufacturer and the honest approach they used to sell the product.
So I went for it on Amazon.
I really like this watch. So far it has kept very good time for an automatic. It seems well built and you can watch the guts through the back as it has a second crystal on the underside of the thing where you can see the winding mechanism.
The top crystal sits up high on the bezel which is not ideal in my opinion as it opens it up to scratching and damage by shock but it looks good. The crystal also has a magnifying window for the date on it. I hope it stays on it. It is easy to set and the dive ring ratchet is stiff. The detail of the face is very well done. Even under a magnifying glass it is pretty near perfect. It has a hour, minute and second hand, all three glow in the dark as do the little dots which represent the numbers on the dial. The band was gigantic but after removing 4 links and adjusting the clasp a-little it fits well. The whole thing is stainless steel and quite heavy but still feels good on my 6 and 5/8th wrist.
This is a really handsome watch and although I haven't had it very long, feel it will be one of my favorites. At under one Franklin in cost. It is a good deal. I would look at this if you need a good reasonable sized and priced, 200m dive watch.
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on January 27, 2016
I purchased the watch in May 2015. This was my everyday beater watch. I am an active individual and put the watch through it's paces. However, I stopped wearing the watch in November 2015 after the pin holding the safety clasp broke. I am not sure how it broke since it's in such an inconspicuous location. That seems like a manufacturing defect. The timepiece is solid. No issues with it. I would have to occasionally adjust the time. Because automatic! Since it was past the return period and I failed to register the warranty 30 days after purchase I looked to the Invicta web page. I was surprised to find the cost to replace the band plus shipping was almost half the entire cost of the watch. I am not happy with the quality of the band. It felt cheap and flimsy. I like the Invicta brand but the quality needs to be improved with their bands. I have decided not to replace the stainless bracelet and instead go with a Ritche Replacement Nato Style Straps.
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on June 22, 2015
I have had this watch for a month and in that time I have done my best to kill it while still in the return window. Couldn't do it. This watch has been on 3 dives with me, with a max depth of 60 Ft. several miles off the coast with some decent currents. I've swam with it in pools and the ocean. Surfed with it. Took it camping. I've accidentally slammed it into the doors several times. I've dropped it twice. Not a scratch and not a hiccup in the movement. I'm impressed, since I didn't expect such durability in an Invicta watch. When ordering, I was pretty sure I would end up returning this watch and replacing it with a rock-solid, though cheaper looking Vostok Amphibian that could keep up with the beating I give watches. Nope. I'm keeping it (though maybe I'll still get that Vostok). I'm not sure I would recommend an Invicta other than this one yet, but this particular model is a champ. I've heard they have quality control issues, though, so if you buy this watch, really put it through the paces in the 30 day return window.

A few things to gripe about: the bezel is really stiff. Barely moved at first. After a while it has gotten looser, but it still sticks from time to time. I use the bezel all of the time, so its annoying. Its not as bad of a problem on the stainless bracelet, but on a NATO its difficult to get moving. My movement is right at the edge of acceptable accuracy for an automatic. After several weeks its gaining about 7 seconds per day. It started at about +15 sec, but has settled. Other than these two minor gripes, I'm very pleased, especially since I half expected a watch filled with water after I got done putting it to the test.

I was struggling between buying this or the Orient Ray. I went with the cheaper Invicta on price and movement. The Invicta uses a really good Seiko movement. My reasoning was that if it failed to impress me, then I would take advantage of that awesome Amazon return policy and get the Orient. Well, I still have this watch, and I have no desire for the Orient since my submariner homage itch has been successfully scratched.
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on June 25, 2017
When I purchase a watch it usually has a a impressive technology like solar, atomic or illumination. The Invicta has caused me to move in a different direction in my watch collection, classic horology, a mechanical movement and timeless design. The Invicta captures what I think is the essence at horology at a cost that allows all of us to own a piece watchmaking at its very best.
What does this watch have that makes it so special. First its a homage watch of the most classic watch to date the Rolex Submariner. Is not a fake, it clearly says Invicta....every where! I personally would not own a fake Rolex because I am not trying to impress or fool any one. Second it has a Seiko automatic movement which is classic hand wind and hacking workhorse with reliability second to none. I checked its accuracy and it is +2 sec/day, which is amazing. What the Invicta has that the Rolex doesn't have, is an exhibition case back. I love looking at the movement. Its what make a mechanical movement so special. Third, its the price. You mean I can own a classic watch that has the look feel and function of a $7500.00 Rolex for $75.00 this was an easy decision for me. OK it does not have the perpetual calendar, sapphire crystal or the amazing Rolex watch band not to mention the in-house certified movement ( that you cant see!) that I truly admire and appreciate , but not having those features does not take away the significance of the Invicta.
Finally I have to admit I truly admire value.The Invicta is really worth a lot more than what its being sold for in my opinion. Yes, its a mass produced watch, but it is a classic that I am sure you will appreciate for many years.
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on August 1, 2016
I love watches. Amateur mechanical time piece enthusiast. Had Invicta products of all ranges for decades. I can say only that the products are impossibly well priced, quality components, movements, and jewelry work consistanly all around. Attractively packaged. I would never be afraid to give as gifts, and i have given many. Fantastic feel and unanticipated resilience making them excellent to be worn everyday in the board room or office or even a factory floor. I have have knocked mine around on the crystal hard enough that i was certain it was ruined a time or six. And i havent put but a tiny chip along the outside edge. In other personal experience i can testify to the fact that they are waterproof. Wore this one out in the boat and swimming in the lake repeatedly. I am an Invicta fan. Maybe just lucky? But i wouldn't give a second thought about recommending this if you want to get into that next step up in your daily wear timepiece or just want a nicely appointed diver for the collection. Cannot be beat.
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