Customer Reviews: Tissot Men's T17152652 PRC 200 Watch
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on February 15, 2008
I love this watch. As subtle as it appears, it does seem to grab attention, and I enjoy the dressy-casual paradox it creates. While not pretentious, it is definitely bold, as one reviewer put it, and you should be prepared for strangers asking you what kind of watch it is. I'm not that familiar with Tissot watches, so in the way of metrics, I would say that it is nicer than a Bulova Marine Star (a solid watch in its own right) but a good step below a TAG Heuer Carrera (but the TAG has an automatic movement).

The strap and chronograph imply "working man's watch." No frou-frou here. But the massiveness, precision design and elegant finish tell you it's a little nicer than a simple workhorse timepiece.

One quirk is the layout of the hands and dials. The large yellow "seconds" hand in the central dial location is not the real-time seconds hand, but rather that of the chrono; this hand remains perpetually at 12 o'clock (until you start the chronograph). All chrono functions are color-coded with yellow hands, which is a thoughtful touch. The real-time seconds are actually marked by a secondary (white) dial at the 6 o'clock position. The casual observer, seeing the large stopped hand, might think your watch battery has stopped. I have a Lucien Piccard with this setup, so I guess I will just get used to it.

The reviewer who complained about the buckle-clasp makes a valid point. In theory, these buckle-clasps should work fine. However, on my wrist, the strap is tight enough to nearly take off skin when I slide it on, yet when I clasp it shut, it is still too loose to stay in place. I will also look into after-market straps with conventional buckles. There's no good excuse for spending more than ten seconds to put on a wristwatch, no matter how nice it looks. But straps come and go, so this isn't a huge deal.

- Very elegant for a casual watch
- Size, mass and depth (the depth of the watch is thicker than a Sharpie-brand marker)
- Good overall design; looks like it could have been designed by an architect
- Internal tachymeter on a beveled ring; allows for a larger crystal and a cleaner look

- The chronograph "seconds" hand, at the home position, is slightly off-center against the 12 o'clock tick mark on the watch face, indicating a quality control issue at the factory. You would have to look very closely to notice this, however.
- The fancy clasp is over-designed and should be replaced with a more effective buckle design.

As a side note, I noticed today that Amazon shows the MSRP as $425, however, the retail tag attached to the watch I received through Amazon states $395. As of February 2008, the online price is still $273 with free UPS shipping (signature required).
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on December 8, 2008
I'm usually apprehensive about buying something that I have never physically seen or touched before, but something about the Tissot PRC200 made me decide to go ahead and order one.

My Impression:

- The watch stands out, having worn it daily since I purchased it through Amazon I have received nothing but compliments. One of my friends having seen the watch has now ordered one for himself.
- Its everything a Swiss made watch should be, the movement is quartz and not mechanical but I find that I don't have to worry about winding it or wearing it all the time to keep it running.
- The strap is made out of leather and looks expensive,
- Most importantly the glass is not mineral or plastic found on most watches in this price range, its made out of sapphire crystal which is only reserved for higher end watches like IWC, Omega, Tag and Rolex to name a few. This means that it is very hard to scratch and will make for easy view-ability.
- The contrasting yellow markers look subtile but sporty.
- I like the polished steel on the watch, however some may not its really a matter of personal choice.

Some Potential Drawbacks:
- This watch has a Swiss Quartz movement, not a mechanical one. Now this may be a drawback for some watch enthusiasts but you wont have to have it serviced. Only a simple battery change would be necessary.
- Others may not like the leather strap.
- The watch is somewhat thick, not as thick as some other watches on the market.

Overall, I think for the price this watch its a steal. I also own a Rolex Submariner and I can tell you that these Swiss watches are very fine time pieces, if your a collector or just someone that wants a stylish watch to wear I highly recommend that you visit your Tissot dealer or watch retailer and have a look.
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on January 4, 2008
Have had the watch for about a year. Compliments do not stop. This is a bold watch, does elegant and casual equally well. Disagree re: strap issues. No problems at all with the strap, easy to operate, very comfortable(I have avg. size wrist). Best part is it looks like it costs thousands, not <$300. I Like that not everybody has one of these. Great quality, great crystal, great timepiece. Buy it if you want a watch that makes people say "wow"
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on May 17, 2012
I purchased this watch 5 months ago as a 30th birthday gift to myself and I fell in love with it immediately. What's not to love? The case is the perfect size, the chronograph is understated, the yellow accents look great and the leather band gives it a whiff of elegant sophistication. A man buys a watch purely to please himself, but every now and then a little validation from someone else is nice. I got a ton of compliments on this watch.

I've read a number of reviews and it seems like the majority of people have no idea of how to operate the band. It's not that difficult - just think it through. Also, a few people are under the impression that it's synthetic, it's alligator skin and it's gorgeous.

Everything was working just fine until 3:15, or maybe it was 3:30, yesterday afternoon. I glanced at my watch which showed 3:30, a few minutes had passed and I checked the time again and this time it read 3:15. This was unusual and could only mean one of two things - 1.) My watch think's it's Scott Bukula and wants to have itself a good laugh by "Quantumn Leaping" me throughout the day or 2:) it is broken. Sure enough, the minute hand flops helplessly every time I move my arm. I have been relying on the hour hand to tell time, which is hit or miss.

I want to give this watch 5 stars, which it deserves aside from this serious mechanical problem, but I cannot. The primary reason for spending a good deal of money on a watch is for it to tell time. It no longer does this, while it breaks my heart to do this I cannot abide poor reliability, therefore I give the PRC 200 a two star rating.
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on December 4, 2013
These watches came in fake boxes. You cannot gift this product and it makes me wonder if the watches were real or fake. The boxes literally fell apart, were not genuine, and the "Tissot" logos were upside down. When you take the protective plastic casing off of the logo, it peeled the paint of the Tissot logo off. The box sleeves were badly worn and did not look remotely new. I am very disappointed and have no trust in this vendor or the products they are selling. Highly, highly disappointed with this purchase and experience on Amazon. Also, it cost $55 to return the items after shipping and insurance costs. BUYER BEWARE.
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on September 11, 2009
Don't be fooled by the negative comments about the band. The people complaining don't realize that the deployment buckle opens in 2 directions to put the watch on and take it off. They are only opening one side of the buckle, not both. This would make it nearly impossible to put the watch on. It took me awhile to figure this out too, I actually discovered it by accident. With both sides open it goes on very easy, and I am 6 ft and 275 pounds with big wrists. The band is stiff when you first get it, but it wears in very nicely. This band is an awesome feature, as the band does not wear like a traditional leather band and buckle. Those who got rid of the original band have no idea what they are missing. Buy this watch, you get a Real, Swiss made watch with Sapphire crystal, that will last longer than you will. Quartz makes service a snap. I also own a Breitling and Rolex, but find myself putting this one on more often than not.

Actually, forget everything I just said, I don't want all of you buying my watch and ruining my "originality".
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on November 29, 2011
Bought this watch on 11/20/11, received it on 11/23/11. The watch looks even better in person. For the price range, I'm not sure you will find a better looking watch. I haven't owned it long enough to comment on how well it functions over time, but will update. My only complaint would be with the band, but I expected it after reading previous reviews. New leather bands are inexpensive, so I'm sure that I will be replacing. The clasp is the issue with the band. It works well, but getting the watch on and clasped can be a minor pain. Other than that I recommend this watch.

9/16/12 Update: The watch still functions and looks as good as when I originally purchased. Time is accurate. Took me a while to set the date so that it would turn accurately with each month, but no problems now. The band is still the only negative. It is a low quality material that has started to deteriorate. Initially, I did not care for the clasp, however I like the clasp now. I feel the watch has been worth the money.
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on May 29, 2007
For the money this is a great watch. Tissot are swiss made and have sapphire crystal and the design is great. It has more functions than my Omega Speedmaster that i paid 10x more for! Overall, Id say this is a great entry level watch for someone just getting into collection or just a great looking timepiece for someone on a budget.
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on December 20, 2007
I've had mine a year and am very happy with it. It's very accurate (to within a half second a month), looks great with casual clothes or formal wear. I get compliments on it all the time. It's a little thicker that I thought, but that's not a big deal. I find myself wearing this watch more often since I like it so much. The strap lock is cool, but can be a pain to operate. To get it tight enough for my wrist means my hand will barely fit through it. After a year, my strap is stretching out two holes already. Might get a nice 'gator strap for it.
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on November 19, 2012
I am very pleased with this watch, and recommend it highly to those seeking a fine timepiece. What I like specifically is the subtle, understated design. Many chronographs are full of unnecessary bells and whistles, while the PRC200 is simplicity itself. This watch is extremely accurate, and very stylish. The band and clasp system is usually only found on more expensive watches, such as Breitling. The sapphire crystal is a big plus, and something other watchmakers should consider on all timepieces in this price range. This is my first Tissot -- my watch collection is quite varied -- but will definitely not be my last. I would buy this again in a heartbeat.
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