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on May 13, 2013
My miniature poodles love this and I have purchased it several times. However, both dogs got sick from a can of the last case. The # on the case was 1343519133-17. I thought the "girls" had eaten a lizard or something, but when I took out a new can tonight, I noticed the bottom of the can was discolored and the seam split. On inspection I saw all the cans showed signs of mold & the case had obviously been sitting in water. This is the first problem I've ever had with a Merrick product and Amazon promptly agreed to refund my money. This is probably a fluke, but BEWARE and check the cans before you use it!
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on July 26, 2015
I HATE bugs, ABSOLUTELY hate bugs that wiggle. Don't mean to sound like a pansy here, but when I picked up a can and then saw what I thought was white mold start to move around... I stood frozen just staring for 10 seconds before I started to yell "ew" over and over until my brain could process what I had to do with this can.

When you hit review, do you guys see the review left by Koko on May 13, 2013 about checking the bottom of the cans? Or the 1 star review left by Victoria Dominguezon on April 23, 2014 with, quote, "The food was ROTTEN and had MOLD on it!" Well, everyone should hit helpful on those reviews because that is exactly the problem that I ran into today. Here is my 2015 review and hopefully in 2016 there isn't another similar review posted (for the sake of the consumer and the company). I opened my box and noticed a rancid putrid smell that I have no idea how anyone got past while organizing and boxing up my order. I checked the lids for signs of botulism (raised lids) and all the lids were fine. It was the bottom of these cans that are causing issues and I think Merrick or Amazon needs to either address how they store and ship these products, or create a new durable can with a reinforced bottom because the issue with this product is that the bottom seam splits and wrecks havoc on consumers.

I have always been a fan of Merrick, but this review is for this canned product and I would highly advise AGAINST buying this product online. Since others are speeding through the process or not even checking these cans, the best you can do is check them out for yourselves before purchasing (if you even still want to). I think I will be using another product for my puppy's kibble topper for awhile.
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on March 31, 2015
My dog absolutely loves the Merrick Canned Dog food line, and I love them also,because it looks and smells like "real food" . My dog is 12 years old and had began to be very picky about her food, so I tried many brands until I discovered the Merrick dog food. It got her eating again and she eats every bit. My one major complaint is that the Merrick dog food cans that ship from Amazon are often dented. I have been buying them on line from Amazon, for a few months now...but every order ships with several dented cans (sometimes severely dented) In this last shipment 5 out of the 12 cans had dents, (two of them major dents and many are dented in more then one place)....Since the shipping box from Amazon always arrives in good shape, I can only assume that the cans are damaged before they are shipped out, and so they must be packaged up already damaged.... At this point I feel like the dog food is much to expensive to have it arrived damaged from Amazon. This is a complaint of many reviewers for quite awhile on Amazon, and it is a shame that the cans continue to be shipped damaged. So, I would give the food five stars for the quality of the food, but one star for continually shipping box after box of damaged cans!
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on January 14, 2016
My dogs love this stuff but I'm tired of opening cans that aren't full or dented. A recent can had a bad carrot.
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on July 31, 2015
My dog loves this food and seems to thrive on it. I mix it with Merrick dry food to bulk it up a bit and that works fine. There are two issues though that made me lower my rating. The first is that the consistency among the cans is very different. Some are mostly chunks, some are about right, and others are so liquid I have to add more dry food or it looks like soup. It makes me wonder if their production process is being properly supervised, which also raises concerns about the consistency of the ingredients. The other problem is that the cans often arrive severely dented or partially crushed. They're not getting that way during shipping because the outer carton is never damages, so either these are seconds or they're being mishandled in the Amazon warehouse. So far I haven't had any leak from the damage, but it is a concern.
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on March 22, 2016
My puppy loves this food and I have been purchasing it for months now, but I am very disappointed in the condition of some of the cans. I bought a case of the puppy plate and a case of the grandma's pot pie. 24 cans in total, totaling $60. Of the 24 cans 5 were dented, probably due to the fact the box they were shipped in was in atrocious state. When paying that much for the food I expect the cans to not be dented. I don't know who's at fault, but otherwise we are very satisfied with product itself.
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on November 29, 2014
A couple of years ago I got a bunch of Merrick canned food at a close-out discount. This fall I finally began feeding it to my old dog who had apparently lost his appetite, and he loved it (and began eating heartily like a much younger dog). After going through that supply I got some good but less expensive cans for him (pate style) which he eats but not with the same gusto. So I splurged and got him this Wilderness Blend - which he again eats with relish.

It looks good enough for me to want too! (It looks like a typical canned stew you'd find on the supermarket shelf for humans, but with better ingredients!) Other reviewers have complained that their cans came dented, none in my case were, and the easy pull lid is a nice convenient plus.

Overall this is a quality product, but most importantly my old boy is very happy with it.
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on March 15, 2017
My boy has been on this food since he was rescued. At 10 weeks old he was horribly under weight, and by slowly adding this to his kibble in 2 weeks he was stable and each month grew 5-10 lbs until now. Buddy is 9 months old and a solid 55 lb boxer with a silky coat
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VINE VOICEon September 25, 2014
Our dogs have been eating Merrick's canned dog food for over ten years. The grain free beef and chicken versions used to be the favorites around our place, but we introduced them to the "Brauts-N-Tots" and it is amazing how quickly it disappears. One difference, compared to the beef and chicken, is the consistency. Instead of smooth, the can actually is packed with little sausages. If you have a dog that scarfs, I recommend you mash them up a bit. I did not the first time and our resident scarfer swallowed them all whole. More than once. Ewwwww. Lesson learned. Since I have been mashing them up, no problemo; I only have to watch him eat breakfast once.

As I have shared about the beef and chicken, we were introduced to Merrick when one of our older dogs (now passed) started passing some room emptying gas that became stronger as he grew older. Switching to Merrick didn't solve the problem completely, but it certainly reduced the effects. Moving from grocery store brand dog food to a premium like Merrick can be a kick in the wallet, but I wholeheartedly believe you will find it worth it for the joy it brings your dog alone. We feel good buying Merrick because we know it is high quality and veterinarian recommended that our dogs obviously enjoy. We save a chunk of change by ordering it through's Subscribe and Save Program.
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on March 1, 2014
My dog LOVES this food. I keep the unopened cans in the basement, and when I need a new can, I usually grab one when I come up from doing laundry and leave it on the counter. My dog will sit in the kitchen making goo-goo eyes at the can all day long if I don't move it to a cabinet/out of his sight line.

I can see why he loves it. It's not gross. When you open it, it looks like soup for people. There are large pieces of chicken, peas, carrots, and whole chicken wings. It smells like real food, because it is real food. The wings do have the bones still, but they've been pressure-cooked to the point where you can break them apart with a spoon if you want - so your dog will have no problem chewing them.

My only complaints, and not really complaining here - more of an observation - is that about 1/4 of every can is straight up liquid. Not water, but like soup broth. At first I was annoyed with this, because I was used to Taste of the Wild canned food, which is really packed to the rim with solid food. But honestly, this stuff looks like I could dump it into a pot, heat it up, and serve it to the family with some crackers - so I got over it. My dog is a very good boy, and he deserves good food. He gets 1/3 can mixed in with his kibble every night, and he gobbles it up. This is also a great value with Prime and the Subscribe & Save discount!
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